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Busty blonde wife helps her man celebrate steak and a blowjob day
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The demonic portal. Chapter 1 Night 1: A ritual, a monstrous tree, and a maiden gangbanged by orcs Every three years, a few days before the summer solstice, the united council of humans and elves gathered on the edge of the ancient forest, to ward off an old, ever luring threat. Somewhere in the vast forest lay 'Tehuag mountain', where a long time ago evil forces had conjured a demonic portal, with the intention of swarming this peaceful world with horrible demons and other monsters.

Every three years the portal began to open again. The only way to prevent this disaster was by sending a young 'champion' to the portal where she would have to use a sacred moonstone to seal the portal to the demonic world for another three years.

For this task the councilmembers had traveled the entire continent, looking for the right girl. This time, an eighteen year old human had been chosen. Her name was Myara, and she came from a small village by the sea. She had long blonde hair and wore a knee-length white dress to symbolize her purity. The sun had just set when she was brought to the clearing at the end of the deep forest.

There Lady Tolzine, powerful sorceress and guardian of the forest awaited her. The guardian was a tall, beautiful brown skinned elf with long, wavy dark red hair. She was the last of her kind, the last dark elf, and her sorcery had turned her into a powerful, magical being. Lady Tolzine ceremoniously opened a small chest, and took out the magical moonstone. It was a fist-sized, oval purple jewel. She raised her hands, holding up the stone in the pale moonlight.

"Behold the moonstone, keeper of our fate, bringer of light and peace." She turned to the members of the council to show them the stone, and then turned to the chosen maiden. "Step forward." The young girl approached and knelt down before the wise members of the council.

Tolzine stood beside her. "Myara of the Borimi village, do you accept your path, and will you repel the evil that lurks from the demonic mountain?" The blond girl nodded with a stern face. "I will complete my sacred duty." "On the first night, will you take the moonstone to the ruins of Lan'Ahara and charge it to its full power?" "I will complete my sacred duty." Myara solemnly vowed again. "On the second night, will you meditate in the earth chapel by the foot of Tehuag mountain, so that you will be given the strength to face the evil." "I will complete my sacred duty." Myara spoke again.

"On the third night, will you enter the mouth of Tehuag, and use the sacred moonstone to close the portal to the world of unspeakable evil? "I will complete my sacred duty." "Then, will you stay there, and guard the portal for the next three years?" "I will complete my sacred duty." "Now you must drink the potion of endurance, so you may become the champion our people need." One of the elven leaders stepped forward, holding a flask with a black fluid.

The woman's eyes rested on Lady Tolzine, admiringly, longingly. The guardian of the forest ignored the elf's expression and uncorked the flask. She then passed it to Myara. "You must drink all of it. Don't let a drop be spilled," she warned the girl.

Myara drank the thick, foul tasting substance without protest, and put the flask down when it was empty. "Now take the moonstone, we teen ride big toy xxx the shop and swap be on our way. It takes several hours for it to charge so you need to go now.

I will accompany you until we reach the ruins." A few minutes later they were walking through the forest, on their way to the ruins. The nearly full moon and hundreds of stars provided just enough light between the foliage above to find their way in the darkness.

Watching her man getting fucked by another lady uncensored and oriental the hike, Myara started to feel strange. She tried to shrug off the strange sensations in her body, but it kept getting worse.

She felt the urge to cross her legs, as a strange longing overcame her. "This potion, ever since I drank it… what does it do? What is it doing to me?" She asked Tolzine, "I feel so strange…" "It makes your body stronger when facing harsh circumstances. It gives you a flexibility most humans lack." "Flexibility?" "Trust me, if you don't take it, sealing the portal will tear you lovable girl gives a blowjob in pov and gets tight twat shagged shreds.

I've seen it happen." "It will work for three days?" "It will work forever. The alterations are permanent." "But I feel so… so…" The young girl faltered, her face completely flushed. "Don't worry," Tolzine comforted her, reaching out her arm to touch the girl. "It is a side effect of the potion. Everyone who drinks it goes through that phase." "A side effect? What does it do?" the young blonde asked worried. "We call it the craving," Tolzine spoke, unable to hold back a hint of a grin, "but you don't need to worry about it.

It just makes you very horny." "H… horny?" the maiden stammered as if it was the first time she ever said the word. "I… I can't…" Myara squirmed, cupping her own tits and pinching her nipples, completely embarrassed by her own actions.

She then started rubbing her pussy, over the fabric. "Don't fight it," Tolzine spoke calmly, still mildly amused. "Give into it. You'll feel better." She approached the gasping girl from behind and lifted the girl's white dress.

Through Myara's undergarments she could feel the fluids oozing. The girl moaned helplessly when the red haired dark elf took down her underwear and made contact with the bare skin of her needy pussy. Tolzine caressed it slowly, while the young girl kept squirming, leaning against the elf, lifting her leg to provide the woman better access to her unused snatch.

While licking the skin of the pure maiden's neck, Tolzine started rubbing the girl's clit vigorously. Myara moaned and wailed at this new found pleasure, until she reached her climax and yelled it out through the dark forest, she momentarily lost all strength in her legs and sunk to her knees.

While the maiden was still recovering from her first orgasm, Tolzine waited. When Myara reached out her arm, the red haired elf helped her stand. "I'm sorry," the girl whispered, still casting her eyes down. "Don't be sorry," Tolzine spoke sternly. "When you feel the craving, you should always give in to it.

Trust me." Myara dared look up again, and looked the dark elf right into the eyes. Longingly. Eagerly. Tolzine suddenly felt an urge creep up inside her. It would be so easy to claim her now. Her face was inches away, longing to be kissed! The dark elf sorceress turned her gaze away, and shrugged off her hunger.

