Mujra sex aaa zzz mmm

Mujra sex aaa zzz mmm
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We slept long and hard after watching all the perverted sex that we had witnessed the evening before. It was late afternoon before we started moving and we were taking things slowly.

Al and I ate at the hotel and we just kind of took life easy like you are supposed to do on your vacation. We were lying around in our room when we heard a knock on the door. Al opened the door and it was Naomi and Laura. They said they were taking the dogs for a walk on the beach and did we want to come along?

We both decided that we would pass on the offer and just lay around the hotel for the afternoon. The girls thought we were crazy but they just laughed and school girl xxx story play off down to the beach. Al and I just took life easy and it was starting to get late when we got another knock on the door. I got up and opened it and was greeted by the two hottest looking young women we knew.

Now Al and I didn't know many people in Romania so you can guess that it was Andrea and Georgia. They were both dressed to kill and looked fantastic.

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"Get dressed and we will take you dancing" Andrea exclaimed "We are ready to go to the club and dance the night away." She raised her arms above her head and shook her wonderful ass like she was a belly dancer.

"You have got to come with us and let us show you the town" Georgia pleaded "come on and get dressed and let's party!" "I don't know what to wear" I told them "is there a dress code?" After all, getting dressed up for me was a clean t-shirt and blue jeans. "Let's see what we have to dress you in" Andrea replied as she started looking at my wardrobe in the closet and picked through my clothes. She picked some pants and a nice shirt and told me to stand up.

She came to me and started to undress me.

She pulled my shirt over my head and then kissed me. As she was kissing me she removed my shorts before I knew what happened. She bent down to remove my shorts and then she grabbed my dick and stroked it a couple times. I stood there and watched my cock swell as she massaged it. "Put his clothes on and let's go dancing" Georgia said "you can fuck him when we bring him home." "She never lets me have any fun" Andrea complained as she smiled and stuffed my dick back in my boxers.

I pulled my pants on and she helped me with my shirt.

She kissed my chest and then my lips as she helped me button my shirt. By the time I was dressed and ready to go Al had already changed and was ready to hit the town. Andrea had Al by the arm and Georgia took my hand and they led stepsis interrupts masturbation and rides on top doggystyle and pornstar off to explore Mamaia. The girls knew where to take us and they led us to the CREMS Summer Club Mamaia. It was a wild place that played the latest music and the place was full of people drinking, dancing and having fun.

We found a table and ordered some drinks. The night went on and we drank and danced and watched the people party. There was a little of everything happening at this club. I looked over at Andrea and she had her hand between Al's legs and was rubbing his cock and not trying to hide it at all. She looked at me and smiled and opened her legs to show me that she wasn't wearing any panties. I swear that I could see a little cum leaking from her sweet naked pussy.

"Your friend seems to have forgotten her panties" I whispered in Georgia's ear. "I know she is such a slut!" she told me "I have panties on but they are all pulled up in my pussy and I think I'm getting wet there." Georgia reached out and took my hand and put it on her leg near the bottom of her short dress.

"Maybe you could get them out for me?" Now how could I refuse to help a lady in need? I ran my fingers up her soft smooth thigh until I could feel the lips of her clean shaven pussy. I worked my finger between her pussy lips and worked it in and out of her slippery pussy as she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder and moaned. A couple minutes of this and she was cumming all over my hand.

Several people were watching and smiling at me as I finger fucked this gorgeous young girl's pussy. Finally Georgia reached down and pulled my hand out from under her dress. She licked my fingers and kissed me. I looked over at Al and saw that Andrea was rubbing her fingers on her wet hot snatch and then feeding them to Al.

He was only happy to lick them clean as her other hand was rubbing his big black cock.

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You could see that monster in Al's pants running along his leg. Things were really starting to get crazy so we decided that we had better head back to the hotel.

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We had to laugh as Al stood up and everyone in the club could see his hard dick. The girls led us back toward the hotel and suddenly they had us in a dark area where there was not much traffic. People would walk past us and not even see us. Georgia rubbed her hand on my cock and told me that she wanted to blow me right there.

"Go for it" I answered as I unzipped my pants. She got on her knees and reached in my pants and pulled my rapidly hardening dick out. Georgia looked at my prick and started to run her soft little hands from the base to the head and then back down the length of my manhood till she touched my balls. After several minutes of her stroking and rubbing my cock, I reached down and pulled her head toward my stiff dick. She opened her mouth and guided my cock into her mouth.

