Lovely teenie spreads yummy slit and gets deflorated

Lovely teenie spreads yummy slit and gets deflorated
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Despite being "Part 1" of this story, there IS a previous chapter, sort of a "prologue" if you will. I'd strongly recommend reading that one first, since you won't really get the premise of the story otherwise.

Enjoy! My first few weeks at Rogers were pretty intimidating. This was my first time going to an actual school, having been homeschooled my whole life. I wasn't used to having to lug around textbooks or go to a different building on the other side of campus for a class; usually, all classes were at my kitchen table.

But that's not to say I didn't enjoy it. Rogers was an all-boys school until about 10 years ago, when it first started admitting girls. It was still largely a boys' school though; I read in the school newspaper that it was about 85% boys. Not that I was complaining.

The boys were all very eager to assist the big titted milf babe titty fucks for cum from lucky guy, young, helpless farm girl around.

The girls were a different story. Some didn't appreciate the fact that I'd taken some of the attention away from them. Others treated me fine but didn't go out of the way to be friendly to me.

I was technically a Sophomore despite it being my first year of high school, due to the fact that my Mom had pushed us a little harder than a typical school would.

That meant that all the boys (and girls) in my classes were older. Which probably explains some of the attention from boys and some of the disdain from girls. I decided I wanted to meet some people my own age, and make some money on the side, so I signed up to be an algebra tutor at the student center. Doggystyle at the tennis court with redhead teen met Carly there, who would eventually turn out to be my best friend. Carly is a brilliant writer; she was already working on a novella and, having read the first few chapters, I can say that it was better than most of the fiction I'd read so far.

Her problem was math; she was terrible at it. I guess some people have math brains and some don't; she certainly didn't. She came in to the tutoring center early on, needing help with solving simultaneous equations, something I'd probably learned 3 years ago. I guess I did a good job at explaining it to her because she did well on the exam and came back twice a week from that point on. Carly is tall, maybe 5'10" with wavy dirty blonde hair and as skinny as a rail.

Her boobs weren't big; in fact they were probably smaller than mine originally were (being that tall didn't help) but she had amazing legs. She ran on the track team.

I guess she never had much luck attracting guys, which is strange to me at this school. I figured they were intimidated by her height. On a Saturday evening, maybe a month after I moved in, Carly and I were going over some geometry proofs in my room together when we heard a knock on the door. It was Mark, from across the hall.

"Hey Samantha, I was just--oh you seem to be busy. I can come back another time." Mark had spotted Carly, who was looking over to the door curiously.

"No, it's fine," Carly said. "I have to leave in a bit,we have a meet in Springfield tomorrow and there's a 5am wakeup call." She seemed annoyed just thinking about it.

"Oh, alright then." Mark looked a bit nervous. "I was wondering if you wanted to come over and watch a movie or something." He wasn't quite looking at me, but off into the distance. It was kind of cute. "Sure, why not." I was nervous too but managed to smile at him. "8pm?" "Sounds great." This time he looked at me and was smiling ear to ear. "See you then." I closed the door and walked back toward Carly.

She seemed annoyed but we continued the lesson until she spoke. "Have you. Have you ever slept with a guy before?" "No," I said. "I'd barely even SEEN boys before I arrived here, aside from my brother and some of my cousins.

There are some boys from my town but they always seemed to be a few years older or younger." "Me either. It's hard for me to talk to them. It's hard for me to even decide I WANT to talk to them sometimes. Maybe once I've been with one I'll want it more. I don't know." She was rambling. "Look, I should get going, you need to get ready." She forced a smile, got up and grabbed her books. "I want chap seduces lovely babe and bonks her hear every detail!" and left.

She brought up a point that made her nervous. What was Mark expecting out of this?

I was pretty sure he knew she'd been masturbating on the day she moved in. I got very nervous pretty quickly. I was very curious about sex, having had a very lovely girl needs more than a dildo childhood.

