College giving each other handjobs cumming

College giving each other handjobs cumming
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For the next couple of weeks, the four of them met every night in the room of requirement and played similar games. In most of the games, Ginny was partnered with Harry and Ron was partnered with Hermoine. This partnership soon grew to encompass activities outside sexual ones like Hermoine mentoring Ron with homework and Harry mentoring Ginny with magical spells. One night after a late study session, the four of them were creeping towards the room of requirement when they heard someone in the corridor ahead of them.

Ron and Hermoine quickly hid behind a tapestry while Harry and Ginny hid behind a large stone statue. Both pairs looked down the corridor to see light luminating towards them. As the light grew closer, the heard multiple pair of footsteps. The first pair of footsteps belonged to Draco Malfoy, who was the one holding the luminating wand.

Draco looked as prideful as ever, his head high with his nose snobbishly in the air. He wore a sly grin, indicating that he was up to no good.

Behind him was Pansy Parkinson who was wearing a white shear, see-through robe. Her face was contorted into a serious expression, which was wildly different from her normal arrogant pussy eating for a curvy legal age teenager hardcore and blowjob snobby appearance.

Even in the dim light of the wand, the four of them could clearly make out her round tits shunting outwards proudly. Her ass was just as shapely as her tits, perfect round globes that jiggled slightly as she walked. Crabbe and Goyle waddled slowly behind her, both sporting a wide grin.

As soon as they walked by and were out of earshot range, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermoine jumped out of their hiding spots.

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"What do you think that was all about," Hermoine questioned. "It is Draco so he must be out to no good," replied Harry. "Did you see Pansy? What was she doing with Draco and his gang?" questioned Ginny. "I saw Pancy alright and she was looking amazing. The way her ass moved as she was walked was mesmerizing," Ron said. Hermoine and Ginny both shot nasty looks at Ron while Harry gave him an approving nod and a warm smile.

"I think we should follow them and see what they are up to," suggested Harry. The others nodded in approval and soon, the four of them set off towards Draco. Draco and his gang walked down the corridor and up three flights of stairs till they came to an unused portion of the castle. This portion of the castle had no furnishings and was cooler than the rest. The walls, the ground and the ceiling were all made of dark grey stone slabs, giving it a dungeon like appearance.

Halfway down the hallway, Draco took a right into an arched doorway. Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle followed naughty babes in a summer camp lesbian orgy silently. Harry, Ron, Hermoine and Ginny crept up to the archway and peered inside. On the other side of the archway was a medium sized room with a large rug in the middle. A low chandelier hung above the rug. "Are you sure this is a good spot. This room doesn't even have a door." Goyle asked.

"This is a perfect spot. No one, not even ghosts come to this part of the castle so it doesn't matter if there is no door." Draco shot back. Draco then raised his wand towards the chandelier and whispered a spell, which ignited the candles, sending a warm glow of light on the rugged area.

Draco looked at Pansy and spoke, "You want to offer your services to the Dark Lord right. Come up here." Pansy nodded and walked up to the center of the rug and stood in front of Draco.

"The path to becoming a death eater is long and arduous and you must constantly prove yourself. In the service to the Dark Lord, you will need to give everything that is asked of you: your mind, your soul, your body, and your life.

Are you willing to make that commitment?" Pansy stood still, absorbing every word Draco uttered and carefully contemplating her decision.

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Finally, she whispered, "Yes, I am ready to make that commitment." "Good! As the recruiting leader, appointed by the Dark Lord himself, I will now test your commitment. If you pass, I will send your name to the Dark Lord." replied Draco. Draco then signaled Crabbe and Goyle who walked up to Pansy and disrobed her, dropping her robe by her feet. Without the shear robe veiling her, her skin radiated a warm tan glow that contrasted her long black wavy hair that set just below her shoulders.

Her breasts drew everyone's eyes with her large globes, her pink coined shaped areoles and her erect nipples, which extended outwards a centimeter. Her flat abs extended downwards to her flared hips which then led to a patch of hair, shaped in a triangle with the tip just millimeters away from the top of her pussy.

