Blonde girls lips print on butt tube porn

Blonde girls lips print on butt tube porn
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My Partner and I have been dating almost two years and have been talking about spicing things up with another woman. Lets set the scene. I'm 170cm tall, green/brown eyes with short brown hair and reasonably fit. My partner (lets call her Rose) has mid length Brown hair with a hint of red, She's 168cm tall with DD cup breasts, also reasonably fit with a gorgeous round ass and freshly waxed.

Our female friend (lets call her Sarah) is also around 168cm, had recently dyed red hair, C cup breasts and an equally amazing round ass. The Story Begins The stars crept out from behind the veil of cloud while a dull moon shone through the trees. A light away in the distance, blinking red and proof we weren't the only ones stealing away into the night.

Blades of grass, leaves and white lines; all whipping past us as our headlights lit up the open road, the engine purring at the touch of the throttle. We were nearing our destination, the lights of the city growing larger in the distance, the music completely lost on us both as our eyes darted from one shop to the next, searching aimlessly for an open bottle shop.

Our feet hit the ground in vein as the nearest we could find had long but closed, wisps of smoke crept from the exhaust as we drove back to the main road and onwards through unknown streets, Google maps only ally. The handbrake clicked, doors opened, bottles clinked as we walked the short distance through the icy chill of a winter night. The sharp noise from knuckle hitting wood broke the silence; a distant cry could be heard in answer. We turned, surprise crossing our face as a dark haired woman appeared behind us.

Our startled look turning to recognition as Sarah greeted us both. Soon we were inside the small unit, our shoes discarded by the door, bags lying open next to the couch and a bottle of moscato lying in the fridge as the other sat in wait.

The seal broken, the glass filled with the first drink of the night, while Sarah had disappeared out the back of the unit. Before long we had found our spots, the moscato and heater hosting Rose, Sarah with a glass of red and seated on the couch. Both woman choosing to talk, mock and tease me without reserve on anything they could think of. The glasses emptied, refilled, emptied again and before long two bottles of Moscato lay discarded by the door.

The bags were now rifled through, sex toys and lube were put on show as the conversation started to head down a very naughty road. Both women were now seated on the couch, and to make matters worse, each held very firmly a black riding crop. My left arm and leg soon become testing ground for both and before too long it was decided (albeit under duress) that my ass would be added to the testing. Unsure how to react or what to think, I decided I'd "Take one for the team" and subsequently my pants were left by my side.

Soon my "turn" was over and I went back to sitting on the couch, now with slightly more piece of mind for my safety. With a few harder hitting questions from Sarah and some psyche delving my turn was finally over.

Rose sat in-between us both, now taking full ownership of the spotlight mandy bright big tits babe get dp and got a facial penetration and gangbang with almost two bottles of Moscato to her name.

With grace she avoided directly answering every question and some would say she got off lightly. Talk is cheap when the clock hits midnight and as the night wore on, it seemed only fitting that I shouldn't be the only one without pants! An unspoken alliance insured with Sarah and myself and without too much warning the moment to take Rose's pants from her was upon us.

Once her pants were removed she was carefully cuffed and the blindfolded, her top for the time being left untouched.

Soon Sarah and I stood side by side, we each held a crop, as Rose was kneeling on the couch, her gorgeous ass in the air and a purple lacy cheeky cut G-string sitting perfectly between her cheeks. Slowly Concupiscent banging for hot adorable babe pornstar hardcore and I began to softly have our way with her behind, using the crop to gently run over her skin and the beginning of a few firm spanks.

With the spanking coming to a close, Sarah has thrown her pants and top aside, a black laced corset, matching bra and black g all that was left.

Two lingerie-clad woman were now at my fingertips and it was turning out to be nothing short of an amazing night. Rose now sat upright on the couch, her top joining the rest of our clothes on the floor. Slowly and deliberately Sarah and I ran our respective crops over Rose.

Down the nape of her neck, across the top of her bra line, the lightest of touches over her tummy and running the length of her legs. Minutes past as we continued to touch her, our fingers and two crops, occasionally a kiss from either Sarah or myself. We lay her down now, her hands cuffed behind her as carefully my fingers ran over he panties, Sarah meanwhile running her hands all over Rose's body. Her back arching and soft sharp breaths at every electrifying touch as my finger slipped slowly under her panties and along the length of her pussy.

Sarah watching as I slid off Rose's panties to reveal her waxed little pussy, her breath quickening as my lips meet her leg, my hands slowly pulling them apart as Sarah runs her hands all over her.

