Blonde gape inseminated by bbc creampie and amateur

Blonde gape inseminated by bbc creampie and amateur
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On the way to school, I drove past my good friend Shelby. We haven't been friends for too long be we were close. She had the kind of tits you just wanted to stare at all day.

She was a rocker kind of girl, with her nose and tongue pierced. She had black hair that went a little past her neck, and she had big thighs which lead to an ass to die for. She was wearing a black tank top, which I had no idea how it was keeping her boobs concealed. To go along with the black tank top, she was wearing skin tight black jeans, which showed off her ass quite nicely. I pulled up next to her to see if she wanted a ride. "Oh, hey Jon, sure why not, beats walking" she said, and got in.

"So how are you and whats-his-face?" I asked, trying to make a conversation. "Oh, we broke up.

I found him fucking one of my friends, can you believe that asshole? All the sex he wanted from me, and he goes and fucks another chick" she said. I loved what I was hearing, I wanted to fuck Shelby more than anything. Just thinking of her warm mouth over my cock got me hard. Which, inconveniently, was exactly what was happening.

I tired covering it up, but of course, Shelby saw what was happening. She laughed, "So just what are you thinking about Jon?" She asked, while looking down at the lump in my shorts. Feeling embarrassed, I quickly said "It's just the way my cock is sitting in my shorts, don't make fun of me!" "Who said I was making fun of you? Maybe I like seeing your hard lump, maybe it gets me wet", she said. I just looked at her. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Did she really mean this, or was she just joking around?

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Maybe I shouldn't think too much about it, I thought to myself. "Oh ha ha Shelby, I know you don't think of me that way", I said. She looked at me, I could see her in the corner of my eye. Then I saw her eyes trail down to my lap. I saw her arm move, and before I could do anything, her hand was over the lump in my shorts.

I had to swerve so I didn't go into oncoming traffic. I pulled into an alley, which led to an abandoned lot. "Shelby, what are you doing?" "Jon, I want your hard cock.

I want to taste it, I want to feel it inside my tight pussy. I've always wanted this," She said, still feeling my cock. She pulled down my shorts and boxers, and looked at my cock. "Mmm, it's so big, I don't know if I'll be able to swallow the whole thing. Maybe you'll have to force it down my throat," she said. "Well I could certainty do that, I'm going to fuck the shit out of your throat Shelby.

I'm going to blow my huge load down your throat and make you swallow it." "Mmm, I can't wait to taste it," she said, her mouth watering. As she got finished saying that, Monster black dick for a blonde cutie felt her moist mouth on the head of my cock.

I moaned, I couldn't believe this was lena paul in cuckhold watches busty babe fuck. She slowly started to take more in. I looked over and saw her tits hanging out of her shirt, that was a sight to see. I reached over and started grabbing her breasts. She moaned on my cock, which drove me nuts. I grabbed the back of her head and gently pushed my cock deeper into her mouth.

I felt it hit her throat so I stopped. She stopped sucking and said, "why did you stop pushing? I want to feel your hard cock down my throat, make me gag on it Jon." With that, she started to suck my dick again. I grabbed her hair and pushed down until my whole cock was in her mouth. After a few seconds, I let her up for some air. "That's more like it" she said gasping for air.

"keep fucking my throat Jon, God its making me so wet. You're cock is so big, I cant wait to have it in my tight pussy" she said. "Well if I keep fucking your throat like this, I'm going to cum real soon Shelby" I said. I got out of the car and she leaned over, so that her knees were on the passenger seat and hands were on the drivers seat.

I grabbed her hair and slammed my cock straight into her mouth. She was gagging a lot now, and I could feel my cock hitting her throat.

She looked up at me and that's all it took. I started cumming, she was swallowing it as much as she could, but some leaked out the side of her mouth. She gulped the rest down. She got out of the car and took off her jeans and bent over. Her ass looked wonderful. "Fuck my tight pussy Jon, I want to feel your hard cock inside me" she moaned. "Grab my hair and spank me, treat me like a whore." I stood behind her and lined up my dick with her dripping wet hole.

I pushed the head in, and she moaned. I shoved some more in and she screamed my name. "Fucking give it all to me!" She screamed. I slammed my cock in as far as it would go, my balls clapping against her skin. I pulled out and slammed it all the way in again. She started moaning and screaming, begging for me. I grabbed a handful of her hair and started pounding away. "I'm your dirty little whore Jon!

Fuck me! Fuck my little slut pussy! Fill me up with your hot cum. I Can't wait to feel it dripping out of whore cunt!" She screamed. I pounded away at her pussy, and finally released my second load of hot cum into Shelby. I filled two of her holes, now it was time to fill the last. "Do you want me to fuck your ass now Shelby?" I asked. "Oh yes Jon, I want to feel your hard cock deep inside my tight little asshole.

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I want it all inside me." She said. "Get on your knees and suck my cock. Use a lot of spit, to get it all lubed up for your ass" I said. Shelby got on her knees and sucked my cock, twirling her tongue around every inch of it.

I got hard, since from cumming twice, I got a bit soft. "Mmm your dick got harder, I can't wait to have it up my ass" she said as she got up and bent over. I licked my middle finger and slowly stuck it in her ass. Man was she tight. She moaned a little so I kept going. After fingering her ass for a little I stuck my cock at her hole. I slowly entered in, and she moaned. I felt her ass stretch around my cock and it got harder and harder to keep going. She whimpered a little, but I ignored it and went deeper.

She screamed. "Oh my fucking God Jon, Your cock is stretching my asshole.

It hurts, but feels so good! Stick all of it in Jon, I want you to punish my ass" she said. I shoved the rest of my cock deep insider her ass. It was so tight! I fucked her hole, stretching it open.

"Oh my god, I love your cock in my ass!

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Keep fucking my ass, let it leak with your hot cum!" I grabbed her hair once more and slammed my cock as deep as I could. I banged her ass as hard as I could, and finally, I came deep inside her asshole. I kept fucking her, using my cum as more lube. I came another time shortly after. "I feel your warm cum in my ass Jon! I wish I could taste it again" she said.

"Another time, I think you worn me out" I said "Yeah, I think you filled my holes enough for one day" Shelby said, with cum still running out of her ass.