Horny brittany wants a backseat fuck pornstar and brunette

Horny brittany wants a backseat fuck pornstar and brunette
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Part 3, the finale. We arrived that the bedroom and I laid her on top of the bed covers. She was so beautiful, slim, firm and totally lust filled with her eyes scanning my body and face she reached out to my limp cock and began to stroke it. Again she said "make love to me, I want you to be my first" I was beginning to get hard again and no wonder as this perfect woman lay on my bed wanting me.

I lay down beside her and we began to kiss passionately our hands all over each other like two sex maniacs.

Her body was so firm, she looked stunning and with every passing second I got harder and harder. Again she took my cock in her mouth and caressed my balls which felt so great and I moved with her rising sometimes so she took all of my cock in her mouth.

I kissed her breasts, working down to her stomach before spreading her legs to find her sweet virgin wet throbbing pussy waiting for me to devour it. I didn't waste time and began working my magic, her body quivered and twitched every time I touch her and she began breathing really fast and her body shook as she came again leaking out over my mia khalifa sex storys andhra sex storys, fingers and bed.

I told her that I was going to make love to her now and she looked up with her adoring eyes and said "I'm ready for you, make love to me, cum inside me" I slowly spread her legs and positioned myself between them with my rock hard cock pressing against her huge boobs blonde woman fucking by bbc in the bathroom pubic area.

Looking into her eyes I told her to take my cock and direct me inside, she held me firmly and rubbing my cock on her clit then she guided me so that I was just inside her outer lips. She gasped and said "I want you now, please" I slowly pushed my way in to her hot wet pulsation pussy as she held my cock.

I slipped in a little further and she twitched as I broke through her hymen and was now half way in as she gasped with totally pleasure.

I moved in a little more feeling her hot wet pussy clench my cock as I moved in more and more. I finally stopped as I was fully inside her hot wet no longer virgin pussy and looked deep into her eyes and asked if she was OK and that she wanted me to continue. Her loving eyes looked lustful through small tears and she told me to make love to her.

Her sweet voice was all I needed and I began moving in and out, watching her mouth open, her head go back and the moans and gasps getting loader and deeper with every stroke. By now we had a great rhythm going and she was moving in perfect time with me holding me tightly and kissing me every so often.

I began to increase the tempo and her body reacted, her breathing got deeper as I slipped my cock all the way in deeper, harder, faster she began to quiver and her pussy tightened as she started to cum again. She screamed "I'm cumming, cumming again" and let everything go and I felt her pussy juice flow over my cock, balls and all over my bed. I increased the rate again and within about 60 seconds she was cumming again, harder this time and she lay flat on the bed twitching, letting out moans and groans of absolute pleasure as I slowed to a steady rhythm once again.

We where kissing passionately and again she told me she loved me and that this was so perfect and better than she could have ever imagined. Her beautiful firm body covered in sweat glistened in the light as I moved her round so that she was now sitting on top of me. I began to move her light frame up and down my rock hard soaking cock and she moaned with pleasure as I watched her stunning firm breasts move up and down. I caressed them firmly playing with her hard nipples as she got into her own rhythm and rocked on my cock.

She began to dig her nails into my chest, stomach and shoulders as she was grinding on me deeper, harder and faster. I could feel her pussy tighten and once more her body was quivering and she was throwing her head back and forth with her long blonde hair flowing everywhere. She screamed so load I was sure everyone in the street could hear her "Oh, god, god, god, Mr.

D I'm cumming, I'm gonna burst" and with that she let everything go soaking my cock, thighs, stomach and the bed. She was slashing around with droplets hitting my chest and face which made me even harder. She finally flopped on top of me gasping for air move up and down very slowly telling me all sorts of things between moans and groans. Her nails had marked my skin but I was not caring about anything other then this beauty. I told her to call me Johnny from now on and she sexily whispered into my ear "OK my Johnny." As she gasped for air I could feel myself getting close so I moved her left leg slowly so that I could pull out, her body shook as I did and her juices flowed out of her pussy and down her legs.

I told her to bend over as I wanted to take her from behind and she did exactly as she was told.

I was on my knees behind her touching her clit and watching her body twitch every time I did. I could not resist and licked her pussy while fingering her clit and she began to moan loudly saying that it was so good that she felt faint. I stopped and using her own juices I began japanese mother son sister 26 her ass and kissing it, I slipped my finger in her very tight ass a little and she gasped.

I kept going getting a little deeper each time and this allowed me the time subdue my urge to cum and with that I took my cock and teased her clit and pussy lips before slowly moving inside her soaking wet pussy. She was moaning every time I pushed in and telling me to cum deep that she loves me and wanted me so much. I quickly upped the tempo holding her slim waist and hips firmly pulling them towards me. With every thrust I went faster and faster I went, deeper and deeper so that my wet balls slammed into her.

I was getting close to cumming and I told her, she asked me to cum deep inside her but she wanted me on top of her so she could look into my eyes and feel my body on her. I turned her on to her back and she grabbed my cock and pulled me inside her and with a gasp and a quiver I slipped right deep inside. We began to move in perfect harmony and I could feel my cum build up ready to explode inside her tight pussy. She too was getting ready to cum and as she arched her back I pushed with all my might and she screamed with sheer pleasure "Oh Johnny, Johnny I love you" as we both came.

I could feel my hot jets of cum fill her pussy so deep and she too let out a massive load that gushed out like a water canon soaking everything in its path.

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We slowed down so that her soaking wet but very tight pussy could milk every last drop I had inside her. We kissed passionately throughout this time saying all sorts of crazy things and in a state of total ecstasy I lay on her with my cock slowly softening. Still kissing passionately I finally slipped out of her and her body quivered and to be honest so did mine.

She held me tighter than ever and begged me to stay on top of her, we kissed slowly and gazed deep into each others eyes for easily 20 minutes.

Every so often she would quiver as her hot wet pussy pulsated some juices and my cum slowly out of her. 2 hours had passed and I invited her in for a shower so that we could clean up and spend some more time together. Of course she agreed and we slowly got up and walked cuddling and kissing to the shower. We soaped each other up taking it in turn to wash each others body while teasing kissing all over each other, we finished the shower and stepped out to dry off.

We dried each other and I got dressed, I gave her my shirt that was sitting on the chair as cum eating oriental honey loves deepthroat squirting japanese her clothing was down stairs in my office.

She looked so amazing and I told her it a thousand times over and we kissed and cuddled going down the stairs. She slowly got dressed and we kissed passionately until I moved her away and looked into her eyes.

I told her she was the most amazing woman that I had ever saw and been with and that she better head home so that her parents would not worry. She smiled lovingly and agreed saying "I want you again soon, the sooner the better" I replied "this is just the start Abi, just try and keep me away." She walked to the door backwards, smiling lustfully at me before opening the door and walking slowly out.

She closed the door behind her and I turned to the mirror and with a satisfied smile and a wink to myself I went into the living room to relax on the sofa.

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I must have lay there for about an hour with Abi running through my mind and all the things we had just done and I slowly drifted off to sleep with a huge smiling on my face. The End. PS: I went to her sisters 16th birthday party alone but certainly didn't leave alone as Abi and I made love all night and in the morning too.

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We have now made love about 20 times with each time she gets better and is now fully aware of her body, what she likes and what I like too. Well, everyone I hope you enjoyed my story and please forgive me if its a bit over the place as writing this all the memories of that day and everything since have been racing through my mind.

The dialog is not verbatim but its as close to it. as I can remember and I'm sure you will understand in a passionate movement all sorts of things are said. I have a few more stories to tell you and will write them in due course. I would appreciate your comments good and bad.