Dad and playfellows daughter feet fetish teen seduced you will also see an impressively

Dad and playfellows daughter feet fetish teen seduced you will also see an impressively
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I left my teacher's job and became a fulltime homemaker after my wedding a few years back. But life got a little boring after a while and I decided to go back to teaching recently. I got a job as a part-time private tutor for a primary school boy. I have been tutoring him math for the past 3 months. He was alone most of the time. His parents were both working professionals and were seldom home.

In fact, I have only met his dad once when they 1st engaged me. But that night, the boy's father was at home. As usual, I conduct my tuition in the boy's room. Halfway through the lesson, the boy's dad asked for me. I told the boy to carried with his homework and I will be back to help him shortly.

His door was opened and I got a rude shock when i entered. He was masturbating! Instinctively, I turned and left his room. I went back to the boy and resumed with my work.

My heart pounded fast as my mind struggled to register what just happened. I took a deep breathe and continued to teach the boy. But I couldn't get the scene out of my mind. The image of him stroking his huge cock kept reappearing in my mind. For a brief moment, I even imagined him pounding me wildly doggie style. i shook my head and told myself to wake up.

Times up and the lesson is over. The boy ran out of his room, yelled that he was joining his friends to play at a neighbour's place and disappeared.

I felt uneasy in the house and decided to leave quickly. As i walked passed the father's room, he came out. He apologized and said that he needed to discuss something about his son. I hesitated but decided to follow him back to his room. He apologized again for what happened earlier. I kept quiet. He proceeded to thank me for helping to improve his son's results. I said the usual "no problem, its my job, etc" Then, there was an awkward silence.

He ran out of things to say. I caught him checking out my body. I was wearing my tight sports pants and my sleeveless gym top.

I know its not an appropriate attire but I thought since I am going to the gym after the class and no one was ever at the boy's house, I decided to go in my gym attire. I decided to leave. I thanked him and turned to leave his room. To my horror, he hugged me from behind! I tried to free myself but he was too strong. His hands were over my chest.

He started to kiss my neck and whispered into my ear that I looked hot. I pleaded with him to let me go but he ignored me. He moved his hands, one under my gym xxx len lut tren may bay to fondle my breasts and slipped the other into my pants and under my panties.

I continued to struggle to no avail. He asked me if I liked what I saw earlier on, and if I wanted to katihar medical college girl with sexy story his cock again.

He kept whispering such questions into my ear. His hand in my panties pressed me back and I felt his cock grinding against my butt. "You feel that?

… You teen eager to make her own sex tape it?" "No, please" The more I struggled, the weaker I became. He licked my ear as he continued to talk dirty to me. He described how hot I looked and how great my soft body felt to him.

The crazy image of him taking me doggie style re-appeared in my mind. I fought it and I struggled harder against him. After what felt like forever, I got too physically exhausted to fight.

I was at the point of giving up and pleaded with him one last time. "Please stop it. Let me go." I did not realise that my body has already given up way before my mind had, until he pulled his hand out of my panties and raised it to my face.

"Are you sure you want me to stop?". I nodded. "Why are you so wet then?" he laughed triumphantly. I saw his fingers glistened with my juice. I have never let anyone other than my husband touch me and I felt so ashamed that my body reacted this way to a stranger's violation. "Stop resisting baby. You know you wanted me as much as I wanted you. Let go of yourself and I'll give this great body of yours the best time of its life." He continued to whisper into my ear as my will melted away.

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Seeing that I am weak and confused, he rolled my top up. I subconsciously lifted my weak arms a little and he pulled my top right off.

He sensed my "cooperation". "Yes, that's more like it…" He unhooked my 34C bra, slipped his hands under my loose bra and cupped my bare breasts from behind me. I felt his now-harden cock pressing against my butt again. I closed my eyes. He carried me up and dropped me gently on his bed. I hear the sounds of him undressing himself. Within a second, I felt his hands trying to pull my tights off. I kind of "woke up" a little and grabbed his hands, trying to stop him.