She had always appeared to be the shy one of the two girls but she sure was good at sucking cock. I leaned against the tree and enjoyed the feeling this pretty girl was giving me. I looked over and there was Andrea on her knees with that big black motherfucker of Al's all the way down her throat. I almost let out a cheer when I saw her swallow his whole cock. She worked that hunk of cock in and out of her sweet lips and was making very loud sucking noises. Some people were walking by and they stopped and watched her working on pesta sex son and mom cock.

I don't think Andrea or Al realized that they were even there. They both were lost in the minute. Georgia had a hand on my ass and was pulling my dick into her throat as well. Suddenly I could feel her tongue licking my balls as my cock was buried in her throat.

She worked my dick in and out and soon she was slobbering all over my dick and making those slurping noises as well. Some more people wandered by and a couple stopped to watch and some just laughed and walked off. One couple was watching and the man asked his girl if she would do that for him and she told him "Later baby". "I'm going to cum Georgia" I warned her. "Cum in my mouth" she said "I don't want to get it on my dress." I laughed and told her I would be happy to cum in her mouth.

She began to really work on my cock and I couldn't hold on any longer. Blast after blast of hot cum shot from my cock and this lovely young girl was swallowing it all like a pro. Not a single drop escaped her sweet lips and she kept sucking until my cock was dry and started to go limp. I reached down and lifted her up and looked her in the eyes.

She smiled and her pretty eyes sparkled so I kissed her and turned to watch the other people. Al's pants were around his ankles and Andrea was working on his dick like bdsm piercing and teen fingers self to orgasm hd bandits of bondage woman possessed. She was sucking and moaning and his dick would appear and then disappear back into her mouth.

Suddenly Al let out a moan and you could tell he was filling her throat with black baby juice. She was not to be outdone by Georgia and she made sure not a drop ran down her chin.

I thought Al was going to pass out from the pleasure he was feeling. He took Andrea by the hair and held her head as she finished her wonderful blowjob. When Al's softening dick slipped from her lips she reached down and pulled up his pants and said "Wow that was good!" "That's what I thought too" Al laughed as he kissed Andrea on the cheek.

We all walked the rest of the way to the hotel laughing and wondering if the girlfriend of the guy watching was sucking his dick somewhere along the beach.

When we got to the hotel the girls said they were going and would be back in the morning to get us.

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"Where are you taking us tomorrow?" Al asked. "To the beach to screw you silly" Andrea laughed as she walked off into the darkness. "You better rest up for that" Georgia smiled as she followed her friend. We knew that would be exciting.

The next thing that I heard was Andrea telling me to get out of bed and let's get going. Al and I both got up and threw on some clothes and headed out to the beach with these two curvy young wenches.

Off we went arm in arm to set the beach on fire. As we walked along the boulevard I noticed that every once in a while you would see a topless woman. "Why don't you girls go topless and improve your tan?" I asked "You both have fantastic tits and you should show them off." "I could never walk along the beach topless" Georgia replied "I'm much too shy for that." "You didn't look too shy last night" Al spoke up "not too shy at piss drinking sluts lucia love amp julie skyhigh pee swallow sz small bikini tops don't leave much covered anyway" I said "you may as well let them out and show them off to the world." I reached behind Andrea and untied her top.

It surprised her and she reached to grab the string and it fell against her arm and let both of those 36C breasts spill out in front of everyone. She blushed a little but I think it excited her more than it embarrassed her. She never raised a hand to try to cover her magnificent tits. We continued to walk along and I had to admit that it was sweet to watch them jiggle as she walked. It was very cool to watch people as they realized that she was topless. Some guys would just stare at her and some would act like they were trying to sneak a peek.

It was funny! I could hear Al trying his hardest to get Georgia to remove her top and she was pretty sure it would not happen, but I know Al and he doesn't give up very easily. He kept working on her and he even begged her until she gave in.

It was not so crowded where we were now and Georgia turned so Al could remove her top. Al was like a kid in a candy store and he made a big production out of untying and removing the little piece of bikini that covered her lovely breasts.

Once they were uncovered the nipples grew long and hard. They were almost perfect and we applauded her and that embarrassed her a little even though we were just teasing her.

We walked a little further down the beach and decided to lay in the sun and rest awhile. As we spread out our towels, we joked about sex on the beach and we all had a good laugh. Sex on the beach was a drink that Al served up in his bar back in the states and we always laughed when someone ordered it. Just one of those crazy things people do sometimes. After lying there and rubbing suntan lotion all over the hot young body of Andrea, I found myself with a rather hard cock.

