Hot and mean lesbian babes kissing tender

Hot and mean lesbian babes kissing tender
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I've always had a thing for my sister in law. I've been married to my wife for several years, but every time she came over, I'd make it a point to see her. Didn't really matter what the weather was, she would always be wearing yoga pants or tight leggings.

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One afternoon we got a call from her asking if we wanted to come to the pool at her apartment complex later that night and use the hot tub. My wife originally said no, but I was able to convince her otherwise and we headed on over. When we arrived my sister in law, We'll say her name is Rachel, greeted us in a very small bikini. Black top that covered her small perky tits, and a black bottom which perfectly revealed my favorite part of her, her sexy round ass.

Her long black hair fell down to her mid back and her brown eyes and perfect smile and sexy lips showed that she was having fun and had already had a few drinks. But it always had been that ass. It had to be one of the nicest I've ever seen. Which is why I think I was so attracted to her. In the years past I would always take out my phone and record her or snap quick pictures of her while she walked in front of me, watching that sexy fat ass bounce and hug her leggings, then I'd go home later and jack off to it.

Sometimes she'd turn suddenly and see me on my phone but I was always quick enough to delete or do something else before she was able to see. This time she led us to the hot tub and of course I looked down as I walked next to my wife watching her cheeks crease and bounce left and right and left and right and . "John!" My wife said. "Yeah? What's up?" I replied as I looked from my daze. "Gosh I've called your name three times, want me to get you a drink?" She replied.

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"Yeah thanks babe, beer will do just fine." We got our drinks and got settled in the tub, making small talk. My eyes always bouncing to Rachel, and as the drinks started to flow, I'd give her more smiles and winks. We eventually had been in the tub for about an hour, and my wife had slammed down 4 vodka crans in that time.

meaning she got fucking druuunk!! Usually she gets very horny when she drinks and the whole time as she was sitting next to me, she was stroking my cock and making it grow. All the while I was just imagining it was Rachel stroking me off.

As the time passed, my wife started to feel a little sick from the alcohol. "I think I need to go lay down, I've had way too much to drink" Lucy said. Which wasn't a lie as she wasn't much of a drinker in the first place.

"Ok why don't you just lay here?" Rachel said, as she pointed to a chair that folded all the way blonde babe fucking guy beside her old man. "No, I'd rather lay on the couch inside horny teen loves getting her pussy wet masturbation missionary have some water, the sun has been beating me down all day, but I don't want to ruin all the fun, so can you just walk me over?

"replied Lucy. "I'll walk you over hun, Rachel you can hang here and I'll be back to help you clean up and stuff" I replied. "Ok thanks!" As I got up to get out of the hot tub, I still had a rather hard cock from thinking about my sister in law and my wife stroking my cock, and before I realized it, I looked down and now it was my turn to catch her!!

I looked over and she was staring right at my cock which at half mast was about 4" and pretty thick, but only half way. I saw her stare at it as I stretched my arms above my head. Her eyes widened and then went back, and she bit her lip and then caught her self as she turned her head up towards my eyes.

Realizing she had been caught, she smiled and looked down into the water. I walked my wife back to the apartment and helped her down, kissed her, got her water, and went back out to the pool area. When I got back, Rachel was still in the tub and asked me if I wanted to get back in.

Of course I said yes and sat back down in the water. As I got comfortable, Rachel asked me "would you like me to get you another beer?" "I thought you wanted to clean up?" I said "Yeah but I'm having fun and feeling these drinks and don't want to go back in just yet." "Well then yeah sure, I'll have another one." And that's when things got a little more interesting for me.

She had moved the cooler closer to the hot tub and she got up, smiled at me, and bent over at her waist and grabbed a cold beer from the cooler. When she stood up, the fabric from the bikini bottom was pulled up and into the crack of her ass. As she pulled the beer out she looked back at me and smiled sexily and said "Now it's your turn to get caught looking at things we're not supposed to" "Oh uhhh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to look, it was just kinda right there in front of my face" I said "You're not sorry, this isn't the first time I've caught you.

This is just the first time I've said anything about it. You're just sorry you got caught. I didn't know my sister was married to a guy who checks out her little sisters ass.

I know you pull out your phone and take pictures and film my ass as I'm walking in front of you. I'm not stupid" she came back. Millions of thoughts ran through my mind. Mainly, what can I say to get out of this?

I tried to reply, but I just sat there with my mouth open. "But now that you've been caught I'm going to tell my sister exactly what you've been doing. unless you want to put that open mouth of yours to work" she said "No Rachel, it's not that it's. wait what?

Put what to work?" "Your mouth, put it to work, kiss this ass like I know you want to" she said as she turned again and wiggled her ass back and forth. "I can't, your sister. she's. I'm. I. uhhh ahh fuck it, get your sexy ass over here" I launched over at her and she shrieked with joy. I grabbed her facing me and immediately put my hands to her ass and squeezed and grabbed what I've been wanting for the last 5 years.

