Mather and son xxx story download

Mather and son xxx story download
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=================================================================================== THIS Brat blonde teen whipped in prison cell IS NOT TRUE - its fantasy that I dreamed up after an eventful day I once had which is another story comment if you want to here (not involving Bestiality) I know some of this is unreal and very basic but enjoyed the idea and just want you to cum over this.

Also dyslexic and struggle writing so I know that its not work perfect, so if you struggled with bad punctuation please no need to read Comment please =================================================================================== The rain bashed violently against the window, the thunder crashed with a fearsome moan and the wind blew a Gail.

The weather was Awful in Sheffield, S. Yorkshire, England. The TV buzzed as the sky dish fought for a signal, barely unwatched anyway Dr. H James (Harold to me and you) turned of the TV. with a zap pulling the socket out of the wall. Letting out an awful sigh the day for the Doctor seemed doomed for a long, slow and boring one.

Another crash of thunder shook the in such a violent way he shudders, then another crack this one masking the sound of the door opening, before Harold new what had happened he felt a lick on his leg. Harold attire was made up of black boxers, just climbing out of bed and planning for a relaxing day off he so no reason to get dressed.

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He looked down to see were the sensation was coming from. A Dog a 3 year old German Shepard had sneaked in the room. "Oh hi Artex" Harold said patting the dog on the head. Artex was the name of the dog, Artex was his own loyal canine who must have been rather jumpier about the persistent rain.

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Artex little known to the Doctor was to make his day less long, slow and boring. Artex jumped up onto Harold's knee and snuggled up.

making him self comfy on Harolds bare legs, The dogs silky fur rubbed against the man's thighs, Harold a 40 Year old man was comforting the dog with brisk strokes. The mighty dog which Harold if he saw you would not deny was heavy and hard on the legs was whimpering and really comforted by the strokes.

this however was not because of the lightning and thunder crashing and filling the room with light.

Harold moved to the side to adjust his position, something was pressing on the outside of his right leg as the dog lays above him, Artex let out a grumble as the Doctor moved a little. "What's up boy?" With his masters command the dog laid a little to its side, and between its hairy heath a large, and we mean large penis was sticking out.

The doctor starred in amazement, the doctor had seen many cocks in his line of work and hardly any as big as this, and in his eyes none as beautiful. Harold's cock was now hardening inside his boxers, his cock stood to make a tent about 8 inches high in-front of the beast. The Doctors heart pounded what would he do he was so horny at this sight and had to touch it. Harold reached down and stroked the dogs belly moving his way down, the dog accepting this with subtle movements getting more and more on his back never loosing his stiffy.

The doctors hand griped this cock gently and rubbed watching and examining as he does this. Artex was panting and pre-cum was surrounding his cock and the Doctors hand. The male dog was been dominated by a male, normally in the wild males would like to dominate and create an alpha status not Artex, as a human he would probably be into gay bondage or something of the like (anyway I digress). The dog rolled back of Harold and onto the sofa the doctor had full command over the dog towering over the top of him, beating Artex's long meat up and down, the dog whimpering and enjoying is, the doctor lowered his head closer and japanese teacher with big boobs blackmail by her student he began stroking the faithful canines belly to keep him calm as he licked the tip of the beasts cock.

The Doctor was awarded with a lot of pre-cum on his tongue which tastes better than a human cock and he knows :). He savoured the taste but was back in for more shortly. He bobbed up and down on the cock forcing it to the back of the throat, never bothering him that he was sucking a cock, a none human cock. Streams of streams of pre-cum filled the Doctors mouth not salty but oily and the cock felt so much softer and bigger in the mouth than any Human he has had.

Carrying on sucking the cock the doctor took of his boxers and used his own hand to beat his 8 inch meat. The dog noticed this and was on his feat walking round to the back and jumping up on the Doctor.

Ramming around his backside aiming for a hole. Scratching the doctors side and the eventually fitting in his arse. This is were been taken by Humans becomes better the savage beast now been the bedroom alpha did not take his time, he was in and out fast and hard ramming, but as soon as the doctor was ready it was the nicest feeling ever and never getting boring as you get wider the not making it tighter and tighter the doctor was fucked.

And it didn't take out favourite doggie long to cum. The doctor got streams and streams of cum stuffed in his already doggie cock filled arse, when the dog finally managed to pull out. He was still horny he fingered himself to get some of the cum into his mouth he sucked his fingers. Harold laid down on the sofa. Hard, dirty and sweaty.

The dog licked the cum on his ass, he fucked him self with his hand and cummed all over the dog. They laid together. BATH TIME WAS FUN. Next time though if you wish.