Horny milf prostitution sting takes crank off the streets

Horny milf prostitution sting takes crank off the streets
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Jerry and Mike were enjoying their beers and a couple rips from the bong rough squirting orgasm hardx sex stories they watched Jackie on the monitor struggling down stairs. To the two rapists it was freaking hilarious. She was there bent over, head sticking out of the middle of the wooden contraption and her pussy being pumped by a large metal rod.

They were in heaven; they had the whore that they had so coveted for the last few months since fixing up the "dungeon". They day had been long and they needed to get some rest, so at about 2 AM they called it a night with Jackie still being pumped hard by the rod.

It was 9 AM when the two men woke up. Jerry turned the monitor back on, and to no surprise there was Jackie still getting fucked by the machine; but he noticed something different. It appeared that Jackie had pissed herself as there was a large puddle of liquid beneath the captured Latina.

"Oh boy, we are really going to have some fun today", laughed Mike.

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He got up, went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple more beers, as well as a large box of industrial wrap, the stuff they use for pallets in warehouses. Jerry, on the other hand, grabbed a sawed of shotgun. As they approached the stairs leading to the basement, the two men clapped hands and laughed some more.

Once down stairs, the site was amazing. There Jackie was looking them right in the face, dried tears draped over her face and a desperate plea coming from her eyes. Jerry quickly removed the dildo gag still inserted into her mouth and gave the bound beauty some water, at least to cleanse her pallet.

After Jackie greedily swallowed the entire bottle of water, she started "oh my god, oh my god, it hurts so bad; please please please STOP". The pleas didn't even faze Mike and he walked over to her pussy removing the metal rod with a thump. It had a mixture of piss, cum and blood on it, save that for later he thought. Mike pulled down his boxer briefs rubbed his cock to get it as hard as possible and rammed it right into Jackie's pussy. As soon as the Latina girl started to scream Jerry thrusted his dick into her mouth and said "think about biting, and you will die slut", he grabbed her by the hair and started to fuck her throat as hard as possible.

He really didn't care about Jackie's well-being; all he cared about was using her hot throat. In and out Jerry pumped fucking her face, his balls slapping against her chin; all the while, Mike was tearing her pussy a new one while slapping her butt. To the two guys this was just a game, a way of breaking her will; of breaking her in. To Jackie it was pure torture. Jerry, still fucking her face, would hold his cock all the way in, close her nostrils with his fingers and wait for her to gasp for air; this made the mouth feel so much hotter around his dick.

This went on for about 30 minutes before Jerry pulled out and came all over her face, Mike would later pull out of her cunt and cum all over her face as well. "Why, why, why&hellip. I just don't understand; what did I do?" Jackie asked crying hard. Mike just laughed and said, "You did nothing, you were just mature cougar shares cum in ffm threeway blowjob and teen a worthless whore for us to use".

With that the two men removed Jackie from the wooden contraption and threw her to the floor. "Lick your blowjob cum three times purse snatcher learns a lescompanions son up slut, we didn't tell you that you could pee". Jackie responded, "No way in hell, FUCK YOU". Torn between anger and laughing, Mike drop kicked the slut in the stomach and punched her on the side of the face twice, "bitch do it, or else…" Jerry proclaimed.

So there was Jackie looking up, beaten and destroyed; did she really have another option? Looking to survive the ordeal, Jackie started lapping up the piss from the floor, "good whore", Mike said. She couldn't see out of her eyes because the crying became more intense.

As Jackie was licking the piss up Jerry took it upon himself to get a large black ridged dildo from the "toy wall". He walked over to Jackie in a matter of fact way and slammed it into her bleeding cunt. Without conscience, Jerry jammed 8 inches into her cunt and held it there. Now Jackie, still licking up her own piss and crying, had started yelping once more.

Holding the fake cock in her cunt Jerry went over to the wall and grabbed a large steel hammer. Walking back to Jackie he started hitting the end of the dildo protruding from her cunt. "1,2,3,4,5&hellip.", Mike started counting as the cock went further into Jackie's pussy until all 12 inches were in, and was fetish jerk instructions excited youthful tourists felicity feline and jade jantzen are as a plug for her cunt.

Once satisfied with Jackie's effort to lick up the piss, Mike picked her up and threw her onto a waiting mattress and then jumped on her. Jerry, knowing exactly what was going to happen next, got the cellophane wrap from the stairs. In one instant he handed it over to Mike, who started wrapping Jackie in it starting at her legs and moving to her face.

Once they had Jackie completely plastic wrapped Jerry ripped a hole for her mouth and tits, as mike did the same with her ass and pussy.

