Sunny leone first boold sex

Sunny leone first boold sex
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Joanna and I have been going out for a while now. Despite our age difference (She is 22 and I'm 37), we have a great sex life and really love each other. Joanna has moved in with me to save on rent so she only has to think about collage.

We decided to take a long weekend together, so she planned everything and told me it was going to be a surprise. "Whatever makes you happy baby," I told her. When I was done with work on Friday, Joanna threw a bag in the car and off we went. We live in Houston, so it took a few hours to get to Baton Rouge. Once there, we checked into our hotel. Nothing too fancy, but not a teen skank alina lopez gets her pussy pummeled either.

"Baby," she started,"help me get ready for dinner." And with that, I followed her into the bathroom. We had gotten into sort of a routine. I helped her get undressed, she sat up on the counter and spread her legs, and I got the shaving cream and the razor. This time was a little different though. I shaved her pussy, slipping a finger in every chance I got.

Making sure to get every last bit of hair, I took my time feeling and fingering her sweet pussy lips. When I was satisfied, I wiped her off and she pushed me out of the bathroom. My cock was rock hard already, but I would have to wait. After letting her shower, she came out wrapped in a towel. It was my turn to shower now. "No whacking off in there either," she warned me. I showered and came back out to get dressed.

She took her things and went back into the bathroom.

"Damn," I thought. This really is a surprise, isn't it? About a half an hour later, Joanna came out with her hair in a bun, her make up on (not that she needed any), a nice white blouse, short pleated black black skirt, and some black stiletto heels. She looked simply awesome. She grabbed her purse, looked at me, and with a shit eating grin said "I see you're ready." I was ready all right.

Wow. She planned everything, so of course she drove us to the restaurant. It was a nice, fairly up scale place.

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The man sat us in a corner table where we'd have a little privacy. We ordered our food and Joanna ordered some wine. When the food came and the waitress left us to eat, Joanna "dropped" her napkin as she was trying to cover her lap.

I bent down to get it and got a great view as she spread her legs. I hadn't realized just how short her skirt really was. Her bare ass was sitting on the seat and I could see her smoothly shaven pussy staring right at me. I could have sworn her pussy was licking its lips too. lol We took our time and finished our meals, then got back into the car. She pulled out a piece of paper from her purse and typed in an address into the GPS. Off we went. When we got to our destination, it was an old movie theater.

There were a few cars in the parking lot, but not many. As we walked inside, we came to a window where we paid to enter. Then we were buzzed through a door that lead to a hallway. As we walked down the hallway, there were doors on both sides and it was lit very dimly. Then I started to hear the movies that were already playing.

Moans and screams. Just as I thought. Joanna took my arm and pulled me into one of the doorways. She stopped, looked around, then walked back out. Into another one, then another one. The third one seemed to please her. Not many people. Just us and three other guys. She lead me almost to the front row. The light from the screen allowed me to see pretty much everything I wanted to see.

Two of the guys were openly jerking off. We sat down and Joanna pulled her skirt up and small girl gets the pump and dump my hand on her pussy. Damn was she wet!

I started to finger her as she unbuttoned my pants. Pulling my cock out, she stroked it and took very little effort to get it rock hard. After a few minutes of playing like this, I noticed one of the other guys moving in closer. When I looked around, the other two guys had stopped stroking and were really watching us like hawks. Joanna leaned over and started kissing me as she stroked my dick. Then she got on her knees and pulled my pants to the floor. Now two of the guys moved to the row right in front of us.

It was obvious they were watching us, but that's what this sort of place is for. Right? Anyways, Joanna sucked on my dick for a few minutes as I watched the fucking on the screen. Then I pulled her up and unbuttoned her blouse.

Just as I thought bra. I slid her blouse back off of her shoulders so the others could get a good view. Then she just took it completely off. Standing there topless, she pulled her tiny skirt up to show off her blonde babe likes to please a dick smooth little pussy, then sat down on my lap guiding my cock into her.

The men started stroking again. With Joanna bouncing in my lap, I looked around and saw another couple. They must have snuck in while I was taking her shirt off. The other girl was on her knees sucking her guys dick. One of the men walked over and stood really close while he was stroking off. The girl saw him and removed his hand from his cock and stroked it for him.

The other guy was watching Joanna while his girl was sucking him. We saw each other and sort of nodded toward one another. The he guided his lady friend back to her feet and I just stood up with Joanna still on my cock. She's pretty light and I'm pretty strong.

She came instantly screaming out in pleasure. I just held her and when she was through, I kicked off my pants and walked closer to the other couple.

We met in the middle of the row where I placed Joanna down on a seat. She just looked up at me with her legs still spread wide and dripping with her own juices and with a look of awe and relief on her face. The other lady sat down in the seat next to her and leaned over and kissed her. Shocked, Joanna pulled away at first, but then went back in for more. I watched as the other guy pushed his dick into his girl and I followed suit.

Side by side, we were fucking our women as they kissed and fondled each other. Not forgetting our surroundings, I took Joanna's hand and put it out to her side where there was a guy stroking his cock. She grabbed it at first but let go as soon as she realized what it was she had a hold on. She looked at the man, then at me, then took it in her hand again and went back to kissing the other woman who was already young canadian nymphos britney amber marley brinx work hard for the cum the same.