She was not to have the horny human. She had to make sure everything went according to plan. Soon the two of them continued their walk through the forest, both lost in their own thoughts. About half an hour later Tolzine and Myara reached the large clearing on the ancient forest. There were large overgrown stones, pillars and walls everywhere, marking where once a dark elven settlement had stood. Lan'Ahara. Tolzine pointed to a dais with a pillar on it, in the middle of the clearing.

"Put the moonstone there, in the light," The dark elf spoke to the maiden. Myara did as she was asked. When put in place, the moonstone started to give off faint light, reflecting the moon.

"When the moonstone is fully charged, it will shine brightly. When it does, remove it from the pedestal and continue your way toward Tehuag mountain." Tolzine pointed toward the direction the girl should go. "Should I continue without sleep?" the girl blinked. "Yes," Tolzine nodded. "The nights are dangerous here, so you need to be on guard at all times. It's better to sleep during the day, the forest is much safer then." The girl nodded, understandingly, though slightly worried of what dangers she might face during the night.

"Will you stay here with me?" she asked. "No, you must complete this task on your own and prove your worth. Only then can you become the true champion, the guardian of the moonstone." She put a small dagger in Myara's hand.

"I will take my leave now. Good luck. We will meet again by the mountain. Take care, and remember your duty." With that she left the girl and walked back into the forest. Tolzine soon started walking faster, getting as much distance as possible between the girl and herself before she would snap and feed on the innocent human.

Oh, she was hungry. She was starving! She needed to feed. Soon. But she halted before a large shrub. "Don't think I don't know you're there." She addressed the shrub, "I know you've been following us the entire way. Show yourself!" Out of the bushes a female light elf reluctantly stepped out. "I'm sorry, Lady Tolzine, I longed to see you… " "Ustya," Tolzine spoke with a little disdain.

It was one of the elven councilwomen from the village, and a former champion who had survived Tehuag mountain. "Please, let me see you, your true kimonjapanese milf with a gun The pale skinned elf pleaded. She had long white hair and unusually large breasts for an elf . Tolzine smirked, she was just getting tired of upholding her elven form. She was done fooling the council now, and all events were going according to plan.

She let go of the magic that altered her exterior, and returned to her true self. She first grew about fifteen inches, and her curves grew bigger. Then her skin turned from brown to deep red, and she grew a large tail and thicker, fuller lips.

On the top of her forehead two black horns grew, long and twisted, and from underneath her black cape, a set of wings appeared.There she stood, dangerously sexy. The dark elf sorceress was in fact a succubus! "Lady Tolzine… please, let me serve you&hellip." The elf approached her. "Hmmm, I AM hungry," the succubus pondered… "but you smell of boredom. It's unsexy…" "Then… I'll go find an orc camp… I'm dying playing village counselor.

The craving… it's killing me! None of the elven males can satisfy me, I tried…" Tolzine laughed. "You want orc dick, huh? Are you sure they're big enough for you? Hmm. Come with me, I'll show you something even better." Ustya followed the succubus into the forest, to an ancient red oak. "Do you know what this is? Tolzine asked her. "A blood oak. There are several in this forest. They were once normal oaks, but they turned red with hatred and sorrow when the orc shamans killed the residing dryads.

All of them were created during the war between the orcs and the dark elves, and it is said-" Tolzine's sinister laughter abruptly stopped her. "So that is what the elves came up with? The orc shamans did it? As if they had the power!" Ustya stared at her blankly. "Is there a different story?" "A story?" Tolzine cackled, "I sucked all the life out of those useless dryads!

I created these trees! They are my instruments." The pale skinned elf looked at her with awe and curiousness. "Instruments? Of what?" "They are my underlings, my demonic tools of torture. I corrupted them with massive amounts of abyssal magic, and the captured souls of lesser demonic creatures." Ustya stared at her, openmouthed. "For what purpose?" "To store my food," the succubus explained, placing her hand on the tree, near a deep groove.

She mumbled a few near inaudible spells, and the tree began to move. Ustya had to duck when a thick branch slowly passed over her head, and the tree unfolded. The light elf held her breath in surprise when she saw what was inside. It was the body of a mature female dark elf, slowly moving. Her swollen belly was being prodded and moved from the inside, and Ustya could see enormous root-like objects move into the prisoner's widely stretched ass and pussy.

Her limbs were securely locked by faintly illuminating tentacles. A thick, curving branch was strung around her neck while two slick tube like things were pumping into her mouth.

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Her dark brown hair was very long and dirty, and was here and there partially entangled with the tentacles. "Meet my friend Melizu," Tolzine introduced her prisoner. "W… what…" Ustya stammered, "what is that?" "I call it my symbiotic ripening treatment." Tolzine calmly explained, clearly enjoying the sight of the suffering dark elf inside. "The inhabitant is sustained by the nourishment pumped into her, and in return she gives off her own fluids, harvested by the infernal tree.

The sexual energy is stored within the girl, making her the tastiest treat imaginable." "Is she conscious?" Tolzine shrugged. "At times. But I guess by now she can't remember anything beyond being in there." Ustya stared at the dark elf in the tree, getting fucked in all her holes. There were two knotty, uneven roots cramming her ass, each of them about two inches in diameter. The root in her pussy was a bit smoother and lighter in color, about two and a half inches thick.

The moving end of the front root was curled up inside her belly, making it protrude impossibly far. Once the tree had opened, the roots in her ass had started to move faster, and were now brutally rammed into Melizu's extremely stretched asshole.

The dark elf suddenly opened her eyes, alarmed, and though the tubes in her throat kept pumping, there seemed to be an expression of agony in her eyes. "I thought they were extinct," Ustya looked at the gloating succubus beside her. "No dark elf has been seen for over two decades… well… besides 'you'." "That's right, I personally saw to it." Tolzine explained.

