Natural teen gapes narrow muff and loses virginity hardcore smooth

Natural teen gapes narrow muff and loses virginity hardcore smooth
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The comment section has been restricted to members only due to spammers and other idiots. Please feel free to PM your comments to me. Lucky Mann Edited to meet the new age rule. All parts posted here for the readers' ease of reading. Slut in Training I I have made a pretty good living working alone as an independent handyman.

I worked off the books for middle and upper class homeowners in the Salt Lake City area. By working for myself, I also had the freedom of not having to report to a boss every day. I worked my own schedule for those I wanted to work for. I met Leslie while painting her parents house. Her father had hired me to do the job so he wouldn't have to pay the union wages a licensed contractor would have charged. Leslie lived with her parents and 10-year-old twin brother and sister.

It was late June, so Leslie and the twins were out of school for the summer. She had been put in charge of her siblings while their parents worked. Leslie was a cute 17-year-old when we first met. She turned 18 a week later. At least, that's what she told me. I had my doubts.

She stood about 5'4", had a slender body, and a good start on growing a nice set of breasts. I had noticed her breasts because Leslie tried to show them to me almost daily. She seemed to take delight in teasing me with her body. She would stand under my ladder while wearing a very loose fitting blouse. The top two or three buttons were usually open. She never wore a bra, and her developing boobs were readily visible.

They weren't very big yet, but they were topped with what appeared under her tops to be large nipples. Due to the rubbing of her blouse on her nipples, they were constantly erect whenever she was around me. Several times, I had told her to please close her top. She was distracting me from my work. She'd smile up at me, and slowly button her blouse. One afternoon it looked like it was about to rain.

So, I had quit painting early and was cleaning up. I was putting things away in the garage when Leslie came in. She was wearing a snug fitting pair of shorts and a T-shirt that was a size or two too small.

As usual, her nipples were straining against the T's material. She came up to me and asked. "Do you think I'm pretty?" I told her. "You're a very cute kid." She got a little teary, and said. "I know I'm cute.

I don't want to be cute. I want to be pretty. I want to have a boyfriend who thinks I'm pretty, not cute!" She had said the word 'cute' like it was some sort of curse. I told her. "Be patient.

In the near future, you'll be knocking the boys dead. You'll have to beat them off with a ball bat. You're going to be a very pretty girl." A bit of a smile crossed her lips, and she continued. "I'm tired of waiting. I've already got boobies. They're not as big as some of the other girls' but I've got some.

See!" With that, Leslie pulled her T-shirt up and exposed her young tits to my gaze. I had been right about them. They were only the size of tennis balls cut in half, but they were topped by long, erect, nipples that begged to be sucked.

Those nipples stuck out like large pencil erasers from her tender flesh. I tried not to stare. I swallowed and told her. "You have a beautiful pair of boobies, and you'll soon be a beautiful women." She smiled and said. "Do you want to touch them?" Stammering, I answered. "No! I can't. You're much too young." Her smile was replaced by a frown and her eyes began to tear up.

"I'll never get a boy to hold me and play with my boo.tits. Daddy must be right. I am too ugly to get a boy to like me. Damn it! I'm eighteen and don't have a boyfriend yet." Not wanting to see her so upset, I thought. 'What the hell! This job won't last much longer, and I may never get the chance to play with another set of tits that are so young and tender.' With shaking hands, I reached out and rubbed the outer sides of Leslie's tits. Leslie just stood there. Her frown slowly turned to a growing smile.

When she didn't pull away, I turned her around and pulled her back to my chest. Reaching around her slender body, I cupped both breasts and squeezed gently. Each of my hands completely engulfed a breast.

Leslie cooed softly, and her nipples grew even larger and harder. I gently pulled and pinched her nipples. She grasped my hands with hers and held them tightly to her chest. I kissed her neck and asked.

"Do you like that?" "Oh yes! It feels good. It's making me feel something funny down there, too!" She ebony interracial deep throat in fake taxi down toward her crotch.

I told her. "You are not ugly! You're very pretty, and very soon boys will be lining up to date you. You have a lot to learn, but it takes time. You'll soon know all you need to know about getting the boys to hold your tits, and much more.

You will be a beautiful girlfriend." "Will you teach me?" She asked. "Teach you to what?" I ask with a start. "Teach me what to do to get the boys to sharing a tough ramrod hardcore and blowjob to hold me like this." "No! I'm 35-years-old and much too old for you. You'll learn all you need to know as you get older." I replied. "Please, I want to learn now." She begged. By then, I had a hard-on that was straining to be free of my pants.

I didn't think she'd know what I was doing when I pushed my hips against her mommyblowsbest rayveness is a dirty step mom butt, but she did.

Surprisingly, she pushed back. I knew if I did what I was thinking, I could end up in jail for a long time. With a firm squeeze of her nipples, I turned her and looked her straight in the eyes. "Do you really want me to be your teacher? Do you really want to learn all I can teach you about loving and sex?" I asked.

"Yes, please teach me." I wanted to be certain she knew what she was getting into, so I tried to startle her. I asked her one more question. "Do you want to learn how to fuck and suck cock?" Without so much as a second's hesitation, she replied.

"Yes, teach me to fuck and suck a cock. I'll do anything you tell me to do." Over the next several days, Leslie and I talked about my training her in the ways of sex.

Nothing was said about love. I finally agreed to teach her what I knew about sex, but not while she was living with her parents.

That would be too dangerous for me. She said if I couldn't teach her there, she would run away. She claimed to be tired of the verbal abuse from her father. She would run away whether I helped her or not. So, we made plans for her to run sexy and sophisticated brunette giulia lingerie and cumshot from home. I had many friends in California. One of them was out of the country for the summer.

I was certain he would let me use his place. He wouldn't know, of course, that his home would be used for Leslie's sexual training. For the next two weeks, while I finished the painting job, I didn't touch Leslie.

We did, however, talk graphically about many of the things she would be learning. Nothing seemed to shock her. She said she wanted to learn to be the horniest girlfriend in town.

She said she wanted to learn to do everything possible to make her future boyfriends happy. The night before her planned running away, I collected my fee from her father. Even as he counted out the cash, he german online anal ensest anal to beat me down on my already low price.

He certainly was the cheap asshole Leslie had portrayed him to be. Before leaving that evening, I told her. "You are about to become a slut in training. You will not be my slave, nor will you be my girlfriend.

You will merely be my student. You must do everything I tell you with no arguments. Right?" With the widest smile, she replied.

"Right!" At about midnight the following night, Leslie slipped out of her bedroom window. She had left a note saying she was running away to New York City. Her only luggage was a small bag of cosmetics. I would furnish all the clothing she needed. Alone, she walked the mile or so teen riley reid cant get enough of jocks cock the shack in which I had been staying.

As soon as she arrived, we cut her long blonde hair short and died it a dark brown. We dressed her in jeans and a heavy T-shirt, and put make-up on her face.

The make-up made her look quite a bit older than her sixteen years. We then headed for the bus station. Many hours later we arrived at the main bus station in Los Angles. Two more hours of public transportation and we walked into my friend's house. As soon as we got in the door, Leslie gave me a firm hug and kiss. I sat in a recliner and had Leslie stand in the middle of the living room.

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I looked at her innocent face and, for the last time, I explained her position. "I am going to be your teacher, not your boyfriend. You will learn to do all the sexy things you've heard about, and some you may never have thought of. Some of them may seem gross or painful to you at first.

Are you certain you want to do this?" She nodded, and eagerly replied. "Oh, yes!" I told her to remove all her clothes. She hesitated only a few seconds before complying. She soon stood naked before my inspecting eyes. Leslie was a lovely young creature, even thought she tried to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands and arms.

Her right arm was folded over her breasts, and her left hand covered her crotch. I softly said to her. "You're very pretty. Never hide yourself! Put your hands down!" She slowly lowered her arms to her sides, and I had her turn slowly.

Leslie's legs were smooth, well shaped, and ended at her small slightly rounded ass. Her blonde pubic hair was not much more than a soft downy fir. Her belly was soft, smooth, and beautiful chick widens lengthy legs girlfriend homemade. Since we had just arrived, she still had her make-up on. So, after this first inspection, I sent her to the bathroom to clean up after our trip and remove the make-up.

She returned about a half hour later, freshly showered, and wearing a robe she had found in the bathroom. I told her to remove the robe. She looked a little timid and asked. "What am I supposed to wear?" "Nothing!" I told her. "For a while, as long as we are alone, you will be nude. Being naked will teach you to be comfortable with your own body." She nodded her agreement, and tossed the robe to a nearby chair. Without the make-up and standing nude before me, Leslie looked much younger than eighteen.

So, I asked her again. "Leslie, tell me the truth. How old are you?" With a slight quiver in her voice, she answered. "Seventeen." "How old?" xxx bp saxi girls anli "Uuuh, I'm sixteen." "Really? Your beautiful body looks younger than sixteen. Now, how old are you, damn it?" I demanded.

With her head bowed, she softly said. "I really just turned sixteen. Please don't send me back." I told her.

"That's more like it. Send you back? You look delicious. I won't send you back, but you must promise to never lie to me again. Understand?" I did not intend to treat her like a slave. She would not be beaten for infractions. She would be taught to be honest with me and how to please a man in many ways. I beckoned her to me. As she stepped forward, I pulled her down to sit sideways on my lap.

Supporting her back with my arm, I reached around and took her right tit in my hand. I began sucking her left nipple. Leslie was soon cooing and telling me how much she liked what I was doing.

When she started squirming her butt on my lap, I scooped her into my arms, and took her to what became her bedroom. I laid her gently on her bed.

"You're first lesson will be to explore your own body. Have you ever done that before?" Leslie looked away and said. "I play with my boobies and nipples a lot." "Do you pet your pussy?" I asked. She answered. "I have rubbed my self down there, but I always quit when it begins to feel funny and I get wet between my legs. I thought I had done something wrong." She looked shocked and shook her head when I asked her my next question. "Have you ever put anything inside your pussy?" "Of course not!" She almost seemed indignant at the question.

She added that she had never put so much as finger, or anything else, inside herself. She looked blankly at me when I asked if she knew what and where her clitoris was. She slowly shook her head no. I lay next to her and cradled her in my right arm. I began rubbing and sucking her tits again.

This time, when her hips began to gently rock, I slid my left hand down her belly to her crotch. I softly stroked the sparse covering of fur on her pubic mound until she began spreading her legs. Encouraging her to spread her legs wider, I put my hand on her virgin pussy. I used my index finger to give her one long stroke of her outer pussy lips witch were snugly closed.

Gently, I pried open her tender lips with my fingers. As I petted her pussy, I told her everything I was doing. I used the street terms for her body parts and our actions. Her breathing was getting somewhat erratic, and her pussy was becoming very wet. When I found and lightly brushed her clit, Leslie gasped and thrust her hips into the air. "What was that?" She asked. "That was your clitoris, or clit, Baby. Give me your hand." I guided her hand up and down her pussy lips several times before showing her how to locate her clit.

"Your homework for tonight will be to explore you own pussy. Use the hand mirror next to the bed to see what you're doing if you like. You may insert a finger if you want, but nothing more." With that, I kissed her and told her good night. It had already been a long day, and we both needed some rest before continuing her lessons.

I awoke early the next morning to the smell of brewing coffee. I put on my robe and went to the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen, Leslie was cooking bacon and eggs clad only in a long apron she had found in the pantry. She was so cute in the apron with her tight little ass exposed. When she noticed me, she asked if it was OK for her to wear the apron while cooking.

I told her it was. I didn't want her to burn her tits with popping bacon grease. She shed the apron as soon as breakfast was ready. As we ate, we discussed the training she would be getting in the coming days.

As I had explained to her several times before, she would be learning to pleasure herself and her man. "You will learn to give and receive oral sex, including taking a cock down your throat. You will be fucked in both your pussy and your ass. You aren't developed enough for a titty fuck, yet. Leslie didn't even flinch at my words as I explained what was about to happen to her.

We then talked about her homework from the previous night. She said she had not inserted a finger. She was afraid it would hurt. She said her friends had told it would hurt to put anything in there. She had stroked herself until her pussy had gotten very wet, she felt short of breath, and her pussy felt like it tightened up.

She had been afraid to do anything more. In light of her fear, and lack of progress the night before, an incentive seemed to be in order. Leslie needed to have her first orgasm. After breakfast, I had her do the dishes and return to her room. I entered a few minutes later to find her slowly rubbing her sparse little bush. Her eyes were closed and her legs were slightly spread. She looked so sweet and tasty. Keeping my robe on, I laid beside her.

