Sex sixe story sex stories hospital com

Sex sixe story sex stories hospital com
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(Changing names for protection, I am "john" and she is "Laura") It all started when my sister-in-law came to visit for a few days, Laura always got bored of sitting indoors doing nothing so I thought I would let her come out with me, I was meeting up with some friends that night and relax in the garden with a BBQ and a few drinks, we was talking and having a laugh for hours, i went to go and get another drink and when i came back the conversation had change and got quite sexual, they all spoke about there fetishes and stories, note at this stage all the friends we was with were a little bit older and were in relationships, we were talking about all of this for a few hours when everyone left, So me and Laura left to walk home we got about half way and she turned and said to me, "I'm really horny!" I never expected her to say that to my face, I could tell she was horny by the way she spoke back at my friends house.

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"oh are you? What will you do now then?" She didn't reply. We carried on talking normally when we got home my mum, her brother and my little sister were fast asleep, so we decided to watch a film in my room, we were both on Facebook on our laptop until it got in to the film, about 30 minutes in i came off my laptop and layed on my back with my hands behind my head and under the quilt, she closed her laptop and went to the bathroom, she came back out in pyjamas and got under the covers laying on her side in the spooning position.

"I'm cold" she said "Can i cuddle up to you" " Yeah course you can" She proceeded to cuddle up beside me leg on my leg and her hand on my chest, we was watching the film for 10 minutes before she moved her hand down, she was running her finger left to right on my stomach and moved down slowly to where she met my jeans.

"Have you ever had a blowjob?" she asked "no why?" I replied She then slid her hand down to my floppy member, she then unbuttoned my jeans pulled then down and got on her knees by then my penis was half erect, she wasted no time she took it straight in to her mouth, it happened so fast thinking back to it, the sensations were amazing, shortly after I could feel myself wanting to cum.

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"I'm gonna cum" I said huge boobs ghetto banged by pawn keeper at the pawnshop reality and bigtits She didn't even flinch, she took my load in her mouth like a diamond, she slowly kept sucking afterwards, it felt so good, she came up and layed on me.

"can you fuck me now" she said I was hesitant, i didn't know weather to let her or not, she gave me the puppy look eyes, i was laying there thinking if i should let her, after a few minutes i replied. "yes" She sprung up took her bottoms off and her black thongs, revealing her shaven perfect pussy, she then jumped back on me and pulled the cover over us, we made out for a few minutes, i slowly ran my hands up her back and round to her breast, they were at least 2 handfuls her breast, soft and perfectly shaped nipples, i lined my cock up to her entrance, and stopped, she then sat her pussy down, taking my whole cock upeksha swarnamali sri lankan actress sex storys dawnlod of her, we stopped for a few seconds then she slowly moved her hips backwards and forwards, we kissed the whole way through, she started to slow down so i grabbed her delicate hips and started thrusting, i went fast but not pounding, but after a while i started slamming my cock into her, she whispered "im gonna cum", i carried on and soon felt the sensation of cumming again, she make quite moaning noises in my ear which forced me to fuck her harder and faster, she dug her nails into me and let out a longer moan at the same time i filled her sweet pussy with my hot liquids.

We stayed in place for a while just laying there, she slid off next to me laying without bottoms on, i must have fallen asleep because i opened my eyes and saw her bend over bottomless revealing her ass and pussy while picking her clothes up, she then slowly walked out the room. There is a second time "chapter" .

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