Tricky old teacher whoever thought the teaching profession could be so interes

Tricky old teacher whoever thought the teaching profession could be so interes
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Brianna made her way up the walkway of her boyfriend's (or her boyfriend's parent's) lavish home smiling ear to ear. She was about to see Micah again for the first time in months.

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He had been sent off to boot camp so fast that she hadn't had the chance to say good bye. They were both 19 and madly in love. What could be more beautiful? When she finally reached the door she took charming a lengthy male penis hardcore blowjob moment to try and adjust her dress. She pulled it down to make it seem longer and it revealed too much cleavage, when she pulled the top up to cover up her full chest her dress seemed to barely cover her perky bottom.

She had only seen his parents a few times over the 2 years they had dated and she didn't want them to get the wrong impression about her, even though she had every intention on having hot, raw, homecoming sex with her boyfriend the moment they were alone.

She had even decided to go without panties, as they would only hinder the process. Instead, she placed her lace thong in a box and put a bow on it so when they were finally alone she could give him the present she knew he had waited months for. She finally got her dress to a place where she figured it would be semi-acceptable, tucked his gift under her arm neatly and knocked on the door and hoped that Micah's face was the 1st she would see.

Knock knock!! slut gets ass fucked gapped and creampied open!" She heard the same voice shout from inside. Brianna was almost surprised that a butler or maid didn't answer the door of such a fancy home and even more surprised that they would lust let anybody walk on in.

She opened one of the huge double doors and peeked inside. "Hello?" her voice echoed. "Come in, I'm in the kitchen" the voice elaborated. It didn't sound like Micah. Brianna eased in, barely opening the door. She moved through the mansion silently admiring the thousand of dollars of art work and antiques throughout the house until she reached the kitchen.

Still, she saw no one. "Hello??" she said standing in the doorway of their huge kitchen. "Yeah! I'm down here" He grunted as stood up from behind the kitchen island. It was Mr. Carnegie, Micah's father. "Oh, hello Mr. Carnegie!" Brianna nervously spoke. She had never said more than two words to Mr.

Carnegie. Micah had warned her that he was short tempered, foul mouthed, mean, and generally an all around asshole.

In fact Micah wouldn't even be in boot camp now if he hadn't lost an intense fist fight with Mr. Xxx blocked sex stories 8 ench land. "Hello Brianna," He smiled warmly. "How are you?" "I'm uhm. I'm fine. Thanks for asking" Brianna answered.

She couldn't help but think how handsome he was. He was in great shape for a man of 37; in fact he was in better shape then most of the young men her age. His great smile and beautiful eyes made it hard for her to picture him as the brute Micah so often described him as.

"Sorry about that," he smiled though he seemed a little exhausted, "I gave the help today off for Micah's homecoming and now I can't find a damn thing." "But anyway, what can I do for you today?" he asked cheerfully. "I came to see Micah," she said, "Is he home yet?" "Actually his plane was delayed; he won't be home for several hours. Somewhere around 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. I'm sorry" He stated most apathetically. "Oh ok," Brianna's smile faded and her eyes dropped, "Well goodbye, then." "What do have there?" Mr.

Carnegie pointed to her gift. "Nothing!" She blurted out.

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"It's something. I was gonna give to Micah." "I can give it to him for you." He suggested. "I don't think you can." Brianna blushed.

"Excuse me?" He asked, confused but intrigued by the way she had said it. "I mean, I would rather give it to him personally," She said. "Alright then," Mr. Carnegie conceded.

"But while you're here, you should sign this welcome home card. I'm sure it would make Micah really happy." "Sure," Brianna walked over to the island to sign the card. She placed her box on the counter and searched for a pen. "Oh! You need a pen, don't you?" Mr. Carnegie laughed.

"Sorry, there should be one on the counter over there," he pointed across the kitchen. Brianna smiled, "Would you mind if I wrote a little something in here?" "Not at all," He said "You can take it over to the table and write whatever you want." "And I promise Micah's mother and I won't look," He joked, "It's going right in this envelope when you're done" He handed Brianna the card and she went over to the counter to write her personal note.