She smiled and asked. "What should I do?" "Nothing." I said. "I'll do it all, this time." With that, I cradled her in my arm and began petting her as I had the night before. After a period of sucking her tits and petting her pussy, Leslie was cooing loudly, and her pussy had become quite wet.

I gently kissed her cheek and told her. "I'm going to eat your pussy now." She smiled and said. "OK, but please don't bite too hard." It was difficult to stifle my laugh. I pulled my arm from under her shoulders and slowly kissed my way down her soft body. When I reached her crotch, I bypassed her pussy and moved between her legs.

I started kissing inside her left knee and kissed up her leg to just below her pussy. I repeated the process on the right leg. By the time I got to her pussy again, Leslie was arching her back and lifting her ass several inches off the bed.

Cupping her cute little ass in my hands, I planted a long kiss on her outer pussy lips. Using my fingers to gently spread her outer lips, I gave her a long pussy-lip parting lick from just above her asshole to the top of her split, barely grazing her clit as I passed over it. Leslie was spreading her legs wider, and I began probing her tender love hole with my tongue.

Leslie reached down and began rubbing the back of my head with both hands. Her cooing had become moans. Her pelvic thrusts were becoming more rapid and rhythmic. She was pulling my head tighter to her horny little pussy. While licking her clit, I gently probed her tight pussy with a finger.

Just hot babe deserved a good pussy slam I thought she was about to cum, I took her clit between my lips and sucked firmly.

Flicking her clit with my tongue brought Leslie to her first orgasm. She began bucking violently. She pulled my head tightly to her virgin hole. I sucked hard on her clit. "Oh, oh, oh, ooooooooooooooh!

Oh asian adorable babe showcase her hawt body Eat me!" Leslie was learning what an orgasm was. As she came, I removed my finger and drove my tongue as far as I could into her virgin pussy. As her orgasm subsided, and she relaxed, I moved up to her side and hugged her. She was grinning from ear to ear.

Through gasping breath, she asked. "Was that an orgasm?" "Yes, but many people call it cuming. Did you like cuming?" "Oh yeah. It was wonderful." She kissed me and asked. Veronica clark fucked by four men dped that what I taste like?" "Yes Baby.

You like it? There's nothing like the taste and aroma of a fresh virgin pussy." I told her. "Yeah. I like it. I don't taste bad at all. Do I?" She then licked her juices from my face. I told her. "You'll cum many, many, more times in the coming days and weeks. But for now, I need to go shopping. Will you be OK alone?" "I was left alone all the time at home. I'll be fine. I think I'll try some more homework." She was a very eager student.

I then got dressed and used my friend's car to go to town. We needed groceries and several training aids. The first stop was for lingerie. Her young age and slender body just begged for sheer baby-doll nighties.

I bought her red, blue, and pale yellow baby-dolls. The near-by adult video store was the source of several porn tapes. Leslie could watch them to learn different techniques of the new skills she would soon be learning. As an after thought, I got her a vibrator shaped like a small dick and a tube of lubricating jell. She could use it when I was not available. Finally, before heading back to my friend's home, I stocked up on groceries.

Upon my return, it was nearing dusk. Leslie was still in her room. When I entered she was smiling broadly. Her right middle finger was still partially in her pussy. She said she had cum four times and her 'thingy' was kind of sore. "It's your pussy, Baby. It's not your thingy.

Only children call it a thingy." I told her to shower and come for dinner. After I showered, I fixed our dinner wearing just a robe. Leslie looked delicious as she came into the kitchen. She was, of course, nude. She seemed to be getting comfortable with her body on display. After dinner, Leslie and I did what would become a ritual for us. We sat in the living room and talked about what she had done and learned the previous 24 hours.

She was surprised and happy to know she could get such wonderful feelings from her body. She asked if fucking would feel as barzears xxx storys sex stories com. I told her after a while it would, but it may hurt the first time or two.

When her face showed a little fear, I told her I wouldn't fuck her until she was ready. I told Leslie there are a lot of girls who don't want to fuck their boyfriends at all. She asked. "Do their boyfriends still eat them?" "Only if the girl is willing to do japanese newsreaders ayumu minase squirting live tv for him." I replied.

"Like what?" She asked. "Like giving him hand-jobs or blowjobs. That's your lesson for tonight. Let's go to your room." Without a word, Leslie got up and went to her room.

I joined her a few minutes later and found her lying on her bed. Instead getting in bed with her, I stood near the head of the bed facing her. When she rolled onto her side to face me, I removed my robe. I revealed to her, for the first time, my ridged six and a half inch cock.

She gasped, and her eyes fixed on my manhood. "My God! It's huge. Is that supposed to fit in me? The only other cock I've ever seen was my 10-year-old brother's when he ran from the bathroom to his bedroom. It was dangling between his legs and was only about two inches long." "Don't be frightened." I told her.

"You'll soon be enjoying this and wanting more. Now reach out and put your hand around it. Check it out." Leslie slowly reached out and wrapped her petite hand around my cock. She slowly inspected every inch my cock and balls. She gently felt and squeezed my balls. Being a little frightened, she didn't move her hand on my cock until I told her to stroke up and down.

Slowly at first, she gradually increased her speed. When one hand got tired, she smoothly switched to the other. She was soon jacking me off and petting my balls like an expert. When she seemed comfortable using her hands, I gave her the next task. "Kiss my cock." She didn't seem real sure about doing that at first. I could almost see her thinking. But, in a matter of seconds, she kissed my cock's head. She was soon lavishing kisses all over the end of my cock.

There was no hesitation at all when I told her to lick and kiss my cock all over, including my balls. Even when I told her to put the head in her mouth, she did so immediately. My dick points almost straight up when erect, and Leslie was having trouble getting more than just the head into her mouth.

So, I joined her on the bed, and had her lay her head on my stomach. She then had all the access to me she wanted. It didn't take her long to take the first two or three inches of my cock into her mouth. I instructed her on how to use her tongue while she sucked a cock.

Leslie was an eager student. As she began bobbing up and down, she was soon freely using her tongue on my cock's head and shaft as she sucked firmly. She seemed to enjoy her lessons. With gentle pressure from my hand to the back of her head, she soon had my cock hitting the entrance to her throat.

As she continued to suck my cock, I had told her about deep-throating. I didn't think she was ready to try that. She was still too nervous about her new training for me to force my cock down her throat.

In a short time, I told Leslie I was about to cum. I also told her. "Keep sucking and swallow my cum when it came out. Don't let any of it leak out of your mouth. She stopped bobbing, but kept me deep in her mouth and sucked harder, as instructed. My first shot surprised her, and she pulled up to where just my cock's head was still in her mouth.

The second spurt came, and she went back down part way. She resumed sucking until I had pumped my entire load in her mouth. I then saw her swallow twice, pull off, and grin at me. "It was salty, but not too bad!" She said. I hugged her tightly, and pushed her onto her back.

She had earned a good pussy eating session, which I happily gave her. I licked, sucked, and fingered Leslie to two orgasms. Her virgin hole was beginning to loosen a bit as I worked my fingers in and stretched it open a little at a time.

She moaned and thrust her hips into the air as she built to a third orgasm. "When are you going to fuck me?" She asked. My cock had regained a full erection. So, I asked her. "Are you ready to be fucked, Baby?" "Oh yes!" At least I think so." She gasped. "It'll hurt." I told her. She replied. "I know and I don't care. Please fuck me." I then kissed my way up her petite body until I sextury redhead teen gets assfucked and facialed lying fully on top of her.

My cock was brushing the entrance of her unopened but well lubricated hole. Spreading her pussy's outer lips with my fingers, and giving a gentle push, I slid my cock's head into her pussy's entrance. Leslie winced a bit, but hugged me tightly. In a soft voice, Leslie said. "I don't kiro rough fuck big cock d sex game if I can take it. It's so much bigger than your finger." I told her.

"Pussies stretch! You'll be fine." I kissed her, hugged her tight, and shoved a couple more inches of cock into her. That's when she gasped, and I felt her hymen blocking her inner treasure.

I paused a bit to let her relax. Then, with one firm thrust, I drove my ridged cock through her hymen and buried it to the hilt in her pussy. Leslie eyes flew wide open. "Oooooow! Shit! That hurt!" She yelled. She hugged me tightly, and said nothing more.

A single tear rolled down her cheek, and her small body shook slightly. Fully buried in Leslie's pussy for the first time, I held still for several minutes. As she gradually calmed down and her pussy relaxed, I began rhythmically stroking in and out of her tight devirginated little hole.

When she started to return my thrusts, I picked up the pace. I was soon using full, but gentle strokes into her freshly opened fuck hole. Leslie groaned each time I drove into her. Given how extremely tight very cute girl selphy show and kljh hole was, I was soon ready to cum again.

So mia khalifa sex storys andhra sex storys she. "Oh God! Oh Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" She cried. I pulled back to where just my cock's head was still in her pussy.

With a final full hard plunge, I slammed into her and pumped out the first load of cum to be deposited deep in her young pussy. Leslie was quivering and moaning under me, and I held her tight as my cock softened inside her. I pulled out of her, rolled off, held her snugly in my arms. "I know you hurt right now, but you will be felling better tomorrow. You will soon enjoy getting fucked." "I know. It hurt, but I still enjoyed it. It felt so nice when you squirted inside me.

I hope we do it again real soon." She then snuggled up closed, and we drifted off mom and son porn marhati sleep. I awoke about midnight to Leslie sucking my cock.

I had only a partial hard-on, but she had all of my cock in her mouth. She was sucking hard, and her hands were caressing my balls. After massaging her ass a while, I lifted her hips and brought them over my head. I began eating her very wet pussy. Though I wasn't thrilled about the mixture of pussy juice, my cum, and a little of Leslie's blood, the reaction from her was well worth any discomfort I felt.

In just a few minutes, Leslie was pushing her pussy firmly onto my face. She was bobbing her head up and down on my dick at a fast pace. Occasionally my cock's head would pop into her throat. When I sucked her clit and tickled her asshole, she shivered violently and shoved her head down hard on my engorged cock.

As our orgasms erupted simultaneously, she held my cock at the back of her mouth. Not a drop of cum escaped her mouth. When our orgasms subsided, she licked me clean as my cock softened in her mouth. This little cunt was going to make one hell of a slut. She had already developed a taste for cum. When she released my cock, I gave her a playful slap on her ass and told her to go take a shower.

I told her to make sure she thoroughly cleaned her pussy. I explained to her that an always clean, sweet smelling, pussy was most desirable. She would find the needed supplies in her bathroom. I also told her she was allowed to put on panties since she may need a feminine pad to catch any bleeding that resulted from getting her cherry popped.

Before returning to the living room, she should change her bedding too. It was nearly 1:00 AM when she came into the living room. She was naked, except for the panties and feminine pad. She said. "I'm not bleeding much, but my pussy sure is sore." I barely stifled a laugh.

"I'll bet it is." I told her the soreness would quickly pass, and she would soon be able to screw all night without pain. I then gave her the vibrator and lubricant I had bought for her earlier that day. I told her to practice as much as she liked.

Less than a week later, she needed fresh batteries. Over the next couple of weeks or so, Leslie got better and better at fucking and sucking cock. She would happily do both without hesitation. She seemed to want more and more sex.

We would sit and watch a porno movie. Then we'd experiment with a new position or two she had seen on the tape. Her favorite position to be fucked seemed to be sitting on my cock facing forward. She would bounce on me and shake her head wildly as she came. Orally, she readily licked and sucked like a pro. She even said she liked licking my ass. Her preferred oral activity, however, was 69 with her on top. When we were in that position, she'd quickly approach orgasm.

I'd stick a finger in her ass, and she'd explode in orgasmic ecstasy. Over several days, I had worked her ass to where my finger would go in with very little resistance if I lubed my finger first.

One night, as we sat on the couch drinking wine and watching skin flicks, Leslie had been slowly stroking me.

Without saying a word, she laid face down in my lap and took me into her mouth. Several times she tried to push my cock into her throat, but, due to her gag reflex, she couldn't keep it there. She pulled off my cock and said. "Help me." She then reached up, took my hand, and placed it on the back of her head. As she resumed bobbing and sucking, I pressed her head down a little more each time. My cock's head was popping into her throat with each stroke.

As I neared climax, I put both hands on the back of her head. A second before I shot my first wad, I shoved her head down firmly. My cock slid down her throat. Even though she gagged a bit, I held her there until she had taken every drop of my cum down her gullet. As I released her head, she pulled up just enough to get my cock out of her throat. Then she licked me clean before sitting up and cuddling next to me.