My mind racing almost in disbelief at what is happening! The fingers of my right hand finding their home as I slide them into Rose, her pussy already wet and wanting, Sarah kissing her on the lips deeply as my left hand finds it's way between her legs, slipping under her lace g and finding she's equally as wet.

My cock starting to go hard as I'm standing between two beautiful women and my fingers are buried in both of their tight slippery pussies. I'm eager to get things heated up further, taking a moment to find the two vibrators we were looking at earlier and within seconds I had the large in my hand, the other quickly finding it's way to Sarah's free hand.

I lay now on the couch, focused on Rose's gorgeous pussy that was glistening wet in front of me, just waiting to be filled. Sarah began to massage Rose's clit with a long sleek purple vibrator, while I slowly traced the length of her pussy, the vibrator coming to life as it began it's wave like motion, teasing the edge of Rose's wanting cunt.

Time stretched as inch by inch I slowly worked it into her tight little pussy, her moans increasing, matching her breath as she thrust up to meet the vibrator as it sunk deeper inside her. The wave motion begging inside her as she writhed in pleasure, Sarah kissing her on the lips as she moved the sleek purple vibrator in a circular motion of Rose's sensitive clit.

Rose's body was matching the pulsating wave-like rhythm of the vibrator that was buzzing away inside her and each moan became louder than before as her breathing began to quicken. Her back arched, the noises of ecstasy escaping her lips as I fucked her sweet little pussy and Sarah played with her clit.

Finally, the pleasure became to much as she released a deeply sensual and lustful moan, her pussy convulsing as she coated the vibrator in her delicious cum, the first of many orgasms to come. I stand now, the vibrators left carelessly on the floor, my hands to myself as I quickly whip off my underwear, Sarah grinning cheekily as I whisper to her to go down on Rose.

Soon, Rose has another woman's head between her legs, Sarah's head buried between her as she licks and finger's Rose's delicious wet pussy, the taste of cum on her lips. My cock is now aching in my hand as Rose moans in pleasure with Sarah eating her out.

I watch for a moment, taking in the scene as my stunning sexy girlfriend has another woman's tongue fucking her, I almost groan myself just watching as I take a step towards her face and slowly guide my cock to her mouth.

Her mouth wraps around my cock, taking me in, sucking and flicking her tongue as she moans deeply, my eyes darting between her mouth and Sarah's head buried between her legs. I take a step back, Rose now arching her back as she moans, my eyes glued to her as she finally arches one final time, her body convulsing as she cums all over Sarah's fingers and face, her pussy all wet and slippery. She relaxes as Sarah stands and grins at me, my eyes showing lust. Sarah begins to remove her clothes as I start taking off Rose's bra, her DD cups almost spilling out as her stunning breasts are on full display, she's now completely naked and ready to be fucked.

I've repositioned and am now lying on the couch, my head sitting perfectly between Rose's legs staring at her cummy little pussy. Sarah has thrown off all her clothes and is now playing with Rose's tits, her hands running over them as she leans in to kiss her. I grin as I lower myself down, my breath hovering over Rose's pussy, I can feel how wet she is as my tongue runs over her, tasting her for the first time that night, her cum fucking amazing.

I nibble, I lick and I suck her sweet pussy, her back arching as she moans, her breath heavy while Sarah runs her hands over Rose, kissing her, teasing hear, pleasuring Caught out continued (kWs0). Within minutes I've stopped, she's distracted and it's time to change that. Sarah takes the opportunity to grab her sleek purple vibrator for the second time.

Rose's legs are spread, Sarah holding one brunette babe miho lechter gives a blowjob on her knees in the kitchen her right hand, vibrator in the other. My cock now millimeters from Rose's pussy, teasing her as I slowly slide my thick hard cock into her. Stretching her tight little pussy as I bury my cock inside, her cum covering me as I begin to fuck her. Sarah watching, holding one leg down and slipping the vibrator between Rose's legs and using it to massage her clit as my cock thrusts into her.

I begin to pick up the pace, thrusting into her, legs spread and the vibrator sending thrills through us both. Her breath quickens, moans become louder and for the third time that night Rose cums, all over my cock while buried deep insider her. Rose lies there panting, catching her breath, as her pussy is too sensitive to touch, Sarah running her hands all over her. As she begins to relax I enter her again, my cock finding is way home and this time I am more deliberate. Long, deep, powerful thrusts, her pussy taking me all in as every thrust she arches her back and moans louder each time.

I begin to quicken, Sarah taking the opportunity to pin Rose's legs down, my hands doing the same as I spread her legs wide and fuck her tight cunt with my cock.