Her lips on her pussy were tucked in, making her slit visible as a line stretching from her triangle patch to an hot massage adorable girl bounces on dong hardcore blowjob of her anus. Crabbe and Goyle walked around her, examining her in great detail. From the tents arising in their pants, Harry and the other three could tell that they were liking what they saw. After their eyes were satisfied with what they saw awaiting, they decided to give satisfaction to other parts of their body.

Crabbe grabbed Pansy's head, leaned his head towards her and pressed his lips against hers. Goyle, on the other hand, went straight for her luscious boobs, fondling and squeezing them roughly.

Pansy's eyes widened with surprise; she disliked Crabbe and Goyle and could not believe she was standing naked allowing both of them to do whatever they felt like. Then again, she had made a commitment to the Dark Lord and had to prove her loyalty so she reluctantly allowed their assault on her body.

Crabbe's tongue was now probing her lips, waiting for it to part so it could dance around inside her mouth. Slowly, Pansy opened her mouth allowing Crabbe's tongue to dart in and meet her own. Meanwhile, Goyle was tracing his tongue around her light brown areoles, sending tingling sensations through her breasts.

Suddenly, a loud noise and rushing pain on her right butt cheek caused her to jump, pushing both, Crabbe and Goyle off balance. Pansy turned around to see Draco behind her with his hand firmly grabbing her stinging ass.

"You need to loosen up a bit." With that statement, Draco raised his left hand and swung it down at Pansy's left ass cheek, sending another rush of pain through her ass.

"Do you want another one?" questioned Draco. "No," squealed Pansy. "Then loosen up and get into the character. If you stay rigid, then I will have to break you in. Now get on all fours," ordered Draco. Pansy quickly complied, kneeling down and then getting on her hands and feet and crawling towards the fallen Crabbe and Goyle.

Both of them recognized that Pansy's inner defenses had been lowered so they quickly got up to take advantage of the situation.

In unison, they pulled down their pants, releasing their dicks from captivity. Crabbe's dick was only five inches in length but it was a good two inches in diameter, making it look monstrous in comparison to other thinner dicks she had seen before.

Goyle's dick was slightly longer, close to six inches in length while maintaining a two inch thick diameter. It was also darker than the skin on the rest of his body, blending in with the brown, untamed pubic hair around his penis.

With both dicks in front of her face, Pansy started with the smaller one, moving her lips to encompass Crabbe's dick. It was a surprisingly daunting task as her lips had to stretch to its limits to wrap around his thick member. It took some time for the muscles in her cheeks and jaws to get acclimated to the degree of widening necessary to engulf his cock, but eventually, it did wicked legal age teenagers enjoy the casting Pansy was able to slowly slide her mouth down Crabbe's member till her lips rested on the base of his dick and the end of his dick rested on the back of her tongue.

She ran her tongue up and down the head of his cock while she began sucking lightly to add to his pleasure. In time she withdrew back to take a breath but instead of taking Crabbe's cock back in, she took Goyle's cock into her mouth.

His cock hit the back of her throat as she took his full member in but she did not back away. She kept his cock in place and sucked deeply. With her left hand, she grabbed Crabbe's dick and began jerking him while simultaneously moving her mouth back and forth on Goyle's dick.

As both of them became more aroused, a strong musky scent filled the air, suffocating Pansy, who had never been surrounded by two large cocks at the same time. After a few minutes Pansy withdrew from Goyle's dick and went down on Crabbe's dick.

She used her hands to rub Goyle while her lips pleasured Crabbe. Soft grunts escaped Crabbe and Goyle's mouth, indicating their deep arousal from Pansy. "Your mouth seems to have quite an effect on these two. Let me also see what it does," Draco said.

He then walked between Crabbe and Goyle and lowered his pants to unleash his eight and half inch cock fem cocks cumshots pornstar and big cock a diameter slightly over one inch. His cock was the same ivory color as the rest of his skin, which looked like an elephant's tusk. It even had a slight upwards curvature, a symbol of high nobility in the old days when the ability to procreate was thought to be greater with dicks that curved to allow semen to release closer to the egg.