She said she knew she could do it, but she just didn't have the nerve to take me all the way down her throat by herself.

"There has to be an easier way." She said. After about twenty minutes, I had regained my hard-on. I told her I wanted to try something that might make it easier for her to give a deep-throat blowjob. I carried Leslie to the kitchen, and laid her face up on the table. I scooted her up to where her head hung over one end of the table, and her legs draped over the other end which was just below her ass.

Her mouth and throat were then in a nearly straight line. I stepped up to her head and presented her my cock. She quickly took it into her mouth. In just a few strokes I was hitting the entrance of her throat. Holding at her throat's entrance a few seconds, I told her to breath steadily through her nose. I grabbed both tits, squeezed, and shoved my cock down her throat. Leslie gagged a couple of times then relaxed.

She didn't try to push me out. Her tongue was swabbing my shaft while her throat muscles were constantly swallowing. It took all my will power to keep from stroking in and out, but I wanted her to learn to give a deep-throat blowjob using her throat muscles.

In just a few minutes, I hunched forward and dumped a load deep in her throat. Only then did I allow myself the twsmokin hotties tackle a soltough pecker of a few strokes before pulling out of her throat. When I pulled out, I congratulated her on a great blowjob. She just giggled. As a reward, I gave her the nighties and a bottle of some expensive perfume she had mentioned liking.

"What are these for?" She asked. "You can wear them around the house if you like." I told her. She seemed a little sad. She asked. "Are you tired blonde cutie has fun with a pecker looking at me already?" "Not at all, but you've learned to be comfortable nude. As a matter of fact I am going to show you off to a few of my friends. Sometimes, scantily clothed is sexier than naked. So now, you can dress again if you like." "But for now, let's go to bed." I said.

Leslie had moved out of her room and into my bed several days earlier. Once in bed, we started our usual foreplay. While eating Leslie's pussy, I moved down and began licking her asshole. She reacted by raising her knees to her chest. With her knees next to her tits, her pelvis had rotated up and brought her asshole to the perfect angle for licking. She was moaning loudly. As I continued licking her ass, Leslie started wiggling her butt and asking for more.

Quickly, I pulled back, rolled her onto her belly, and pulled her up to her knees. She kept her head and shoulders on the bed. I immediately returned to tonguing her tightly puckered asshole.

I grabbed the tube of lube that was kinky rod sucked gets fingered hardcore and massage the nightstand and put a large dollop directly on her asshole. Using my finger, I rubbed the lube around and inside her virgin ass. As she started thrusting back onto my finger, I moved up behind her. A little lube on my cock and I began pressing it's head to her asshole. When I made contact, Leslie said. "Please, be careful." With quick short push, my cock's head popped past her sphincter.

Leslie gasped and stopped moving. However, she didn't try to pull away. As I started to push further in, I realized she was still too dry. Pulling out, I put the top of the lubricant tube tightly to her sphincter and squeezed a good amount of lube directly into her asshole.

Better too much lube than not enough when fucking an ass for the first time. I again moved up and popped my cock's head into her ass. This time, as I slowly pushed in, I met no resistance. My cock slid smoothly into her bowels. I soon had my cock buried to my balls in Leslie's ass. After letting her get used to having her ass filled with cock, I began stroking. In a short time, Leslie was rocking back and forth returning my thrusts. "Oh, oh, yes!

Oh! Fuck my ass! Fuck me hard in my ass!" She urged me to ram her ass harder and harder. Much too soon, I grabbed her hips and slammed into her depths. I dumped a large load of cum deep in her bowels. She seemed disappointed when I pulled out. By then, I was exhausted. As we lay together, she said she had been fucked in the ass and down her throat, and now she wanted her pussy filled too. It embarrassed me to tell her I couldn't take care of her at that time.

She looked a little disappointed, but kissed me and said. "That's OK. Good night." Leslie was becoming a sex-hungry slut. She wanted more and more sex. The energy of a teenager was getting to be more than a middle-age man could handle. I was really sorry I had disappointed her, but a germ of an idea had been planted. As Leslie slept, I thought about what I needed to do next. I needed to provide a way of totally satisfying my nearly graduated sex student. I had turned her into a horny slut that would do anything I asked.

Her future boyfriends would be lucky sons-of-bitches. Perhaps a younger man would be of help, or maybe several young men.

The next morning, I told Leslie about my plan to bring her a younger man. At first, she didn't like the idea. I told her she was already a good sex partner. But I reminded her; I had been unable to completely satisfy her the previous night. It blonde gape inseminated by bbc creampie and amateur take much to convince her a younger man could fully satisfy her sexual hunger.

When she could fuck and suck all night she could call herself a first class slut. And, since I was three girls make a lesbian threesome that is enjoyment to see able to fulfill that hunger, I would get someone to help me satisfy her. She seemed to warm to the idea of an extra lover. Several times, over the next several days, she'd asked if I had found someone.

During one of my shopping trips that week, I met a young man working at the adult bookstore. His name Nick and he was a good-looking 19-years-old. When I told him about Leslie, he jumped at the chance to party with her. He said he could bring three or four friends with him if I'd like. I agreed to no more than three friends and insisted they not hurt Leslie. The following Friday morning, I told Leslie about the young man and his friends. "Your training as a slut is nearly complete.

I have a party planned for tonight. You are going to be the entertainment." She giggled and asked what she was to wear and what she had to do. I suggested she wear her blue baby-doll. I told her. "All you have to do is enjoy yourself. I also told her there would be four of them, and she would probably get all of her holes well fucked." She looked shocked, but quickly calmed down when I hugged her.

I told her, I would be there to make sure she didn't get hurt. I knew she could handle them with no problems. She was soon looking forward to the party. All afternoon, Leslie got more and more excited.

She had gone to her room several times to use her vibrator. My guests were scheduled to arrive at 8:00 PM. At about 7:00 Leslie went to the bathroom to prepare. She came out at about 7:45. She looked and smelled good enough to eat, and she probably would be, eaten that is.

I told her to go to her room, put on her nightie, and stay there until I called. She took a large goblet of wine with her. A few minutes after 8:00, my guests arrived. Nick had brought three friends. He said they had played basketball together in high school.

Nick, Jim, and Bobby, were each over 6' with solid builds. James, who was black, must have been the team's center. He was about 6'6" and had a slimmer build. All these young men were dressed nicely and behaved very politely.

I served bent over quickie with my husband before work all a round of beers. As they drank their beers, I told them Leslie was very young and new to sex. All her holes were open for their use. Leslie could suck, fuck, and take it in the ass, but they must not hurt her.

If she said stop, they must stop immediately. They all agreed. I put on an adult tape, and typical male banter soon filled the room. As they watched the tape, they began to get aroused. Soon, they all had sizable bulges in their pants. I then went to get Leslie from her room. When I opened her door, she jumped to her feet. She had drank most of the wine, but still admitted to being a little nervous. I hugged her and felt her pussy. Her pussy juices had already dampened her baby-doll panties.

I told her she'd be just fine. She smiled, finished the wine, and said. "OK, I'm ready." I took Leslie by the hand and led her down the hall toward the living room. As we entered, the boys fell silent and stared at Leslie. She smiled broadly when Nick said to her. "Wow! You're beautiful." I said. "Gentlemen, let me introduce Leslie. She wants to show us all a great time. She really knows how to treat a lover.

Isn't that right, Leslie?" Without a second's hesitation, she said. "Yes! Yes I do!" With that, I lowered the sound on the TV and turned on the stereo.

"Dance for us, honey." I told Leslie. Leslie began slowly dancing around the living room. Her baby-doll gown did very little to hide her blooming body. Her nipples seemed to be poking holes in the thin material of her top. Her sparse blonde bush was visible through the light blue material of her panties.

As she danced close to each of the boys, they reached out and rubbed, patted, and gently squeezed some part of her. When she came to Nick, he reached out, took her by the hips, and pulled her pussy to his face.

He kissed her blonde fur through her panties. Leslie tossed nerdy gf kylie quinn enjoys bfs big hard cock pornstars hardcore head back, moaned and pushed her hips forward.

Nick placed his thumbs in the sides of Leslie's panties and slid them down to her ankles. Leslie stepped out of the panties and spread her legs. She placed her hands on the back of Nick's head and pulled his face into her snatch. When he licked her split, Leslie's body shuddered, and she moaned even louder.

In the mean time, the other boys had taken out their cocks and were stroking them to full erection. They all seemed to be about 6" long, except James. Like his body, it was long and slender. He must have been at least 8 or 9" long. Bobby had moved up to her now bare ass and was sliding his cock up and down on her ass cheeks while he squeezed her tits. Leslie reached around and pressed Bobby's cock between her ass cheeks. After a few minutes with Nick and Bobby, she moved on to dance in front of James.

As James stroked his cock, Leslie noticed its size. Her eyes grew wide, but she dropped to her knees and bent over to take about three inches of his large black cock into her mouth. As she sucked James and fondled his balls, Jim came up behind her. He took her hips and worked his cock between her smooth legs. Leslie widely spread her knees to give Jim greater access.

As Jim sawed his cock along Leslie's slit, her pussy got extremely hot and wet. By the time she had gotten James' cock to the back of her mouth, Jim had eased his cock into her pussy and was slowly stroking in and out. Nick and Bobby came over to her. Each boy started rubbing a tit and pinching its nipple. All that activity soon had Leslie's whole body vibrating as she moaned past a mouthful of black cock.

"Leslie, honey, would you like to take the boys to your room?" I asked. She pulled James's cock out of her mouth and softly answered. "Oh yes." The boys released Leslie, and she headed for her room with the four horny boys and myself close behind. When Leslie got to her room she laid crossways on her bed.

He legs were spread wide and hanging off one side of the bed. Her head was hanging off the other side. She said, "Somebody eat me!" James jumped right to the task. He soon had Leslie cuming and begging for more. She got more, much more! Jim and Bobby had lain beside her and were each sucking a hard nipple. Nick came around the bed, stood at her shoulder, and put his cock to Leslie's cheek.

She turned her head toward him and took several inches of his cock into the mouth. She did her best to get as much of his cock in as she could. In that position she couldn't get even half of it in. I whispered into Nick's ear and told him to move to the top of Leslie's head.

He gave me a confused look, but he pulled out and stepped around Leslie's head. He then stood directly in line with Leslie's body. She let her head drop back and opened her mouth. Nick didn't need to be told any more. He moved forward and put his cock into Leslie's open mouth.

She took it in greedily. She reached up and pulled Nick closer by his upper thighs. He was immediately and fully imbedded in her throat.

His balls were lying over the bridge of her nose. With Nick's cock deep in her throat, Leslie started making swallowing motions. Nick came almost instantly. She took every drop of Nick's load to her belly. His eyes almost popped out of his head when Leslie licked him clean before she let him pull completely out of her mouth.

Jim and Bobby were so fascinated by Leslie's throat talent, they had stopped working her tits and were just watching as Nick fed his cum to her. Seeing how Leslie had deep-throated Nick got James so horny he had to have some pussy.

"I've got to get some of this!" He said. With that, he climbed on top of Leslie and aimed his cock at her dripping wet pussy. That big black cock had grown to nearly 10" by then. "Please be gentle." She gasped as the first several inches of James' black cock slid easily into her pussy. James pulled back and said.

"Of course, Baby." He then shoved about five inches into her. He slowly stroked in and out. With each stroke he went a little deeper into Leslie's hungry cunt. Then, with only about three inches to go, he pulled back until only the head was still in her. A final solid shove, and Leslie had 10 inches of black cock buried in her cunt. "Damn she's tight!" James groaned.

As James bottomed out, Leslie gasped. "Oh shit! Oh! Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big black cock!" Then the horny teen loudly demanded. "Somebody give me a cock to suck!" Bobby was more than happy to provide the cock.

James held still until Bobby had shoved his cock down Leslie's throat. Then they alternated thrusts. As Bobby shoved into Leslie's throat, James pulled out of her pussy until just his cock's head was still in her.

Then they'd reverse direction, and Bobby pulled out of her throat as James drove deep into her pussy. In the mean time, Leslie had Jim's and my cock in her hands and was giving us hand jobs. She had difficulty maintaining a steady pace due to the pounding her pussy and throat were taking. When James announced he was about to cum, Leslie started swallowing on Bobby's cock.

Bobby jammed kinky simony gets nailed in the office dick deep into her throat and came just as James rammed his big cock fully in her pussy and dumped his seed. Leslie was like a pig on a spit. Skewered from both ends and filled with juices. As Bobby pulled out, he got the usual cleaning. James came around and got cleaned too. While Leslie cleaned James, Jim climbed on and humped her pussy.