I hadn't even seen a penis before, except for maybe my little brother's when I was very little, but I couldn't even remember that. I calmed myself down. Mark wouldn't be expecting me to have sex with him tonight. would he? We only just met and we'd only seen each other a few times since that first day, mostly just passing by each other on campus or in the hallway.

Thinking about it, he was very attractive. He wasn't tall, maybe 5'6", but he was built like he was chiseled out of rock. I saw him on the way to the gym once and I remember seeing how built his arms were, how his shirt seemed too small to hide his chest and abs from taking their shape through it.

Just thinking about it made my pussy tingle, but now was not the time for that. I decided on a yellow summer dress that required no bra, yellow cotton panties, and white flats. I went to the bathroom to gussy up. My now auburn hair was straight down to the middle of my back by now, but had no personality.

I wished then I had a curling iron. I then realized I had something better. I imagined myself with wavy hair, like something Hayden Panettiere would have, only gorgeous babe please this stud hardcore and blowjob my chosen auburn color.

I opened my eyes and I loved what I saw. It looked like I'd spent hours on it. but there's no way Mark would know. I spritzed some perfume on and paced around for a few minutes until the clock showed 8:02.

I made the short walk over to Mark's place and knocked on the door. He greeted me with a nervous smile and invited me in. "Your hair looks amazing." That made me smile and blush. Mark had his bed and desk in two seperate corners, leaving room for a couch in the middle of the room facing a wall-mounted TV.

It didn't surprise me that he seemed to have money, after all, this was a boarding school in Chicago. "Have a seat," he said. "I figured we could watch this new Matt Damon movie.

It got good reviews. Unless you've already seen it?" I shook my head. I may have seen about one or two new movies a year back in Iowa, since the closest theater was about an hour away. Mom usually brought us for a treat in the fall, and sometimes before the spring, if she felt we'd been overworked with our studies. "That sounds fine, I haven't seen it." I took a seat at the end of the couch. We made some small talk before the movie started.

He told me he 17 years old, was from Michigan and that he wanted to go back to play running back at the University of Michigan. He did look like a running back (if there's one thing I did understand after growing up in Iowa, it was football).

He told me he was an only child, that his dad worked at a consultant that did R&D for General Motors and his mom was a doctor.

I told him my story, except for my secret, of course. When we were out of small talk, he put the movie in, sat down at the other end of the couch, and we watched. It was a bit awkward. I guess movies aren't the best "date" activity. We watched in silence for the first 20 minutes. It was getting a bit chilly outside and the window was open. Mark noticed me shivering a bit and asked, "Want me to close the window?

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I guess it's starting to get cold out at night." I smiled and nodded, and he got up to close the window. He sat back down at the end of the couch and we resumed as we were. Now, I wasn't too experienced with dates but I could tell that this was pretty awkward, so I decided to make something happen. "Mark, do you have any blankets? It's still a little chilly in here." Mark blushed, as if to realize it was rude not to offer in the first place. He grabbed a loose blanket off of the end of his bed, unfolded it, and, from behind, cast it down over me.

It was a cute gesture. He walked around the couch and sat down, closer to the middle but still not exactly next to me. Without waiting too long, I asked, "Do you want to share it? It's big enough for both of us." He didn't hesitate to accept my offer. He scooted over next to me so that our bare legs were touching and got in the blanket with me. Before long, he put his hand on my knee. I responded in kind by snuggling a bit closer to him.

The movie had some exciting action scenes and car chases to this point, but there was a romantic subtext as well. Eventually, the male and female characters were making out furiously in their apartment. I think Mark and I both knew what was coming, because as this was happening I felt his hand slide down my thigh a little bit.

I put my head on his shoulder as a way to tell him this was okay. His hand slid down slowly, massaging my leg in little circles. I could feel the wetness in my pussy building up. Tired of this slow stuff, I picked my head off my shoulder and whispered in his ear, "You smell good." He looked down at me, his lips inches from mine.

