Window handjob xxx mia khalifa tries a big black dick

Window handjob xxx mia khalifa tries a big black dick
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Sarah woke with a start. It was still pitched black, and the room was silent. She turned to look at her clock-3.08am. She didn't think she'd had a nightmare, but she couldn't work out what had woken her. She sat up in bed, and rubbed her eyes, and decided to go and get a glass of water. Walking down the landing, she could hear her parents snoring quietly, and, further down the corridor, her brother's light shone under his door.

Michael was always up late, usually tapping away on his computer. Her sister's door was closed, and the room dark and silent. Carly, on the other hand,never stayed up late- she always made sure she got her 8 hours sleep to keep her looking her best. Sarah had always felt the black sheep of the family-Michael and Carly had only a year between them-Michael the eldest at 20, and Carly, 19.

Sarah was 16 tomorrow, and she had always been treated as the "baby"whilst her brother and sister watch how this large muscular stranger girlfriend and homemade out to bars and clubs together, and went to the same university.

They both still made a fuss of Sarah though, and she was excited about her present tomorrow from them both. They had been teasing her for months about it, dropping hints and clues. Sarah walked down the stairs, her curly brown hair bouncing down her back as she went. She turned into the kitchen at the bottom of the stairs, took a glass and filled it with water. Taking a sip, she carried it back into her bedroom, and got back into her bed, thinking about her birthday.

Michael had heard his sister get up and go downstairs.

He put his finger to his lip to warn the girl in his bed to be quiet. He certainly didn't want his little sister bursting in and ruining everything. They listened silently for Sarah to return to bed. Michael was tall and the athlete of the family.

He was particularly good at football, and played in a sunday league team, and for his university, where he was studying Web Design. His jet black hair, and dark brown eyes, twinned with his good looks and physique made him particularly popular with women. He had never had a long term girlfriend, though, and prefered to keep himself free and single, and able to play his sunday football without any demands from a girlfriend.

Sarah's door snapped shut, and Michael breathed a sigh of relief. He beckoned to the girl mom knows best jelena jensen jenna sativa a lesson in responsibility twistys leave, although he hadn't managed to finish what they started, helped her dress and swiftly guided her to the front door, kissing her with an insincere "I'll call you sometime", before shutting the door almost in her face. He shook his head at himself, and quietly walked back upstairs into his bedroom.

Carly had heard Sarah get up, and come back to bed. She had heard, which Sarah hadn't, his whispered attempts to keep the slut in his bedroom quiet. She had heard him take her downstairs, and push her out of the door.

But more importantly, she had heard him start to fuck her before Sarah had got up. Carly was easily the most beautiful in the household. She had won several beauty pageants when she was younger, and had done some modelling shoots, before she gave them up to study at Uni. She was the only blonde in the family, with complimentary blue eyes.

Her skin was flawless, and her body was perfectly curvy-rounded, firm breasts;slim stomach, a nice rounded arse and long legs.

Despite this, Carly had never really slept around. She had a couple of boyfriends at school she never slept with, and then at 16, she had slept with David, and they had been an item for nearly 2 years.

They split up when Carly when to uni, and she had only had a couple of insignificant one night stands since then. Carly had been surprised when Michael's antics had waked her.

She was a fairly heavy sleeper, and he had never woken her before with the various "free and easys" he brought home, despite being in adjoining rooms. She had sat up, half in temper, half-curiosity, and turned her lamp on. She had been even more surprised how exciting it hottie and pool so start your engine to listen to someone else fuck, and had got quite wet listening to Michael's quiet moans, and had started rubbing her hands over her perfectly formed nipples through her nightie.

She had then pulled her nightie off, and slid her perfectly manicured fingers over her clit, listening to her brother getting his rocks off. Carly had heard the girl gasp in pleasure, and guessed Michael was pounding her pussy with his cock now, and shocked even herself as she realised that she, Carly, wished it was her.

Carly had stopped her self pleasure as quickly as Michael when Sarah got up, in case she came in the room, as she sometimes did if she needed to talk to her. Carly had held her breath as Michael had, until Sarah had gone back to bed. Carly resumed her teasing, rubbing her hands over her nipples, pinching them gently, then rubbed a hand over her wet pussy.

She had got really turned on listening to Michael, and was enjoying the asian beauteous teen cum hole to hot to be seen of Michael doing this to her. Michael sat in his room, frustrated. He was really up for a fuck, and his balls were heavy with spunk. He knew when he got into bed he would relieve himself, but it just wasn't the same as plunging into a hot, willing pussy.

He heard little movements in his sister, Carly's, room. He thought it was unusual she was still awake, and hoped he hadn't waked her with the girl he'd brought home. He guessed he had, and decided to go and have a chat with her, since she was already awake. Carly was a great listener, and besides, they needed to finalise the plans for Sarah's birthday tomorrow.

Carly was getting really excited now. She had never fucked herself with so much enthusiasm before, but then she had never thought about Michael before whilst she was doing it.

She had spread her long legs wide, and was using both hands on her pussy. One hand strummed her clit, whist the other plunged two fingers in and out of her tight pussy.

She was trying to be as quiet as possible, but was aware of the bed making little noises every now and then. At first they had alarmed her, but now she was fairly sure they couldn't be heard outside of her bedroom, and was really pummeling her pussy with her fingers, imagining it was Michael's cock, and she was the one gasping in pleasure."Michael."she whispered, "oh michael." Michael didn't bother to knock on Carly's door.

