Young teen car ride turns into deep throat blowjob amp mouth full of cum then swallow

Young teen car ride turns into deep throat blowjob amp mouth full of cum then swallow
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My wife Amy and I invited the neighbors over for a swim party and the newcomers to the neighborhood, Hal and Monica showed up. Hal worked at the local bank, and his wife Monica, a tall 5'9" sandy haired blue eyed pretty lady with 36 in tits and nice ass was a self-employed consultant working out of the home.

Both were rather introverted, but seemed to be sociable. We had about a dozen couples at the party and people were having a good time it seemed. I am a nurse at the local hospital and my wife is an assistant at an architectural firm in town. We both enjoy our work and where we live. The neighborhood is great and we have made good friends here.

While I was cooking steaks, I heard Amy scream for me. I ran over and she told me Monica had been stung by yellow jackets. I looked at her and could see that they had stung her all over one of her legs.

She was sobbing with pain. Hal was beside himself, asking what could we do. I told him I could help and took Monica in the house. Hal asked if he needed to come too. Amy told him I was a nurse and could handle it just fine, for Hal to enjoy he party.

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In the house I told Monica "First thing we have to do is see the extent of the stings. Would you mind to lie on the sofa?" As she stretched out on the sofa I inspected her legs and saw that the yellow jackets had gone under her shorts. "Monica, you will have to remove your panteras loucdesejentre irmaos agatha rangel when I do the treatment." "You've got to be kidding," she said.

I explained that she had been stung under the shorts and that I needed to get the stingers and could not do that with her wearing the shorts. I explained that I was a medical nurse.

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I curvy teenage bimbo rides a big rod her for her privacy, in case someone walked into the house, we should go into a bedroom for the treatment. "While you are getting ready, I will get my medicine and suction device." When I opened the bedroom door I was pleasantly shocked to see Monica was wearing a thong, which she was trying to cover with her hands.

"I can't find my suction device, so I will have to improvise, please bear with me." Monica agreed, saying "do whatever you need to do, just help me get rid of this pain." I explained that I would remove any stingers left and would then try to suck out any venom, then apply medicine. Monica told me to go for it. I started with the stings just above the knee. I moved above and began to move to the inner thigh, placing one hand inches from her labia. Monica's breathing was labored, and I continued to suck on her thigh.

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"Monica, could you raise your butt just a bit, there is one I can't reach?" She complied and as I moved my head toward the nonexistent sting I let my lips brush her labia and Monica moaned and jumped a little. I let my hand move a little closer to her pussy and applied pressure two inches from her slit.

As I moved my head back I dragged my tongue over her now wet pussy and Monica almost thrust her cunt into my mouth. I then pushed her thong out of the way and with my mouth grabbed her clit. I began to gently suck and flick my tongue on her clit, and to also tongue fuck her. I took one hand and rubbed over her soaking wet crotch to get my hand lubricated and began to rub her asshole, pressing against her button.

"What are you doing? Stop &hellip. don't sister brother ke xxx jabardasti. oh my god, don't stop " and then my mouth was flooded as Monica came. She glared at me as she grabbed her shorts, and asked where is the bathroom. She came of the bathroom and quickly left the house. Hal met her, and hugged her.

He looked at her legs, and they sat down. After a few minutes they left. The next morning I had just gotten out of the shower when the doorbell rang. I grabbed my housecoat, thinking it was the UPS driver. When I opened the door, it was Monica.

"May I come in?" I told her she could and to take a seat. I explained that I had just showered and was not dressed. She said that was o.k. She wanted to talk about yesterday. She thanked me for treating the stings. And then she said "we must talk about the other thing. Hal never does that. I dated one guy that did kiss there for a few minutes, but I did not orgasm. When you made me orgasm, I must admit I was in a kind brother forced sister tfuck laundry room shock.

I felt so good and had never had an orgasm that felt that good. I had mixed feelings. I had never cheated on Hal and now here I was letting an almost stranger eat my pussy, and when I had that orgasm I must say I wanted your cock in my pussy more than anything else.

When I left the bedroom I was more angry at myself than at you, even though what you did to me was a form of sexual assault. I was angry because you did not fuck me! Last night I fucked Hal hard, but could not come. So, when I saw Amy leave this morning I knew what I had to do, I am here to finish what was not finished yesterday. Let's go in that bedroom, and start all over again.

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You eat my pussy again, and then fuck me hard" Monica came over to me as I stood up and grabbed my rock-hard cock and led me to the bedroom, using her free hand to removed her clothes.

She was not wearing panties or bra, and she fell on the bed and pulled me on with her. We began to kiss, our tongues tangled, then I moved to kiss her breasts, then down to her navel and onto to her pubic area.

I teased her by kissing her thighs, "you fucking tease, get to the cunt, let the thighs alone" she said, and then she grabbed my cock and began hot blonde nikita von james gets pussy fucked in threesome run her tongue up and down the full six-inch length as I began to kiss her labia and tongue fuck her, finally putting my lips around her clit and sucking.

In just a few seconds she was bucking and once again I moistened a finger and put it on her butt hole and then she came with a good amount of pussy juice—'now fuck me, fuck me, plant your seed in me, fuck me" and I moved from the 69 position and Monica took my cock and guided it to her slit opening. "What about a condom?" I asked. "I think this is safe time" she said. "Too bad if its not.

Hal can afford to raise a kid even it is not his. I sure will not tell him". I rammed my cock in her and slowly pushed in and pulled out—"let me on top, Hal won't let me get on top" so I turned over and Monica got on top.

"OK stud, I'm in charge in now" and she began to move up and down so fucking fast. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh was erotic, and kim zuluaga transexual story porno I thought she was going to break the fucking bed, and then as I was getting ready to cum, Monica screamed "Jesus Crist, I'm cummminng, I',m cumminnng, shoot your seed in me " and I did just that.

Nine months later Monica gave birth to twins. We are not sure who the father is because Hal had fucked her the night before we had such a wonderful fucking morning.