Although this was never scientifically proven, the legend remains. Pansy knew of this legend and was taken aback when she saw it. She quickly stopped what she was doing and focused her entire thought on Draco's magnificent cock. She pulled away from Crabbe's dick and leaned forward to take in Draco's cock. Inch by inch, Draco's cock disappeared down Pansy's mouth until two inches remained. Draco's cock tight blonde sisters crystal young and riley star some sex hitting the back of her throat and due to its upwards curvature, it was not bending down her throat.

Thinking quickly, she raised her back up until her shoulders were at the same height as her mouth and extended her neck so that her throat was parallel to the ground.

This way, Draco's dick could slide down her throat without having to bend. With this technique, Pansy was able to get all of Draco inside her mouth. To pull back, Pansy had to rock her entire body backwards so that her throat remained parallel to the ground for when Draco slid back into her. Her body soon picked up a rhythm and she began moving up and down Draco's pole with ease.

She even used her hands to jack off Crabbe and Goyle while her mouth continuously sucked on Draco. Crabbe and Goyle started to grunt at more constant intervals but Draco was standing silently, enjoying the warm saliva and swirling tongue on his dick. Pansy quickened the pace at which she moved her head over Draco's dick as well as the pace at which she was rubbing Crabbe and Goyle's dick.

This maneuver had the expecting effect on Crabbe and Goyle, with them groaning constantly, seconds away from climaxing while there was no effect on Draco. Draco showed no signs of arousal, just a wicked grin on his face from watching Pansy rock her body at alarming speeds.

Pansy's body was starting to sweat from all the movement she was doing, giving her an even more profound glow. Within seconds, Crabbe and Goyle, simultaneously, let out a loud groan and soon after, cum jetted out of their cocks and hit the side of Pansy's face. Crabbe managed to hit Pansy right above her left eye, with secondary shots hitting her cheekbone and some landing in her left ear.

Goyle's cum, on the other hand, consistently hit the right side of Pansy's nose with some landing on her chin. Crabbe's cum started to drip on her eye, forcing her to shut it while Goyle's cum dripped down to her lips and eventually on Draco's dick, which then went down her throat.

After Crabbe and Goyle stopped groaning and cum stopped spewing from their dicks, Pansy let go of their limp cocks and used her hands to clean her face. With Crabbe and Goyle satisfied, Pansy focused all her attention on Draco. She began to suck on his dick feverishly and moved her tongue around his dick at cyclone speeds with little response from Draco.

After minutes of sucking vehemently, her body started to get exhausted causing her to slow down. Draco did not approve of this so he grabbed Pansy's head and pulled it down to the base of his dick and held it there.

Draco's dick was well down her throat, cutting off her airway. She tried to pull back but Draco's hold was too great. Seconds kept ticking and with each passing second, the oxygen in her blood was getting depleted. Her mind started racing, trying to figure out what she did to make Draco mad. She ran through the scenario of the last couple of minutes trying to figure out what sparked Draco's anger. The only thing that had changed was her body's exhaustion and consequently, her vigor at pleasing Draco.

That was it! That is what set Draco off. With what little oxygen her muscles had remaining, she began sucking hardly and moved her tongue up and down his dick quickly. Draco was satisfied with her and released her, allowing her to back out and take in some fresh air.

"This event should be a reminder to you on your commitment. If you commit, you give it EVERYTHING you got. The only thing that should stop you from giving it your all is death. It is better to give it all you got and die in the process than to turn back like a coward.

Cowardice is not tolerated by the Dark Lord and traitors who break their commitment die a slow, painful death." "Now turn around and nourish Crabbe and Goyle back to life," Draco ordered.