"Stubborn creatures, those dark elves were. When I claimed this forest, they refused to succumb to my rule. Even when I used the orcs to put some pressure on them…" The succubus touched the tree again, making the roots stop their fucking motions, and slowly slide out.

The first to leave were the tubes out of her throat, then the anal roots. Ustya could now see that they were long, knotty stumps. The pussy one seemed to be momentarily stuck. Apparently there was a thicker part still inside. The entangled dark elf gasped, finally able to breath normally again. Her glassy eyes were dazed and disoriented. Illuminated by the tentacles around her upper legs, Melizu's stretched pussy was very well visible, and Ustya couldn't help but touch herself, witnessing it slowly stretch even wider.

The taut skin around the root slowly kept opening further as the root thickened, revealing a huge knot passing through. The dark elf wailed as her body tensed from the exercise. At the thickest point the root was about four inches in diameter, and then it popped out, pulling four smaller, attached roots with it.

A gush of bodily fluids followed. The remaining, entangling tentacles then started moving their groaning victim forward, out of the niche she'd clearly been residing in for decades. They tilted her body, face down, suspended about five feet above the ground. Her hair was so long it touched the soil beneath her. Then she was turned sideways, her legs still wide open, showing her gaping holes.

Tolzine inspected the dark elf's body. "Isn't that a pretty sight?" "It's magnificent…" Ustya commented, tremendously aroused by the sight.

She approached the prisoner too, and carefully touched her. "How old are you now?" Tolzine asked the light elf. "185…" "Melizu has been inside this tree since before you were born. This is how I preserve tasty goodies." She turned her attention to the barely conscious dark elf.

"Isn't that right, sweetheart? A strong, stubborn, feisty warrior you were… Tough to break… But look at you now!" The succubus noticed how Ustya's attention seemed to be drawn by the dark elf's gaping holes. "Go on, have a taste." Tolzine encouraged her. "She won't mind." Ustya checked out Melizu's ass and pussy. She stared into the faintly quivering holes. They were both completely ruined by years of relentless tree fucking. Ustya touched the dark elf's pussy, which was quite wet, and slowly let her hand slide in.

Melizu was nice and hot inside. The light elf pulled out her hand completely, and made a fist. Again it slid in without too much effort. Ustya's pussy was dripping wet now. It was so arousing to fistfuck that worn out elf!

Curiously, she then moved her fist to Melizu's asshole, and there she also slid in easily. Ustya couldn't restrain herself from reaching out her tongue, and suddenly she started licking the edges of the old, worn out cunt. While she was still fisting the dark elf's slobbery asshole, her tongue found a red, permanently swollen clit. She fiercely started sucking it. Immediately, Melizu reacted. Her body tensed and she softly wailed and moaned.

"Keep going!" Tolzine demanded, studying the barely conscious dark elf. "Oh, oh!" Melizu groaned. And suddenly her eyes opened wide, and she looked right into Tolzine's black, demonic eyes. "No…" she pleaded. "No…" "Give it all you've got, Ustya! She's loving it!" The light elf kept fisting the entangled woman's ass creamy latina with pink panties getting fucked doggystyle fiercely working on kinky simony gets nailed in the office big clit.

"Please…" the dark elf begged. Oh! Aaah!" She tensed up. Tolzine grabbed the dark elf's throat, and brought her lips closer. Just when Melizu was on the brink of climax, the succubus kissed her.

It was a deep, compelling kiss. The slutty blonde gets fucked deep inside her ass started feeding on her defenseless victim, sucking the life and sexual energy right out of her while groaning in delight. She could feel the energy spread through her body. Revitalizing. Rejuvenating. What a wonderful sensation! She kept on pulling the life out, until there was almost nothing left.

When she finally let go, Melizu hung limply form the tentacles, barely hanging on to life. The succubus looked at Ustya, who was still lewdly licking the dark elf's gaping holes. Tolzine soundlessly walked past her and put her hands on the tree again. The tentacles let go of the unconscious dark elf, who fell to the ground, and quickly lashed onto Tolzine's arms and legs. "Wait! N… no!" The light elf brought out. "Oh look at that!" Tolzine completely ignored her plea, "my oak friend has found a fresh plaything." Tolzine's dress was lifted up sleeping mom xxx storys sex stories a fluorescent tentacle ripped off her underwear, exposing her damp pussy.

"No!" Ustya fully realized what was going to happen. "You can't do this!" "What now?" Tolzine raised an eyebrow. "I thought you wanted to get fucked! I'm doing you a favor!" Ustua got pulled into the tree, her legs were forced wide open, and a thin, pale root tentatively rose and found the entrance to her ass.

She groaned, sensitive to touch having suppressed the craving for so long. "I've seen you take on an arch demon!" Tolzine commented, "I'm sure this tree will be everything you've been dreaming about since your return from Tehuag." "I'm a member of the high council! I can't disappear now! They will- oh!" Another root joined in her ass.

sexy desperate babe ivy rose fucks pawnmans cock for money gods!" Ustya had to admit it to herself, it felt good to be fucked again. She felt the two objects inside her stretch her asshole, trying to widen it even more. One of the thick stumps now moved upward. The two small roots moved aside and stretched the opening, letting the new one squeeze in in the middle.

"Aaah!" Ustya yelled upon the intrusion. It looked as if she wanted to talk. To say more. To plead. But then a feeding tube forced itself into her mouth and her throat, making her head tilt back as she was completely pulled into the blood oak. The two thin roots left Ustya's asshole and tentatively moved to her damp pussy.

They were soon joined by two more.

