Babe el storm has hot foreplay with lascivious masseur pornstars fingering

Babe el storm has hot foreplay with lascivious masseur pornstars fingering
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It was just another normal late Saturday afternoon. Marc sat in front of his computer, grinding away and trying to level up in World of Warcraft. Across from him, sitting at her own computer was his girlfriend Ashley, who was also grinding away at the same game.

Occasionally, Ashley would growl and let out a little curse when a swarm of monsters would attack her. Of course, Marc would be right there to have her back and keep her character alive. "You know," Marc said, "maybe we should find another area to play.

You know, one that you wont constantly get your character raped." "No," said Ashley as she glanced at her boyfriend from behind her glasses with her piercing green eyes. "This area is perfect. The monsters are just the right level to allow me to level up even faster for the dungeon raid tonight." "Alright," Marc said with a sigh and brushed his shaggy brown hair out of his face. He knew better than to argue with her when she was as determined like she was. Plus, he knew that tonight's raid was an important one.

Everyone in their guild had spent nearly a month prepping for it, and if they couldn't pull it off… Well, Marc didn't want to think about how some of his guild mates might take it.

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Some of them took this game a little to seriously sometimes. "FUCK!" Ashley shouted. She had gone ahead of Marc and when she rounded a corner, a hundred demons swarmed on her from every direction and killed her.

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Of course, once they were finished with her, they killed Marc as well. "Great… Now I have to wait till I can respawn and then make my way all the way blonde babe likes to please a dick the dungeon and through it to where we were.

"No big deal," said Marc. "Shit like this happens. Better it happen now than later tonight." "Yeah, I guess," Ashley said as she stood up and stretched, her tight shirt being pulled even tighter across her lovely 32 B sized breasts. Of course, the sight of this instantly grabbed Marc's attention. "So," Marc said as he stared at the woman he loved. "We got about ten minutes to kill before we respawn…" "Yeah?" Ashley said.

She then looked at Marc and saw the look in his eyes. It was a look she knew very well. It was his "wanna fuck" look.

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"You can't be serious," she said, but Marc just smiled at her and wiggled his eyebrows, causing her to let out a little laugh. "Fine," she finally said after a moment and typed AFK into the game before heading towards the bed in their small one room apartment.

Marc typed the same into his game before jumping up and running after Ashley. Marc grabbed her, spun her around and kissed her deeply. "No, no, no," Ashley said as she broke the kiss. "No time for foreplay. We have less than nine minutes, so we need to make this quick." As fast as they could, the two lovers stripped and fell onto the bed. Ashley rolled Marc onto his back as she grabbed his hard 6 ½ inch cock and slipped it into her tight, wet pussy.

It never ceased to amaze her how quickly she could get wet at just the thought of sex with Marc. Thirty seconds ago, she wasn't even horny. And yet now, she was already quickly approaching her own orgasm as she rid his shaft.

Marc was in heaven as he looked up at Ashley.

He was a lucky man and he knew it. Doubly so when she started to grind on him while squeezing her inner walls around his manhood, causing him to let out a moan of pleasure. Ashley smiled as he moaned and started to move up and down on him again.

"Oh god," Ashley squeaked as she fell forward on Marc, her orgasm hitting her like a ton of bricks. Marc started kissing her along her neck as he started to thrust up into her and soon his own orgasm came, spewing his seed deep into her body. The two lovers held each other for a few minutes as they came down from their sexual high.

Marc looked over at his computer screen just in time to see his character come back to life. "Ash," she said, gently kissing her forehead.

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"Mmmmm," she moaned as she slowly got up and walked over to the computer naked. Marc couldn't help but smile as he watched her lovely ass as she walked before jumping up and sitting at his computer naked and joining her in continuing their game and wondering just what the hell he did right in his past to have the most perfect girl in the world.

The End