He knew she would still be lay in bed trying to get back to sleep. He opened the door quietly,as not to wake Sarah again, and gasped. Carly, his serene and almost virginial sister, had her long legs in the air and wide apart, and was pushing her fingers into her tight, shaven pussy, gasping in pleasure.

What's more, he had heard her whisper "Michael". Carly tried to cover herself quickly. She felt so embarrassed her brother had caught her touching herself. She managed to wrap her duvet over her, but knew he had seen everything.

"Michael.I was just.umm", she stopped, and looked at her brother. Michael had just managed to get his erection down before he went into Carly's room, but now it was raging again at the sight of a hot pussy, despite the fact it belonged to his sister, and especially since she had been saying his name.

He had always known how hot his sister was, his mates told him often enough, and secretly, he had fantasised about doing all kinds of things to her. But he had never acted on it.

"It's just a fantasy", he had always told himself. But now, looking at Carly, embarrassed, but clearly flushed with desire, he guessed now might be the night to make all those fantasies come true.

He closed the door behind him as quietly as he curvy awesome chick enjoys riding a dick opened it and sat on her bed. Carly was shocked her brother had come in her room unannounced, and even more shocked when, after the initial obvious surprise, he had composed himself and sat next to her, with an obvious hard on through his dressing gown. "Michael, I'm sorry you saw that.I was.well I get."Before she could say anymore, Michael had pressed his hot mouth on hers, and pushed her backwards onto the bed.

Michael ran his hand through his sister's hair passionately as he kissed her, and probed her mouth with his tongue. He felt his cock twitching as she reciprocated and pulled his dressing gown off. He did a half-press up, and slid the duvet from between them, and pressed his naked toned body down over hers.

Carly gasped at how big her brother's cock felt as it pressed on her belly, twitching with excitement as they kissed. She ran her nails down his back, and pushed her tongue deep in his mouth. She could feel juice running from her pussy from the thrill of kissing her brother, and imagined how hot she would feel if he was inside her.

Michael lowered his head from Carly's lips, and ran his tongue over her nipples, and felt them harden under his touch. He heard her whispered moans as he sucked them, and rolled on his side so he could use his large fingers to probe her dripping hot pussy. Carly gasped as Michael pushed his middle finger all the way into her hole, and circled her clit with his thumb, whist still sucking her nipple.

She lay there for a few minutes, allowing him to finger fuck her, before she sat and pulled him from her to a sitting position. Carly knelt on the floor and looked at her brother's thick cock. She ran her tongue over his balls, and was surprised when Michael grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and forced his way into her hot mouth. Michael sighed as his tip touched the back of Carly's throat. He used her hair to push her head up and down, and watched as his sister sucked his hard cock.

She was gagging a little on the length, but he could see she was enjoying being made to feel like one of his sluts. "You like that eh?" He whispered, "you like sucking your big brother's cock?".

Ghetto black bitch tamera ellen massy getting fuck by young stud pulled her mouth away so she could answer "Yes,"Carly whispered back,"I want more, Michael, fuck me with your cock." Michael pulled Carly up, and back onto the bed.

He pulled her legs apart, just as he had first found her. He teased her clit with his throbbing dick. "Is this what you wanted Carly, when you were frigging yourself" Carly simply moaned in excitement. He pushed his fat cock inside her tight, shaven pussy and had to cover her mouth to mask her squeals of delight. "Ssssh" Michael whispered, but kept his hand over her mouth just in case.

He started fucking her slowly at first, looking at her perfect form beneath him. His beautiful his whore. He started fucking her harder now, and felt her walls spasming around his cock. Carly was cumming.

Her brother was fucking her pussy and making her come. She rubbed her nipples with her hands, and let Michael muffle her moans of pleasure. She felt so naughty, and horny, letting her brother fuck her pussy.

Michael pulled his dick from Carly's pussy.

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"Bend over, you dirty little bitch" he hissed at his sister, noticing how hot she got when he talked filthy to her before. Carly knelt on the bed, with her knees apart and her round smooth arse in the air. She felt Michael's fingers probed her pussy lips, and then her clit. She trembled at the thought of his massive cock squeezing into her now dripping hole.

He slipped two fingers into her pussy and was working them in and out, as Carly gasped as quietly as she could. Michael looked at his sister's arse. Her tight little arsehole was winking as he fed his fingers into her pussy. He withdrew his fingers, which were covered in her hot stickiness, and gently slid a finger in Carly's arsehole.

Carly jumped at first, she had never had her arse fingered, or fucked before. She relaxed as Michael's other hand came forward and teased her clit, whilst he finger fucked her arse, first with one, then two fingers.

Michael could take it no more. He pulled his fingers from Carly's tight arse hole and plunged his dick in all the way to the hilt. He fucked her furiously up her arsehole, and didn't care if she protested or not. Carly had started playing with her own clit, and was enjoyed having hot slut gets her two holes pleased arse virginity broken by her big brother.

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She gasped as she brought herself to a crashing orgasm with her fingers as Michael pummelled her tight little arse. As she spasmed, she felt Michael's cock stiffen then explode inside her, his hot spunk splashing and coating inside her arse.

Carly and Michael collapsed next to each other on her bed, still naked and entwined, saying nothing, just catching their breath, and fell into a deep exhausted sleep. Let me know if you like.Sarah becomes more involved later.