Her moans peaking as her fourth orgasm washes over her and she cums again all over my cock, each subsiding moan is music to my ears. She lies there cum drunk, her pussy red and creamy from the fucking it's received, Sarah and myself looking at each me encanta hacer cabroacuten a mi marido y verle disfrutar con ello as I think to myself it's her turn next.

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We all take a moment to catch our breaths, Rose free of the leather cuffs and blindfold that bound her. Without needing to talk it was unanimously decided it was time Sarah had her opportunity and in perfect synchronicity Rose took the opportunity to cuff Sarah's right hand, while I did the same to her left!

Now restrained we Blindfolded Sarah and lay her gently down on the couch, her legs spreading in anticipation as her pussy was on full display. Rose and I began, running our fingertips over Sarah, her neck, her hips and inner thigh, teasing and delaying what we knew she wanted.

Her body responding to every touch as Rose began to kiss her neck and the sleek purple vibrator was now in my hands. Slowly and deliberately I traced the outside of her pussy, her hips thrusting up to meet the vibrator as if willing it to slip inside her. I ran it along her lips and began to slowly massage her clit as I cheekily used my right hand to find my way over Rose's gorgeous ass, slipping between her cheeks and finding her slippery little cunt waiting for me. She spread her legs for me and arched her back, mistress rhiannon fucks her boyfriend in the kitchen pointing in the air as I slid two fingers inside her dripping wet cum filled pussy.

Rose was kissing Sarah, both girls moaning as Rose had two fingers fucking her pussy and Sarah had a purple Vibrator doing wonders to her clit. My mind raced as soon Rose and I stood, switching positions as I started to kiss along Sarah's neck, my hands tweaking her nipples while Rose lay seductively on the couch, hear head nervously between Sarah legs as for the first time I watched her start to kiss, nibble, lick and suck another woman's wanting wet cunt.

Sarah immediately took a sharp breath, a moan escaping her lips as I tweaked her nipples and Rose tasted her for the first time. My cock again becoming hard as I watched my stunning girlfriend bury her face between another woman's legs and begin to eat her tight little fuck hole.

With every moment Rose licked and sucked Sarah's cunt, Sarah's moans growing as Rose ate her out. I watched in pure lust as Sarah began to cum, the taste on Rose's lips as I grinned cheekily, I was in heaven!

Rose stood as Sarah began to catch her breath, relaxing from the intense pleasure and completely unaware of what was to come.

Again Rose and I switched positions as she now sat above Sarah, running her hands over Sarah's perky nipples as I recover the two Vibrators from earlier. Now it was Rose's turn to feel the wave motions inside her as I ran the long sleek purple vibrator over her, the wave nestling in her outer pussy lips, her hips rising as if begging me to slip it inside.

Finally after enough teasing I worked the vibrator into her tight cummy fuck hole that only moments ago played host to Rose's mouth. Sarah arched her back, moaning as the vibrator stretched her tight pussy, filling her as I worked it inside. One vibrator buzzing away inside her, the other slowly massaging her clit, Rose kissing and nibbling her neck as she writhes in pleasure, soft moans and sharp breaths escaping her lips.

Again her body began to rise and fall, the motions of her next orgasms as she covered the vibrator inside her with cum, her pussy now creamy and wet.

Sarah exhales and catches her breath as Rose stands and whips to the toilet. I sit there still at Sarah's feet while she lies on the couch. The wave vibrator perched on the arm of the couch, the sleek purple one in ebony interracial deep throat in fake taxi right hand, slowly along Sarah's thigh.

Slowly this time, tracing along both her thighs, drawing out each stroke and painstakingly moving it closer and closer to her cunt. This time I rub the length of her pussy and focus solely on her clit. Working up and down, massaging, circling her clit as she moans and mews softly in pleasure. This time, I take my time, Rose now sitting behind me watching as for an unknown time I sit, simply running the powerful vibrator over Sarah's clit, every so often her moans peak, her body twitches in ecstasy as she has a multitude of orgasms.

It's now entering the late stages of night as finally Sarah orgasms for the last time, her moans subsiding as she removes the blindfold from her face and I help her take off the leather cuffs. Rose is wrapped in a warm blanket and soon the three of us are dressed in war pj's and starting to look forward to a few hours sleep while there's nighttime left.

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Rose and Sarah make their way into the bedroom and before long both are sound asleep, exhausted from both of their bodies being pleasured for hours.

I turn off the lights, the couch my bed for the night as I find myself a pillow, wrapping myself in the blanket. I take a brief look at the clock, which now shows half past three, my phone placed next to me on the floor as I close my eyes, a smile on my face as I fall asleep.