Slim light skin ebony rides big cock

Slim light skin ebony rides big cock
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The story is mine,but the idea of his power came from another story! This is my first story! Constructive comments accepted. Also ideas are welcome! "Sean.Sean.Wake up.It's late,Wake up." As the morning light poured in through the window,He barely opened his eyes to the fateful day.

Today was his Maths exam, and as usual he had studied nothing.Well more into Sean or Sean Jay,18 year old,fan of Steve Jobs,and all people and things related to tech. He is an engineering student,like many other of his classmates who joined it just because of the hype around the profession. Though he once used to study well,now grades were low and this caused a constant source of clashes in his home. Moreover the main other problem with Sean is that he is horny all the time.

During an exam he is horny even though he would have wanked off in the shower that morning. Whenever he sits to study his hands automatically find his Weener. His dick was not humongous or anything,just a 7 and a half inch. But he wanked a minimum of 5 times sex games amaze adorable chick very much day,that too when he was way busy. Regarding Sean's family, his father lovely ass bounces hard on a big stick died in a car crash and he lived with his widowed mom and her grandparents.

They were sufficiently rich and could afford a comfortable lifestyle. He never had any sort of girlfriends and was generally classified a geek,though people who know him well consider him a very crazy sort of person ready for all types of fun. Now back to present day,Sean slowly walked into the bathroom thinking of the hell that he would have to go through today. Bullies,teachers,exam.What not.

The main disadvantage of choosing his particular stream of engineering was that his class had no fairer specimen or otherwise known as girls. Only someone who has been deprived of the pleasure of enjoying watching a girl will know what sadness it meant to him. He, after having a his shower he went into his most important program of the morning. Masturbating to his selected woman. Someday it was his high school teacher. There were many that made him jizz constantly.

One was Miss.Paris, the sexy physics teacher aged 32, whose shape was just divine for him. She was sculpted in the shape of an hourglass for him, the sexy ass and boobs held his sight many a times. She was very fair in complexion, black hair and brown eyes, and she wore tight clothes to class.

She was widowed and she made the entire boys in the class spellbound. Another one was Miss.Reena. She taught computer and she has the most beautiful ass ever seen around that area. It was just huge round and bubbly. It just danced in its own tune while she walked explaining in the class.

Yet another was their Principal Miss.Shana. She was the perfect milf of his dreams. Huge boobs, sexy navel, juicy thighs, and her slutty attitude. Sean also dreamt about his two aunts who from the age he remembered made his dick was his aunt Maya and the other his aunt Belinda.Both were voluptuous and sexy.

After his daily routine he went to college thinking it would be the same but boy was he in for a surprise. *********************************************************************************** As this teen is a real dirty slave neared college he came to the curve where his fathers car had gone out of control and had died.

That happened when he was 3. He always wondered what it would have been to have a father, to show the ways of a man. It always tapped on a deeply hidden well of sadness while thinking of his dad and even though he considered himself a tough person he felt sad when he thought of his dad. Sean was immersed in such thoughts when all of a sudden a bus going in the other lane while trying to overtake hit the side of his bus.

He remembered hearing a scream and that was all as he passed into oblivion. It felt long but as he opened his eyes, he was at the same location, but something was amiss. He was standing by the road by which he was just travelling in his college bus. There was no sign of the bus nor his college mates. He himself was not even hurt and he was sure he would be as it was a big accident. He looked around and noticed that something was amiss. The location was not as developed as he remembered.

There was no shopping mall on the right side and the hospital nearby was not present. The road was not good and was narrow, and the curve was sharper.

He started walking towards the bend and he saw a car slowly moving towards him. He signalled for help. The car was an old model blue colour car. I entered the car and inside sat a friendly gentleman. He looked handsome and was well built.He was dressed in a rich suite like those worn by business men. "Where you going to son?"he asked Sean.Having no clear idea of what was going on and how to reply him he just sat.

"Can you take me to 32nd street, New Ark Avenue?"asked Sean. He was feeling weird all over and his mind kept telling him he knew this person. "Okay,do u need something,you look sick." "No sir. Thank you. I just need to get home." "Okay Sean if you say so"said the person. It did not occur to Sean to ask how the person how he knew his name xxxx hard sex mom ha he was himself in a drowsy state.

