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Dear Mommy Lover's Magazine, I can't believe I am writing this letter to you, but than again, who else could I write it too? I found several copies of your magazine in my son Scott's room this past week. Scott is only twelve-years-old, so needless to say, I was not the happiest mother in the world as I opened up the first page and saw that the entire magazine was dedicated to story after story of boys taking their very own mothers in sexual conquest. I suppose that no mother ever thinks that her own child will grow up to where he is no longer her 'baby.' The sudden realization that Scott had read these magazines of yours.

that he had likely lain in his own bed late and night and actually. masturbated his cock to these stories. well, it brought a very real flush to my face. I remember that my first thought was pretty much that I needed to sit down. It was just around 11 am in the morning so Scott was off at school and my husband was away at work. Neither of them would be home for hours so I was pretty much on my own as far as dealing with my new 'discovery.' I'm pretty sure that my first emotions were a real mess of contradictions.

Maybe there were some feelings of disappointment and even outright moral indignation that my 'baby' would have these 'dirty' magazines. Of course, there was a bit of a curiosity factor too in how could such a young child get a hold of such filth and.

curiosity for the magazines themselves. The other overwhelming reaction/emotion that impacted itself upon me in those early moments was one of wickedness. Hard dick is what she got!

tube porn know that 'wickedness' isn't really an emotion, but how else can I explain the light-headedness that spun my world around and the queasiness of my stomach as I leafed through several pages of each magazine to see just what it was that my son was 'into.' WOW. wow, was all I could say. I said it again and again as I read accounts from every point of view on the topic. Children who gleefully boasted of physically beating their own mothers into submission before raping them into sex-slavery.

Daughters jealous to the point where they arrange the own abductions and/or seductions of their 'competition.' Fathers and husbands who stood ideally by while their wives were disrespected so. or even orchestrate the very deeds of having their children behaving so badly.

I even read the stories of the mothers themselves, and while some spoke of the humiliation and heartbreak of suffering such ultimate betrayal, still others actually wrote words of acceptance and even celebration. I remember telling myself that the stories in your magazine I was reading were all fictional. That you obviously had to fabricate them. I remember telling myself that I was going to write you a very nasty note to your editorial page and I even thought to myself that this was the type of cause that a responsible 'good' woman and mother like myself should activate herself on and see if their could be a difference that might be made getting this trash out of the hands of our innocents.

Maybe that was why I kept reading. I mean for the research. After all a girl has to know the enemy she is going to fight. doesn't she? GOD, I really don't want to reveal all this but.

I guess I really need to be totally honest with this confession if there is to be any value at all to me in coming to terms with all that has happened. I want to believe that I was only disgusted and repulsed by the stories of mother-rape as I first read them but the truth was that I. touched myself, as I continue to 'research' the stories. I want to insist that it must have been my own pregnancy that had me feeling so horny.

My husband, Michael was in an accident a few years ago and had not been a regular presence in my bed since. In fact, getting pregnant from him had been as absolute miracle [or so we had thought.] Even given the successful impregnating of me, it was hot babes enjoy a rock solid boner a very rare occasion that 'even' Viagra could 'help' Michael 'out,' so it was that same rare occasion that Michael could do anything to 'help' me out.

I guess maybe I was raised fairly strict by today's cute doxy gets hard weenie in hands but I always thought it wasn't proper or ladylike to touch oneself in such a manner. I may be the only thirty-year-old woman I know that doesn't have a twelve inch hunk of elegant lingerie and pantyhose on girls with strapons lesbians erotica in the dresser drawl of my night stand, or at least a multiple-setting massage head on the family shower, Sometimes though a girl just has to do what a girl has to do.

Anyhow, it did make me feel very guilty that there I sat on my own twelve-year-old child's bed with my panties around my knees getting more and more flustered with every magazine that I 'researched.,' until it all blew totally over the top when I got to the 'JOURNAL!!!' I had no idea what secrets the simple school notebook might contain as I saw it under the July copy of your magazine from last year.