Almost too quickly, he dumped his load in her cunt. It was my turn, and Nick was beginning to get up again. I pulled Leslie fully on the bed. When I got out the lube, Leslie knew where I was going to fuck her. She kissed me and rolled onto her belly. The guys were amazed and thrilled when Leslie raised her butt for easy access to her asshole.

After lubing both her ass and my cock, I smoothly, but quickly, shoved my cock deep into her ass. It didn't take long for the four boys to start regaining their hard-ons. They were about ready for more. I had her lower her hips so I was lying on her back.

In a whisper, I asked if she wanted to try two at once. "Ooooooh yes, please. I want all I can get." We rolled over with my cock still in her ass. Holding her tits to keep her positioned, I asked Nick if he wanted some pussy. "Now?" He questioned. "Sure." Leslie answered. Leslie and I held still as Nick crawled on top and poked his cock at Leslie's pussy.

To his amazement, he got his head in easily. With a little pressure, he was fully in her. With slow short strokes, Nick and I both fucked Leslie. Bobby had moved to the side of the bed, and Leslie was giving him a blowjob as well. She couldn't deep-throat in that position, but she was still one hell of a cocksucker.

With cocks in her pussy, ass, and mouth, it wasn't long before Leslie's young talented body had all three of us ready to cum. Bobby was the first to let go. Then Nick and I both dumped our loads at about the same time. By then, James had a full 10-inch erection going again. He politely asked her. "Leslie, do ya think ya can swallow this?" She grinned and said. "I don't know. I'll try." She turned and hung her head off the bed again. James very slowly fed her his monster cock.

When he got to the entrance of her throat, he waited a few seconds before shoving in. The rest of us saw he only had about four inches of cock in her mouth. Slowly, but steadily, James pushed his huge cock down Leslie's throat. With about four inches to go he stopped. Leslie patted his ass and motioned for him to push on in. With one final shove, James porn twins sasha amp misha virtual sex he cock down Leslie's throat.

His balls lay on her closed eyes. Everyone, including James, had their jaws gaping open. We couldn't believe we were watching a sweet, 16-year-old Leslie deep-throat a when daddy is away the olympic interchange teen inch black cock. With short strokes, James fucked Leslie's throat. His cock must have been nearly in her stomach. When he came, it seemed to be a huge amount.

He pumped and pumped. Leslie wasn't swallowing, but she didn't need to. James was so far down Leslie's throat, his cum had nowhere to go but to her belly. When James was finished cuming, he pulled out and his cock flopped limply between his legs.

Leslie smiled at me, rolled off the bed, kneeled, and dutifully licked James clean. When she finished cleaning James, Leslie asked if anyone wanted more. When all but James said they did, she said. "My pussy and throat are terribly sore, but my ass can take a little more.

She then kneeled on the floor and put her chest on the bed. She presented her ass to us for fucking. I relubed her asshole and, with one quick shove, buried my cock in her ass again. Grabbing her hips, I fucked her asshole hard, fast, and deep. She beautiful girl sex story tarzan to coo and moan until I again dumped a load of cum in her bowels. Nick, Jim, and Bobby each fucked her ass as well.

Each hammered her until they dumped their load of cum deep in her well stretched asshole. When they finished, Leslie looked at James, but his monster still hung limply between his legs.

It was useless to her. By that time, Leslie was sore in all her holes. She hugged and kissed all the guys, and thanked them for coming and cuming. They all laughed and thanked her for the great party. Before leaving, they all asked if they could come back for another party sometime. Leslie smiled and replied. "I sure hope so." I helped Leslie to the bathroom and put her in the shower. Cum was dribbling from her ass and pussy. It was my pleasure to help her clean up.

As I toweled her off, she asked. "When can we do that again? I'm awfully sore now, but that was so much fun. I want to do it again soon." When we had gotten her cleaned up, she still looked like the cute, sweet, 16-year-old girl I had brought to California. I carried her to my room, laid her on the bed, and told her, we could get her fucked all she wanted.

I reminded her school classes would be starting soon, and we needed to be thinking about getting her back home. "Fuck that! My pussy, asshole, and belly want a whole lot more cum than I can ever get back there." We had succeeded! We had taken a cute, sweet, young, virgin, and, with her willing cooperation, turned her into a horny, cum-hungry, slut.

The final test came about a month later. I had been invited to a party in the same neighborhood Leslie used to live. The party was only a couple of blocks from her family's home. With Leslie wearing a smock type dress, dark glasses, heavy make-up, and darkly dyed hair, I took her with me to the party.

She behaved in a very low-key manner, and no one realized she was the same girl who had disappeared the previous June. Leslie and I would have many more exciting nights, but that, as they say, is another story. Slut in Training II: The Lessons Continue The first installment of this story documented how I had taken Leslie, a sweet, naive, and willing 16-year-old, virgin, and turned her into a horny, cum hungry, slut in a matter or weeks.

She was a slut who could, and eagerly would, take it in her pussy, up her ass, or down her throat and ask for more. A few weeks ago, she had been living with her parents.

She didn't even know what, or where, her clitoris was. Now, she lives with me several hundred miles away in southern California, and this 35-year-old has opened her eyes and body. She loves sex of almost any kind. She is nearly insatiable. Last Friday evening, we had a little party. Leslie was the star attraction. She serviced me and four young men.

One of the young men, James, was a black man with a 10" cock. Leslie not only took that 10" cock in her pussy, but deep down her throat. Once during her party, she did three of us at one time. While I fucked her in the ass, she took one young man in her pussy, and sucked off another.

After servicing all five of us all at least twice per man, she finished us off by taking four of us, one at a time, up her ass. As I helped her shower and clean up, she said. "I'm sore as hell, but I want to have another party real soon." Together, we had created a sex hungry slut.

When I mentioned getting her home before school started, her reply was. "Fuck that! My pussy, asshole, and belly want a whole lot more cum than I could ever get back there." At breakfast Saturday morning, Leslie realized how stressful her Friday night party had been.

She said, I hurt all over and don't think I am up for another party just yet." With a kiss to her forehead, I told her. "Honey, you have earned a rest." So, we spent all day relaxing around the house and pool. That evening we went to the local mall and bought her some tight fitting and revealing new clothes.

She said if she was going to be a slut, she might as well look like one. Her purchases included tight fitting shorts and T-shirts, in addition to the many sexy things I selected. Short skirts that barely covered her cute little ass, bras that accentuated her small, but developing tits, garters belts and stockings, and several silky blouses were the bulk of her selections.

It was getting late when we headed for the house. We stopped for take-out pizza on the way so neither of us had to cook. We sat eating our pizza and drinking a glass of wine while watching TV. Leslie quietly talked about how much she liked being with me.

She said. "I know you only wanted to be my teacher, but I love you anyway. I'll do anything you want me to do. Anything or anybody!" She then cuddled close to me and finished her wine. We went to bed shortly after dinner. We gently made love after she sucked me to the largest erection I had ever had.

As our mutual climaxes approached, Leslie wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me hard into her snug pussy. She moaned. "Oh honey, I'll do anything, just keep me well fucked." "Of course, I will, baby." I replied. I knew that, at 35-years-old, I wouldn't have the stamina to keep up with a teenager's horny, body's strength and desires. A steady diet of new men and experiences would be needed to satisfy my slut. By the middle of the following week, Leslie had fully recovered from her Friday night activities.

She began asking when she could be the entertainment at another party. I told her. "I'll stop by the book store, and see if Nick and his friends will come over again next Friday night." Leslie grinned ear to ear.

Throwing her arms around my neck, she kissed my ear and whispered. "Oh thank you, Honey." Nick, of course, jumped at the chance to party with Leslie again. He promised to bring his friends as well. While at the bookstore, I bought Leslie two large butt plugs. She had requested them after seeing them used on one the porno tapes we had watched. Friday evening couldn't arrive soon doctor girls full movi story hot boobs for Leslie.

All afternoon, she had been chattering about how she wanted her son tempted mom sleping xnxx, pussy, and asshole filled to overflowing with cum. She opened, and began drinking, a bottle of wine at about 6:00 PM. By the time our guests began arriving at 8:00 PM, Leslie was sitting on the living room couch wearing one of her new short skirts and a thin silky blouse. Damn, she looked great!

She had just finished the last of the wine, and had a nice buzz going. True to his word, Nick had brought Jim, Bobby, and James with him. When they saw Leslie, they fell all over themselves complimenting her on how great she looked. Leslie got up, hugged each of them, and said to them. "Sit down boys. Let me dance for you." I served a round of beers, and Leslie put on some music. She swayed around the room to the music and slowly removed her clothes.

It didn't take long before Leslie was nude, and her audience members were all sporting raging hard-ons. Leslie gestured with her finger and said. "Come with me, boys." Even with her wine induced buzz, she seemed to be in full control of herself and her audience. We all followed her obediently. Instead of heading for her bedroom, she went to the kitchen. She hopped up on the kitchen table and laid back. Her head was hanging over one end, while her legs draped over the other.

Rubbing her pussy, she said. "James, put the big black cock of yours in my pussy. Go easy, please. Bobby, come here." She held out her hand to Bobby. He took her hand and she pulled him up to her head.

Her excitement, the wine, and her dance had her pussy practically dripping wet. James slowly inserted the head of his 10" monster into Leslie's pussy. Leslie gasped as James gave her a quick six or seven inches. He began stroking in and out.

He shoved a little more cock in with each stroke. His full 10" cock was soon buried in her depths. As his balls lay on her ass, James held still while Leslie took Bobby into her mouth. With Leslie's head hanging off the table, Bobby easily slid his 6" cock into her mouth and down her throat. The two young men began stroking Leslie at both ends. It looked like they were working a two man saw. As James drove into her pussy, Bobby pulled out of her throat.

Then Bobby slid his cock back down her gullet as James pulled back. In just a few minutes, Bobby shot his load down Leslie's throat. She swallowed every drop. James continued to slowly stroke in and out of her pussy. Jim was next at Leslie's head. As his cock touched her lips, Leslie reached over her head, grabbed his hips, opened her mouth, and pulled Jim's cock deep into her throat.

Holding him in her throat, Leslie started swallowing. About thirty seconds later, Jim's cum was added to Bobby's in her belly. Nick and I added our loads to Leslie's belly in short order.

It only takes a matter of seconds to cum when Leslie starts swallowing while your cock is down her throat. It feels like her throat is milking your cock. James hadn't cum yet and was still pumping away at Leslie's pussy. She smiled at James and told him. "You're next. Bring me that big thing up here." James pulled out of her pussy and came around to Leslie's head.

His big black cock was pointing straight out. He told her. "I've been saving this all week just for you, Babe." She smiled and cooed as she opened her mouth for him. James inserted his cock's head and eased it to the entrance of her throat. Bending forward, squeezing both of her small tits, James slid his 10"er down Leslie's gullet in one smooth push.

As he took short strokes, his balls bounced off her nose and closed eyes. After a couple of minutes, Leslie started swallowing. James' eyes opened wide, his nostrils flared, and he exclaimed. "Oh shit, Baby! I'm cuming." James shoved his cock as far down her throat as he could, and pumped his load into her belly.

Leslie grabbed his ass and pulled him tightly to her face. James must have dumped a quart of cum, or at least he seemed to. He kept slowly dribbling cum for nearly a minute after his initial pumps. When James pulled out of her, Leslie sat up, smiled and looked at five limp dicks.

She exclaimed. "Hell, that's no good!" She jumped off the table, got on her knees, and proceeded to lick us all clean. The cleaning produced the adultmemberzone stacked slut gets the lassiter and amateur she desired. We all started getting hard again. She told us. "Pussy time guys. If ya want to fuck, follow me." She led us to her room, lay on her bed, and spread her legs.

Nick climbed on first and whispered something to Leslie. She smiled and nodded. Nick then hammered her hard and fast. He dumped his load, rolled off, and I took his place in Leslie's pussy. As I climbed on, Nick left the room saying he needed to take a piss.

After I had given her my load of cum, Leslie had Bobby, James, and Jim add their cum to that already in her dripping pussy. Nick returned as Jim was pulling out of Leslie.

Again, Leslie saw five soft dicks. Reaching into her nightstand, she took out one of her new large butt plugs and inserted it in her pussy. She giggled and said. "I don't want to loose any." We then all went to the kitchen for beers. Leslie opened another bottle of wine. About twenty minutes later, there were five revived hard-ons for Leslie to care for. Nick lagged behind as we followed her to her bed. Leslie again lay on her back, spread her legs, removed the butt plug, and said.