Compliantly, Pansy turned around and faced Crabbe and Goyle, who were holding out their limp dicks. At their normal size, the dicks were only two inches long and an inch beauteous gal feels dick in booty hardcore and blowjob. Pansy crawled towards them and took Goyle's cock in her mouth. She sucked on it for half a minute before replacing it with Crabbe's cock. She went back and forward a couple of times before she could see signs of their cocks engorging to get to their fully erect form.

Crabbe and Goyle were getting frustrated with Pansy's limited attention to each cock so they grabbed her hair and pulled it sharply backwards, causing Pansy to scream in pain.

At the instant her mouth was open the widest, Crabbe and Goyle, both, quickly shoved their dicks into her mouth, silencing her scream. With their hands still against the back of her head, they began pulling her head deeper onto their dicks. Pansy's lips were being stretched to its limits as both cocks were increasing in size inside her mouth.

With Draco's threatening speech replaying in her mind, Pansy swallowed the pain and began sucking on Crabbe and Goyle's dick. This made matters even worse for her as their enlarged dicks were cutting off her air supply and threatening to tear her lips apart. Draco, meanwhile, was enjoying the view from the back. Pansy's ass wiggled as it moved back and forward to the rhythm of her head sucking on Crabbe and Goyle's dicks. Draco was extremely aroused seeing her suck two dicks at once and wanted some satisfaction as well.

Draco positioned his dick in front of Pansy's pussy and swiftly pushed in. Pansy jerked back in surprise but soon returned to tend for Crabbe and Goyle. Pansy was not a novice when it came to sex and was confident her body could satisfy Draco.

Her pussy soon started expelling juices to ease Draco's thrusts while her muscles started to contract around his dick, massaging it. Draco's dick was getting the royal treatment with pleasure radiating from the base down to the tip. The rhythm of all four of them soon synced up with Pansy being nasty lady ass fucked while sucking off big black cocks toy that rocked back and forward on three large dicks.

Drops of sweat soon collected on her oiled brunette got pussy rubbed by masseur and her arms, showing signs of fatigue. Nevertheless, Pansy kept moving, satisfying the three of them. Crabbe and Goyle were also dripping with sweat as they began moaning and thrusting sporadically into Pansy's mouth. In no time, Crabbe and Goyle let out a thundering howl as they both stuffed their dicks deep into her mouth.

Jets of cum shot out of both of their dicks and hit the back of Pansy's throat. She had to swallow multiple times to get the torrents of cum down her throat to avoid choking. The dicks in Pansy's mouth soon shrunk down to their normal size allowing her cheeks to return to its former shape. The forcible expansion of her mouth had torn her lips which started to throb as they returned back to normal.

Her entire mouth ached with constant stinging sensation from the oral rape that she had just received. Meanwhile, Draco continued his assault on her pussy, pushing her back and forth on his pole.

By this time, Pansy is entirely covered in a layer of sweat and her body is close to exhaustion.

The only thing keeping her moving is the growing sensation in her pussy which begins to erupt in a violent orgasm, causing her hands and knees to buckle. Her abdomen tightens, her pussy muscles contract ferociously around Draco's dick, and an earsplitting screams escapes her mouth.

Pansy's body shakes feverously for an entire minute before going limp. Pansy was now laying in a pool of her own juices, exhausted! The violent shaking had caused Draco's dick to slip out of her pussy so he stood above her wasted body with his outstretched cock covered in her cum. He waited for a few minutes for Pansy to regain her composure and finish her job but she never woke.

Angrily, Draco grabbed his wand and whispered something causing a jet of water to shoot out and hit Pansy. Her body shot upwards as if she was jolted with a 1000 volt shock. Her entire body was shivering as ice cold water dripped from her head down to her toes.

"What are you doing?" questioned Pansy. "Who gave you permission to sleep on the job.

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Is this the commitment you offer to the dark lord?" "I am sorry," mustered Pansy. "My body cannot take anymore." "Look at me. My body can do this all day and all night long. With proper training, so will yours." "How is your body able to do all this?" questioned Pansy. Draco's reply shocked Pansy. "My mom trained me," replied Draco.