Mr. Carnegie took this opportunity to take a quick peek inside the box she had left behind; he slid the bow down just enough to lift up the corner of the box. When he saw its contents a devious grinned crept over his face as he beamed with excitement. "K, I'm done now," Brianna smiled as she bought the card back. Mr. Carnegie spun round with a grin on his face and her delicate panties weaved through his fingers.

"These are nice" he beamed. Brianna stood speechless and blushing. "I can see why you'd want to deliver this personally" He added He walked over to her, twirling her panties on his index finger. Brianna was so embarrassed she wanted to cry, and so scared she couldn't move. Mr. Carnegie looked down at the petrified teen and snickered.

"Were you planning on fucking my son tonight Brianna?" Mr. Carnegie asked with a devious smile plastered across his face. She couldn't speak; she only shook her head to deny it. "Really?" he said playfully. Then suddenly he reached under Brianna's dress and grabbed hold of her bare womanhood. watch this sexy eighteen year old beauty

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"Then this must be for me," he concluded. He pulled her in and began to massage her lips with his fingers while his other hand made its way to her perfectly round ass.

Still Brianna stood motionless and silent; tears still welled up in her eyes from the anxiety of the situation yet a hint of pleasure was beginning to stir in her. She began to move her hips in rhythm with Mr. Carnegie's massage cute teen gets bonked in hardcore fashion he pulled her in even closer so she could feel his man hood throbbing just beneath his pants. "Do you feel that?" he grunted.

Brianna nodded. Then, abruptly, he attempted to ease two fingers inside her tight pussy to much resistance. "Ohh!" Brianna squealed, the sudden surge of pain finally snapping her out of her silence,"Stop! I don't wanna do this Mr. Carnegie" "Please, it's wrong!" He swung her around and slammed her against the island "Yes you do" he growled, " Your pussy is dripping wet and wrong or right, you KNOW you want me to finish what I started" Brianna stared into his frighteningly hypnotic eyes and tried to convince herself that he was wrong.

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"I should go, I shouldn't be here," she spoke, never breaking their gaze but Mr. Carnegie quickly pushed her down onto the island counter top then just as quickly got on his knees and thrust his tongue deep into her pussy, Brianna immediately let out a loud desperate whimper of pleasure. He kissed and nibbled her pussy lips spreading them to work his tongue over her clit. He freed one of her soft breast massage and teased the nipple while Brianna pleased the other.

Her pelvis bucked in synch with his skilled tongue and Mr. Carnegie unleashed his manhood and began stroking his rock hard cock fiercely. Brianna began to feel intense waves of passion and she neared her climax. Mr. Carnegie, nearing his climax too, immediately stood up and pulled her forward to meet his throbbing cock and plunged himself inside Brianna's tight, wet pussy.

She cringed in pain as he penetrated her again but still enjoyed the thrill that his massive cock provided. He pumped her with all his might, grabbing hold of one of her breast that wildly thrashed about in reaction powerful thrusts. Her body convulsed and trembled as she came harder than she ever had in her life while He dug his nails deep into into the soft skin of her breast and unloaded inside deep inside her. Their moans bounced off the walls of his house.

After he had shot the final squirt of his cum inside her, he slid out and let go of Ashley. She made no attempt to catch herself so she fell straight to the floor with a thud.

Her pussy pulsated with pain and her mind was wrapped with guilt. While her trembling hands struggled to adjust her clothes, Brianna watched Mr. Carnegie casually zip himself up, grab her gift box and stuff her panties back in, and toss it on the ground next to her. "Here," He said "You can still give it to him if you want" "But I wouldn't want it if I were him," Mr.

Carnegie scoffed. As Brianna left the Chubby bear daddy fucking my mothers cronys sisters home, tears pouring from her eyes, she thought to herself, Micah was right, he is an asshole.