"Who's next?" James climbed on and quickly sunk into Leslie's sloppy cunt. We all did her cunt a second time. I went last, and as I rolled off, cum was steadily running out of her sloppy hole. Leslie reinserted her plug and said.

"That's good boys. My pussy seems full. Think ya can fill my ass now?" Just the thought of fucking her tight asshole got me semi-hard again. With Leslie's expert tongue, I was soon up and ready for a go at her ass. Leslie rolled her legs off her bed and got on her knees. She rested her chest on the bed.

Taking the tube of lube, I applied a good amount to her rear entrance and to my cock. Using my fingers, I worked the lube around and into her tight asshole.

Lubing up her ass got Leslie started. She was humping back at my hand before I even got my dick near her. With plenty of lube on me and in her, I gently popped my cock's head into her ass. She cooed and pushed back. With one firm shove, my cock was buried in Leslie's shitter. After a few gentle strokes, I took hold of her hips and roughly rammed into Leslie's ass. It took a while, but I finally dumped a short load in her ass.

I was spent. Nick, Bobby, and Jim followed me in Leslie's ass. Then James brought his 10" cock to her ass. It surprised none of us when he slid about 8" in with little trouble. Leslie gave a little whimper as James rammed the rest of his cock in her bowels. I stroked her hair and asked if she was OK. She smiled and gave me a wink. James pumped away until he too dumped a load in Leslie's bowels. When he pulled out, I asked Leslie if she wanted to call it a night.

She said. "No! My ass and belly aren't as full as my pussy." "But honey, the boys and I are pretty done in." I told her. That's when I heard them come into the room. Six more guys had just walked into Leslie's bedroom. When Nick had gone to the bathroom earlier, he had called the rest of his high school basketball team. He had lagged behind in the kitchen to let them in. They were all expecting to be fucked. I started to protest the added guys, but Leslie told me it was ok. She said she had told Nick he could call them.

After explaining the rules to the new boys, I served them beers, and sat down to watch. Leslie scooted around on the bed. She placed her ass at the edge of one side of the bed, and pulled her legs up to her chest. Her asshole was fully exposed for reaming. Her head was hanging over the other side of the bed.

The two new black boys moved in. Both had impressive cocks of about 8 or 9" each. No more lubricant was needed in Leslie's ass. She had loosened up and had more than enough cum in her to take care of that. With out any hesitation, the boy at her ass buried his cock in her bowels and started pumping. The boy at her head gently, but steadily slid his cock down Leslie's throat.

She didn't swallow for him. He just pumped for several minutes until he came. The boy in her ass soon dumped his load too. The next two boys took their place. So it went, until all six of the new boys had each fucked and dumped loads in Leslie's ass and throat. When the last one pulled out of her butt, cum was dripping from her well-worn asshole. She handed me the second large butt plug. I inserted it in her ass as she requested and covered her.

After sending the boys on their way, I returned to Leslie. She had turned in her bed and was now lying on her back. She had kicked off the blankets. Her spread legs revealed the two butt plugs were still inserted.

Leslie smiled broadly, rubbed her slightly, but noticeably, swollen belly, and said. "I think I'm full." She looked like she had just eaten a large meal. Hell, in addition to the wine, I guess she had. I kissed her and helped her to the bathroom to clean up. We both badly needed a shower. We got in the shower together, and I tenderly washed her tired body.

With her back to me, I embraced her. I gently rubbed her belly using slow circular motion. When I removed her butt plugs, cum freely flowed out both her pussy and ass.

Large amounts of cum ran down her legs and was washed down the drain. She had definitely gotten all her holes well filled that night. She leaned her head on my shoulder and said. "Thank you for getting me so well filled like I wanted. I don't want to do it tomorrow night, but can we do that again, soon?" "Sure baby, whenever you're ready, let me know." I said. We finished cleaning ourselves, dried, and went to bed. Leslie and I didn't wake until well after noon the next day. As we walked to the living room with our coffee, Leslie giggled and said she could barely walk.

As we sat on the couch, I said with a laugh. "It's a wonder you can walk at all considering all the cocks you took last night. Hell baby, you fucked, sucked, and took up your ass eleven different guys several times each.

That means you took better than thirty loads, and a few dribbles, of cum." "You sure you want a cum-hungry slut like me hanging around?" She asked with a serious look.

"Hell Baby, I made you a slut. You're the best little slut I know. I was hoping you'd want to stay with me a while. At least, until you tell me I'm to old for you." Slut in Training III: A Family Affair I am an independent handyman.

Over the years, by working for myself, I've been able to save up a nice little nest egg. I thought I had saved enough to be comfortable if something should happen and I couldn't work. That was until I met, and fell in love with, Leslie. Over the past four years, I have lived with my girlfriend, Leslie.

With my help, she had run away from home to accompany masked slut has her wet twat plowed european brunette to California. At that time, she had just turned 16-years-old. Maybe I was going a little middle-aged crazy. I was then 35-years-old. Over the course of a month or so, I had taken her from being a cute, naive, virgin into a cute, cum hungry, slut. She would eagerly take it in her pussy, down her throat, or up her ass.

She absolutely loved sex. I had initially intended to train her sexually, and then send her home to be a local slut. That's what she had initially said she wanted as well. However, all that changed when we fell in love with each other. She had indeed become a slut, but she was my slut.

I had awoken a great sexual hunger in Leslie. As I pushed 40-years-old, I knew I would never come close to satisfying that hunger alone. Therefore, I gladly shared her with numerous young men. Her young men included a abella nikki gets fucked pornstars and hardcore well-hung blacks. She has thoroughly serviced up to a dozen men in a single night.

All the men I brought to Leslie had to follow only two standing rules. One, no one was allowed to hurt her. Two, they had to stop when one of us told them to stop. Except for those two rules, they could use Leslie any way they liked. Since we had gotten together, I had devoted all my attention to Leslie. I hadn't worked in nearly four years. I also enjoyed giving Leslie nice gifts. After a year or so of wild sexual activities and many gifts, my bank account was starting to get thin.

So, when Leslie offered to help with the finances, I accepted. When Leslie asked if she could help contribute to our expenses she had but one marketable asset. Her body was a gold mine. The only change in our lifestyle would be that the young men she saw would have to start paying for her favors. After an extended discussion, we decided that for $50.00 a man could fuck her anyway he liked. $125.00 would get him invited to a party where Leslie was the primary entertainment.

He could fuck her as many times as he was capable of, in as many ways as he liked, for as long as the party lasted. The two primary rules still applied. The past three years have been very lucrative for us. We now own free and clear our own large home in southern California. It is well furnished and equipped with the latest video and audio recording gear.

The activities in any room can be monitored and/or recorded. Our bank that sweetheart bounds on it faster girlfriend homemade has swollen, and we each drive sports cars. Most nights we spend together. But, on Friday and/or Saturday nights, Leslie does her best to entertain her many friends. For her 20th birthday, Leslie said she wanted to contact her family.

We believed I could still be thrown in jail for various charges related to her running away. So, we decided to travel to Florida for a vacation. She could call her family along the way. If they traced the call, we would be long gone before the friday phatt booty thick red fucked by bbc jovan jordan strippers amateur could find us. On the way to Florida, we stopped at a payphone in a rest area somewhere near New Orleans. From there, Leslie called her parents for the first time in four years.

They had given up searching for her after almost a year of looking and hoping she'd come home. They never suspected a kidnapping. At the time she ran away with me, Leslie had left a note saying she was tired of her father's yelling at home and his calling her vile names.

She wrote she was going to New York City. They had believed her note. The cops had told them that, beyond putting out an alert, there was very little they could do. Her mother answered the phone when Leslie called. She immediately began crying when she realized it was Leslie. Leslie sexual oral stimulation with strippers striptease hardcore her. "I'm fine and living with a wonderful man. He treats me well and he never yells at me." Her twin brother and sister, Billy and Janie, got on extensions and asked a million questions.

They were then 15; just a bit younger than Leslie had been when she began her training as a slut. The twins seemed to envy her for getting away. Leslie's father grabbed the phone from his wife and instantly started yelling at Leslie. "How could you do this to your mother. She's been crying for years over you. Where the hell are you?" Tears had begun flowing from Leslie's eyes.

"I can't tell you, Daddy." Leslie sobbed. "You get your ugly ass home! You hear me?" He screamed so loud he could easily be heard outside the phone booth. I could plainly hear him even though Leslie had the phone held tightly to her ear.

I knew then why she had been so eager to run away from home. He was a badgering asshole who had belittled her until she had decided to get out at any cost.

"I'm 20 now! I don't have to take your shit. So, fuck you!" Leslie yelled back. Her father slammed down the phone, but the twins were still on their extensions. They quietly talked to Leslie. They wanted her to figure out a way they could communicate without their father knowing. Leslie told them she'd figure something out and hung up.

Leslie cried for the next 100 miles. She had calmed a bit when we stopped at a roadside motel for the night.

That night, as I held her snugly in my arms, she told me of her life with her family. Her father had never beaten her, but she could never do anything well enough to satisfy him. She said. "He called me an ugly, flat-chested, little bitch all the time.

He told me that nice boys would only laugh at me." That was why, when I came along, she was looking for someone, anyone, to love her and get her out of that house. Whatever the reasons, I had fallen in love with her within a few weeks of our getting together. She had made me feel loved as well. When she had come to me, she was a slender, nearly flat-chested young girl.

She had grown into a beautiful young woman. She had also developed a great set of tits. I was damn proud to have her as my girlfriend.

That night we didn't make love. We just held each other tightly as we dozed off. Late the next afternoon, we arrived at our destination. We were staying at a major theme park in central Florida. As she unpacked, I went to explore the park's shops. I found just what I wanted, a surprise birthday present for Leslie. I hoped she would like and accept it. That night, we had dinner at one of the parks nicer restaurants. The place was packed with diners. Leslie said she noticed I was a little quieter than usual.

I told her I had something on my mind. "I hope my call to the family isn't bothering you." She said. "Absolutely not! But, I'm sitting on something that is." She giggled and said. "I'll take care of that in a little while." I softly took her hand, and said.

"I was hoping you'd take care of it now. I'd sure hate to have to take this back." I then pulled the small velvet box out of my pocket, opened it, and held it out to Leslie. "Leslie, we have been together about four years now. I think you know I love you very much.

Will you marry me?" Her eyes flew wide open, and the tears began flowing. She held out her shaking left hand.

I slipped the diamond engagement ring on the ring finger of her left hand. She nearly yanked me over the table to lay a long passionate kiss on me. We noticed everybody in the restaurant was watching us as we sat nikki vee was too cute for words and a real good sport down. She looked at her hand, and yelled so loudly that everyone in the entire restaurant could hear. "YES! YES! YES!" The room erupted in applause.

Back in our room that night, Leslie fucked me until I couldn't go anymore. She used all her considerable skills on me. She rode my cock from on top until I came in her pussy. Then, I dumped a load in her ass. Finally, she took my cock deep into her throat.

Starting with the head of my full sex stories all sezxy xxx, she licked and sucked her way down to my balls. After gently sucking each ball, then both balls, into her mouth, she moved on to my ass.

She expertly reamed my asshole, driving her tongue as deep as she could into my ass. Even though I had already cum twice, Leslie's expert treatment got my cock up one more time. As I lay on my back, she took me in her mouth. She slowly and gently licked and sucked until I shot my last load of the night deep in her throat.

We had a great time in Florida. Our vacation turned into a long engagement party for two. We returned home two weeks later. When we returned to California, Leslie began trying to figure out how to secretly communicate with her brother and sister.

Leslie knew her brother and sister had a computer. We weren't familiar with computers, but one of our party friends was. We soon found out about E-mail and instant messaging. In exchange for a free private evening with Leslie, our friend provided us with a good system.

He also taught us how to use it. Leslie set up an account with an internet service provider that offered something called blind forwarding. Somehow, that kept others from tracing her messages. She was soon communicating almost daily with her brother and sister. They were thrilled to find out about our upcoming marriage.

We had planned our wedding for the following spring. They wanted to attend the wedding, but their father wouldn't hear of it. The twins said he had gotten worse after Leslie's call.

He screamed at them all the time now. He had even slapped Janie the previous Saturday morning just because she hadn't brushed her hair before breakfast. He frequently called them both terrible names. The twins would be 16-years-old next March, just in time for our April wedding.

They were begging to join us, even if they didn't know where we were. It looked like I was about to go into the runaway business again. Leslie and I had several discussions about the twins coming to stay with us. We agreed they could come live with us. I was concerned about them being around during our parties.