They each had a pointy tip, gradually becoming thicker until they debouched into one thick knot. It was the one they had seen come out of the dark elf's pussy. The four roots simultaneously penetrated Ustya's cunt, moving slightly deeper with each thrust, until they were halfway in, stretching the light elf to her current maximum capacity.

Ustya could only produce some muffled sounds as her orifices were invaded by the tree. Tolzine was still watching, amused. She placed her hand on the tree again, making the roots inside the light elf move faster, and force themselves even deeper.

She listened to Ustya's muffled screams, and nodded contently. "Oh Ustya I wish you could see yourself. It truly is a lovely sight." With that she closed the tree.

"Don't worry, I won't forget you. I'll come back when I'm hungry again." When the blood oak was securely closed Tolzine stepped over the unconscious dark elf and walked off. She'd be back later.

First she had make sure everything went according to plan. --- Myara sat down on a patch of moss, carefully keeping an eye on the moonstone on the column. All she had to do was make sure it stayed in its place throughout the night, so it would store it's magical energy by which she would hold the portal in two days.

The human girl sighed deeply. She would have to stay up tonight, to make sure no one removed the stone from its place. A long and dull task it would prove to be. As she sat there silently, she became more aware of her body again, and the strange feelings she had ever since she drank the potion.

That strange inexplicable craving, what could it be? She sighed again, and subconsciously let her right hand caress herself and grab her right breast. Her finger brushed over her nipple and she bit her lower lip, suddenly very aware of her unprovoked arousal. Maybe it was the adrenaline from the task at hand that made her feel frisky. She thought back of Lady Tolzine's words: 'When you feel the craving, you should always give in to it.

Trust me.' Her breath got stuck in her throat when she had pulled up her dress and let her fingers touch her damp and warm pussy. She wanted something inside her, right now! The craving was so immense, it had to be magically induced. She rubbed her clit desperately to give her body some satisfaction, hoping the craving would subside.

She moaned and groaned and almost howled as she pleasured herself under the full moon, until she finished with a much needed climax. It did help a bit. In any case it brought her to her senses, and she quickly glanced around, to see if anyone noticed, but of course, she was still all by herself in the forest. She exhaled slowly, making an effort to get her breathing under control while she fixed her dress and really tried to convince herself she hadn't done anything wrong.

Nothing noteworthy happened for the next four hours, and slowly, Myara started to feel quite sleepy. She had to make an effort to keep her eyes open. The craving was back again as well, and before she was consciously aware she was teacher seduces teen student alone with a drone her inner things again, with both hands.

She fantasized about a good looking young man approaching her from out of the forest. A woodcutter or a hunter who would get a hold of her and just fuck her, right here, right now. "Ah" she wailed, her body squirming over the ground. She stretched her arm between her legs and bent on her knees she started riding her own forearm, harder and harder until she came again, harder and better than last time. And then she laid still for a moment, feeling the blush on her cheeks as she realized what she had just done.

Again. Luckily no one would even know. She turned onto her back. Did she just hear something? She sat up and looked right at an arrow point, behind it a short bow, and behind it an ugly, grinning face.

"Scream," he said. Myara let out a short scream. She looked for her dagger, and saw it near the column with the moonstone, over ten feet away from where she sat. "Don't even think about it girl, unless you want an arrow in your eye." She looked upon the creature.

He was about seven feet tall. He was big and muscular and his skin was leathery green. An orc. Several more of them were slowly coming out of the forest. Six orcs. "I don't have anything you want," Myara claimed bravely, cursing herself for getting caught off guard, "so be off!" "I'll be the judge of that." Another orc spoke.

"You have petite brunette minx rides on a bbc nice big gemstone over there. I bet it's quite valuable." "No don't take the moonstone!

Please! You don't know what you're doing! Our world needs that stone!" The orc chief laughed. "Our world needs it?" he exchanged a grin with some of his allies"I think my pouch needs it." "No! The demons will come! Their evil will destroy our lands as well as yours. The only thing that can stop the portal from opening!" The orc gave her a measuring look. "I think you'll say anything to keep us from taking it." "It's a moonstone," another, very tall orc spoke slowly.

He was dressed differently from the others, and his clothes were adorned with little bones and charms. A wise orc, must be a shaman, Myara realized. They were the most fearsome, as they possessed otherworldly magic. The shaman reached out his hand, going for the stone. "No, no I swear it's the truth," Myara pleaded, "Please don't take it!" "You can't stop us," The orc chief spoke confidently, "Unless&hellip. You have anything else, something of equal value to bribe us out of taking this precious shiny stone." "I… I.

don't have anything…" Myara spoke desperately. "How about your cunt?" the orc with the shortbow suggested. "My…" the girl's face turned red, baffled by the orc's bluntness. "Though a bit tactless, Breeko here raises a valuable point, human." the orc chief's eyes bore into hers as he approached her, and grabbed her neck. "In the place of your valuable stone, I want your body." "My…" "Don't look surprised, pretty human.

I'm sure you've indeed got nice firm tits and a tight little pussy underneath that sexy dress. Myara's mouth fell open, and for a moment she couldn't bring out a word, as she saw the horrible choice before her.

"I'm… a pure maiden…" she whispered. "Don't worry," the orc chief grinned. "We'll teach you everything you need to know!" He gestured for the shaman to stand beside the moonstone.

"Kruon, If the girl tries to run off or refused anything I demand, take that moonstone and bring it to the settlement." The shaman nodded. The orc chief then smirked at the girl again and took out his fat green nine inch dick. The human's face was completely flustered. "I've… I've never…" "You never sucked dick, huh?" Myara shook her head in shame, staring at the orc's cock. She started to feel the horny cute babe alana cruise loves fucking again.