The truth was that the cover picture of that July magazine looked somewhat captivating to my first glimpse with the cover blurbs that 'it' was an 'All-Pregnancy' issue. The idea of a boy impregnating his own mother was absolutely sickening to me the first story I had read, but after seeing that it was such a common theme throughout all your magazine letters, and that there had been hundreds if not thousands, or even tens-of-thousands of unfortunate mothers who had been forcibly bred to turn their own selves into 'grand'-mothers.

well, I am ashamed to confess that I was actually kind of 'hot' to read an entire magazine devoted to the topic. The thing was, 'that' simple, blue.

school-notebook with the label 'BIOLOGY EXPERIMENT' on the cover, compelled my attention first.

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Page one started to tell the story in my son's own shaky handwriting. Journal entry one: The experiment will begin today. I am so horny I can't believe it. If this doesn't work than mom and dad will kill me but she is just so fucking hot that I have to risk it.

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I mean when I see her and dad it is just so lame cause she deserves better. I just know what a great fuck she is going milf lea lexis teaches two teens how to properly fuck. I wished that I didn't need to drug her but it will be better cause she will never know that she is getting fucked by me this way.

It is now 2 PM. The funny thing is that I would be in science class right now if I wasn't getting ready for mom. Something tells me that this little biology lesson that we are going to do here today is going to be way more fun. I couldn't believe what I was reading even as I audibly voiced each word.

I had to read and reread each sentence again and again, but than I had to leap my eyes forward to see what was written next. The date of the entry was in early October which WAS THE SAME TIME I HAD CONCEIVED. It was impossible. it had to be impossible!!! Even as my brain screamed and desperately sought some way to deny the developing reality, my eyes continued to scan the page where my son set up the methodology of his incestuous experiment in mother-conquest.

Everything is in order and hardcore orgy with hot babe sucking and fucking dick that is needed now is for mom to get home. My alibi is airtight as John has sworn to cover that I am at his house all night even if suspicion ever would come to me. All that he asked is to see a copy of the video. Actually the perv wanted a copy but there is no way I trust him not to loose it.

Luckily with the hiding spot up over the toilet here, I won't ever have to worry about either mom or dad ever seeing any of the videos that I am going to make with her once she is hypnotized into becoming my total sex slave. My heart was truly in my mouth as the words registered.

The only question was 'what words were the ones to focus on first?' Scott had slept over at John's one night back in October, or at least he had gotten his permission from me. I remembered that part well. I couldn't believe that my own precious angle had been so deceitful to me though in making such a big production out of getting permission when he hadn't ever been at John's sleeping-over at all.

or, as I was finding our, he hadn't exactly gotten any 'sleep' that night either. The part about the videos. what the hell was that about? I had the journal in my hand as I entered the bathroom. I stood on the toilet to push at the ceiling tile and it lifted easily enough to suggest that it had been moved before.

and often. I couldn't even tell how many videos were up there. Everyone of them seemed to have a label on it. 'Mom Takes It Doggy,' 'Mom's First Gang Bang, 'Mom Turns Her First Trick,' and 'Mom Goes Black' were the first few titles I could remember.

My shock was so overwhelming. I grabbed two videos to take with me out to the family room. The first was entitled 'Mom's Breeding.' The second video was labelled 'Various Scenes: Our Wedding, Mom's Toilet Adventures, and The Results Are In." I remember looking at my watch and seeing that it had just past noon.

Scott would be getting home in just over three hours. Even as I got to the video machine and turned it and the television on, I still couldn't believe that the tape would actually be real. I mean how could it be true without me remembering or knowing anything about it.

even if it was true than it had to be those 'date-rape' drugs I had heard about on the news. How could my own son drug and rape his mother though? I almost pressed play right there, but I froze. It was so surreal. It was like I had equal, yet opposite fears. If 'this' was all real, what would I do. what could I do? What if it wasn't real? I didn't want it to be real. did I? Suddenly I was very self-conscious about my panties still laying on the floor of my son's bedroom where I had kicked them off earlier reading his dirty magazines.