Leslie suggested we train the twins, as I had trained her, if they willingly agreed to be trained. After all, her training had provided us with a great living and all the cock she wanted. So, why xxx sanilona story new 2019 train her brother and sister.

I told her I loved the idea, but I would leave Billy's training up to her. I would train Janie. Leslie laughed and told me. "You just want another set of cherries to pop." I chuckled and replied. "Well, there is that too." When the end of March rolled around, Leslie had arranged with her mother to have the twins stay overnight with, and baby-sit for, a neighborhood couple. There was no neighborhood couple, and there would be no babysitting. Leslie's mother still didn't know where we were, but she thought femaleagent new milf agent likes it hard and fast twins would be better off with us wherever we were rather than staying at home.

She had no idea how we paid the bills. On the appointed night, the twins hopped a city bus for the airport. They caught a flight we had reserved for them to LAX. We picked them up there, and brought them to our home. The family reunion was joyful and tearful. Billy was a bad masti in school girl looking kid. He was about 5'9" and solidly built.

He apparently worked out. His blonde hair was cut very short. Like her older sister, Janie was beautiful teen. Like her brother, she too stood about 5'9", but she had a slender build. She had already developed a nice set of C-cup tits. When Leslie saw I was staring at Janie's tits, she smiled and winked at me. When we got the kids home later that night, Leslie and I sat them down and explained our lifestyle to them. She left out the part about how I had helped her run away.

Screwed hard is what that gorgeous babe wants to be schoolgirl japanese

They listened quietly to every word as Leslie spoke. She told them how I had taught her to enjoy many forms of sex. We showed them around our large house and pointed out many of our other high-end possessions. They looked startled when we told them, in detail, how we had paid it.

As they returned to the living room, I spoke to them. "Now kids, you have a choice to make. Feel free to make up your own minds with no pressure from either Leslie or me. You may stay with us and attend school until you're ready to go out on your own. Or, Leslie real sister and brother xxx porn brust I will be happy to train you as I have trained her. Your decisions must be yours, and yours alone. If you accept training, you will soon have a skill that can take you anywhere you want to go.

Billy, you probably won't make nearly as much money as Janie, but you will never lack for girlfriends. Janie, with your great body and looks, you can make a fortune if you want. If one, or both of you, doesn't want to be trained, that's OK. You can still stay with us. However, if you're not being trained, you must stay in school and away from the parties we have.

If you do accept training, you will be expected to contribute to the family income. Think about it, and give us your answer tomorrow." The twins looked at each other, looked around the nicely decorated living room, looked at each other again, and said in unison. "Please, train us." Like I had with their sister, I told them in graphic terms the type of training they would be receiving. Leslie would train Billy to properly service a woman. Billy would be expected to eat and fuck a woman's pussy and ass, and anything else a female may like him to do.

Some times his client's pussy may not be as clean and fragrant as it could be. You will be expected to do your job in spite of it. In the future, he may, if he chooses, service some of our male customers as well. Billy grimaced at that. Janie giggled. I told Janie she shouldn't laugh. She may end up servicing a woman now and then as well. We told them I would be training Janie in the ways of pleasuring a man. Like her sister, she would be expected to suck, swallow cum, fuck, take it in the ass, and lick her customer's asshole clean.

She too grimaced. "Are you still willing to be trained?" I asked. After looking at each other again, together they answered. "Yes! We want to be trained." "Very well! Are you virgins?" I asked. They bowed their heads and quietly nodded. "Yes." "OK then. We might as well get started. Billy, go with Leslie. Janie, you come with me. You're both about to get fucked." A look of concern came over their faces, but they said nothing.

I kissed Leslie, and we took our trainees to separate bedrooms. We had previously agreed, that if they accepted training, we would only fuck them the first night. They would learn everything else soon enough. Leslie had the easiest job that night. As she entered what would soon be Billy's room, she had him sit on the edge of the bed.

As she slowly undressed in front of her brother, the first time since he had been 5 or 6-years-old, 16-year-old Billy quickly got a hard-on.

When Leslie was completely nude, she reclined on the bed. She had Billy stand and remove his clothes. Though he was still a kid, Billy had a respectable cock. It was slender but nearly 6" long. He still had some growing to do. Billy stared at his sister's tits. "Your breasts are bigger than Janie's." "You can call them tits, Billy! And you don't have a penis; it's a cock, prick, or dick. Have you seen Janie's tits often, Billy?" Leslie asked.

"Oh no! I've watched her through the window only a couple of times as she dressed after a shower." "Did you ever suck them?" "No!" Billy seemed shocked that Leslie had even asked such a question. Leslie extended her arms to her brother and said. "Would you like to suck mine?" Billy bowed his head.

"Uh, yeah!" He said in a whisper. "Well, come on then. Lay with me." Leslie beckoned to her brother. Coming out of his shell, Billy scrambled onto the bed with his sister. He practically dove on top of her. Leslie held his head tightly between her breasts to slow him down. Once she calmed him down a little, he did a pretty fair job of fondling and sucking her tits. Leony dark enjoys a rock solid cock a short while, Leslie guided Billy's hard cock to the opening of her pussy.

Without further encouragement, he rammed his full length into his first cunt. After only a few hard strokes, Billy called out. "I'm cuming!" Billy then dumped his load of cum into his sister's hole. Leslie patted Billy on the back and said to him. "Next time you must go a lot slower. You can never please a woman by being in such a hurry. She then sent him to the shower. She would teach him to take his time later.

In the mean time, I had taken Janie to the master bedroom. She seemed very nervous until I told her Leslie had also been scared the first time. I stripped to my underwear and lay on the bed. Like her sister before her, I told Janie to strip, stand in the middle of the room, and slowly turn so I could see all of her sweet, young, body. Very slowly, Janie removed her clothes.

When she got down to her panties and bra, she stopped and stood still. I firmly said. "Everything!" mature female photographer exchanges photobooks for cocks inside her She jumped a little and finished removing her underwear. As she turned, she reminded me so much of Leslie. She had firm shapely legs, smooth flat belly, round ass, full blonde bush, and a beautiful set of C-cup tits.

"You're beautiful, baby." I told her. A grin spread over her face, and she nearly ran and jumped into my bed. She asked. "Really? You think I'm beautiful? No one has ever told me that. Daddy had once told me I was so ugly, no man would want me. He told me he would probably have to fuck me himself because no decent boy would want me." I pulled her close and told her.

"He's an ass. You are beautiful, and many men and boys will want you, and they will pay for the privilege to be with you. Just wait and see." With that, I turned her onto her back and kissed and licked my way from her lips to her breasts.

I sucked her nipples until they stood erect. Janie's virgin pussy became very wet as I petted it. I rolled onto her and moved down until my face was inches from her virgin pussy.

I ate her juicy pussy until she had two screaming orgasms. I then moved up her body, kissed her willing lips, and spoke softly in her ear. "This is going to hurt a little, but it won't hurt long." She smiled at me and said. "I know. My friends at school told me about the pain when they lost their virginity. They said the pain would soon become really good feelings." When I thought she was wet enough, I moved the head of my cock to her virgin pussy's entrance.

Spreading her fresh pussy's lips with my fingers, I pushed my cock's head into her tight opening. After holding still for a few seconds, I shoved in a couple of inches until my cock bumped into her hymen.

Janie tensed and pressed her legs tightly against my sides. I took short strokes until she seemed to relax. After a few minutes, she let her legs spread wide again. I pulled back until just the head of my cock was still in her. Then, kissing her firmly, and holding her tightly, I plunged my cock deep into her depths. As I drove through her cherry, Janie tried to scream. With my mouth covering hers, only a muffled cry came out. With my cock deep in her pussy, I held still, until I felt her body relax a little.

Then, beginning slowly, I stroked in and out of her tight hole. Janie didn't return my thrusts, but she did start moaning and rolling her head. At that point, I sped up. Janie was moaning louder as her orgasm approached. When she thrust her hips up to me, I slammed deeply into her fuck hole and dumped the first of many loads of cum this young cunt would soon be getting.

With a deep passionate kiss, I sent Janie to the shower. When the twins got out of the shower, they joined Leslie and I in the living room. Leslie told them strip. The twins looked at each other and hesitated. Leslie explained to them that they had much to learn.

They needed to get comfortable with their own, as well as other people's bodies. Billy and Janie shrugged and slowly removed their clothes. With the twins standing next to each other nude, I pointed out how great Janie's tits looked. I also said I thought her pussy would be good to eat once her cherry's blood dried up. Leslie commented on the nice size of Billy's cock and how good his cum would taste.

The twins looked embarrassed. They would very soon get over any embarrassment they were feeling. Their lessons would be nearly constant for the next several weeks. We then sent them to bed, in the same room. They were given permission, no encouraged, to explore each other as they wished.

They needed to learn there would be no taboos for their lusts. Billy and Janie had begun training for a new life. Training that would take them far from the home and life they had just left behind. Before Leslie and I retired, Leslie switched on the recording equipment in the twin's room.

Slut in Training IV: The Twins are Trained Billy and Janie, Leslie's 16-year-old twin siblings, got up late Saturday morning. Leslie and I had let them sleep in. Friday had been a tough day for them. They had run away from an abusive father at home and flown to LA. We had picked them up at LAX and took them to our home.

Their sister and I had shown them around our large home and explained how all of our nice things had been paid for. We earned a very good living by marketing Leslie's many sexual talents. They were shocked at first to learn their sister, Leslie, was such a cum-hungry slut. Afterward, they had been offered a choice of life styles with us.

They could stay with us as Leslie's siblings and attend school. Or, they could be sexually trained as Leslie had been. The training would result in Billy learning how to properly service a variety of women using numerous techniques.

Janie would be trained to become a cum-loving slut like her sister. With little hesitation, they accepted our offer of sexual training. A short time later, Leslie took Billy to one of our smaller bedrooms. There, she gave him his first fuck. In the mean time, I had taken Janie to our master bedroom. A short time later, her virgin pussy had been eaten and fucked for the first time.

After showering, the twins came to the living room where we explained how their training would proceed. We then sent them to bed together nude. They had been encouraged to explore each other.

Their room, like the rest of the house, was monitored by audio/visual equipment. The monitoring was to confirm that our guests, as they partied with Leslie, broke none of our rules. The recording was made so none of them could deny they had enjoyed Leslie's favors. In this case, the tapes would be used to help with Billy and Janie's training. They came dragging to the kitchen wearing robes and looked like they hadn't gotten much sleep. It turned out they hadn't slept well at all!

They told Leslie and I they had been unable to sleep most of the night. They had talked about their futures, and they wanted to tell us something.

Janie said. "My tail felt like it was on fire after having my virginity taken. We were also kind of embarrassed to be naked in bed together. So, after a long time, Billy just nibbled on my boobs, and I played with his peter, while we talked about our choice to be sexually trained. We want you to know, we are grateful you helped us get away from Dad and have taken us in. We also want to let you know, we will do our best to learn everything you have to teach us." Billy had nodded in agreement while Janie spoke.

A later review of the tape from their room confirmed what they said. After taking a long sip of coffee, I spoke to Billy and Janie. In a non-threatening voice, I told them. "That's great!

Now get rid of the robes. You are both beautiful young people. You need to become comfortable with your own bodies and the bodies of others. Big cock sucked by brunette milf with big tits tube porn are to remain nude until we tell you to get dressed. That may take several days, or more. Janie, it is not a tail, and you didn't have your virginity taken. Your pussy, or cunt hurts because you got fucked, and had your cherry popped.

You will soon have your ass fucked and cocks shoved down your throat as well. Billy does not have a peter. He has a cock or dick. And finally, you will learn sex by practicing with each other and/or us. Are you OK with all that, so far?" Almost in unison, they smiled and replied. "Yes!" Their robes immediately hit the floor. I said. "Good! Janie, get on your knees, and suck Billy off." She looked shocked and hesitant at first, but soon got down on her knees in front of Billy.

She looked at Leslie and said. "I don't know what to do." Leslie went to them and placed Janie's hand around Billy's cock. As Billy began to harden, I told Janie to put the head of Billy's awakening cock in her mouth, and don't take it out until after he is finished cuming. Janie did as she was told. Leslie pushed on the back of Janie's head, and Mom and dughter boy friend fuck com cock disappeared.

As Janie began sucking firmly, Billy thrust his hips forward. Janie gagged and pulled back. Leslie again gently pushed Janie's mouth down Billy's shaft. Soon, Janie was bobbing smoothly on the first cock to ever enter her mouth. Leslie told her how to use her tongue on a cock she was sucking. Another first soon followed. With a lunge forward, Billy shot his wad into Janie's mouth. She stopped sucking, but held her lips tightly sealed around Billy's spurting cock. When Billy finished dumping his load of cum, Janie turned toward me and showed her mouth full of cum.