Not now&hellip. she desperately thought. The orc laughed. "Don't worry, I'll teach you." He beckoned the girl, and reluctantly she crawled to her knees before him, her eyes still big and bewildered. She remembered again what Lady Tolzine had told her: 'When you feel the craving, you should always give in to it.

Trust me.' She felt the craving, very urgently… With shaky breath, Myara reached out her tongue and gave a careful lick. She quickly got even more aroused, and licked the smooth glans, soon trailing her tongue around it, tasting orc precum.

It was nice and even a little sweet, a lot better than she would have expected from an filthy, ugly orc. She felt the orc chief's hand on the back of her head, pulling her closer. She opened her mouth and encased his cock.

Guided by his hand pulling and pushing her hair, she moved her head, moving her lips over the big green dick. She was still partly aroused, partly disgusted by what she was doing. A big, strong hand picked up her right hand, and guided it to another fat orc dick. "Getting impatient, Gorak?" The chief momentarily let go of her hair so she could turn and watch what was in her hand. The second orc moved her hand over his dick, teaching her how to give a handjob.

When he let go of her hand, she kept jerking him off. The she looked at the chief's dick again, grabbed it with her left hand and made the same motions. She couldn't get her head around why this turned her on so much, but it did.

The chief pulled her head closer, and she started sucking him off again, closing her eyes. A soft moan escaped her as she felt her pussy get wet.

She excited attractive girl banged in arse hardcore blowjob noticed the chief had let go of her hair, and she was now bobbing her head by herself, savoring the taste of orc dick.

The orc on her right put some pressure on her shoulder, and she turned her head. The cock in her right hand almost prodded her face. She got the hint and took it in her mouth. "Mmmh, good girl. You're loving this don't you?" Gorak observed. Myara looked up, startled. She quickly shook her head. No, she couldn't admit it to them. "You're a lousy liar, slut." The chief commented. He bended forward and pulled british milf ellen gets turned on in fishnet tights dress up.

She barely protested as he pulled it over her head and left the young girl completely naked and exposed. When she looked up at the orcs she saw she was now surrounded by five hard orc dicks. She gulped. The chief forced his dick back in her mouth, and she meekly obliged.

While she vigorously sucked him she felt his hand move down to her left tit, grabbing and slapping it. He pinched her nipple hard. "Oh," she briefly backed off her head. The chief moved a little and another cock got shoved into her mouth.

She vigorously put her tongue and lips to work again. "Yea, Turbek likes this human whore," the orc grunted. Both her hands got switched to different dicks and she kept going, attempting to pleasure three dicks at a time. Her pussy had gotten so wet now she could feel the fluid trickle down her thighs. The cock in her mouth got switched again, and quite immediately the orc grabbed her head and prodded the back of her throat. She was startled, but she couldn't pull away.

He fucked her face brutally, forcing his cock as deep in her throat as was possible, making her gag. He mercilessly continued. She heard an orc laugh, "Breeko's giving it to her good!" Myara was struggling to breathe when she felt another orc behind her felt between her legs. "By Tehuag! She's oozing!" Gorak brought out. Breeko let go of Myara's head and she pulled back, coughing hard while she fell backward, right into Gorak's arms, who promptly grabbed her tits and squeezed them.

"Then let's fuck her," Breeko suggested, looking at the chief. "Put her up there," the chief pointed at an overgrown stone slab. Gorak and Breeko picked the human girl off the ground and carried her to the platform. "No please…" Myara pleaded, "I must remain a virgin! I-" "Shut up," Breeko interrupted her.

Gorak whispered in her ear, "You're gonna love it! Before the night is over you'll be begging for more." They placed her on the stone slab on her back, Gorak and Breeko then stood on either side. They each took one of Myara's legs and opened them as far as possible. The chief then walked up to her and inspected the girl's wet pussy. He touched the damp skin with his hand, and spread it with his fingers.

"Please…" Myara made one last, meagre attempt. She held her breath when she suddenly felt the chief's tongue against her slit. He licked her slowly, enjoying the virgin taste. It was scary, to feel the orc's sharp tusks against her delicate skin, but Myara felt the craving again, throbbing inside, stronger than ever. She wanted more, more of that wonderful sensation. More orc tongue! "No&hellip." she panted. She wanted to oppose the craving rather than the orc, but neither stopped.

She couldn't help but moan softly as the chief lapped her needy pussy. And when his tongue made direct contact with her clit she wailed. "OOOh" She completely forgot about her protest, and thoroughly enjoyed getting her pussy eaten by the orc. She enjoyed it so much she was disappointed when he suddenly stopped.

She looked over her belly at the ugly green creature, holding his big dick. She looked at his large tool, the fat glans, leaking with precum from excitement.

The reality hit her again, she, a pure maiden, was about to get fucked! By an orc! How could she possibly be enjoying any of this? Myara was scared out of her mind, part of her wanted to scream and escape, the other half however was already controlled by the craving.

She needed that cock inside her body, urgently. "Oh gods!" she brought out as she laid her head back and closed her eyes. She could feel the pressure of his cock against her unused pussy, trying to force it's way in. He slipped and slid up, brushing her clit. He tried once more, but he slipped again. "It's too big!" Myara tried to reason with him. She felt the pressure of his dick, pushing against the entrance again, when all of a sudden he broke through, and sheathed his cock halfway into her tight little cunt.

Myara screamed at the warped mix of pain and pleasure that suddenly tore her mind to shreds! And tears ran down from her eyes as she fully realized she had lost her virginity to some dirty orc in a forest. The orc chief looked down at his cock buried halfway in the human's tiny cunt. He couldn't remember the last time he fucked a pussy this tight. He pushed again, moving about an inch deeper, provoking another yelp from the young girl. And then he pulled back out and bended forward to inspect the result of his deed.

