Cute petite teen takes huge cock tali dova small tits smalltits

Cute petite teen takes huge cock tali dova small tits smalltits
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Colin and his friends were really enjoying our orgies, and kinky fun with thier dogs, so when Colin said they were all keen once more we set the date, Colin saying it will be a bigger bus this time, as more guys had heard about the orgies now, if that is ok, we asian slut mila jade gets her pussy stretched yes of course, saying we would be inviting a few of our bi friends too. Saturday Sue and I got ready, looking forward to a long night once more, some of our more regular guys turned up early, around 4pm, so we started with them, making them keep their cum for later, we let them fuck us slowly and warm us up, although we both got one fill of hot cum, to lube our holes.

Around 7pm the bus arrived we already had 6 or 7 of our friends fucking us, so Colin brought his mates in and within seconds every one was naked and looking for a hole to fill, both dogs were laying waiting thier turn. The night turned into one long fuck feast as Sue and I were kept busy with more cocks and cum than before, it was after all the guys had cum at least once, we heard them ask Sue to let the dogs fuck her, this time Sue got a guy in her pussy and then told them to bring the Sheppard over to mount peeing her pants oprah wets her denims before toying her soaked pussy ass, the new guys keen to see a doggy show closed in.

As the tip entered her ass, guys gasped and cocks sprung up hard, then it all went in and Sue was working both cocks hard the guys just about blew thier wads over her, the guy in her pussy not able to move a lot but the friction of the dogs cock in her ass gave him plenty of feelings to keep him happy, and when the knot went in her ass too, his eyes just about popped out. I wanted the dobberman so moving over got him behind me and his tongue worked my cummy hole, within seconds he wanted more, his cock jammed agaist my leg, trying to find its way in.

just as I was going to grab it to help him find my ass, he slammed the tip in, that was all it took, the rest slid in easy, and my fun began. By the noise he made the guy in Sue's pussy lost his load in her, then the Sheppard, growled filling her ass with his seed. it was great hearing the guys cheer her on, cum ozzing out now as both relaxed. My orgasm started as my dog built up speed, my mouth sucking any cock near me, then I too felt his knot slide in and quickly his cock grow more as cum built up in his balls ready to flood my bowels.

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I didn't have long to wait, by the feel of the amount of cum filling me, he hadn't cum since our last fuck, but I loved it, groaning hard as he pushed down with his full weight, trying to get more seed into me. I saw Sue sitting over a guys mouth, he ate the doggy cum running from her ass, and his mates cum from her pussy, the new guys wide eyied seeing so much cum run free.

As my dog's knot plopped out, I held his cum in, mover over Sue who was still sitting on the guys face enjoying a good licking out, bent over and with one good hard push shot loads of doggy cum all over her face and boobs, I saw it running down her body soaking the guy under her.

When she was jynx maze has a fine ass just made for fucking enjoying her licking out, I hot young creampied by two black guys tube porn her into the shower, by now we had a line of guys ready to piss over us, between them we took them in our ass, mouth or over us, it was so hot seeing limp cocks spring back to life, seeing us like this.

A quick shower and we both started again, the night just got better now as even the new guys wanted to eat cum from our holes, and even try bi fun, we have found, in the orgy scene when a guy has a rock hard cock and Sue's holes are filled, even if a guy hasn't done bi before, if he see's a hole empty more often than not, its easy to get him to try bi and fuck my ass, espically if his mates have done so before, we love that.

As the night carried on, we had more fun with the dogs, both doing a dp with the dog and a guys cock in our ass, Sue sucked one of them off, letting him shoot his cum over har face and boobs, she also fucked me with our strap on, as some of the guys wanted to see that too, they gasped as the huge 12 inch dildo went all the way in, as she fisted me going up to her elbow each time, another guy fisted her ass, sending her into another orgasm.

We got one of the new guys to lay down and Sue sat on his fist, he had never fisted a woman before and his cock was standng proud, so I slid down onto him riding him introducing him to bi sex, his cock was rock hard, he began to thrust up into my ass, showing he was liking it, then one of his mates said ride his other fist, and held his arm up.

I saw him look a bit worried, but didn't say no, so sitting over his spare fist slid it in my cummy ass, slipping down to his elbow, Sue and I held him captive my cock now banging on his face.

Then with his mates urging him on he took my cock, the first time he had ever sucked a cock, but he was prety good, as most guys tend to be, I wanked my cock a few times, my balls let fly, filling his mouth with cum, he spat a fair bit out, more in surprise than any thing, but swollowed the rest as my cock pushed down his throut giving him little chance to spit more out, his mates laughed and cheered me on.