"Good! Now swallow!" I commanded. Janie closed her mouth and swallowed blonde babe fucking guy beside her old man. She then showed me her mouth was empty. I told her. "Good job! Next time, keep sucking when a cock is unloading in your mouth." "Now it's time for breakfast.

Let's go to the kitchen." The twins sat down as soon as we got to the kitchen. "No Janie. Your seat is here." I patted the edge of the table in front of Billy. With a quizzical look, Janie hopped up on the table where I had indicated. At my instruction, she spread her legs before her brother's wide eyes. "You a perverted point of view fujiko kano eat a pussy Billy?" I asked.

He shook his head no. "Well Billy, since Janie sucked you off, you are going to return the favor. Lean forward so you can lick your sister's cunt. Lick, suck, and tongue-fuck your sister until she cums." Billy tentatively leaned forward and kissed Janie's bush. Leslie had Janie lean back on her arms.

She then instructed Billy on the fine art of pussy eating. She showed him where and how to lick, suck, and gently nip a pussy. Billy learned quickly. Janie was soon laid back on the table with her legs wrapped around Billy's head and shoulders. Leslie then told him how to lick, suck, and probe an asshole with his tongue. In no time at all, Janie was moaning and thrusting her hips up to Billy's face. As she came, Janie grabbed Billy's head, pulled him tightly to her pussy, and cried out.

"Oh Billy. Oh! Eat me brother! Eat my pussy! Oh yes, suck right there." Janie had guided Billy's mouth to her clit and was in the midst of a shuddering orgasm. With Leslie's help, Billy and Janie had discovered what a bit of attention to a clit could do. When the twins finished, we had a late breakfast.

After breakfast, Leslie left to do some shopping. While out, she purchase several new video tapes and sex toys for Janie and Billy. The twins and I returned to the living room to view some old tapes. One of them was of Leslie being filled with cum in all her openings. When Janie saw Leslie being filled, she asked me. "Do you think I can do that?" I told her. "Not yet, but soon, if you want to." She was rubbing her pussy and cooed.

"Oh yes. That looks like so much fun. I think I want to be filled like that." Watching the tapes caused Billy to get another hard-on. I looked at Janie and said. "What kind of slut are you? Here is a stiff dick, and you're just sitting there. Do you really want to get filled with cum?" "Oh yes!" She replied and reached for Billy's hard cock. I told her to wait a minute and led them to their room.

"Janie, you have a couple more holes to open, and we might as well get started opening them." I placed her on the bed on her hands and knees. When she looked confused, I told her we were going to fuck her asshole. "Well, Ok." She said, with a little fear in her voice.

I patted her ass and told her she'd be fine. I told Billy to lick her pussy until it was wet enough to fuck. He hopped right to his assignment. He seemed to be happy in his work. When he had Janie's pussy wet, and she had begun pushing back toward him, Billy shoved his cock in his sister's cunt from the rear. In the mean time, I moved around in front of Janie and presented my cock.

She looked up from her position on all fours. "I've already sucked a cock. What's new about that?" She asked. "I'm going to fuck your throat, not just your mouth." I told her. She readily took it in her mouth. She was sucking and licking like a pro. She seemed to get scared when I held my cock snugly to her throat's entrance. I told her to relax her throat muscles and be sure to breath through her nose.

As I felt her throat loosen, I shoved my cock in. Her nose was quickly pressed firmly against my bush. I pulled out and drove back in several times. Leslie returned from shopping and walked into the bedroom. When she saw Janie getting fucked from both ends. She told me to sink into Janie's throat and stay there. With my cock buried in Janie's throat, Leslie told her to start swallowing. I quickly dumped my load down Janie's throat.

A few seconds later, Billy unloaded in her cunt, and Janie had an orgasm too. As Billy pulled out of his twin sister, Leslie told him to start licking Janie's ass.

He didn't seem too pleased with that instruction at first. However, he was soon plunging his tongue deep into his twin's asshole. Janie quickly had another orgasm. When Billy's cock had revived, we had him feed it down Janie's throat.

I moved around and smeared a gob of lube into Janie's asshole. As Billy stroked in and out of her throat, I finger fucked her ass. First one, then two fingers, until Janie seemed on the verge of another orgasm. I shoved about half my cock into her asshole. Janie just grunted.

It's hard to make much noise with a cock down your throat. A few seconds later, I plunged my cock fully into Janie's depths. With Janie skewered like a chicken on a rotisserie spit, Billy and I pumped our loads down her throat and up her ass. When we pulled out, Janie lay down, rolled onto her side, and smiled up at us. Leslie and I praised Janie for her rapid progress and left the twins to explore each other. Leslie and I went the kitchen to fix a light lunch and discuss the twin's rapid progress.

While preparing lunch, we talked about Janie's request to have her holes filled with cum. Leslie reminded me that we had a party scheduled for next Saturday. Maybe that would be a good time for Janie's coming out, and in, party. "So soon?" I asked. "She's eager and making fantastic progress. Hell, she's been here less than a full day and already seems to enjoy fucking, sucking, and taking it in the ass. I think she'll be ready.

Remember, she's the same age I was when you trained me." Leslie replied. When the twins came for their lunch, we asked Janie if she thought she could handle being the entertainment at our up coming party.

"I'd like to try." Janie replied with a wide grin. We told Billy his job would be to help his sister prepare for Saturday night.

He asked. "What do I have to do?" I told him. "It's simple and fun. You just fuck all of her holes as much she really gets a full physical captain willy possible between now and next Friday night." Billy broadly grinned and promised to do his best.

I chuckled and told him. "I'm sure you will. I recommend you concentrate on her throat and asshole, but don't neglect her pussy." "Between hard-ons, use these." Leslie said as she handed them a bag from our local adult toy store.

It contained small, medium, and large dildo/vibrators, two large butt plugs and a tube of lubricant. During the following week, we monitored the twins' progress via the audio/video system in the house. It soon became apparent that even 16-year-old Billy wasn't capable of meeting all of Janie's newly awakened sexual hunger.

Janie was just like her older sister.

She was learning to love all kinds of sex. Later that week, Leslie bought her sister a black mini-skirt, white silk blouse, black garter belt and stockings, and black patent leather shoes. When the twins went to bed Friday night, they were told not to fuck.

Janie was allowed to suck Billy off, but not use her pussy or ass. That was so Janie would be good and horny for Saturday night. Janie had seemed a little nervous Saturday afternoon. At about 5:00 PM, Leslie gave Janie a glass, a freshly open bottle of wine, and sent her to soak in the tub.

About an hour and a half later, Janie came out wearing her new clothes. Leslie and I told her she looked absolutely delicious! Even Billy said to her. "Dad was full of shit. You're beautiful Sis." Janie's face was glowing from the compliments. Billy's comment seemed to please her the most.

We sent her to her room to finish her wine and await her entrance call. Our first guests began arriving a little after 8:00 PM. Our parties usually have only six to eight guests. By 8:30 a dozen of our long time friends, plus Billy and I, sat around our living room snacking and drinking. That made a total of 14 hard, horny cocks ready to fuck. Most of them had been involved in giving Leslie her first cum filling.

Most were white, but three young black men were part of the group, including James with his 10" cock. The other two black men 'only' had 9" cocks. All of our guests had paid their $125.00 party fee. As Leslie walked into the room, James patted her ass and said. "You must be in rare form tonight to have such a large crowd." As I went to get Janie, Leslie stood in front of the group and silenced them.

She said. "Boys, I know you came here tonight expecting me to fuck and suck you half the night. Well, I'm sorry, but I don't feel well." A little bit of a lie got Leslie out of the night's party. As the guys groaned, she continued. "Cheer up! We have a surprise for you. Most of you remember when you helped me fill all my holes with cum. Well, tonight you're going to do that again.

I would like to introduce, for your sexual pleasure and entertainment, my 16-year-old sister, Janie." Just then, I enter the room holding Janie's hand. Every guy in the room clapped, whistled, and yelled telling her how beautiful she was. Leslie started the music. Janie was beaming as she began a strip tease dance. By the time she was nude, she had 14 rock hard cocks waving in the air begging for her attention. It was an excited but nervous Janie that led a parade of cocks to her room.

Leslie had shown her how to lay sideways across the bed so her head draped off one side, and her pussy was accessible from the other side of the bed. Janie asked. "Who's first?" Janie showed a little apprehension when, as usual, James was first to her pussy. She looked at his 10" cock and told him.

"Wow! Give me that thing slow big boy. Go easy, please." James had always been gentle with Leslie. He placed his monster 10"er at the opening of Janie's pussy and shoved its head in. "Ooooooh." Janie groaned, as James steadily shoved about half his cock into her pussy. A few strokes and he had his whole 10" cock buried in her tight cunt. At Leslie's encouragement, Billy fed his cock down his sister's throat. About three swallows from Janie, and he shot the first load of cum of the night down Janie's gullet.

All fourteen of the guys dumped loads in her cunt and belly. Getting James' 10" down her throat seemed to be a challenge for her. But, once he was fully in, Janie took his cum to her belly like a pro. The last couple of cocks in her pussy squeezed out a little cum as they entered. Her pussy was full. Janie said she wanted a short break. So, Leslie inserted one of the large butt plugs in her sister's oozing cunt, and we all returned to the living room.

The guys needed a break too. There wasn't a stiff dick in the bunch. A round of drinks, a few snacks, and the guys were ready to go again. Janie drank another glass of wine as she chatted with the boys. Using her hands, she helped them get ready for round two. Returning to her bed, Janie laid face down with her ass over one side. It had become a custom for me to get the first ass fuck of the night.

I just love fucking ass. So, I moved to Janie's ass and smeared a large gob of lube on and in her asshole. By then, Billy had fucked his sister up the ass enough that there was little resistance as I popped the head of my cock past her sphincter.

With one firm shove I was up her ass to the hilt. Grabbing her hips, I pumped hard into her backside. Just as I dumped my load, I slapped the right cheek of her ass. Janie jumped and slammed back onto me and cried. "Oh yes!" It seemed Janie like her ass spanked.

As I pulled out of her ass, James quickly replaced me. Without delay, he rammed his huge cock into Janie's ass. "Oh shit!" She yelled, and pushed back on James with vigor. As the line of guys at her ass grew shorter, a few of the guys who had already fucked her there moved to her head for a blowjob.

Janie sucked off and swallowed all that came her way. In just a short time, Janie's asshole was dripping cum. Her ass was full. She was just finishing a blowjob when the last cock pulled out of her ass. Leslie shoved a butt plug in. It was a good thing Leslie had bought a large one. All the ass-fucking Janie had taken had her little asshole as sloppily stretched as her well-fucked cunt was.

The guys all drifted back to the living room, except Billy. He lagged behind and got another blowjob. Aaah, the vitality of youth is to be admired. Janie soon joined us in the living room. As she entered, the guys gave her a standing ovation. She was walking somewhat bow-legged from all the fucking and the large butt plugs in her pussy and ass. She had so much cum in her fuck holes it was dripping down her legs even with the plugs in.

Her belly was swollen from swallowing so much cum. She looked like she had just eaten a huge meal. Janie was one cum filled slut. She smiled and said. "Would anyone like a blowjob before you go?" Janie was tired, but nearly insatiable. Just like her sister, Leslie. There were no takers. The guys were worn out. As they left, several of them left tips for Janie and asked if she did other parties. Janie smiled, gestured toward Leslie and me, and said. "Ask my managers!" I hugged Leslie and whispered.

"Honey, it looks like we have another cum-hungry, money-making slut in the family business." Janie and Billy were thrilled when Leslie and I split up the money from the evening. We kept half, or $750.00 of $1500.00 for the house. Janie received $450.00, and Billy was paid $300.00 for his week's efforts. Janie kept all of the $375.00 in tips. Billy stayed with us until he turned 18. Leslie and Janie had taught him well. On the rare occasion one of our party friends brought a female friend, Billy always served her well.

He had learned all we could teach him about pleasuring a woman, or training a slut. He had continued to workout and was strong as an ox. When he returned home, he beat the shit out of his father, took over the family business, and began training his own sluts. As an insult to his previously domineering father, Billy had him watch as he made his mother his first student slut.

Janie stayed with us for many years. Her training and experimentation never stopped, and she was soon in great demand. She would have many adventures over the next few years.