There was a little bit of blood trickling out of her pussy. "Wow chief, look at that! She really was a virgin", one of the orcs spoke. "Can I have a go too now chief?" Gorak, holding her right leg, spoke. "Please," Myara begged with a quivering voice, although she wasn't sure what she was begging for anymore. She, a pureblood virgin was being fucked by orcs, how could her body possibly be desiring it?

"Let me go now?" The chief responded by shoving his cock back in, causing her to scream. "Not before I'm finished with you." he laughed, "not before we are all finished with you." He started fucking her hard. Her body was curving and aching with a mass of pleasure and tormenting pain. She had to give in to the craving.

Had to take it. This orc brutally claiming her little cunt, it was destiny! Suddenly, all she could feel was pleasure. The feeling of her tight pussy being pounded, mature and girl sex ann felt so good! She had not been alive before this moment. She could see it all so clearly, it was happening right now.

She could see, hear and feel that big green dick being jammed into her frail body. It was a miracle she could take him, but it was perfect! She could feel it build up inside her. The desire. The lust for more orc dicks. It completed her. She reached out her hands, and soon found a dick for each of them.

She jerked them off while getting fucked. Her cunt felt so good, the sensation slowly became unbearable again. She tensed up, unsure of what was going to happen next. What happened next was something she couldn't describe. She closed her eyes. It washed over her, an intense heat and immense feeling of utter satisfaction.

It took her a few more moments before she realized it was the best orgasm she had ever felt. She groaned, riding the waves of bliss. A few moments later the orc chief suddenly left her pussy completely and stood upright to walk around her. She immediately felt empty, and craved for more dick to be plunged inside of her.

Ebony interracial deep throat in fake taxi looked at the cock in her right hand, and looked up to the orc. Her eyes met Gorak's, and he grinned at her? He walked around the slab, and shoved his fingers into her pussy. "How about I shove my cock in here… would you like that?" Myara stared at him. She couldn't lie anymore. The craving had won her over. She nodded, and eagerly looked at Gorak's thick green cock.

She still laid with her legs splayed open. She wanted to feel it in her pussy. "Ask me," the orc teased her. "Ask me to shove my cock into your whore cunt." Myara gasped. She really needed that cock. The fact that he wasn't just ramming it in made her insane. "Fuck me," she caved in. "I want orc dick! Now!" "Good girl," Gorak smiled, and rewarded her by pushing his cock into her narrow entrance.

He went as deep as he could, which was about seven inches now. "Nice and tight! I see we need to work on your capacity though." He started fucking her hard, and she moaned gratefully as she closed her eyes, taking it all.

When she opened her eyes again she could see the chief approach her head and pulled her a little closer. His cock was near her face at just the right height, and she stared at it, feeling her mouth seek it. The dick that had brutally taken her virginity. She felt excited when it came closer, but it moved upward, and instead her reached out tongue made contact with his hairy nutsack.

"Lick my balls, slut!" She opened wide and gratefully licked his nuts. It was so nice, and she savored the pungent scent and salty taste of orc balls while getting her spicy j and diamond kitty fucked pounded. The chief then suddenly pulled back and rammed his dick inside her mouth, grabbing the girl's blonde hair to guide her into the right pace. He fucked her throat, and she tried her best to keep sucking, fighting the gag reflexes.

When he left she tried to breathe as tears rolled down her eyes. This time they were tears of happiness. "Open," the orc chief commanded as he pulled down her chin. About two seconds later he filled her mouth with a warm load of orc spunk. She seemed surprised, but kept her mouth open to receive the second and third load, then she closed to swallow, much to the orc's delight.

"Drink up, slut," he commented while releasing the rest of his semen on her cheek and forehead. Gorak left her pussy and another orc stepped in to fuck her. Her hands searched and found more dicks to jack off.

Myara groaned. No matter how much she sucked and fucked, the craving wouldn't dennis neukt nadia in de gouden kooi She opened her mouth for Gorak's load, and gratefully swallowed it all.

Shortly afterward another dick got shoved in her face, and another cock pounded her pussy. They all spilled their load in the girl's cum craving mouth. Breeko was the last one to fuck her, and he grabbed onto her legs hard to force himself deeper. It caused Myara to move on the stone slab. He pulled her back toward him, trying to get his cock in as deep as possible. The attempt made him grumpy and sweaty.

"Morgom, Gorak, hold her down." The two orcs did as asked and pushed down her shoulders, keeping her from moving. Breeko kept drilling her hard, until finally he got his entire length to fit in her pussy.

Myara moaned with pleasure, and while Breeko rammed his complete dick into her frail little body, she found a new high and screamed when he got another orgasm out of her. "Oh yes!" She yelled, "Oh fuck yes!" She was still recovering from her climax when Breeko left her pussy to walk up to her face, and shot most of his jizz into her hair. Myara felt completely spent and satisfied when they were all finished. It was over, she reckoned. She looked at the column where the moonstone laid.

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It was still there. She could still continue her quest. "Kruon," the chief addressed the shaman who was still standing near the moonstone. "You haven't had a turn yet. Come have a taste of this human whore." Kruon smiled calmly. "I'm good. Besides, it's her first night.

I doubt she can take me." "Give it a shot!" the chief encouraged him. The shaman approached and Myara got pulled off the slab and forced down to her knees. She had felt completely spent half a minute ago, but now, anticipating the tallest orc to take out his huge meat staff she got all horny again.

She gasped when she saw what sunny leone porn storys 30mins huge tool the shaman was hiding. His dick was enormous, even for orc standards. It was easily eleven inches long and nearly three inches in diameter.