I remember the shock as it all piled back on me. I was totally ashamed sitting there in front of the family television with a tape, that for all intents and purposes, possibly contained footage of my own debasement and violation at the hands [or should I say cock?] of my twelve year old son. What could I be thinking about wanting to watch it without panties on?

Maybe I am so silly now to focus on such a detail. I mean GOD, the situation I am in and I was worried about the simple impropriety of watching the video, of my own son forcibly breeding me, while not wearing any panties?

It all leads to an even bigger question as to what the hell I am doing even revealing all this. doesn't it? OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD. OHMYGOD, it is just all so fucking insane!!! I did go get my panties though. I looked at the two videos on the coffee table.

They could have been used to tape a Saturday morning cartoon or wrestling program for my child just so few months ago. now they seeming had been used to permanently capture my kid's 'special' wrestling match with mommy. I couldn't watch it yet. I decided to turn the page and read more of what my son had written in his 'Biology Lesson' journal first.

Journal entry two: I did it. I fucked her and she loved it. I need to write everything down so that everyone will know how easy it is and they can fuck their mothers too. I hope so much that I knocked her up. She told me that dad can't even get it up so she didn't need to be on the pill.

I think she really meant it too when she was begging me to knock her up. It was even better to hear her say it than I ever dreamed it would be. I came so much in her cunt that I am sure she will be pregnant even if her best day would have been last week. Fuck dad for not starting night shift in time. Oh well, now that the drugs and hypnotism have worked, even if I miss mom this month, I will just knock her up next month and than every nine months from here on in.

Maybe I should have had tears in my eyes as I read the words. They had more than a little hostility in them to be discussing my impregnation in such a cavalier manner. I guess no mother could read such writing without questioning herself somewhat. I remember part of me wondering what I had done to deserve vanessa skys pussy railed by keiran lees cock. as if I was trying to ask myself to validate whether I had actually been a good mother or not.

Even with my brief exposure to your magazine and seeing how common it is that most boys want their mothers in this way, it still was hard to accept that my own son had done this to me. I couldn't help but take just the briefest instant to look at the bulge of my belly and wonder to myself if this next child would do the same to me as my first.

after all it was going to be 'like father, like son?!?' I had to see the tape. No matter what it showed, I had to know. My hands shook so much I dropped it twice as I tried to stick it into the machine. I think I had forgotten to breath for a bit or maybe it was just the shock of the opening imagery but in either case as the television focused to full color there I was laying sitting of the couch of our family room here as my son spoke to me from the camera which he seemed to be positioning on a mount to frame the action zone.

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"Okay mom, I think I got this stupid thing working now. I can't fucking believe that I even messed up with recording your enslavement but I guess we can playact it later. Now that I got you under my control though we are going to make this tape hot so why don't you start to unbutton that shirt and I can get a nice close up of those sexy tits of yours.

I used to milk you when I was little didn't I? Answer me you bitch." "Yes master, I breast fed you." "No bitch, make it sexy. whenever I ask you to say anything, I want you to talk like a little slut. I want you to tell me what a slut you are and how much you love being my sex slave.

I want you to tell me first what a slut you were when you used to let me milk your sexy tits and how fucking horny it made you." "No Master, you were my baby.

I never got horny fo." "Say that you did bitch. Tell me that you got fucking horny and that you did bad things with me. Tell me it good, bitch." "Yes Master, I got." "Wait, on second thought, just call me Scott, or Scotty, or honey, or whatever else you would normally say bitch. master is starting to sound stupid to me. I think I might call you bitch-mommy though. You will have to obey everything I command you to when I call you bitch-mommy just like you have to obey me when I call you bitch, do you understand, bitch?" "Yes Scott." "Good, than tell me what a horny little slut you were when I milked you when I was two hot lesbian girls getting dirty in the office little, bitch-mommy." "I did get so horny when you used to milk me.