"You a student or something?"the man asked. "Yup,am doing my postgraduate course. And I know what your next question will be. You will be asking me if I am studying well and then you will advice me to study well and all that." The man smiled, it was a good smile, which would make a girl fall for him right there.

"Nah.I already know you are a little backward in studies." "Yet again Sean did not ask him how he did. His brain did not register this as weird at the moment. They travelled silently, and after a while the man slowed the car. Sean did not understand why. "This is where I will be dropping you. Listen Sean, there is more to you than what you think you are. You will understand everything slowly. Use it well and don't disappoint me. I hope to see you grow up to be a great person. Just want you to know I am sorry for what happened.

I also hope this will make up for it.

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Also look after your mom."said the man as he opened the door for Sean. Sean did not respond to anything he said and just a sat there."How am I supposed to reach home if u leave me here in this place"asked Sean as he slowly removed his seat belt and got down. He smiled and replied"I am sure a bus is coming right this way headed to your destination.Bye son." "Hey, I don't even get your name"shouted Sean as the car slowly started moving and the person inside smiled warmly and replied "Jay Shinoda.!".

************************************************************************* It was paining him like hell. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He was in a room and it was not familiar stunning orgasms for a sexy babe hardcore and blowjob him. He looked around and saw his mom sleeping on a couch nearby.

He looked around and after seeing the IV he knew he was in a hospital. He remembered everything in a flash and suddenly remembered the dream. He had seen his father. His father had died on the same spot a long time ago. He felt it was all a curious case, him being involved in an accident at the same place,and then seeing him in his dream. His mom saw him looking around and heaved a sigh of relief and thanked god.

She came towards him and slowly patted him in his forehead.

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She looked at him and smiled. That alone made Sean swell with happiness. "Lucky you"said his mom,"Many have serious injuries from the accident and 7 students were lost but god gave you to me!" She said very happily. That was weird.Him being on the side of the bus that the other bus hit he should have been injured very gravely. Must be my lucky thought Sean. ********************************************************** Days after the incident, Sean was resting in his couch watching T.V and he slowly drifted to Dreamland.

As soon as he dozed off, he was watching his body lying on the couch from a second person point of view. But unlike a dream he felt wide awake and he could see everything clearly.he looked down and saw a translucent coly of his body. He slowly walked around and switched of the TV and walked upstairs.

He saw his mom folding clothes in the shelf. He saw her mobile and thinking it was a dream he took it and scanned through the messages. After that he went out and just willed himself to stop dreaming. As soon as he did that he was back in his own body. He arose and looked around.

The TV was switched off. Maybe mom had turned it off. He climbed the stairs and went to his mothers room. There she was folding clothes.

Coincidence??? Maybe. He saw her phone and checked it. And he was stunned. He saw the exact same messages he had seen earlier. He was stunned and stood there for a moment. What the hell really happened? This can't be!!! He quickly went into his room, and once again he willed himself to sleep. Usually that was not possible for him, but today he went out as soon as he wished for it. Yet again he saw himself watch me fuck your daughter on the bed.

He looked in the mirror and was surprised to see nothing. He looked down and saw his translucent body. He walked straight to his moms rooms. To check if his theory was right he went And stood in front of her. She did not seems to see him and looked straight past him. "Oh My God!!!" Sean was awestruck and stood there thinking of all the possibilities and the first thing that came to his mind made him smile wickedly.

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******************************************************************** As he sat and thought about this freakingly awesome luck that had befallen him he now understood what the dream meant and what his father said.

It all made sense to him. And of ofcourse he would use it very well. Nothing would have made him more happier than his favourite aunt Maya dropping in at that moment. She did come around sometimes and usually Sean would be around zooming in on her boobs with his mobile. Today there would be no need. Moreover this was the perfect chance to check his new found power. To his mom he was sleeping.

But Sean was oggling at her aunts boobs an inch away from them. His aunt and mom sat at the dining table. Mom was making some salad for dinner and aunt was talking on about her daughter who was in high shook, two years younger than Sean.

Maya was wearing a tight pant and top. Her boobs were protrudingon seeing which Sean's dick made a flagpole. He slowly went and stood by his aunts side. Even though it was not a good idea to touch her when she fucks to pay the workers blowjob and teen was nearby, he couldn't resist. Pent up horniness worth years came upon him. He slowly touched her shoulders.

She looked around startled but saw no one. His mom looked doubtfully at her and asked wether she needed something.

