Crazy hot asian babe knows how to suck that dong redhead blowjob

Crazy hot asian babe knows how to suck that dong redhead blowjob
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Chapter 1 When I opened the door, I gave out a little gasp. Here was something that I had dreamt about, wished for, but never in a thousand years did I believe would happen. She was sixteen, slender with teacup breasts, long ebony hair currently tied up in pigtails with black ribbon. Her virgin snow skin was flawless, and her hips boasted that she had gone through puberty and could carry a child.

She was naked but for a silver chain around her neck, the ribbons holding her pigtails in place, and the handcuffs around her wrists. I knew this stance, this was my ritual for one who wanted to be trained by my hand. But I never expected the daughter of my neighbor Tory to be sent to me as a supplicant. I had loved Rachel for years, ever since, at the age of nine, she had come to my house with her family for a summer bar-b-cue party.

We were fast friends, and I admired her from afar as she grew. To be her trainer and master, this was a gift beyond my wildest fantasies. I put out my hand, and having been taught the ritual, she opened her mouth and let the key to the handcuffs drop onto my palm. "You are welcome here," I said, and with a tear in her eye, she walked slowly into my living room, found an empty spot, and fell to her knees. "Why were you sent?" Here was a question I had never asked a supplicant.

Stifling a sob, she whined, "My Father caught me in bed with Ren…" she began crying,"We weren't doing anything, just fooling around, ebony kandee with white boy hardcore and blowjob daddy called me a slut.

He stripped me and handcuffed me…then he told me about you." I almost felt bad. She had been taken from having a good time with her teenage boyfriend, humiliated and turned out by her father, and now she knew the truth about her friend down the street.

Beneath the veneer of normality, the semblance of suburbia, I was a world trade slaver. I had trained slaves for Oil Barons, for Senators, Heads of State, and Movie stars. My slaves toured with rock bands and comedians, my slaves were the best in the world.

It was my duty to train Rachel. Then I would sell her to the highest bidder. I vowed then in my heart to make her the best, the most talented; to teach her every perversion, and how to fulfill the sexual voraciousness of the devil himself. She would be my piece de resistance.

I undid her handcuffs. "Stand, put your hands behind your back. The back of your hands are to rest on the curve of your ass, thumbs extended and touching.

You are to stand with knees together.

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This is your normal stance. Should I ask you to prepare for examination, you are to stand exactly this way except with your feet one and a half feet apart. Understand?" She nodded through tears. "Prepare for examination" She was a bit shaky, but did it immediately. I walked around the back of her and pressed a fingertip to her asshole.

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It resisted. Tight. Good. I then came around front, pinched both her nipples until she winced. Good tolerance for pain. Her pussy was slightly damp, and surprisingly, her hymen was intact. I saw so few virgins these days. This was going to be rough for her. I fed her, and then ordered her to take a shower. Afterwards, I put a collar around her neck, a belt around her midsection, and put her in thigh high boots. They were a size too large, but would do until we had a chance to go shopping.

Thus attired, I took her to the dungeon. She truly began crying when she saw my array of tools. The whips, the restraints, the ropes, different types of chains. Then the rows and rows of dildos and plugs, rubber, silicone, wood, steel.

There were a few fucking machines, and some power tools with sexual attachments. She would get them all before her training was over. But today, today was preparation. She would know only darkness and humiliation for today. I took her to the wooden x, put her in restraints, and then, to add a touch of finality to the act, I took steel strong ties, wrapped them around her arms and legs, and secured them to the wooden cross with screws and a power drill.

The X pivoted, allowing me to move her in any position I chose. For now, it was a simple exercise in humility. Only then did I secure the blindfold. I took a tiny bit of lube, selected a smallish pink buttplug, and very slowly, violated her anus for what I am sure was the first time ever. She let a little scream as it seated in her asshole.

I slapped her for that. "You will never scream. Never. My big sister gives little brother a handjob don't scream unless instructed to." I was going to leave her pussy alone for now. It was a great prize with its lovely virginity. I would save it for a special occasion. I clamped her nipples with bar clamps, and then chained them tightly together.

She stifled her screams as I roughly handled her. Good. She learned fast. I selected my favorite riding crop from a shelf nearby.

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I ran my hands over some other tools, but for now, the only tool I would be using on her would be my own. I pivoted the X so that now she was lying down, and then I lowered it to bring her mouth to my midsection. Slowly, I unzipped my pants. To say that my nine inch cock was rock hard was a serious understatement. I had dreamed and fantasized about hot babe deserved a good pussy slam ever inch of young Rachel's body for many years; and here, for the first time, I would get the chance to use her exquisite mouth.

"You will suck me now. Just suck gently, I will do most of the work, but if you displease me, "and I gave her a slap on her flank with the riding crop I had selected. She jumped, did not scream, but whined. I liked her whine. It was still a child's whine. The crop left a beautiful scarlet welt and I was happy to see her skin respond as such. I turned her face and pressed the head of my cock to her lips. She opened, but I guess Ren didn't have my length or girth, because when I pushed halfway into her mouth, she gagged and pulled back.

Maybe she had never sucked a cock before? That thought made me even happier as I wound my hand through her raven hair and drove my cock down her throat. She managed to hold down her meal as I face fucked her.

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But I couldn't hold myself back for very long. This fantasy being fulfilled was too much, and with only a few strokes, I pulled my cock out and sprayed her face. I had never come so much.

It was in her nostrils, across her lips and cheek, in her ear, down her slender neck. She looked like five men had unloaded on her. I put the head of my cock on her lip and pumped the very last spray onto her tongue. She understood without having to be told, and swallowed. Suddenly, I guess because the tension was gone, she found the nerve to speak. "What do I call you?" "Master. Or Sir." "And I am?" "r." I slapped her cum covered face. "You will never again ask questions.

You will receive instructions as I see fit." I then lowered the X to the floor. I wanted her to see what I was about to do, so I took off the blindfold. "Open your mouth," I ordered, and though she did so without hesitation, a look of horror came over her face as she understood what I was about to do.

It started as a little drizzle, and then a full stream of yellow piss came out of the head of my cock. It landed right slutty sexy babe sophia fiore fucks in doggystyle interracial blowjob I aimed, in her mouth.

She gagged as she tried to drink it, so I sprayed down her face, and hair. I held a little back, turned, and finished off by drenching her beautiful virgin pussy. I then zipped up, strode to the end of the hall, and turned off the lights, leaving her wet, violated, and I'm sure, horrified about what she had gotten into. "Goodnight r." I told her. "Goodnight Master" And then she added… "I love you. I always have…" To be continued.