The guy that Joanna was stroking came first. All bareback journey to amsterdam 1 tube porn her face as she watched him and even some on the other girls face too.

The the guy next to me pulled out and shot his load on his girls chest. She leaned forward to suck him clean and when she laid back, she rubbed his cum all over her chest like sun block. The guy she was stroking was next. She directed him right in front of her and he blew his load all over her chest as well. I told her not to rub it in this time though.

I was next, except I don't pull out. A minute later I was shooting my load deep in her pussy. I wasn't even finished cumming and it was running out of her and pooling up on the floor. When I pulled out, Joanna did as the other girl had done and sucked me clean.

Then I directed her to the mess on the other girls chest. She looked at me for a moment as if to ask if that's what I really wanted her to do. I just nodded and helped her to lean over the chair. Her tongue met the woman's chest right in the middle and scooped up some cum. Then I whispered in her ear. Joanna moved her head so the two were face to face and kissed her dumping the cum in the girls mouth.

Joanna went right back to get some more cum and ended up licking the girls chest completely clean. She even sucked on her nipples a bit. Joanna and I got up and got dressed, made sure we had everything we came with, and were on our way. She didn't say anything at first, but she pulled the car into a gas station parking lot and stopped. She looked over at me and I was actually a bit worried. "That was hot," she said. "I've never kissed another woman or sucked another woman's nipples before.

I think I like it. I'm thirsty. Can we get something to drink?" "Of course baby." We got out of the car and walked inside to get a couple of sodas. As I walked behind her, I noticed she had my cum running down her leg. It almost made me hard again. We got our drinks and went back to the car. When we were both in and buckled up, Joanna looked over at me again, ran her finger across her leg, and sucked her finger clean.

Now I was hard again. She promptly took care of that when we got back to the hotel. What a little vixen. The next morning, Joanna woke me up at 7:00 and told me to get dressed. We have an appointment. "Where?" I asked. "You'll see," she answered smiling. We got into the shower and cleaned up.

I was trying to get a little action, but she kept smiling and pushing me away telling me to just wait. This time she dressed a little more conservatively. T-shirt and Jeans with the same stilettos. I love seeing her in those heels. When we got into the car, she again pulled out a piece of paper from her purse and typed in an address to the GPS.

After about a 15 minute drive, we arrived at what initially looked like a motel, but there were no windows. She took my arm and we went inside.

There was a desk and a receptionist. "Can I help you," the receptionist asked. "Yes. We have an appointment at 8:30." And she gave the lady my last name. "Yes, here it is. Will you please follow me?" And with that, the lady buzzed us in through another door and we followed her down a hallway.

It looked like an old motel that had a hallway attached to the outside so the rooms were all inside now. The lady opened a door for us and said "We'll be with you in just a few minutes. Please wait in here." I looked around the room and it was obvious it used to be a motel, but instead of a bed, it had two massage tables.

Joanna went into the restroom and said she was going to get ready. When she came out, she had a towel wrapped around herself. "Go ahead sweety and get ready too." So I went in and undressed too and came back out in my boxers. Joanna just giggled a bit but didn't say anything.

A minute or two later there was a knock at the door. "Come in," Joanna shouted.In walked two women in robes. "Go ahead and lay on the tables on your fronts," the one told us. As I started to lay down, I saw Joanna drop her towel. She was completely naked. We lay down on our tables and waited. I could hear the women moving around, but they didn't say anything.

Then I heard one of them say "This is going to be a little warm. It's just massage oil." And with that, she poured some on my back.

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The women started massaging our backs, shoulders, and when they got to our necks, the girl stepped in front of me. I was, of course, looking down through the hole in the massage table. Her legs were bare. I looked up briefly to see they were both completely naked too. Now I knew why Joanna was giggling earlier. They continued on to our legs until the one massaging me started to pull at the waist band of my boxers.

I let her remove them so she could continue. Then one of them said "OK, time to roll over." I turned a little red I'm sure and said, "I'm not too sure that's a good idea." "Like I haven't seen it before?

Come on. Roll over," she insisted. As I rolled onto my back, I saw Joanna was already on hers. They went on to rub our shoulders and chests, abs, legs. Then the lady massaging Joanna said, "I see you're getting a little hot and bothered. Would you like me to take care of that for you?" roughly pounded teen babe loves tasting cum "Please," Joanna replied.

As the one massaging me started to ask the same, Joanna just interrupted and said, "Yes, he would like it too." I looked over at her surprised. The two nude women were rubbing Joanna's pussy and stroking my cock. They took our hands and brought them to meet in the middle of the tables.

I took Joanna's hand and we looked into each others eyes. Joanna came and I just sat up, stood at the foot of her table, pulled her to the edge, spread her legs, and started eating that pussy. I flicked her clit with my tongue and then sucked her pussy lup hard into my mouth as she came again. Then I climbed up on the table with her and slid my dick straight into her. I really didn't last long this time. But it was enough to get Joanna to cum again.

Once she did, one of the women reached between my legs and squeezed my balls a little. When she did that, it was over. I shot stream after stream into Joanna's pussy. I pulled out and got off the table. The women each kissed us then said to take our time leaving and we could use the shower if we wanted to.

What a great weekend it was. It really opened up some new doors in our love lives. But those stories will cum later. THE END