"Oh fuck yeah John, kiss my neck, black thug raw putting my rod in the th hole that ass, if you're a good boy I'll grind it on that big cock of yours that I saw when you got up. were you hard because of me?" "Fuck yes Rachel, I've wanted you for so long. I was hard because Your sister was jacking me off but it was you I was thinking about the whole time." Rachel pulled herself away suddenly, and thinking she realized what was happening and was going to stop, until she bent over and said "I said put that mouth to work, kiss this ass or I'll tell." I got down to my knees in the hot tub and pulled down her bikini bottoms, exposing her full, round, perfectly toned, squat and dance for years built ass.

I kissed both cheeks and grabbed and never took my hands off. She was loving this! Her moans and words of encouragement making me harder by the second. "Yeah fuck yes kiss that ass, burying your face in it like a bad boy. You've wanted this for years you bad bad OHHHH!!!!!!" She screamed as I drilled my tongue into her asshole.

"Holy fucking shit, no one has done that to me before. Oh you're so fucking dirty!

Is this how you get my sister feeling before you fuck her? Oh my gosh keep going PLEASE!!!" I didn't need telling twice and I licked her ass and had her reeling from pleasure. Still bent over the tub, I stopped licking her ass and went down to her wet pussy and stated to lick and kiss as it, and I would go from ass to pussy over and over.

"Oh my fuck yes, lick that ass and pussy, make me fucking cum!!" She requested, and who was I to let her down? I licked her like I was a starving man who hadn't eaten in weeks, she was grinding her ass up and down on my face as her screams and moans were starting to get louder, when suddenly she reached back and grabbed my head and drove it into her soaking pussy.

I continued licking knowing she was cumming hard from me. I stood up and stopped licking her and she tried to turn around to see why I had stopped, only to find me and pushing her face back forward and grabbing her throat from behind as she ground her ass into my now fully hard dick.

"You feel that cock? That's hard for you. Years of teasing me, making me hard, waking sexy, dressing like a little yoga slut. you're gonna get it fucking good tonight." "Oh fuck yes, please fucking give it to me, fuck me like the little small girl and boy play I am. letting her brother in law fuck her while sister is passed out at home, Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard.

Own this pussy, make me a little cum slut and fuck me like you Fuck my sister!!" I pulled down my shorts and aimed my cock right at the pussy I've been wanting for years, I slowly pushed it in and she let out a long slow moan.

"Ohhhhh fucking yes, I feel how fucking big that cock is, ohh my gosh it feels so fucking good. slow first please." I was feeling her pussy clinch down on my cock and knew she had never taken a dick like mine before. I slowly started to work it in and out, as she started to relax and work her ass towards mine, fucking her as she was bent over, fucking me back.

The sounds of our bodies hitting each other only made me harder as I fully realized what I was doing. I reached down and undid her top and pulled it off, wanting to see her completely naked.

"Choke me and pull my fucking hair" she ordered. I pulled my cock out of her to her surprise, and sat her on the edge of the tub, I put my cock back in her, roughly this time, and with my left hand, encased her throat, and my right, I grabbed the top of her head by the hair and yanked it back "Ohhhhh mother fuckkkk yesssss fuck me like thaa." she was able to get out before I squeezed my hand harder around her throat, completely taking away her air supply. Her mouth hung open, trying to get air in, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head and I felt her cum.

I pulled my cock out, let her throat and hair go and drove my fingers into her soaking pussy and fingered her hard and deep, up and down, as she came and gushed all over my hand "Fucking shit I've never been fucked like this!

Is this how you fuck her all the time? She is so damn lucky!" But now it was my turn to cum, and since she asked to be fucked like a bad girl and a whore, I slapped her across the face, hard enough to let her know who was in charge, but soft enough to keep it in the mood. "Shut the fuck up, you dirty slut. I'm gonna fuck you now until I cum and you're gonna take it all over your face like a good whore, understand?" "Yes sir.

thank you sir, thank you sir" She was moaning, pussy still trembling with excitement. I bent her back over, looking down at her ass as it rippled with each thrust of mine. Holding her hip with my left, I reached and I grabbed her hair yet again. "Pull my fucking hairrrrrr yessssssss fucking Spank me. spank me like a bad little slut *slap* ahhh fuck yes *slap* just like that *slap* harder baby please harderrrr *SLAP SLAP SLAP* oh my goshhhh I'm fucking cumming.

Fuck meeeeeee make my fucking pussy screaaaammmmuhhhhh!!" Her moans and begging had driven me to the edge and I pulled out, and I regripped her hair, dragging her right in front of my pulsating cock as one burst, right into her open and waiting mouth, the second rope on her cheek, the third, right above her nose to her forehead, the fourth, right on her lower lip and down her chin, dripping into the water.

"Ahhhh fuck yes, take that fucking cum you dirty bitch!" "I fucking love it I fucking love ittt *humppphhh*" as I drove my cock into her mouth, feeling her suck the remaining cum into her mouth, making sure she got every last drop.

"Oh fuck yes, that was amazing, please tell me we're doing this again?" She pleaded. "Fuck yeah we are, we just have to be careful" I said. "Next time, you can pound my ass. I'll show you exactly how dirty I can be." We both walked in to her apartment and my wife was sound asleep on the couch. I gave rachel a kiss behind the couch, and grabbed her ass one more time. the ass that had started this all, the ass that I would soon be fucking. soon. very soon.P