Perfect wife bondage gina valentina is one juicy teenager dish and shes no stranger to

Perfect wife bondage gina valentina is one juicy teenager dish and shes no stranger to
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It was around the last week of march, mid school year or about to end. It was a sunday, there were no classes. I thought it was a normal day. I woke up at 10 a.m. had breakfast with my family, took a bath at 11, my mom and my younger sister took off to go to the mall to go shopping and rest assured that they were going to have lunch outside. Before i continue, let me describe myself, my name is Thomas, about 5'8 tall, i'm in grade 8, 15 years old, i'm a bit tan, well i go to the gym regularly and i'm a swimmer, so i have that beach ready body that any guy would dream, not that buff, not too thin, i'm fit enough with muscles and some 6 pack abs.

My dad, well he's 6 foot tall, He's buff and he's just around the age of 31, so he's really handsome and young looking to be my dad.

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My Mom is slender and fit she's perfect for my dad and my baby sister, she's 11 and cute. As i was saying, i was left alone with my dad in the house.

My dad and i are like brothers, we workout together, and play some PS3. He's the perfect and best dad. Well, it was lunch, we just ordered some Pizza, since we were still full.

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We ate together in the dining room, only wearing a sando and boxers while my dad had boxers only. I went to my room as usual after lunch and watched TV.

I thought of watching in the living room instead cause it was hot in my room. When i entered the living room, my dad greeted, "Hey son, how's it going?" he said smiling, I replied "Alright, just decided to sit here cause it was hot in my room" "Well then suit yourself." he replied.

A couple of minutes later it started getting hot, i took off my shirt and threw it somewhere. My dad looked at me when i stood and took off my shirt, he was kind of observing how big i've got, i had armpit hair already, i had lean muscles and he was quite impressed "You've got a nice form son. Keep it up and you'll be a lady's man" He said with a laugh. "of course i will dad, i'll make sure I'll huge boobs amateur gilf enjoys hard anal pov your footsteps" I replied with a big smile.

Well, minutes and hours passed until suddenly, he asked "Do you ever surf porn, Thomas?" well, i was shocked and surprised that he asked me the question that i didn't want him too. I answered "Yes, I do" I wanted to be honest with him and see where it would go He then said "Do u wanna watch with me? I have a lot of tapes in my room, Wait there and i'll get it." As he stood up, i noticed that he was getting a hard-on.

And i'll be honest, i think it was about 8 inches i was getting a boner too, mine's about 7 inches only, but it's too big for my age.

He went back with stacks of CD's i've been dreaming to have my whole life. He made me pick and i chose Family Sex, well it was kinda awkward cause he was a family, especially my dad, he turned it on and boom. After minutes of watching my dad, he started jacking off beside me, then he said "C'mon son.

won't you join your Father?" Then i removed my boxers and started too, he asked if i could stroke his cock, i was shocked but i just did it. then he stroked mine. And then suddenly the front door opened and guess who.

My mom. She was shocked, but it was better cause she left my sleeping sister in the car. My mom was quite disappointed but i saw it in her eyes that she wanted to join us.

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She went back to the car to bring my baby sister in her room, after that she went back to the living room where me and my dad was sitting nervously. She then dropped her keys on the table and looked at us suspiciously. She said "Why didnt you do this without me?" My dad and i were surprised and really aroused by my mom. she took off her shirt and pants, revealing her body with her undergarments, she had big tits and my dad and i really got a hard on easily, she sat between us and told us to stand up, she ordered also to take off our boxers, and here eyes widened when she saw our cocks.

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She then said "You boys have been keeping me excited about your bulges and now i've seen it, it's time to taste it. You first Honey"she pointed at my dad and ordered him to flex his muscles and stroke she ordered me the same.

soon she asked us to get close to her and take her undergarments off, then she sucked my cock while my dad was fucking her. she moaned quietly while sucking me, and soon it was my turn to gorgeous teen gets milk show for gold her, my dad was jacking off and my mom said "Honey, our son is such a grown up, look at that wonderful body.

and that big cock, Oh son, fuck me hard alright." i inserted my cock and all of us three were really sweaty and our bodies were covered in sweat giving it an oily effect and we all sure liked how we look.

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Then my sister started crying in my mom's room, she hurriedly got dressed and took off while me and my dad sat down catching our breaths "You sure did great on fucking your mom, son, but we have some unfinished business between us two. I'll be with you tomorrow night alright." I agreed on him and we all continued our day, like nothing happened.

To be continued.