Close up with teenie rubbing clitoris

Close up with teenie rubbing clitoris
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My older sister Sue is a hot looking babe with long blonde hair and a great body. She also happens to be a very heavy sleeper and shortly after going through puberty I started climbing into her bed and touching her as she sleeps.

At first I would just hold her hand and then I started to kiss her. Once I realized she would not wake up, I started to have regular make out sessions with her.

Sometimes I think to myself I should not be doing this but she is so beautiful and I am so horny I cannot control my raging hormornes. Then one night Sue came home from a doctor's appointment with a new perscription that was meant to stop her from sleepwalking as she had been doing a great deal of lately.

Sometimes in the middle of my late night make out sessions with her she would get up and start walking and talking but still be sound asleep.

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The first time freaked me out as I thought she had woke up and did not know how I could explain my tongue being in her mouth.

Once I realized what was happening I would follow her to make sure she did not hurt herself, and if she stood still long enough I would kiss her some more. On this night Sue took her new meds and went to bed.

I read the bottle and it said that this medication induces very sound sleep. My dick got hard as I read this thinking what I could now do with my sister's fine body once this medication took effect. I waited an hour or so, then climbed into Sue's bed and started with a more intense then usual make out session, since I did not have to worry about waking her up now.

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After a very long passionate kiss I undressed Sue then myself and started to lick, suck, and kiss every inch of her body, savoring the touch and taste of her warm soft flesh. I then pressed my dick against her lips and shoved it into her mouth until my balls were touching her lips. I looked at her pretty face and she was not stirring at all. After a few minutes I pulled out of her mouth and my dick was now rock hard and soaked with Sue's saliva so I spread her legs apart and slowly slid my dick into her warm tight pussy, knowing that Sue was on the pill and that she was now not just sleeping but unconscious, I could finally fuck my beautiful blonde sister as I had wanted to do from the first time I touched her as she slept.

Sue never stirred as I fucked her fast and hard, soon cumming deep inside her. I lay next to her and held her hand as I rested after a very intense orgasm, then after I got my wind back I started making out with quality time phoenix marie and danny d in bathroom again until I was hard again and then pulled her on top of me and fucked her again with her on top this time.

My dick was in her pussy, my tongue in her mouth and my finger up her ass and soon I came again.

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It was now getting late so I thought I should go get some sleep and cleaned Sue up and put her night clothes back on and kissed her goodnight before going to my own bed. The next morning Sue was wide awake and feeling great and I was a bit tired.

You need to sleep more little brother, she told me.

Of course I was not about to tell her that the reason I was tired was that I was up half the night fucking her after her meds knocked her out. I don't know how long Sue will be taking these meds but I do know that as long as she does I will fuck her every night. I have not fucked her in the ass yet, so I may try that tonight.