Bree olson big black beef stretches little pink meat

Bree olson big black beef stretches little pink meat
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Introduction. I feel I should introduce myself. My name isnt really that important. What is important is what I can do. Im simply known as the Concierge. Ive set my life up to help people with their kinks. Its not always what you know, but who. I can get most things or set up a senario just to peoples taste. All I need is time, and maybe a little cash to help. But thats not why your here is it? Lets set the scene. Chapter one. My business filthy massage therapist loves wild sex hardcore handjob rang on my desk.

This one was only given to people in need of my skill set. I always seemed to pause before answering. Just enough to give them a moment. I put on the slightly posh british accent I used for work.

Think Jarvis, but slightly more forceful. "Concierge office." The number wasnt one I recognised. A new client aparently. It was a womans voice, young, with just a hint of panic in it. "Hi.i need.i want a." She was panicing "How can I help." "I got your number from a friend. She said you could help with.things" "Im glad I could accommodate her.

What can we do for you." "I want to set up a.session" She almost whispered the last word. "As im sure your friend told you, nothing is arranged over the phone. I can set up a face to face meeting tomorrow at ten." "Where?" "The cafe in the local town.

Ill be outside. Ill need your name." " does it have to be my real name." "Any way to identify you really." "Alice. Ooh I always liked that name." I rolled my eyes at the last sentence.

"See you at ten." I always waited ahead of time for these meetings. I didnt like keeping people waiting. The coffee shop was quiet enough, just enough to provide a passing crowd.

The advantage of the place was the names shouted for orders. Easy to find the right person when the barista was screaming it across the building. Right on time, "ALICE" It was picked up by a tall brunette in a naked hottie sucking piss out of her snatch green dress. Her tall frame had barely any fat on it.

Lean, toned and just a hint of a tan. Shoulder length brunette hair framed her face. Deep green eyes scanned the room as she walked. She almost walked past me. "Good morning Alice, care to join me?" She almost stumbled at the voice. Composing herself fast, she sat opposite me. I appraised her as she sat. Confident yet wary. This was a first for her. "So, how can we accommodate you." I led. Never did to let the clients pause too long. "I want to do something.

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And my boyfriend isnt exactly willing." I raised one eyebrow. A boyfriend. This could get messy. "Go on" "I wanna be." she leaned closer, almost whispering "kidnapped." I breathed in "Ah, I see. Yes I could see why that wont work. Hard to be properly kidnapped when you know who, and when." I sat back and relaxed a bit. This was one I had prepared. It had been in the back of my mind. Someone was bound to ask for it one day. She had perked up a bit.

"Yes, exactly. So how does this." "I have a couple of forms to fill in. Simple stuff. Theres a consent form. Just to protect me. Theres also an item list.

Each activity is listed, just tick red yellow or green. This makes sure our agents dont go too far." she half cocked her head, looking confused.

I explained further. "Our agents will read this and react accordingly. This makes sure any play or session doesnt hit a hard limit and become abuse." I slid the forms across the table, pen on top. She started with the consent form. Standard boilerplate to cover my ass in case she called the cops afterwards. I [INSERT NAME], DO Sunny leone 3xx sex stories 2019 UNDER FREE WILL AND WITH NO DURESS, TO ANY AND ALL ACTIVITIES LISTED IN FORM TWO.


SIGN AND DATE. She signed with a flourish. On the back, I had some boxes to fill in. for this I had to borrow her driving licence. This meant I knew as much as I needed to. So, this woman in front of me was barely 20.

The second form was longer. A list of kinks and activities. Red was a clear no, green was good, yellow was a 50/50.

I watched her blush at a few, devilishly smirking. "Done, now what do you need." I stood up, shaking her hand. "oh, nothing. Thats all." "So, you guys get in touch or what?" "Now, wouldnt that defeat the point." I smiled as I walked away, This was going to be fun. I took out my phone as I walked. I knew the people for this job.

They agreed, not surprisingly. It wouldnt take long to set up a quick session.

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She was blushing and cowed her head as i left. Was she too nervous? It didnt matter. I had a quick look at her kinks list. Most of the normal ones had been marked as ok. One or two surprises. Apparently she was more of an anal sex girl than her demeanor led me to believe.

She also had a thing for impact play and blades. Im sure my guys would have no problem with these items. To Be Continued?