It was around 3am when the guys had to leave, Colin took Sue aside and gave her the money, we got the number of the guys who owned the two dogs saying we would like to meet them more often, both were single too, some of our friends stayed over, sleeping with Sue and I on the large bed we set up for fun. The next day the fucking started before we had even woke, my ass taking a cock, woke me up, to hear Sue and Dave fucking like crazy next to me, after we had both taken thier early morning cum, we took them into the shower.

This time we knelt them down and pissed over them, before letting them return the favour, we soon had the other 4 or 5 guys who stayed over using us to empty thier morning bladders, a nice warm shower for all after that was fun too, with more than one cock finding a warm hole to fill.

We spent the day fucking, most of the guys know us well, and like to spend time giving us plessure to make sure we all get to enjoy the meets. Sue also gave my ass a good fucking with our toys, the guys watch as she abuses my hole, she will get them to hold me and fuck me harder than I normally take it, knowing I still enjoy it but my ass gets so senstitive I jump around so much, she normally can't stay in me.

One of the guys had us both kneel and fisted us together, seeing who could take the most, he called it a tie, but we didn't mind, we both had some good anal orgasm while he fisted us.

It was Sunday afternoon before all the guy left, their ball sacks empty and our butts full, Sue and I relaxed, licking and playing with one another as we often do, whilst we were playing a good friend of our's Don turned up, he had dropped his wife of at their sons house to baby sit over night, leaving him with time to spare.

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We haven't swung with him before, as his wife is very straight, but Sue had always liked him and told me given the chance she would fuck his brains out. I sat talking with Don, while Sue cleaned herself up, washing the cum from her body and hair. Being super horny and the tease that she is, Sue walked in wearing a semi see though dress, her tits and pussy on view, Don's eyes popped as she walked in, her tits swaying nicely, causing the dress to pop open a bit, as she said hello, she explained she had just had a nice warm shower, but I don't think Don noticed her damp hair or droplets ravishing czech beauty lexi dona finger fucks and orgasms water running down her body.

We sat talking but Don was having trouble looking Sue in the eyes, he had to keep shifting around on the seat, we both smiled knowing his cock was growing in his shorts. As Sue gave Don a drink, she bent over fully in front of him, her tits hanging out for him to see, as she stood, she held them, jiggled and said the girls are escaping tonight, and slowly put them back in, I got a good view of the cum leaking from her pussy and ass.

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Don was having big problems now, his cock must have been ready to blow as he squirmed around, Sue sat opposite him, her legs open enough for him to see her cum soaked pussy lips, again his eyes wide, he stuttered as he talked to me. Sue was now trying hard to get him to say some thing, her legs open more and more as she touched her tits moving them around, saying they need adjusting, I knew Don wouldn't do any thing while I was there, so I told them I had to pop out and see some one about work for a hour or so, and I'd call on my way back.

As I drove off, I knew Sue would try her hardest to get him into bed, I went to the mens club, my ass could go a few more hours while I left them to play. I had some fun, with 2 or 3 guys fucking my luscious gabriella handeling two boners at once used ass, before heading back home, I didn't phone, but coasted onto the drive and walked quitely inside, Don's car was still here, but no one was in the lounge room.

Quitely I walked to the bed room, the door was open, the noise's told me Sue had got her way, her orgasm also told me Don was doing things right too, I stood watching, he was holding her legs over his shoulders, his cock pounding her hard, I wasn't sure what hole he was in yet, but from the angle possible her ass.

Sue saw peni fack vs penis fack but said nothing, as he continued to fuck her, she started talking to him, saying "Fuck my ass hard" so I knew what hole now, then she said, "I want your second load in my ass now, cum in me, cum in my ass" Don was going hard, puffing and panting, like he was running a marathon, which he was, then after another 5 minutes he growled, his body shook and Sue shot though another orgasm, her anal muscles gripping him tight as he emptied his balls into her bowels.

When he had finished filling her ass, he collasped on top of her, her legs wrapped around him milking the last of his cum, I waited long enough for him to recover, then walked in, Sue said Hi, Don jumped, his cock fell out along with a big white blob of cum.

I kissed Sue and told her that looked hot, then said to Don how did he enjoy fucking her nice tight ass, he looked stuned but smiled, as Sue kissed him, saying he loved it. I got Don a drink and he sat nervously on the bed, I told him its cool, we swing, and Sue has just been fucked this weekend by around 20 or more guys all up, Don's face went into shock, as I told him about our fun, then Sue the ever stirring woman she is told him how I also like being fucked by guys and her, he just about fainted.

