Enjoyable ass gets screwed hard hardcore russian

Enjoyable ass gets screwed hard hardcore russian
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My mind was blown from what had just happen to me. My boss niece just gave me the greatest fuck I had ever had. I been with many women in my life but this girl was different. How can I put how I feel in one word I guess I can say she was phenomenal. I was in a daze "Brian I will ask you one more time do you have a girlfriend ?" Ashley said with in uneasy look on her face.

I took hugetits stepmom scissors with stepdaughter big tits and lesbian deep breath trying to get my mind straight and said " No for the last time. You're the first girl I been with in about 2 years." She began to blush then said with a grin on her face "Ok I believe you I just wanted to make sure." I didn't ponder to much why she was asking so much about my personal life.

I guess you can say all I was really interested in was more sex.

So I said in a smart tone "You just want some more of big papa." 'I think your getting a little ahead of yourself cowboy because got you some ass' Ashley said in a angry tone while pouting.

Feeling like a dick now I went in for a kiss to make her feel better and maybe get her in the mood again.

She block my lips with her index finger and said with a sexy tone " maybe next time cowboy.' We both got dress and said nothing for rest of the car ride. When I finally got to her destination she gave me a peck on the cheek and said " Brian make sure you go straight home no stiff black cock for a lusty hussy interracial brunette and I will see you tomorrow at the fire house." Not paying her no mine again I said "ok if go straight home could we go out for a cup of coffee some time soon?" She snickered and nodded her head as a yes then walk off in to the hotel.

As promise I went straight home but still I was so horny that it hurt. I figure I could sleep it off and I would be normal again in the morning. To no surprise Sara was in my bed again but something was different about her. Just watching her sleep made me crazy. All could think was "I want to fuck her brains out. What the hell is wrong with me? "I ask myself. I couldn't take the thought of me wanting to fuck my own daughter so I went down stairs and watch some midnight poker until I felt asleep.

'Dad, Dad wake up did you get drunk last night?" Sara said with a upset look on her cute face. "No honey I had to work for the chief again last night that's all sweetie." I said with a force smile. I guess she saw right through and said ' alright dad just be careful I don't won't anything to happen to you.

Are you thirsty?" "yeah just a little bit. Do we have anymore orange juice left?" She went to check for me then came back a few moments later and said "Dad this is the last of the orange juice." She handed me the cup of OJ I wasn't really that thirsty but I drunk it anyway.

Halfway in to my drink I could start to smell how much I reek. I decided to take a nice hot shower. While taking my shower my head started to feel fuzzy again and it felt like mind was drifting off. I got out thinking maybe the hot water was making me feel light headed. I went into my room and just put on a pair of jeans. As I was about to my 5 boy and 1 gairl xxx storys shirt on Sara barge in my room with a strange look on her face.

'What wrong honey?" ask worried. She answered in a angry voice "You was with another women last night wasn't you?" "What" was all I could say in shock. 'Listen here young… 'No you listen here" Sara scream in a loud voice "You have me at home but you go fuck another women behind my back" she started to cry.

"you won't touch me but you can go off in fuck some random whore?" Then she began hitting me across my chest. I grab her arms "What the hell are you talking about? What is wrong with you Sara?" I said in a frustrated voice. She smiled and out of no where push me onto my bed and said "If you won't tell me the truth I'll make you." What the hell is wrong with her I thought.

My head was going fuzzy again and I went in to a daze.

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All I could think why the hell now. My body became numb again. Sara look at me and said "you treat me like a little kid, but I'm more grown up then you think." I blank out again and when I woke up my head was spinning. I heard the sound of someone slurping on something and when I look down to see what was making that noise. I was shock it was my daughter. I couldn't move my body she must have notice I was up because she look up at me and said 'Daddy does it feel good?' Before I could even reply my head started to nod on it's own as a yes.

She smiled and started to work on my dick again.

I began to have a little feeling in my body again. To my surprise I could feel my dick again and what came with that was the amazing pleasure I felt from Sara tongue. I let out a little moan and out of no where she started to go faster then before, bobbing her up and down in a perfect rhythm. It slowly began to drive me insane. Starting to gain a little control of my body (I wanted more) was all I could think.

Then words I'd never thought I would ever say to my own daughter escape out my mouth. "Sara honey daddy loves you and you know I would never do anything to hurt you?" She stop and look up me and nodded for a yes. Then I said in a wicked way " then you wouldn't mind if daddy got a little got a little ruff would you?" I was shock of what I had just ask my own flesh in blood but to even more to my surprise Sara stop sucking me off and said.

"Dad you don't have to ask me. Do what ever you want with me." I snap and without thinking I shove all 8iches of my monster for a cock in her mouth. She gag and started to scream I guess it was to much for her but I didn't care. With a twisted smile on my face I said " I guess you really don't twhungarian girls casting by pierre woodman wake up me like you say you do sweetie." I was in disbelief of what just came out my mouth but at the same time she stop screaming and crying.

I took this chance and shove it in her little mouth even harder then before. I was lost in my own world. It felt so good fucking the shit out my little girl mouth. What did that women give me last night I pondered. Shit who cares I'm raping my girl mouth was all o care for at the moment. I felt a jolt though my body I knew I was about to bust a load of cum in Sara sweet warm mouth. So I stared to fuck my daughter face more violently. She was turning blue, she was choking I couldn't care less this was just to good to be true and felt to good I couldn't stop now.

My brain went numb as I blew out a load of a life time in my daughter mouth. She took this chance to gasp for air but I she could do was blow cum bubbles.

After regaining her breath Sara said "Dad that was fucking hot. No one ever fuck me like that before." She got on the floor and stuck her little ass in the air then said "I wont your monster cock in my pussy now.' My head started to hurt.

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My head became clear my mind wasn't fuzzy anymore. I look down at my daughter and saw she was looking at me with a smutty look.

"Oh god" it just came to me my daughter just gave me the best oral I had ever had in my life and I enjoy every last minute of it. I pulled up my pants and my daughter said with a displeased look on her face " daddy what's wrong?" I was so petrified of what I had just done.

That push Sara out of my way as I hurried and grab my car keys off the dresser and ran out the house as fast as I could. Got into my car and as fast as I could and pulled off.