Euro threesome teen and fun fucked in the ass stealing for the fuck of it

Euro threesome teen and fun fucked in the ass stealing for the fuck of it
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The vicious plan- FF7 lemon by MISTER BIG T This story happens after the Good laid lemon. "I'm warning you guys! If you try anything, anything at all I will break your balls!" Tifa screamed to the soldiers surrounding her.

There were some sweat around her forehead and she was scared as hell. Highwind MK II turned right, to the new headquarters of Shinra. When the highwind landed, they were greeted by a small army of Perfect Clouds. All fully operational. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back at our heroes' camp, Yuffie was sleeping in tent.

Mom ind son full movie dreamt of Cloud or rather, the thing she and he had done before. "Ummm." she murmured. She was masturbating, while sleeping. She would have hoped Cloud to be hers. Just then, there was a huge bang sound that made her awake.

She didn't even remember that she wasn't wearing anything, when she left the tent. She saw Cid sparring with Cloud. They both stopped and stared at Yuffie. Soon she understood that she was partially naked, and she tried to cover her pussy with her right hand. Both Cid and Cloud came closer to Yuffie, who was now breathing more heavily. She was afraid of what may happen. Cloud rubbed Yuffie's chin and she began to suck Cloud's finger. Cid began removing her top and let it drop by itself.

Cloud began removing his clothes, while Cid was starting to kiss Yuffie around her belly, her waist, her legs and finally, at her hot sweet cunt. Just then Yuffie got am idea. "Sooo. You boys want some?" she teasingly asked, while she spread her legs wide open. Both Cid and Cloud looked at each other amazed. Was that a trick question? "If you want me Cloud, then you must marry me!" she suddenly stated with serious tone of voice.

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"M-marry??" Cloud gagged as a reply. Cloud nearly choked. He liked Yuffie, but not THAT much. A rescuing angel arrived, though. "I'll marry you." Cid said.

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"Y-you will?" Yuffie questioned, surprised as hell. "Sure. You might be younger than me, but I'm pretty sure that's not a problem with you?" Cid asked. "Ummm. Of course not! So guys. Do you still want some?" she teasingly sang while she began licking her fingers.

Cloud finished undressing himself and he took his dick into his right hand. Yuffie bent down and took it in her hands and began sucking on it.

At the same time, Cid began to open his pants, while he was playing with Yuffie's ass. She moaned, when she felt Cid's erect penis push deep into her hot pussy. She focused looking at Cloud's penis, which she began sucking even harder, making Cloud breathe like asthmatic horse. "J-Jesus! H-how did she become s-so goooood?" he thought. He was smiling. Yuffie was wonderful. She felt, that Cid was increasing tempo, which made her scream.

("It's hard to talk with cock in your mouth"-old Chinese saying) This did tickle Cloud very much and he did cum in Yuffie's mouth. She was going to spit it, but then she felt Cid pushing his dick deep inside her and she gasped and accidentally did swallow all of the cum. She coughed a little, but then she noticed that she in fact did like the taste of that. Not long after that, Cid came into Yuffie's cunt. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "So bitch?

What do you think of our new headquarters?" Scarlet asked.

"What are you up to this time?" Tifa cried out. Scarlet gave a laugh, which made Tifa shiver. "You know. When the life stream flushed the meteor, do you have any kind of idea of just how much mana energy passed through the lands?

Enough energy to power fifty midgars! Anyway, since that energy isn't any ones property, we at Shinra Corporation decided to take it for our own uses.

We need it if we want to fulfill our dream." Scarlet explained. "Last time you wanted something, the entire world was nearly destroyed! What do you want now?" Tifa had just finished that sentence, when she saw that Vincent was thrown before them. "Is he. Is." she gaggled. "He is alive. But I already got what I wanted from him." Scarlet said, while tapping tit rubs ass first time tony was chilling with his mate when all of the unexpected his belly.