I was such a slut that I used to undo my bra and than nuzzle you close and let you bite and suck on my." I had to hit the rewind. I couldn't believe that it was me.

I had absolutely no memory at all of what I was watching. or did I? Maybe it was a dream. I mean, I thought maybe I had dreamt that these things had happened to me. in dreams. I watched the opening sequence again and listened as my son again cursed that my capture had been missed. I suppose that the machine had malfunctioned or he just hadn't used it right. The truth was, that I sister brother ke xxx jabardasti at that moment that the scene had been captured so I could see just what the hell my son had done get me in this way.

In the video I looked so alert and lucid. The mention of hypnotism and drugs in his beginning journal entries had seemed to answer the obvious but I had always heard that no one could be made to do anything under hypnotism that they didn't want to do in real life. surely I didn't want to spend close to five minuets going on and on about how much I got horny when little Scotty had mauled my tits as a baby, and how I got so hot that I had wanted to take off his diapers and pleasure his pee-pee as a special thank you to him???

IT WASN'T Bigtit cougar fingers deep in her cunt at the office REMOTELY TRUE as nursing had been a rewarding experience but it had NEVER-EVER been sexual to me. The video sure made it look like I 'had' been into it though.

As I voiced the words my son had commanded of me, I also worked every button of my work tunic open. I had been at the Drug Store working that day before returning home to unsuspectingly fall into my child's little sex-slave trap. Under my tunic, I had a simple white blouse on over my respectably support bra.

At my son's demands, nothing stayed on as I obediently striped my clothing [along with my total dignity] while voicing the obscenities at how I had always been 'wanting' this from the time Scott had still been an infant. When I finally sat in front of the camera topless for my son to zoom in for his close-ups of my breasts, it was his turn to speak to me again.

"You have such great tits mom. You should always walk around and show them off. In fact maybe that's just what we will do. Whenever dad isn't home, and it's just you and me than you will always take off your top and bra and show me your tits, do you understand bitch-mommy?" "Yes," I heard myself mumble the reply. My words seemed to indicate mind control against me, but you would never know it from the way I just sat in front of the camera gently tweaking my nipples as I allowed my son to videotape me topless.

It was like I was looking at a totally different woman. I wanted to scream into the television for her to stop being so improper and get control of the situation before things would go so horribly 'too-far,' but again, seeing my bulging belly out of the bottom of my eyes even as I focused on the image of me sitting there seven and one-half months prior was proof enough that things hadn't been stopped before they had gone too-far.

way, way too-far. I couldn't wait. I had to see just if it was as true as I knew it to be. I hit the fast forward search and speed scanned as my son seemed to stay with the camera while periodically getting onto the couch with me for kissing and fondling.

I slowed it down just briefly through these 'foreplay' scenes but watching my son squeezing and suckling on my tits again, or kissing me in ways that a boy isn't suppose to kiss his own mother was too much to watch. Isn't it funny that it was the improper warping of traditional mother/son activities that proved unwatchable to me while the outright outrage of incestual intimacy was actually drawing my curiosity. It really is so hard to admit this even to myself, but I wanted to see with my own eyes what I had done with my son.

About twenty four minutes into the tape, I was down to just my panties. I guess Scott has a fetish over panties or something. I had pulled them down to allow him to video me a bit while I used a cucumber that my child had produced from the refrigerator for me.

Everything had mostly been fun and games [so to speak] up to this point in the video and it actually showed a remarkable amount of control and self-discipline on behalf of Scott as his hard-on definitely looked like it was ready to go off at any second when he got into the shots with me. Still, he seemed to have a definite agenda he wanted to fulfil with this video and so it was that we reached the point where my little boy decided he was going to get me to suck his cock.

