10 man pornstars fucking college 2 girl

10 man pornstars fucking college 2 girl
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Fbailey story number 664 Okay Prove It She said, "I love showing off my creamy boobies. It makes my panties wet." I said, "Okay, prove it!" That was my new secretary talking. We were right in the middle of her interview. Marsha Thompson was perfect for the job. She already had the job based on her looks and her experience but if she was willing to add to her qualifications…who was I to stop her.

She smiled at me as she thought about her statement. Then she stood up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, hanging it over the back of her chair. Next she reached back and unhooked her bra, tossing it over her blouse.

She then rubbed the underside of her magnificent breasts saying, "I hate bras. The under wire cuts into my flesh. Do I have to wear a bra on this job?" I smiled and said, "You don't have to wear anything, if that is what you want." She smiled and said, "I just might take you up on that offer." I said, "Now show me your wet panties like you said." That shook her up just a little bit.

She gave it a moment to yvette rubs her butt in messy food amateur fetish then removed her skirt, sat down in her chair, and lifted and spread her legs for me.

I looked at my sexy new secretary sitting there, spread out in a chair, wearing just her thin pink nylon panties.

I could see just a few stray pubic hairs sticking out of the top of her panties. I could see the wet spot but I said, "I don't see a wet spot." She said, "You can come closer or I could remove them for you." I got out of my chair showing her the erection in my pants that she had given me.

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I walked around to her and knelt down on the floor between her legs. I leaned in close enough to smell her excitement. The wet spot had grown considerably in size. I said, "I still don't see a wet spot." Marsha smiled and lifted her ass up off the chair. I took the hint and reached out to grab a hold of both sides of her waistband. I pulled them toward me exposing her nice fur covered mound. I pulled them down her legs and off from her feet. She said, "I know what the problem is…they are completely wet.

That is why russian teens fuck old man can't see a spot. You made me much wetter than usual. I may need to wear pads if I work for you." I put her panties up to my face, I smelled her perfume, and I tasted the wetness.

Then I leaned in and kissed her pussy, running my tongue up her slit until I hit her clit. She let out a moan and thrust her pussy into my face. Marsha said, "Please fuck me!

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I don't even care if I get the job, I just want you inside me." I said, "You were hired and started work a half-hour ago." I removed my clothes and slipped my cock into her wet pussy. I thrust, she thrust, and we both moaned and groaned. Ten minutes later we were still thrusting but by then I was cumming in her too.

When we separated she asked, "Can I really work naked? And can we do this every day too?" I said, "Yes, but won't your husband mind?" She laughed and said, "I got rid of him years ago. He said that I was too much woman for him." She thought a moment and asked, slippery moist love tunnels showing striptease and hardcore your wife mind?" I laughed and said, "No.

I got rid of her years ago. She told me that I was a sex maniac for wanting it twice a month. Maybe we should get our ex's together." She laughed and said, "I wouldn't want to do him any favor. He made me feel like something was wrong with me." I slipped my hard cock back into her open pussy and said, "I don't see anything at all wrong with you." We spent the rest of that day having sex.

I showed her what I needed done while we waited for me to get hard again. She answered the phone a few times and once I was in her pumping away but she never let on as to what we were doing to the man on the other end of the phone. Mine was not a business where people popped in unexpectedly so Marsha arrived the next morning with a package of clothes hangers and several hooks.

She asked me to attach the hooks to the wall as she undressed and hung her clothes up as I went.

Then she opened up the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet and put a big paper bag into it. I must have looked curious because she said that it contained some bras, panties, and feminine needs…just in case. I had been having second thoughts to having a naked willing woman that close but I actually seemed to get curvy slut chanel preston takes anal pounding pornstars and hardcore work done than normal. Marsha was perfect.

She made me finish things and get to a stopping point before I could fuck her. We were both naked all the time. A couple of weeks later Marsha asked, "Why do you have this office.

It costs money and it isn't necessary. We could run this business from your house. You have a dinning room table to work on, a kitchen for coffee and drinks, and even a bedroom for sex. Toss in a bathroom, a phone, and Internet service and we'll have it made. Besides that you will save money on rent." I had never given it any thought but she was right. The following week we moved everything to my house including her stuff from her apartment.

Some of her belonging went into the garage and into the spare bedroom, but she went into my bedroom and slept with me. She was great in bed. I got sex at least once a day and usually two or three times a day. Marsha was open to giving blowjobs, taking it up the ass, and even getting on top and doing all of the work.

My wife wouldn't do any of that stuff. My business grew, my sex life improved, and I fell in love with Marsha. One day I said, "I love you!" She said, "Okay, prove it!" I got down on one knee and held up a ring as I asked, "Will you marry me?" She looked at the ring and replied, "Yes." I then held up four more rings and said, "These go with it." Marsha smiled.

We had been discussing her getting her nipples and pussy lips pierced. In fact it had been her bringing it up but I knew that she was a little hesitant about it. She said, "I'll do it." I laughed and said, "Okay, prove it. There are a few people waiting outside to come in and pierce you. Go open the door." When she opened the door she was naked as usual. When she looked out she saw seventeen people standing on our porch and sidewalk.

The first man said, "Your husband-to-be said that you wanted to get pierced and that I could use you to demonstrate technique to my students. Marsha said, "The more the merrier. Come on in." The instructor told everyone exactly what he was going to do, step by step. The ten young ladies and the six young men crowded around her as I videotaped the entire thing. She flinched as he pierced her first nipple and she flinched even more for the second nipple. She said that her pussy lips hardly hurt at all.

He talked her into getting her belly button pierced by one of his student. After that she let the other students pierce her too.

They did her ears and her pussy lips but she wouldn't let then do anything to her face. I was pleased. The six guys took turns piercing her pussy lips so that in the end she had a series of eight piercings down there. She let teen summer brooks opens her legs wide for roommate couple of the girls give her a second hole through her nipples but vertically that time.

She got the rest of the piercings in her right ear with a long post at the very top. When the instructor told her that a clit hood piercing would keep her sexually excited she laughed at him and said, "I don't need anything like that.

I'm always sexually excited." Before they left the instructor produced a long hook and showed me how to use it. It was a modern day version of a chastity belt. There was a ball on one end of the hook that would go into her asshole. The other end had an eye like a needle at the other end. With Marsha on her back I thread the line part up through all of her pussy rings and inserted the ball into her butt. He then handed me a tiny padlock to put through the eye.

That was all it took to keep a cock out. Yet she could still pee. As a way of saying thank you, Marsha gave the seven men a blowjob and ate the pussies of two of the girls.

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The rest of the girls were not comfortable letting the boys watch them getting eaten by a woman. So the other eight got ate in private. Our wedding was simple.

We held it at a nude beach in New Jersey with a bunch of strangers around us. After announcing us Husband and Wife the minister handed me the key to Marsha's tiny padlock. The crowd cheered when she laid on the sand, lifted and spread her legs, and let me remove the hook from her piercings.

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Life after that was simply a pleasure. Business was good and we hardly ever had to leave the house or get dressed. Our ex's got together, married, and divorced. We sure laughed about that. The End Okay Prove It 664