He forcefully tucked it down my thighs and with a few more jerks, he got it right off my ankles. I caught a glimpse of his cock. It was huge. I looked away but he saw me. "Don't worry baby, I'm gonna make sure you get every inch of it, literally." My small panties became his next target. He peeled it off my hips and down my legs. It provided me little protection against my would-be conquerer.

His eyes widen as he looked at my naked lower-body. He grabbed my ankles and opened my legs. He moved closer. I covered my shaved pussy with my hands as he became the 2nd man to see me like this. He let go of my ankles, pushed my hands away and buried his face between my legs. I thought I was going to die there and then. He was amazing with his tongue. He was seconds away from fully destroying my will.

"No. You can't… Don't… " "Yes I can… do whatever I want." He pushed his tongue deeper into my pussy and humiliated me as this man gave me my strongest orgasms ever.

I bit my lower lip to mute my moan but I could not stop my hip from arching to the sensation. My head was still spinning when he got onto the bed and knelt between my legs. I felt his cock at my entrance but I was too late to do anything against him. He entered me as I opened my eyes. "yeah baby… oh yeah… ". He inched into my pussy dominantly. His thick cock filled me. I have never been blonde in lingerie posing on casting see more at like this before.

It felt so good I was sure I was coming again soon. He started to thrust into me will slow, deep strokes. I grabbed the sheets tightly as he increased his speed. His thrusts became fast and hard when he felt my pussy getting petite katie st ives gets fucked by bbcy bbc, and wetter.

My head started to spin again, I began to pant as I couldn't catch my breath. He let go of my legs, grabbed my waist and pulled my body in everytime he thrusted forward.

I felt him deeper inside me with each thrust. The next thing I know, I came again. It was so intense my body arched back, pushing my breasts up.

He wouldn't let me go. He continued to pound me through my orgasm. He's not done with me yet. My unhooked bra was still over my breasts and its starting to get in the way as my body moved more and more vigorously. I was rolling it off my shoulders when he grabbed it and yanked it off. Now I am fully naked in front of my student's father and he's fucking my brains out.

I felt shameful as I couldn't control my moans anymore. This man is making me go "uh… uh… uh… " every time he thrusted into me. "Yeah, you like it don't you?" he rested my legs on his shoulder and lifted my lower body off the bed as he fucked me harder and harder. My breasts moved vigorously along with our bodies and I had to put my hands on them to dampen their movement.

This apparently turned him on. "Yeah, squeeze them for me. Let me see you squeeze your own boobs…" Somehow I obeyed his command and he increased the intensity as I squeezed my breasts hard as I felt my 3rd orgasm building up. After an incredible time of wild thrusts, he finally yelled. "I'm coming baby. Yeah… I'm gonna come inside you baby. Yeah… " I wasn't disturbed by him coming inside me as I am regularly on the pill because my husband likes to come inside me too.

I felt another wave of orgasm as he increased his speed. This time I moaned loudly. He had successfully turned me from a reluctant victim into his moaning whore within 3 hours of us meeting.

He pushed deep into my wasted pussy and shot his load inside as he went "Oh yeah, oh yeah… " He pressed his body on mine as he finished fucking me. He cock was getting soft as he pulled it out. There was quite a mess on the bedsheet.

He got up, wiped his cock and my pussy clean with wet wipes and got back onto the bed. I looked away as he laid beside me. I knew he was looking at peachy blondie acquires agonorgasmos hardcore and massage body. I felt dirty, yet I enjoyed it. He rolled on his side and looked at me.

He moved his hand up and down my body slowly. Then he cupped my breasts, squeezed them hard, and licked my nipples. Like what he did to my pussy earlier, he was very good with his tongue on my nipples. My body started to move slowly to the sensations he's giving my breasts.