"You see. If we truly want to get the mana for us, we need someone who can control it. Absorb it. I'm now waiting for a child. I would be dumb for wasting my life keeping a fucking worm inside me and leeching my youth, though! No, our scientist has already begun progress to transfer that child.

Into you. And here comes the best part. He/she will be brainwashed in the very second he/she will be born! This to prevent any kind of disasters. Consider yourself honored." After this she made a small motion to soldiers and a soldier hit Tifa with rear of his gun. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "So are you all right?" asked Elaine from Rude, the mia khalifa sex storys andhra sex storys Turk member.

Silence. "Jesus Rude, you could talk sometimes!" Elaine yelled at him. Silence. "Forget it." Elaine sighed.

Elaine felt around her body. Everything was still in place. She looked at Rude for awhile. He was kind of cute in that suit. Rude rose to his feet and made a small motion, which Elaine thought meant 'are you all right?' Elaine nodded and smiled gently. Then a huge shock came into her mind. The explosion that destroyed whole Midgar! Then she looked down. Were they the only living people left in the world? She looked at Rude and went closer to him.

She began feeling around his face and removed his sunglasses. Then she made a tongue kiss at her unsuspecting partner. Rude opened his mouth in a pure amazement, when Elaine began removing her uniform. She revealed her beautiful tits and her firm nipples, which she rubbed gently. She bent near Rude's pants and began unzipping them.

Rude's already penis sprung from the pants, which made him feel embarrassed. She took his cock gently in her hands and began stroking it. Rude gasped, when Elaine began using her left hand to wiggle his balls.

Soon Elaine stopped and removed her wet panties.

She then pushed Rude a little forward and sat on his dick. She wiggled her ass, as she moved up and down in an increasing tempo. She began panting heavily and she leaned close to Rude, tongue kissing him again. This time, Rude returned the kiss and he felt around the back of Elaine. She gasped, when she reached the peak of her orgasm, as Rude's hot penis shot cum straight into her pussy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Sniff… I smell oil…" RedXIII said.

"What?" asked Cloud as he stumbled to his feet. "Oil… Much oil… And metal… In north…" RedXIII continued, growling a little. The heroes looked at north. There were some choppers flying around a huge hi-tech temple. There were a giant Shinra mark on the sides and what scared our heroes most, there were tons of Perfect Clouds.

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"Oh… Shit. Remember them? We nearly died when we fought against one of them. ONE! There must be at least 100 of them!" screamed Yuffie. Cloud: "How can this be possible?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voice: "Good morning beautiful." When Tifa awoke, she saw some kind of professor chained next to her.

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Tifa. "Who… Are you?" Gerald: "I'm Dr.Gerald. I'm the one who founded such perfect thing as Jenova." Tifa: "You made Jenova?" Gerald: "No, I didn't make her… It's a long story…" But before Dr.Gerald could even start two soldiers opened the door.

Now when light came into room, Tifa saw that they were in some kind of prison cell. The other guard hit Dr, while the other one rubbed chin of Tifa. "So pretty…" he said and kissed Tifa. Suddenly, he jumped back and screamed with blood coming out from his mouth.

"THAT BITCH BIT ME!!" Tifa had an evil grin on her face. "A though guy… Err, chick? I know how to handle though chicks." Said the 1st guard. Without warning, he pushed his penis into Tifa's dry pussy. She gasped because it did hurt very much.

She tried to hit him, but he was chained at wall. The other guy however, pushed the 1st one aside. "It's my turn!" He began humping Tifa too, but the 1st one three men and one horny asian slut japanese and hardcore back and said: "I wasn't done yet!" Soon these two were busy fighting each other.

But then, the door opened again. It was Scarlet and she was angry. Scarlet: "If you ever, ever again do that and harm her genitals, I will cut your guys penises off myself!" 1stGuard:"B-but I" Scarlet: "But nothing! It's essential she is in good shape, when she gives birth." To be concluded…