Myara's mouth watered at the sight. She wanted to taste that thing. Lick it, feel it, worship it, and most of all, get fucked by it! Kruon observed her. "The craving is very strong in this one," he commented. He caressed her blond hair, which was already dirty with orc cum. "Go on girl." Myara didn't need any further encouragement. Her hand took a hold of the shaman's huge dick and she licked it as if it were a tasty treat.

She did find it a tad weird that he seemed to know about the craving, but she didn't care enough to ponder upon it further. It bothered her more that she couldn't fit the big cock in her throat, but she sucked the tip good and groaned with pleasure. While she let her tongue and lips work hard on the shaman's dick, she felt a hand between her legs.

It reached up and a few fingers slipped into her wet pussy. She opened her legs a little more to give him better access, loving to get her pussy fingered. They didn't stay in her pussy for long however. Soon one finger was pushed into her ass. It startled her, and for a moment she let go of the dick in her mouth.

She didn't want her ass to be touched! That was filthy! When another orc finger penetrated her tight asshole she felt a sting of pain. She wailed in protest.

"Surrender to the craving," the shaman advised her, "if you let it control you, all pain will be converted into pleasure." Again Myara wondered how he knew. "What…" she tried to gather her thoughts, "what do you know about the craving?" "I have two human wives," the shaman grinned, "they're both former champions, suffering the craving. They're so addicted to my dick I hardly get any rest at home." Myara thought back of what Tolzine had told her, the changes were cute sweetie is gaping wet vagina in close up and having orgasm. She would feel like this for the rest of her life, even after she sealed the demon's portal… "Oh," she moaned as the orc behind her finger fucked her asshole.

She could suddenly imagine herself an orc's wife, getting pleasured like this all day long. They had such glorious dicks! She moved her ass back over the orc's finger, succumbing to the craving again. When a third finger moved in her asshole it felt all good. It was wonderful. All pain was translated into pleasure.

And all she wanted to feel was more. She moved her hand behind her back, trying to find the orc that was stretching her butthole. She found his leg, and trailed it further until she found his cock. She wanted him to push it in her ass! Kruon anticipated what was about to happen and stepped back, letting Myara land on all fours. The orc behind her moved in closer and pushed the tip of his cock against her sphincter.

"Want it in your ass, slut?" it was Gorak. "Yes," Myara admitted feverishly, leaning down on her elbows, bracing for her first anal ride. She groaned upon the intrusion. But she embraced the craving, and it felt so good to get her ass filled with orc dick. "Yes," she encouraged him. "Fuck! Yes!" Gorak quickly picked up the pace and frat dudes film teen sex in shower after a night of partying the human girl's tight asshole.

All the while accompanied by her encouraging moans. He kept going for a few minutes, but then Breeko drew his attention. "Let's put her up there," he suggested, pointing at a large fallen column. Shortly they dragged the meek girl over there and threw her on the column.

Gorak pushed his cock back in and continued his anal ride, while Breeko grabbed a hold of the girl's head and pulled her down backwards, so that she hung upside down. He pushed his cock into her throat. Myara was still loving the sensation in her ass, but she had to adapt to the forceful intrusion of her throat. It was arousing though, to get that thick cock shoved into her face like that.

She opened her mouth as far as she could, accommodating Breeko's fat orc dick. She concentrated on breathing when Breeko made contact with the back of her mouth. Just when she thought she couldn't take in any more, he forced his dick further in her throat. Impossibly far. Oh what pleasure it gave her, to have her throat invaded, it felt so good! Breeko soon started fucking her throat really hard.

Myara was absolutely in heaven, getting pounded on both ends. And soon she reached another climax. Her ass clenched on Gorak's dick as she came, her scream muffled by the cock all the way in her throat. After a while the orcs were switching again, and two different dicks were rammed into her throat and ass, fucking her up. Several very long minutes later they left again.

This time, it was Kruon who shoved his dick up her ass. He was so big she could hardly take him, but he jammed his cock into her narrow passage anyway, making her howl in delight.

After a few hard thrusts he was sheathed completely, and his balls touched her skin. He was in so deep that her belly bulged, and Myara placed her hand on the bulb, amazed and aroused. He started moving inside of her, and she could feel him.

With every thrust she could feel the tip of the orc's cock push against the palm of her hand. It was the most arousing experience she ever had. "Oh yes", she yelled, "Oh fuck this is so good! It's unbelievable!" She started rubbing her clit with her right hand, while her left still laid on her stomach.

"Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck!" The sensation soon built up to another climax, and she came hard again, groaning and cursing. And all the while the shaman kept ploughing up her insides. Kruon only stopped when the quinn wilde field day fuck snapchat nicolexgray put a hand on his shoulder. "She's ready to take a double drilling." The shaman nodded, and let the chief pull Myara off the column. She stood on wobbly legs, not sure what to do now.

The chief sat down on the ground and beckoned her to sit on top of him. Myara quickly got the idea and eager for more fucking, she straddled over him, lowering her pussy on his dick. It was a strange experience to be in control of the movement for the first time. The chief grabbed and pinched her tits while she merrily bounced on his green cock, every now and then stopping on the deepest end, enjoying the feeling of a fully stuffed cunt.

It didn't take long for Kruon to interrupt them and push her forward. He pushed two fingers in Myara's ass. She adjusted her position to give him access, and the shaman soon shoved his huge cock back into her cockhungry asshole. She screamed at the warped feeling of getting stuffed on both ends. It sunny leone and mia khalifa and sunney leon xxx photos sex stories simply fantastic! "Oh yes!" she yelled, "Stuff me with your big green dicks!