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I couldn't believe he has such an incredible drive. It wasn't even 2 minutes after he fucked me and he's at me again. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. I was surprised its getting hard again. Somehow I started to stroke his cock without him telling me to. He took his time to enjoy my breasts as I slowly felt his cock harden in my hand. It got harder and I was able to stroke it faster. It got bigger, I couldn't believe I was able to take his giant cock earlier on.

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He got up and knelt over me. He fondled my breasts with both his hands. He moved forward so that his hard cock was right in the middle of my breasts then pushed my breasts together to squeeze his cock. He started to thrust his hips. This thumbs rubbed my nipples as he squeezed my breasts hard. "Oh yeah baby… you sure can provide pleasure to a man with every inch of that hot body huh? My cock feels so good between your breasts… oh yeah…" Suddenly, he stopped. Released my breasts and moved forward some more.

His cock was just above my chin. He looked at me and said, "I told you you'll get every inch of it didn't I?" He pushed his cock against my lips, I refused to take him.

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"Be a good girl now…" He pinched my nose and I instinctively opened my mouth. He pushed his hips forward and his cock entered my mouth. "Yes, that's better… now suck it!" Again, a sense of shame overwhelmed me. I have only ever sucked my husband's cock. Now this man violates my mouth after taking my body. He moved his hand under my head, scooped my head up and started to fuck my mouth. My position was not good, so after a while he moved back. He held my head so all the while his cock was in my mouth as he moved to a kneeling position.

I am now on my fours. He held my head still and resumed fucking my mouth.

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"Yeah… my cock feels so good in your mouth." After some time, he lifted his hands off my head and stood up on the bed.

I moved from my fours into a kneeling position, all the time his cock was in my mouth without him prompting. "So you like it in your mouth huh… you were pretending all this while weren't you?

I get so turned on looking at your beautiful face sucking my cock." I refused to accept that but found no answer for my actions as I started to move my head forward and back on my own. I even put my hands on his thighs to stabilize myself as I increased my speed. I did not know what came over me but I grabbed his butt and pressed him forward as I tried to take as much of his cock as my mouth could.

This went on for a long time. I sucked and licked his cock like a giant popsicle. He put his hands on my head again, I knew he was cumming.

I moved back and tried to finish him off with my hand. But he had other plans, he held my head tightly and started to fuck my mouth again. Then he moaned a loud moan and I felt his hot cum shooting down my throat. "Oh yeah… finish it up, swallow every drop of it… yeah" I couldn't move away, his cock was firmly in my mouth and he's starting to fill my mouth with load after load of hot cum. I had no choice.

I swallowed. "That's not so bad… you suck well. Now lick me clean." He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I did as he ordered.

My tongue went up and down his shaft and I licked his cock clean of all his cum. "Very good… now… turn around." I couldn't believe he's still not done. Sex with my husband never lasted this long.

I turned around and went on my fours again. He kicked at my ankles and I opened my legs a bit more. This time, he fucked me from behind. This time he did not start slowly. He went all out, fucked me at full speed, full power and fully filled my pussy as he went deep. He fucked me like hawt sex with a very wicked beauteous babe wild animal.

In the midst of the action I turned my head and looked into the full-size mirror opposite the bed. The reflection looked exactly like the image I had in my mind when I first saw him masturbating 3 hours earlier.

This went on for about half an hour before he cum inside me again. I had already cum twice before that. I fell flat on my face, exhausted and panting. He laid beside me and moved his hand up and down my back and butt. I rested on his bed for some time. All the while we did not talk. Then I got up and went to the bathroom. I took a shower and cleaned myself up.

Halfway through, he entered the bathroom and fucked me one more time against the bathroom wall. After the shower I picked up my clothes that were scattered all over the room, dressed up and left.

It was near midnight. Never in my wildest dream did I expect a 1 hour tuition session for a boy to end with me leaving the house 3 hours late. Violated but satisfied. We did it again after the next lesson, then again the following week, then again after that…