I looked at her healthy young ass and told her that I was thinking of fucking her right here. "No you can't do that" she warned "we'll get in trouble." "The worst that could happen is that you may have to give a policeman a blowjob to keep us out of jail" I laughed.

"That's not funny" she said as she hit me on the arm "don't make jokes like that." I moved closer to her and started running my hand across those tight firm butt cheeks. At first she kind of tried to make me stop but after a short time she was getting into it. She even moaned a little and that was a sign that she was enjoying it as much as I was. Soon I was running my finger up and down the length of her bikini bottom and her pussy was beginning to moisten the fabric of her bikini.

She reached down and was rubbing my cock through my shorts. The petting was having the same effect on us both as we became bolder with our moves. In a few minutes I was sucking on a hard nipple and she was stroking my hard dick. She pulled my shorts down and tugged at my cock until she had it out in the open. I pulled her bikini aside and slid my now throbbing dick into her wet slippery cunt. Soon we were fucking like bunnies and not paying any attention to what was happening around us.

As I was screwing this sweet piece of ass, I looked over and saw that Al was licking Georgia's lovely smooth pussy and there were a couple guys watching me fuck Andrea silly. I just hammered that happy pussy harder and made her bite her lip to keep from screaming. I could feel her pussy getting warmer and wetter as she had her first orgasm.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and sucked on my ear lobe as she climaxed again. Al was now fucking Georgia even though she was telling him "We can't do this here." She kept telling him that but she was fucking him as much as he was fucking her. Then I realized that I hadn't fucked that sweet little pussy of hers and I wanted some of it now. "Al, trade places with me" I asked "I want some of that pussy now." "But I was just getting her warmed up" Al complained.

"Here, this one is warmed and lubed up and ready for action" I promised him as I slapped Andrea on the ass. "She knows how to do it." "OK" Al said as he crawled between Andrea's legs and pointed his big black baby maker at her dripping cunt. I took his place between Georgia's smooth long legs and I could feel the heat from her pussy as my dick started to enter her love tunnel.

I slid all the way in and she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her and she kissed me. "They're watching us" she whispered in my ear "They're watching us fuck." That's when I looked around and there were about ten guys young cutie gets rammed in a threesome there watching and some of them were jacking off and watching us. Nobody made any attempt to stop us or bother us.

I guess that nobody would fuck with a big black guy like Al if they were smart anyway. Al was making Andrea moan as he plowed into her steamy pussy over and over again.

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I knew that she was cumming just by the look on her face. So I turned my entire attention towards Georgia and started to fuck her as best I could. I was pounding that sweet young pussy like a man possessed by the devil himself. She was fucking back as hard as she could and we continued this pace for several minutes until Lustful teens share jocks big cock and jizz heard Al tell Andrea that he was cumming.

Al pulled his big black dick from her wet pussy and started shooting cum all over her belly and tits. Shot after shot of seed covered her and she was rubbing it all over her chest and tits. Al must have dumped a bucket full of cum all over Andrea.

She giggled and rubbed it over her tits and neck like suntan oil. "I'm cumming Mike" Georgia screamed "cum on me too!" I pulled my dick from between her smooth legs and watched her looking at my dick as I jacked off and pointed it at her. When it started to spurt cum at her she was ready.

The first blast hit her on the chin and she licked what she could off her face. The next couple shots went on to her chest and neck. I kept stroking my cock and another spurt landed right on her left nipple. She ran her finger through the cum my niece goes interracial on spy camera her tit and licked it from her finger.

She sat up and reached down and grabbed my cock. She leaned over and kissed it right on the head. I was catching my breath when I heard the applause from the crowd of guys watching us. We all kind of looked at each other and started laughing. We got up and ran into the water and washed the sex off ourselves as best we could. We had a group hug and laughed at how much fun that had been.

When we returned to our towels and were drying off, a couple of the guys that had watched came over and thanked us for the show we had given them. I assured them that we had more fun than they did. One guy said that he had seen three guys shoot cum into the sand just watching. Then he asked if we would be coming back again tomorrow? We told them we weren't sure where we would be but one could never tell what might happen. We walked back to the hotel along the beach with the two hottest topless girls on the entire beach.

Guys would just look at us and know that we had the sweetest pieces of ass along the beach. We talked about what had happened and the girls were all for enjoying the beach again tomorrow. I know that I will be thinking of new things to expose these two curvy young ladies to. It is like a challenge to keep kinky young girls happy. That's what I'm supposed to do on my vacation. Keep kinky, curvy young girls happy. Boy life is good!