Slowly he asked more about our weekend, and how come we swing, we told him we have always swung, and love seeing one another being fucked by others and having fun, and the more the merrier. Then he asked about me, how long, why and all that, I filled him with the quick version, and Sue then said, she loves fucking me with our strap on, and toys, I also told him I had just been fucked by 2 or 3 guys while I went out tonight for them to play. Again Don looked shocked but as time went on seemed more intrigued than shocked now, Sue stood with out saying any thing, put on the strapon, and our large vibe in it, I knelt on the bed, Don now sat silently watching as my ass devoured the full lengh, as Sue built up speed my first anal orgasm rang out, she kept going, giving me 6 or 7 good anal orgasm before pulling out, then just as quick her fist went in, now a gasp told me Don was really shocked, as more orgasm shot though my body.

Sue let me up, then smiled at Don, kissing his mouth, he was still in shock, I lay Sue down and shoved my fist in her ass, Don's cum running out from around my wrist, as I shoved about 12 inches inside her body, then pulled my hand out and licked my fingers. As I did that I slide my other fist in her ass and pulled out more cum taking it to Sue she licked my fingers, then we lay cuddling looking at Don, who was now in total shock, he didn't know what to say, but Sue went down sucking his cock back to life, and said "round 3".

With that she lay Don back on the bed, and sat on his cock, knowing with me there he would be a bit self consiuose, she rode him hard his cock slapping inside her ass, lubed by his cum. I got Sue to swap holes, pushing Don's meat in her pussy then went behind and slid my cock in her ass, Don was blown away he could feel my cock rub agaisnt his inside her, as I built up speed his face changed, he was really enjoying this now. We fucked her like that for some 10 minutes Don thrusting up into her as best he could, then I told him to swap positions with me, I then lay down and he fucked her ass once more, we let his get comfortable doing that then I pushed my cock in next to his, Sue took us both fully.

I knew no matter how straight a guy might be, get his cock in a tight pussy or ass and turn him loose and he will enjoy it, and Don was sure getting into the swing of things now. I knew he was about to blow his swelling cock jerked then a huge load of cum flooded Sue's ass, within seconds I let my cum fly too, soaking her inside, we both let out a groan as our cocks went limp, Don semed a lot more at ease with our strange sexual ways now.

It was getting late and Don had to drive home and get ready for work tomorrow, we told him, anytime he wanted, we would love to play some more, he said he had a great time, and never thought the day would come he would get to fuck Sue, then shyly he said, and never did I think I would fuck her ass too, as he had never done anal with his wife, but glad Sue had tricked him, by pushing his cock in her ass without saying any thing to him first.

Sue went down, sucked his cock and said heres some thing to keep you going, Don was rock hard again, Sue sucked away on his cock as I stood behind her sliding my cock in her ass again.

Don lasted about 5 minutes, his eyes rolled back, he made all sorts of noises then blasted a huge load of cum right into Sue's mouth, as he was still coming Sue pulled his cock out and let the rest shoot over her face, licking his cock to get the last drops of cum from him.

When he recoved, Don said well thats another first, Sue looked up, he said his wife would never suck him off and swollow his cum, we laughed and said we both love doing that, maybe next time you can judge whos best at giving head. Sue kissed Don goodbye, we watched him wobbly down the drive to his car, as he waved goodbye we both saw the bulge in his shorts.

Once inside I asked her how she got him to fuck her, Sue laughed saying not hard with these babies sticking out, as she jiggled her tits, she went on to tell me, she talked for awhile, then went over to pick up his cup, her boobs fell out of her dress again a she bent down, so she turned to Don and said" the girls don't want to stay in today, and pulled her dress over head, saying might as well let them loose, harmony wonders she wants him to cum inside then walked off into the kitchen, wriggling her ass as she went.

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As she walked back in Don was adjusting his cock in his shorts, so She went over stood him up and pulled his shorts down saying, " might as well let him loose and get comfortable", before he knew what hit him, his cock was in her mouth. She sucked him until he was close to blowing his seeds, then took him into the bedroom, stripped him off and sat on his cock, riding him again until he was close to coming, then swung around her pussy on his mouth and sucked his cock, cum was still running from her pussy from before, but she told him to eat her out, and he did.

She kept him high and knelt up and got him to fuck her doggy, this time he shot his load deep up her pussy, after that he took his time kissing her all over and playing before they fucked again, his second cum not so urgent as his first. Being the devil she is, after they had fucked for some time, she sat over him again, his cock in her pussy, then without saying a thing slid his cock in her ass, she said he didn't seem to know at first he was fucking her ass, until she pulled back showing him.

he went crazy fucking her, then just before I had turned up, swung her over and fucked her ass with her legs over his shoulder, the rest I saw. Today was the first time he had anal sex, and had a woman swallow his cum, as well as a 3some of course, we looked forward to our next meet.