Fuck me hard! Aaah!" The two orcs drilled her hard and mercilessly, and all the while she kept encouraging them, until her voice broke, and she had another, mind blowing orgasm. The contraction of Myara's pussy clenched the chief's fat dick, and shortly after her climax he came inside her, pumping her cunt full of orc spunk.

Kruon then slowed his movement and pulled her upright. His arms slid under her legs and he pulled her off the floor, his huge dick still in her ass. He stood upright, and leaning against the strong orc's chest, Myara looked at the four other orcs standing there with their dick in their hand, waiting for their turn. Gorak stepped in first and shoved his dick in her dirty pussy. She cried out with joy again, loving to get fucked on both sides.

She was so tight now, as her ass was occupied by Kruon's massive dick, the eager orc didn't need much more, and soon finished inside her crammed pussy.

"Oh, Oh, yes…" Myara moaned weakly. She didn't feel like she could take much more, in spite of all the pleasure it gave her. Suddenly her attention was drawn by the moonstone. It was shining brightly. Myara vaguely remembered that meant something.

But all she could really think of was getting fucked by big green dicks until she passed out. It was Morgom's turn. He fucked her pussy hard, and came inside. And then Turbek was called, and he did the same. Myara's cunt was dripping and oozing with orc cum when Breeko stepped in. He observed the girl, who still was getting her ass drilled hard by the seemingly tireless shaman. "I'm not putting my cock in that filthy worn out cunt!" he grunted.

Instead he pushed his cock against the edge of her already fully occupied asshole. Kruon understood his intention and slowed down a bit. After a few failed attempts, Breeko suddenly managed to squeeze his dick in her ass, causing the girl to scream again. Myara thought her ass was going to be ripped apart, but it didn't hurt at all, it felt so wonderful and amazing she squirmed with pleasure. She loved getting her ass so stretched, and she loved the way Breeko grabbed her throat and looked her in the eyes.

Dominantly. Mercilessly. It made her feel like she was in paradise. They relentlessly continued their forceful anal ride. Myara's tight, virgin asshole had turned into a huge fuckhole, successfully destroyed by fat orc dicks. She drooled, moaning as the waves of pleasure just kept coming.

When kruon finally got close to his climax he lifted the girl off their dicks and put her on the floor. She fell down on her knees, panting. The shaman slapped her ass and spread her butt cheeks, looking into her gaping asshole.

Then he pushed his cock back in to continue his drilling. Breeko kneeled before the gasping girl and grabbed her by the hair. He pulled it upward and placed her drooling mouth over his dick and fucked her throat. "Enjoy the taste of your ass, cunt," he grunted, shoving his green dick so far in her throat she could feel his balls slapping her chin.

When he finished he held still on the deep end, shooting right into her esophagus. He watched her eyes roll back into their sockets and slapped her cheek.

"That's a good cum whore," he complimented her. In the meantime Kruon made his final deep thrusts and with a low, earthy groan he finished deep inside the human girl's now quavering body. When he pulled out his massive cock, the girl collapsed on the ground. "Looks like we thoroughly wore her out," Gorak commented, looking at the girl's dripping holes. Kruon spotted the brightly shining moonstone a bit further, and picked it up to inspect it. "Torbek likes the shiny stone," the somewhat simple orc came to watch it.

"Can we keep it?" The shaman shook his head. "No. The human needs it to fulfill her task. We should make sure she doen't lose it. The fate of the forest depends on it." "How so?" Torbek asked curiously. "I'll explain it to you, but not here," Kruon dismissed the underling and gave the moonstone to the chief. The orc leader walked up to the drooling, barely conscious girl on the ground, and rolled her over on her back.

He then spread her legs wide and kneeled bbw lesbian in pantyhose gets snatch dildo fucked them, checking out her cum leaking holes. He pushed four fingers into her pussy. She reacted with a whimper, but she didn't stop him. He forced his fingers in further pushing and turning until his fist disappeared into the girl's dirty cunt.

Myara slowly regained consciousness and got pretty alarmed when she felt the chief's fist in her pussy. He pulled his hand back out and now pushed the moonstone into her slobbery hole. "What… what are you doing?" she asked, sitting up on her elbows to watch the orc chief's hand go in deeper and deeper, until his entire fist fit into her pussy again. It hurt like hell! "Ow!" She wailed, becoming aware of the soreness in her pussy.

"Keep it in there," the orc chief told her as he retracted his hand and stood up. "If you ever feel a craving for orc dick again, come find us when you're back from the mountain." He gestured at his men, and the band of orcs walked away, disappearing into the forest. All alone between the ruins of Lan'Ahara, the tired human sat with her legs wide open, with orc cum trickling from her abused holes. The craving had finally subsided, and her ass, pussy and throat were aching so much it almost made her cry.

Myara couldn't believe the things she had done, and what she had said in the heat of the moment. She was no longer a virgin. She could never undo what had been done to her tonight. She spread her sore pussy with her fingers and reached inside to get the moonstone but it was too deep. She couldn't bring herself to push her hand in any further, so she decided to leave it there for now.

She knew she was supposed to continue on her path to the mountain, but her legs could hardly move. She was exhausted. And completely naked… She spotted her dress a little bit further and crawled toward it. It was dirty with sand and mud but she put it on anyway, reckoning she couldn't get any dirtier.

She could still smell the orc cum on her body and in her hair. What a terrible night. She hoped Lady Tolzine wouldn't be angry with her.

She hoped she'd still be able to close the portal with the moonstone, now that she was no longer a pure maiden. Worried about many things, Myara fell asleep. --- High up in a nearby tree Tolzine observed the girl, smiling. Myara had done well for her first part of the training. The succubus was now completely confident that she picked the right candidate, and looked forward to see her perform on the second test tomorrow.