His aunt said it was nothing and returned to her previous gossip. Sean slowly tickled her neck. She stood up suddenly and said she needed to use the bathroom.

She went to the bathroom and before she could close Sean entered the bathroom.He did not know the full extent of his power yet and it was wise to be careful. He waited for her to take her top off. She took it off and looked at the full length mirror. Next she took off her pants. She was standing just in her panties and bra.

He would have sold all of his belongings to have this good a look at her once upon a time but now he needed to have her. As everyone would have guessed,Sean was a virgin. Any and all knowledge he had of the topic were acquired from friends, books and porn.

But it was all instincts that made him do what he did that day. He went behind her aunt and slowly caught her boobs with one hand and with the other he made her close her mouth.

He whispered in a hoarse voice to her,"Do not scream, and do not fight.I will have you and whatever you do would be in vain if you try to resist me. Enjoy now!". He waited for her reaction and noticed that she was perspiring and he knew she was scared as hell.

He slowly took his hands if her mouth and grabbed her boobs with both his hands from behind her. She did not utter a sound. She squeezed her shoulders together trying to budge away, which was her natural instinct. Sean missed her neck and licked it. He went in front of her and kissed her face and then went in to kiss her mouth.

She did not open her mouth initially and then Sean made her forcefully open her mouth. She did not let his tongue enter her mouth but Sean let her take her own time in letting him do that. Invading a naughty arse aperture hardcore and blowjob was patient. He slowly removed the bra and took it off her. As soon as he took it off, he slowly rubbed her nipples.

They were hard already. He did not know his aunt was a very sexual being. He slowly rubbed her nipples with his left hand and his right hand went for her ass. He slapped it gently and slid his hands under her panties. It felt like heaven for him to be able to touch her. It was taboo and that made it all the more hotter.

His aunt was still scared and not saying anything. He slowly squatted down with his eyes level to her pussy. He then started pulling her panties down. This made her aunt try to resist. She tried pulling it up but it was a half hearted pull as she did not know what she was dealing with. He took her hands of her panties. He continued to pull it off and removed it.

He could see her wet juices on it and it mia khalifa fox tail sex him happy that she too was enjoying it. He smelled her pussy and then slowly kissed her hairy mound. She let a small whimpering and stood still with her hand close to her pussy. Aunt Maya, standing in front of him, nude and ready to be taken, the milf of his dreams, the one which had made him wank off a hundred times,the bitch who made half the neighbourhood jizz in their pants was his to use, take care of, plough into.

He stared at her body unbelievingly taking in his aunts voluptuous body. He went straight to her pussy and licked it. His aunt moaned. From her point of viewhere she was in her husbands sisters house, standing in the bathroom nude being used by someone or something she did not understand.

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Her pussy which was only for her husband was now being sucked by some anonymous person or thing. He took in her juices and licked it to shoplifting teen busted and fucked by a security guard fill. He stood up and and whispered to her to kneel down. She knew what was coming next.

Sean had seen this a countless number of time in porn videos and now the idea that he was going to have the same made blood rush to his dick.

He sat in the bath tub and pulled Maya there and made her kneel down. She kneeled down and Sean made her open her mouth. He slowly inserted his moderately big dick into her awaiting sweet mouth and for a minute he kept it that way to enjoy the sensation.

He moaned slowly and started moving his dick slowly. His aunt knew there was no other way other than to let him did not resist. Sean asked her to give him her best. She slowly started getting in to the act and licked the lead of his dick with her tongue. Only about 4 inches were in her mouth and as Sean tried to insert more she started gagging. Sean whispered"Bitch suck it well and deep or you will pay for it". Even though he dint wish to take it rough he wanted to make her fear him.

"I am sorry. I am trying my best. I have not done blowjobs before as my husband dislikes it."she said with her eyes welling tears out of fear.

"It is okay, I will make you do it more than enough in the coming days. Whore suck it now.". Maya started sucking with a new found vigour. He the chose that moment to take control of her head. Maya was powerless against his clutch on her hair, as he forced her head up and down on his cock, showing no mercy as her lips became numb and gagging ensued. She could not control the drool and saliva that gathered as he fucked his dick with her head. Maya gasped and breathed and gagged, but there was nothing she could do but surrender and wait for him to unload.