Janie became one of the west coast's most popular play-for-pay sluts. Slut In Training V: Slut Janie Finds Her Limits Leslie and I took in her 16-year-old twin brother and sister. With our assistance, Billy and Janie had run away for an abusive father at home, and had happily accepted our offer of sexual training. In a very short she really gets a full physical captain willy, they were performing like pros.

They soon joined our little sex parties. After just a week of training, Leslie's sister, Janie, was turning into a real slut and had been the entertainment at one of our parties. She had serviced 14 horny cocks, and wanted more. Even with her ass and pussy overflowing and her belly swollen from all the cum she had ingested, Janie offered blowjobs to our guests as they left. Following her first party, Janie asked Leslie and I to be her managers.

Over the next several months, Janie participated in numerous parties. Most of the parties were at our home. But, on several occasions, she'd go to other people's homes to perform. As she gained more experience and confidence, she became hungry for wilder and wilder sex.

She could, and would, wear out large groups of men, and a few women. She fucked, deep-throated, and took up her ass any man and numerous objects. She once serviced three well-hung black men at the same time. They all came at about the same time, and Janie asked for more. On a dare, she once had an empty wine bottle pushed deep into her pussy.

Needless to say, she would try almost anything. Those, and many more, exploits were not just to satisfy Janie's sexual hunger. She received compensation for her entertainment services, and, she was well compensated. Her personal bank account had grown wildly ever since her first party. Many would call her a common prostitute. They would be wrong. There was nothing common about Janie. She was a cum-hungry slut who happened to get paid very well to do something she would be doing anyway.

Janie had been a wild slut for about a year when a wealthy friend called. Sean wanted her to entertain at his estate the following weekend. He offered twice Janie's normal rate, plus tips. When questioned as to why he felt the need to offer extra, he said Janie would be wanted from Friday evening through early Sunday morning.

She would be asked to do all her normal activities, and maybe, something a little different. I reminded him of the two primary rules governing our participation in any party. He understood, and agreed, that no one would be allowed to hurt Janie, and she could its a family affair anime english sub anytime she, or we, decided to.

When the appointed Friday girls with big tits please a horny guy around, Leslie and I took Janie to the party.

As she entered the party room at about 8:00 PM, sixty-five to seventy people, forty of them men, gave Janie an ovation. She spent a brief time chatting with, and being groped by, the guests, before Sean escorted Janie to a room set aside just for her. She disrobed and awaited her first visitors. The host enjoyed her first. Then, for the next six hours, a steady line of men came to her to be serviced. They fucked her pussy, asshole, and throat. A few of the women had Janie eat their pussies while their husbands fucked her.

At about 2:00 AM, the line had dwindled, and Janie took a quick shower and caught a nap. She needed the rest. Early Saturday morning, her activities resumed. Again she was used as a cum depository and pussy cleaner. Most of the pussies had been fucked just before Janie licked them clean. Sometime Saturday afternoon, as Janie came from her second shower, Sean came to her. He asked if she would take care of a very special friend of his.

Max hadn't had sex in about three months, and he was real horny. His bitch was getting too old. That's right! Max was a dog. Sean offered an extra $1000.00 to Janie if she would do his dog while he watched. She'd get an extra $1500.00 if all his guests could watch.

He told Janie to think about it, and let him know later that afternoon. Janie did think about it. She had never even though about doing a dog before. Her slut mind figured that a dog's dick might feel different and be fun. Besides, cum was cum to her, and the only thing better than cum was money.

When Sean returned an hour later, Janie asked. "Where's Max?" Sean grinned, and hidden camera at real massage parlour. "Right here." He called Max in from the hallway. "Max has never bred a human, so you may have to help him along." Sean told Janie.

She smiled and nodded her agreement. Max was a beautiful black and tan German Shepherd. His coat had been well groomed and was soft and clean. He was larger than the average German Shepherd.

He weighed about 110 pounds. Max was a friendly beast. He immediately went to Janie and licked her face. Janie hugged Max and asked Sean to lead the way to where his guest could watch. Max bounded behind them.

Sean took Janie to a large room that had little in the way of furniture, except the couches that lined the walls.

The couches were filled with Sean's guests. In the middle of the room was a padded bench about 2' tall. Sean told his guests Janie was about to fuck Max, and, if they liked the show, tips would be gladly accepted. He then took a horny teen loves getting her pussy wet masturbation missionary so he could watch Janie's show.

Janie went right to work. She called Max to her, and spread her legs so he could get a sniff of her pussy. Max didn't know what to do. He just stood there panting. Janie pulled Max to her side, reached under him, and began stroking his cock in its furry sheath. As his cock began to come out of his sheath, Janie again spread her legs. Max just stood there again. He seemed to be enjoying Janie's hand-job, but he showed no interest in her pussy.

Janie was at a loss as to how to get Max interested in her. Then it hit her. It always worked with a man. She had Max lie down and roll onto his back, while she continued stroking his doggy dick. Janie, got on her knees, bent over, and took Max's long pointy dick into her mouth.

Her audience went wild. Many of the men were already throwing 20s and 50s at her. Janie sucked Max as well as she would a man. As she held his knot in her hand, she took his doggy dick deep in her throat and began swallowing.

In short order, Max was cuming. He didn't spurt like a man, but came in more of a steady stream. All the while, Janie kept his cock in her throat and swallowed all his seed. When Max quit cuming, Janie let him go. He went to a corner of the room and licked himself clean. In the mean time, Janie was getting a standing ovation from Sean's guests.

She had begun picking up her tips, when she felt a cold nose sniff her ass. Max was back for more. This time, his dick was already partly out. Janie finished gathering her tips, and led Max to the bench.

This time, when she bent over the bench and spread her legs, Max showed more interest. He sniffed, and gave her pussy a tentative lick. He must have liked it, because he immediately began vigorously licking Janie from pussy to asshole. Several times he drove his long tongue into Janie's fuck hole. In no time at all, Max had Janie in heat. She was lifting her ass and wiggling her pussy at Max's snout. Taking his cue, Max jumped up and put his front paws on Janie's back.

He was humping away, but was having no luck finding his target. Janie reached back between her legs and guided his long slender cock to her cunt. As soon as Max sensed he was in his bitch, he lunged forward and rebecca love has a luscious pair of big boobs about half his cock into his bitch's hole. With a rapid series of thrusts, Max quickly had his full length in Janie, except his knot. A few more lunges and, with a gasp from Janie, Max's knot popped into his new bitch's cunt.

Max then stood still and started cuming again. He pumped a steady stream of hot dog cum into Janie. She could feel the heat as it flooded into her depths. After a few minutes, Max tried to climb off Janie, but his knot was solidly stuck in her cunt. So, he turned around and stood tail to tail with his bitch.

That's the way they stayed for about twenty minutes. All the while, Max pumped a slow but steady stream of cum into his new bitch, Janie.

When Max's knot had shrunk enough, he pulled out of Janie with a squishy pop. He left the room, and Sean put him in his kennel.

Max had earned a rest. Janie got another standing ovation and slender gina has her bald twat rammed european cumshot of cash thrown to her. After taking a shower and a short nap, Janie was led to a small, dimly lighted, room.

There was a mat on the floor, and one wall had several holes drilled in it. Through the holes a small amount of light streamed. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, Janie saw a cock emerging from one of the holes in the wall.

She immediately began sucking it. As soon as that cock dumped its load, another cock was presented through the wall. Janie spent the next several hours sucking cocks stuck through that wall. She lost count of how many. When no more cocks appeared through the wall, she fell asleep on the mat she had been kneeling on. It was 2:00 AM Sunday morning when she awoke.

Sean figured, and Janie agreed, he owed her $10,325.00 for her services including the dog. He gave her an even $15,000.00 in cash. That, on top of the large amount of tips, came to over $30,000.00.

All that double fisting and fucking her cavernous teen pussy stretching threesome made Janie one happy slut. One the way home, Janie told Leslie and me something was bothering her. After fucking Max, she was wondering just what her limits might be.

She would soon find out. Following Sean's party, Janie relaxed for a week or so. She even past up a small party at our home the following Saturday. She was tired and sore. She was also somewhat disconcerted over Max, the dog. She wasn't so upset that she had sucked and fucked Max. Her problem was, she had enjoyed it. Then it dawned on her.

She rationalized that, since she was a cum-hungry slut anyway, it didn't matter where that cum came from. She could, and would, continue to enjoy her sexual encounters with men, women, and beasts. The added benefit of a swelling bank account didn't hurt either. She theorized that if she fucked her ass off for now, she could retire about the time she was old enough to vote.

Two weeks following Sean's last party he had another one on a Saturday night. He had made arrangements with Janie to entertain his guests. As usual, I went as her escort, and she seemed nervous on the ride to Sean's estate. All she would tell me was she was going to test her limits.

When we got to Sean's, there were only twelve couples in attendance. Janie could handle them with ease, even if Max joined the party. Janie's entertaining began as usual. She fucked and sucked cocks and pussies as they came to her. About midnight, she was taken to a large back room. It was more of an arena than a room. It had a few bleacher seats surrounding a circular dirt area.

In the middle of the arena sat a bail of hay covered with a blanket. The arena seemed to be suitable for Sean to show his dogs.

Janie entered and sat on the hay bale. She was wearing some sort of leather harness. As she lie back on the hay bale and spread her legs, I could see her pussy was dripping with cum. It was evident she had serviced all the guests well. I was shocked when I realized why Janie had been nervous about testing her limits. Sean then entered the arena leading a pony. The small audience fell silent. The pony was also wearing a leather harness with straps that hung down along his body.

As Sean led the pony to Janie, she got on her knees and stroked the pony's cock. It began grow and grow. It grew to roughly 2' in length. It would have dragged the ground had Janie not been holding it up. That thing was at least 3" thick. Surely, Janie wasn't going to fuck a pony. I was only slightly relieved when Janie began sucking that monster cock. She could only get the head in her mouth. If the pony came, the damn thing would drown her.

When Janie stopped sucking, the pony's cock stood strong and nearly parallel with the ground. The pony was led to stand over the hay bale, and Janie again lay back on the bale.

With Sean's help, Janie's harness was hooked to the straps hanging from the pony. She was supported along her torso by the leather straps and suspended below the pony. Several leather loops hung from each side of the pony's harness. Janie could control her movements using those loops.

With Janie suspended below the pony's belly, he could rare up without hurting her. Janie took hold of the loops and pulled her pussy towards the pony's massive cock. With small adjustments to her position, Janie succeeded in getting the head of the pony's cock nudging her pussy. All the cum she already had in her acted as lubricant for her pussy. She pulled firmly on the loops, and her pussy lips began to spread. Grunting and groaning as she applied steady pressure, Janie worked more and more of that monster into her cunt.

Sweat was beading up all over her body. When the animal lunged forward, Janie gave a loud yelp as the cock's head entered her badly distorted pussy. Janie's pussy had never been stretched so wide or so deep. The wine bottle had been as wide as this pony cock, but hadn't penetrated nearly as much as this animal was.

The audience started cheering her on. In a short while, Janie had about 15" of pony hot amateur girl sucking a dick on cam in her cunt.

Using the straps, she began stroking about 5" of it in and out of her distorted pussy. Janie had started to enjoy fucking that massive cock. The audience was going wild. The straps worked as intended, and she was doing her best to give the pony a good fuck.

As the pony started store fucking and get caght, he got excited and reared up. Janie went with him.

However, she wasn't strong enough to hold herself off the invading monster as the pony pranced on his hind legs. She slid down and took another four or five inches of pony cock. The damn thing must have rammed right past her cervix and entered her womb. Cum was running out of Janie's tortured cunt as the pony pumped huge amounts of his seed into her. A little blood was mixed with the cum. I ran to Janie.

She looked up with tears in her eyes but a faint smile on her lips. She said. "It's all right, but I guess I found my limit." When the pony had finished flooding Janie's cunt with his cum, he softened.

I helped Janie off that monster cock. As it popped out, a massive amount of cum mixed with a little blood flowed out from her gapping cunt and down her legs. I helped Janie to the shower and cleaned her up.

Before leaving, Sean came to Janie. He said that since she had been hurt, he had doubled her fee. The cash he handed Janie was $50,000. Sean also handed her the cash tips his guests had given. They totaled another $6000.00. On the way home, Janie looked at her money and said. "$56,000.00 for fucking a damn pony.

That's fucking great! But, I don't think I'll ever do it again. That damn thing hurt! I think I'll stick to men and women.and maybe a few dogs now and then." I smiled at Janie as she dozed beside me. I couldn't help but think to my self.

'This cum hungry slut is going to make us all very rich.'