I smiled at him and he moved forward as he gave me my first kiss. The first kiss blended into the second and third and fourth. His hand was still resting maybe 9 inches from my damp panties. After a few minutes of kissing, he slid his tongue into my mouth. I moaned softly.

I guess he was getting bolder, or hornier, because his hand slid all the way up to the damp barrier covering my pussy. He left it there as we made out. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. Once I couldn't take it anymore, I thrust my hips forward so that my slick panties ground against his hand.

He got the point then. He extremely tight asshole kimberly moss gets treated like a superb tiny bitch to slide his fingers up and down my panty-covered slit, driving me crazy.

I'd never felt this combination of nervousness and excitement before.

I bucked my hips as he teased me, our mouths never leaving the other. Instinctually, I took my hand and found his stiffness through his cargo shorts. He shuddered then, stood up, and pulled me so I was laying down on the couch.

I looked into his eyes; any nerves he may have been feeling when I first came over was gone. All I saw in his eyes was lust. With both hands, he pulled the straps of my dress down around my shoulders and down my arms. I complied, moving my arms up to be freed from the straps. He pulled my dress down, exposing my perky B-cup tits. "Holy shit, Samantha. You are so fucking gorgeous." He bent down to kiss me, then pulled his legs i love you xxx cid so that he was on top of me.

I felt powerless and I loved every minute of it. At that moment I was willing to give my virginity to him if he wanted it. We made out again, his hands hungrily pawing at my tits. I could feel his hardness against my closed legs, and I opened them enough so that his hardness was pressing against my panties.

At this point my dress was covering nothing more than an inch or two below the bottom of my tits. He started dry humping me harder and harder. He broke the kiss and kissed my cheek, my ear, the side of my neck, my collarbone. When he reached my tits, he paused, and with both hands, squeezed them together. He then flicked one of my dime-sized nipples with his tongue, sending a wave of wanting down to my pussy as I bucked against his hardness.

He sucked on each nipple for a minute or so, then began kissing down my belly. I knew what was coming. I began to get really nervous again. This is by far the most intimate thing I'd ever done so far, but letting him see, maybe even taste my pussy? I almost stopped him, but something inside me didn't let me. I let him keep going until before i knew it, he was kissing the wetness that had soaked through my panties. "Ah. I remember this smell." He looked up and smiled at me mischeivously.

"I think someone was having some fun in their rooms the day they moved in, hmm?" I didn't respond with anything besides a loud moan. "You're a dirty little girl aren't you?

I wonder if you taste as good as you smell." Without any hesitation, he pulled down my panties to my ankles, and slid them off one foot, then the other.

He spread my legs again, and kissed around my opening, sending shivers around my body. He looked up at me and said, in an authoritarian tone, "You like to keep your pussy hairy, hmm? Or maybe you're just too innocent to shave down here? Well, you're not innocent anymore. I'll make you cum tonight but next time I want to see all this hair gone." Without waiting for a reaction from me, he dove in with his tongue, sliding it in and out of my hole while he started to run circles around my clit with his hand.

I came almost instantly, moaning loudly. He kept going until I calmed down, but once I did, he got back onto his knees. I realized he was still holding my panties. "You're going to need to be quieter than that. I want you to myself, I don't want every other guy on this floor knowing we have a horny little slut here.

He then balled up my panties three girls make a lesbian threesome that is enjoyment to see stuffed them in my mouth. I instantly tasted my juices. Before I realized what happened, he was back between my legs and tongue-fucking me. When he moved up to lick my clit, I came again, harder this time. He kept licking me. One orgasm blended into the next. I couldn't stop moaning, but the panties in my mouth kept the noise down somewhat.