Finally she felt him throb and tasted the cum. "Swallow it bitch.Every single drop."Sean called out in ecstasy he could not control. Maya swallowed every drop.She drank in loads of his sperm and dropped down on the floor tired. She was breathing hard. Sean was also breathing hard.

It was now time for him to lose his virginity. It was at the precise moment Sean's mom knocked on the door. "Is everything okay Maya?You are taking a long time." "Yes, everything is fine."said Maya before Sean even said anything.

Sean blonde sex goddess toying pussy with lust webcam and cunt this as a good sign and stood up. He asked Maya to sit on the closet and spread her legs. Maya knew her pussy was going to be ravaged. Her husband, Sean's Uncles dick was merely 4 inches, but he was a good lover. Sean had his dick double the size and was a good size round too. She quietly said"I know it is useless telling you to stop, but can u please take it slow?".

"Ohh. You will enjoy it.". Sean squatted again and parted her aunts leg. He looked into her pink pussy wet and juicy. She was spreadeagled on the seat of the closet and he slowly inserted a finger in her.

"Ooooo.that's nice". His aunt moaned slowly. Sean moved his fingers slowly and he started fingering her aunts pussy. He then inserted 3 fingers together into her wet snatches and fucked her with his fingers. All the time his aunt had closed her eyes and was moaning slowly. "Ooooo.yes yes .YES YES." Her sound became louder as He increased the speed and then he licked the outer region of her pussy.

This was good enough for his aunt that she came hard and her pussy squirted her juice all over him. "Ooh. Yes, it's been some time since I had an orgasm. Moaned his aunt.". Sean slowly took his rock hard dick and slowly directed it towards his aunts pussy. As its head touched her pussy, his aunt took his cock and slowly guided his head into her pussy. He slowly inserted his head and teased her and rubbed it along her pussy walls. "I need it now.Cannot hold it anymore."said Maya. "Tell me exactly what you want,and how you want it."said Sean teasing even more.

"Fuck me like the whore I am, fuck me without mercy, fuck me like you own me.take me." "You don't have to tell me that I own you fucking slut"said Sean as he rammed into her pussy. Her pussy was tight but it was well lubricated and Sean inserted 8 inches of his meat into his favourite aunt Maya.She gasped as she felt the full magnitude of his big cock slide inside her pussy.

He then started to fuck her gently and steady meanwhile sucking her nipple into his mouth.Her legs turned to jelly,and she trembled with an enormous orgasm. "Oohhhh FUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKK cummingggg.aahhhh!"she screamed aloud as she came. Sean hoped his mother did not hear that.

She could not control her voice and started to moan "oh, faster faster". She felt shivers go through her spine.Sean grabbed hold of her ass and fucked her harder and faster than her husband had ever done. She felt her body ready itself for another cumming and felt every inch of Sean's cock thrusting inside her pussy, she cummed hard and raised her head in the air,as she moaned with delight.

"Oh fuck me. Fuck me hard"moaned Maya. Sean started pumping in and out of her wet tight pussy. He wanted to enjoy her to the fullest. His slave aunt, his slut.Sean's cock burned with delight as he felt Maya's pussy. Sean was about to hot sex bbw huge clit hard, harder than ever before in his life and he wanted to cum inside her aunts pussy, inseminate her, get her pregnant with his child.

A wave of lust spread from his balls all the way to the tip of his cock,as he felt the warm fluid pass through his cock, and he cummed inside her, his white cum dripping out of her pussy running down her shaking legs.

"ahhhh, oh my god,now I feel much better" whispered Maya". "Same here bitch" replied Sean. Both of them were exhausted. Sean enjoyed fucking his aunt. He slowly slid his dick out of her and cum poured out of her. Maya slowly stood up and washed herself. She put on her clothes but even though she searched everywhere she did not find her panties. Sean had hidden that to keep as a souvenir. She got out fully dressed and went to Sean's mom.

"I was not feeling well, and vomited a lot inside. I think it would be better if I just went home and take a good nap"said Maya tired after her sex session. "Oh dear, I hope it's nothing severe"mom replied and together they went out of the hall.

Sean entered his room and willed to stop sleeping. He got up and went to the hall to see his mom watching TV.

"Hey sleepyhead, your aunt just went now.She was not well."said mom. "Oh,why did you not call me, it's been a long time since I saw her!!"said Sean with his inner self having a riot inside.

What all will the neighbourhood have to see now!