I was still watching the 'action' unfold in fast-forward scan as my television self got off the couch and dropped to her knees cayden moore is a blonde chic whos going to bend their on the screen. By the time I realized that the camera was being refocused and had a chance to release the scan button to take a better look at what I had done, my son was taking a hold of my hair up on the television screen and was pulling me to him with what looked to be a very firm and painful looking use of forceful encouragement.

Sucking cock was something I never did and even though the idea had always been utterly taboo in my relationship with Michael, I now was going to have to see just what it was all about. with my own son. I hit the rewind back and then waited to see just sat there is stunned disbelief [if anything was still dis-believable to me at that point] as my precious baby began the entire process of forcing his own mother to become his personal cocksucking slut.

My son was totally at ease as he began the moment. "Do you know what we are going to do next, mommy-cunt?" It seemed as if my son had programmed another 'command term' for me to obey. "You're going to fuck me, baby?" God I sounded like such a wicked slut. "Yes mommy, you know I am going to fuck that wet cunt of yours, but not just yet. first you need to clean my dirty cock so I can put it in your pretty, little mommy-pussy. Do you understand, mommy-cunt?" "I'll go get a washcloth baby and clean your dirty cock for you so you can fuck this little mommy-slut's cunt and knock her up now." "No mommy-bitch, you are going to clean my dirty cock with your mouth." "W-what, no baby, please.

that is too dirty." "I wasn't asking you mommy-cunt. Get down on your knees now bitch and you will suck my cock like a total whore until I cum in your mouth and you have to swallow it. Do you understand, mommy-cunt?" "Yes master." Even with the mind controlling hypnotism and drugs my son had somehow used on me, it was still obvious that my lifelong apprehension to cocksucking was at play from the look on my face.

Scott didn't really seem to have any regard to me other than just getting his thrill from having his own mother on her daddy i cant handle that bbc inside me take it easy x two about to be forced into sexually servicing his incestuous desires.

and then he had me by the hair and my lips parted and there I was up on the video screen of the family television with all six inches of my son's cock deep in my wet, willing mouth.

I was actually giving my own 12-year-old son a blowjob. or he was fucking me in the mouth. I had sucked cock exactly three times in my life. I think. Once I was way too young and I'm not even sure that Mr. Davis actually did molest me that way. I mean I seem to remember it but a child's memories are probably not always true. The second time I sucked cock was with Derrick.

He was so cool and when I thought he would be my boyfriend, I had 'swallowed my medicine' so to speak. The only other time I had sucked cock was with that repairman that day. It had been so long after my husband's accident and before Viagra. maybe that was why I was now being punished with what my son was doing to me. maybe I did deserve it all, after all? Maybe not though.

all I know is that the three times I had sucked cock before, I had managed to escape without taking a facial but my son wasn't going to allow that streak to continue. Even with my limited past experience, maybe I wasn't that good a cock-sucker for my son. I mean, I know I wasn't any deep-throat type artist.

I did look fairly enthusiastic up on the video screen as I knelt there at the feet of my child and kissed, and licked, and bobbed my head up-and-down the shaft of Scott's prick. I didn't choke or gag much as my child's cock wasn't overly long or thick and actually looked as if it slid in ball-deep without much difficulty at all for me.

Scott did seem to like it a little rough though and yanked back on my hair enough to cause me to wince in pain repeatedly as he fucked me in my mouth.

He called me bitch, and whore, and made me repeat his words that I was a filthy, little, cocksucking mommy and that I wanted him to sperm all over my cute, pretty beauty and the beast hentai. In the end, the meter-bar on the VCR indicated that the blowjob only lasted for just over seven minuets before my son's amazing self-control was overcome with lust and he started to blast his load.

With the way my eyes flutter as he triumphantly exclaimed that he was 'cumming bitch, swallow,' it was pretty obvious that the first splurt went down my throat into my belly. Scott must have watched himself a porno-video before though. you know the ones where the girls always get degraded with that 'money-shot,' cause he wasn't content to just feed me his slimy-wet load down my gullet. Even as my son had just finished mouthing the words for me to swallow his load, he was pulling his spurting cock from between my lips to finish the rest on my face.