Just as I felt like I finally stopped cumming, he slammed two fingers into my pussy and curled them upward, sending me over the edge one last time. Juices were gushing out of me with every convulsion. Mark lapped at my pussy for a minute more, then he stopped, climbed up face to face with me, and took the panties out of my mouth. He kissed me again, tongue dancing against mine, giving me the taste of my pussy again. After a minute or two, he stopped, got up, and said, "My turn." He left me lying on the couch, completely naked except for my dress bunched up around my ribs, and walked over to the end of the couch where my head was.

Standing there, he pulled his shorts and boxers off with one swift motion, and his cock jumped out to greet me. I immediately grabbed it. It was about 6 and a half, maybe 7 inches long, and just thick enough that my hand couldn't fit completely around it. He had no pubic hair from what I could see, except for a small patch above his shaft. This was the first cock I'd ever seen; I had no idea if it was big or small but it looked HUGE to my step sister fucking our stepdad for more money at the office. I began stroking it up and down, as if by instinct.

He moaned and stepped closer to me, so new sensations mom and cronys daughter fatherly alterations cock was just inches from my face. I kept stroking, going a little faster and faster. When my wrist got tired, I stopped stroking and cupped his balls.

I used one finger to gently rub the area behind his balls, and he let out a bigger moan and stepped forward again.

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I could see his knees shaking. His cock was practically hitting me in the face at this point. It certainly seemed like I was in control of the situation now, not sax usa hot sister xxxxxxxx. I stopped what I was doing completely, looked up at him, and said, sweetly, "I'm done, I think.

Maybe I'll see you soon?" It turns out I was wrong about being in control. He grabbed my head with both hands and thrust himself into my mouth, which opened just in time for him to enter. Once it was clear that I was sucking him on my own, he let go of my head.

His cock filled my mouth as I took a little more of him in each time. He seemed delirious at this point. Eventually I took the last bit of him into my mouth, which I figured would be more difficult than it turned out to be. Mark looked into my eyes in amazement. "Shit girl, you sure you've never done this before? I never would have thought you could take all of me in. You are a little slut, aren't you?" He pulled me down to the floor, so I was kneeling in front of him.

He grabbed a handful of my hair with one of his hands, and started thrusting into and out of my mouth. I focused on swirling my tongue around his manhood.

He fucked my mouth for a few more minutes, and again I saw his knees starting to shake. I took this as an indication that he was close, and reached up to play with his balls again, making sure to tease the spot just behind him. He moaned loudly, thrust forward and back one more time, and came hard. One spurt hit the back of my throat and I swalled instinctively, The next three were not so easy, and I had trouble keeping up.

By he stopped cumming, there was cum rolling down my neck towards my tits. I swallowed every bit I could. He found his way over to the couch and collapsed on it, with me still kneeling on the floor in front of it. "Damn, Samantha, that was unreal. " He looked at me nervously, his cum still rolling down the canyon between my tits. "Look, I don't know what came over me, I didn't mean to take it so quickly but something just took over.

I'm sorry if I did something you didn't want--" "Mark," I cut him off. "Does it look like I regret anything we did?" I caught a drop of cum that had been rolling down my right breast with my finger, and slid it into my mouth, licking it off. Mark laughed, and sighed in relief. "Look, Samantha, I think you're beautiful, and I don't want this to be a one-time thing." "I don't either," I said. But I anticipated his intent. I did not want to be Mark's girlfriend for two years and then have him leave for college without having other experiences in the meantime.

"Look, Mark, this was a lot of fun, but this kind of stuff is all I'm looking for at the moment. I'd be happy to do this again real soon, but I don't want to be anyone's girlfriend right now." He looked a little smitten but he shrugged it off.

"Oh. Okay. Well, do you promise we can do this again soon?" "Same time next Sunday?" I smiled, stood up, and pulled the dress up over my shoulders and down gorgeous ebony beauty jemeni spread her threesome brunette my thighs.

I considered getting my panties off the floor, but I thought better of that. "You can keep those until then. I want to taste you on them next time I come over." I smiled and left Mark there on the couch, sweating from our session.