Smart teen revenges on busy bf by seducing his handsome dad

Smart teen revenges on busy bf by seducing his handsome dad
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Josie king was a nice looking girl, slim build with long dark hair that had a kink down one side, she was shy, yet there was something about her that made her look kinda naughty, like maybe she wasn't quiet as innocent as first thought, men were drawn to her, almost like she had put a spell on them, yet she never quite understood why.

Walking through a near by park she saw a mom force ther boy for fucking flying a remote control helicopter, she could see his broad shoulders through his tight top, he had dark hair and light stubble in the shape of a goatee. Josie couldn't help but notice his smile, the sun was beating down and she felt hot, she slipped her blouse off her shoulders, revealing a small pale pink vest top. The helicopter landed at her feet, she stopped walking and looked at it, wondering if he had landed it at her feet on purpose.

"Hi" he said "I'm Jamie, sorry about that" "that's ok" she smiled, to shy to look him in the eyes, the wind blew softly sending a chill through her, hardening her nipples and pulling the vest top up slightly to revel her tummy piecing, Jamie smiled, "would you like to fly her" he asked.

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Josie wasn't sure "I don't know how!" she replied. Without a word he rapped his arms around her, bringing the remote in front of her, Josie gasped he leaned in close "take the remote" he whispered sending shivers down her neck she was breathing heavy her heart pounding as she reached up and took the remote his hand softly guided her over the controls and the helicopter hovered in front of them, and then flew up into the sky, Josie could feel the heat from his body against her, she leaned into him enjoying this strangers touch wondering if she should say something, not wanting the helicopter to land.

he guided it round in a circle and then brought it down softly in front of them, she felt his breath on her neck as he whispered in her ear "did you like that" Josie gasped and whispered "yes" he laughed and looked at her, "do you fancy a drink" he asked.

Josie smiled "I'd love one" he held out his hand and led her along the path. There were no pubs along the road, instead he lead her to garage, seeing the look of worry on her face, he quickly explained that he worked here and he had to put the helicopter away before going to a pub! Josie smiled and giggled a little as the garage door rolled up, young floozy gets her pussy caressed japanese hardcore the spacious garage was a Porsche 911 GT2 it was shiny and very sexy looking, Josie eyes lit up, she walked over to it and stroked it slowly down the right hand side, she could feel her self moisten between her legs, she bit her lip, as she lifted her head to find Jamie standing next to her, he was holding out a glass of wine.

"would you like a ride" he smiled "love one" she over exaggerated the word "love" letting it linger a little longer than maybe she should have!

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Josie sipped her wine…&hellip."can I see your engine?" she smiled as she waited at the bonnet for him to come over, he walked over to her rapped his arms around he and moved down towards her thighs, she gasped at his forwardness, "it's the slutty blonde gets fucked deep inside her ass end" he whispered in her ear, "what is?" she gasped.

"The engine" He chuckled. He took her hand and led her to the rear of the car popping the boot open he revealed the Twin-Turbo explaining to her that it could do 0 to 60 in 4 seconds and its top speed was around 195 mph. He closed the boot keeping his hands on it holding her trapped against the car. She turned around within his arms, he moved in close smelling her sweet perfume "mmmm" he smiled "is that Angel your wearing?" he nuzzled her neck sending shivers down her body, his hands firmly squeezing her thighs "I want you" he whispered.

Josie didn't know what to say "can I" he asked slipping his fingers teasingly around her panty line, he could feel her knickers moisten, "yes?" he asked kissing her on the lips and pressing his tongue in, he felt her legs give way and she gasped if he didn't know better he'd think she was having an orgasm already!

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He stopped kissing her and looked in her eyes, she looked angry, almost aggressive, like a wild animal, this made him harden, the look in her eyes was that of hunger, her hands were clenched holding on to his shoulders. He picked her up in his arms and carried her round to the front of the car, carefully laying her down on it, she pulled him in to kiss him, reaching down she un-popped the buttons on his jeans pushing them down to the ground with her feet, she felt him tugging at her panties, she lifted slightly to allow him to pull them down.

He lifted her pink top up kissing her tummy, his hands finding her breast pinching her hardens nipples gently, Josie moaned grasping at him pulling him closer, her hand found his hard cock she moaned with pleasure at the size of it, pressing it to her opening, rubbing it back and forth.

Suddenly she felt him push forward, feeling it enter her, filling her everything sending the most wonderful feeling right through her entire body, he moved real slowly watching her reaction as she cam over and over, their eyes intensely looking in to each others, a gush of hot liquid squirted out over his balls and down the bonnet of the car Jamie could hold back no longer he aloud himself to cum deep inside her, knowing that she was completely satisfied, they lay there in each others grasp for a few moments till he pulled back and looked at her……&hellip."yes" she smiled "you can" he smiled back at her and held out his hand horny alex blake fucking hard huge massive dick help her down.