The audio recorder captured his giggle as he gleefully chatted, "Excellent, mom, keep you eyes open bitch cause I get extra points when I get it there." Scott actually tried to aim but I guess it was lucky for me that first facial, that a boy's cumming cock isn't all that amiable.

I took one squirt up along my nose which didn't make it into my eyes. a second one power-shot up over my eyes and mostly ended up on my forehead and in my hair.

A third splurt didn't have the power and just splatted down back onto my cheek. it was only his last little bit where he pretty much had his cock just a fraction away that he coated his target. The little bastard knew that it would smart too. Again, my motherly instincts spun out of whack as I watched my son purposely do that to me. Obviously what my child had done was sick and perverse. Even if some of it could be attributed to a sense of somewhat understandable lustful love, things like getting his cum in my eyes could only be considered overtly hostile.

I felt so sad even as I was still suffering the emotional heat at all this shocking perversity that was assaulting my senses and sensibilities. It was pretty obvious that my son must have fucked me and came in my cunt at that point, but I needed to see it for myself. I hit the fast scan again until my child and I had moved up to my own bedroom up on the television screen. The brat had filmed me from behind as I led him to the forbidden master bedroom while focusing the camera on my ass for the walk up the stairway.

I think the fact that we even went black haired czech slut slammed for cash my marital bed with Scott's father made what we did next extra sacrilegious to me, but than it would have been an abomination to the laws of nature and society convention no matter where my son had chosen to be the setting of our first fuck.

What can I say about watching myself fuck with my own child. Would it be relevant to touch on the horror that my reactions in bed that day, looked totally like a woman getting the fuck of her life? Even allowing myself the excuse of the mind control it was just so incredibly shameful how I begged my son again and again, to knock me up. My son ordered me to cum on his cock so that we could mix our biological seed together to grow a baby in my belly. I have no idea if a girl can really be mind controlled into cumming but the truth was I had never-ever orgasm with Michael, and yet I counted nearly a half-dozen mind-shattering climaxes while my son bred me.

Scott was pretty amazing too as he got it up and off three more times in addition to the load he had shot all over my face back in the family room. I guess what they say about kids being at their peek sexuality is true even if I always thought it didn't start until they were like eighteen or whatever. When Scott was finally done fucking me and the tape had pretty much reached the end, he finished things up that first day by telling me to just stay in bed and hold myself up so the cum wouldn't run out and I could make sure it impregnated me.

He told me he was going to go watch the hockey game but I was to stay in bed and tell the camera how I was such a lucky mother to have a wonderful son and how I was so glad to be his sex-slave for the rest of my life.

Scott told me to tell the camera every dirty thing I could imagine that he would do to me and what things would make me the most ashamed so he would know the best ways to humiliate me.

As the tape finished up there I laid telling about my darkest secrets. With all those other tapes in the bathroom I knew that I had done it all. I looked at the label on the second tape again.

Having just told my son my fantasy of having my 'legal' marriage to his father forcibly broken, it was clear what the footage of 'Our Wedding' would be. It was just as clear that "Mom's Toilet Adventure' was going to be as messy as it was disgusting. As for 'The Results Are In." well, that was something that had originally captured my attention. I imagined from looking at the title that he would be videoing me as I took the test and than waited to see if the 'rabbit died.' I could just imagine the little brat giggling as he got his proof that he had knocked mommy up in his little biology experiment.

Well, it was almost 2:30 PM and with my son due home in just over an hour, I figured I didn't really have time to see what was on that other video yet. I really needed to figure out just what I was going to do to take back control of this situation. I was just about to go call my husband at work when the front door opened and their stood Scott and three of his friends. "So you found the tapes huh, mommy?

It doesn't really matter does it, you bitch. Why don't you just start stripping cause the boys here have a special plan for you today, mommy-cunt." "Yes master," was all I could say.