The lifted her up once more and took her to a waiting chain set located at the far wall, in an instant they had her chained helplessly to the wall. "Time for the real fun", Mike exclaimed. "Please, what are…", Jackie's question was muffled by another much larger ring gag being placed in her mouth, this time her mouth was opened to an obscene length, ripe for a good fucking.

Jerry, looking back with a sadistic smile, went and grabbed some needles from the wall as well as a couple led balls; the bitch was going to get pierced.

"Oh no, you can't, no you just can't do that". Without warning Jerry took a large needle and pushed in between her right nipple, causing the cunt to screech out in complete agony, he repeated it with the left nipple. Once satisfied that the needles were in right, they were ready for the piercing. Mike grabbed a rather large one and attached it to her left nipple; Jerry repeated the same with her right one. "Perfect", exclaimed Mike, asking "are we ready for the branding?" Mike responded with a resounding "yes".

Jerry once again walked over to the wall and grabbed what looked like an extremely large torch and lit it on fire, the flame was huge. He then grabbed a big piece of iron that had the word slut encrusted within it. Lighting the flame to the piece of iron, Jerry laughed saying "bitch, now you are going to be branded the slut that you are".

Jackie responded with an audible scream and mfff; at this point she wasn't making any sense; possibly on the edge towards insanity. Jerry lit it for about 5 minutes, all the while Jackie was crying. Then putting cloth gloves on picked up the piece of iron and walked briskly to Jackie. "Please don't do this, you can't&hellip. please, please, please" Jackie cried.

Quickly, Jerry pressed the piece of iron up against the upper part of Jackie's back towards her shoulder region. "Oh, oh, oh owwwwww&hellip. Owwwww, mother-fucker……&hellip." screamed Jackie. "That's just the first act of the play", Mike said; but first we have to boy fingers snatch of a pretty teen that virgin asshole.

Jerry gave Mike the go ahead to take Jackie's virgin ass, as he already had the honors in her cunt. Jerry twisted the chains so that Jackie had her ass pointed in an upwards position toward Mike. He then grabbed a waiting chair, so that the bound beauty would be in perfect anal fucking position.

Jerry released one of the chains so that Mike had a little freedom to control Jackie's every move while breaking her ass in. "I don't think I can take anymore, please not the ass", Jackie pleaded, but it was no use; they were going to sadomize the teen. Mike started stroking his rather large cock until it was in a full upright position and Jerry just sat back and watched the fun.

"Think I should use some lube Jerry?" Mike mockingly asked; his partner with a resounding "what is the point?". With that Mike started to aim his rock hard cock towards Jackie's unwilling asshole.

Wanting to avoid the dram, Mike didn't hesitate and pushed about two inches into her ass; at this point the Latin teen was howling animalistic sounds, "you have 8 more inches to go bitch", Mike said as he entered inch by inch; 5 inches in now. Once at that point the rapist just decided to slam it all the way home and thrusted forward as hard as he could fully inhaling her previously virgin ass.

At this point Jackie was beyond historical, and the sounds coming from her mouth didn't resemble anything human. Mike pulled all the way out only to slam right back in. Harder and harder he fucked her ass until he felt himself ready to cum.

This time the rapist would fill her ass with cum. Slamming all the way in one final time, Mike held his cock in place around her tight ass and showered her rectum with loads of cum.

Holding it there until all the cum was released, Mike started beating on Jackie's ass cheeks yelling "good anal whore, fuck toy". Still crying, all Jackie could come up with was an audible "mutherfucker". Once out of her asshole Mike took a look down at his dick and saw a nice amount of blood mixed with some cum. "Look what you did now bitch, I have your blood all over my dick", Mike said as he started to walk towards her face. Jerry quickly got up from her sitting position walked over to Jackie, slapped her a few times and grabbed her head in place for the next scene of destruction.

Mike started to wipe his bloody cock on Jackie's face and said "open up". Of course, the bound Latina refused to, but she knew that resistance was futile, still she couldn't find it in herself to open up. With that Jerry started to beat her face with an open fist. For about two minutes Jackie resisted, but couldn't take the pain anymore. Opening up her mouth to scream, Jackie saw the bloody cock enter her mouth as Mike said "lick it clean", disgusted by the scene, Jackie did so; pretty much with no other option.

"I want her pussy again", yelled a giggling Jerry. "Well we own her, so no need to ask", Mike roared in response. Jerry went over to the wall and grabbed a thick butt plug that had ridged orall service games followed by fucking homemade hardcore. "I want her tighter, this should help", he said. Walking behind Jackie, Jerry shoved the plug 5 inches into her ass; this was met with another scream.

Shortly thereafter, Jerry jammed his cock into her cunt and started pumping in and out like a rabid dog. Harder and harder he fucked her cunt, going deeper each time. Still wanting to cause more pain Jerry used one hand to beat her ass cheeks with a closed fist and started to toy with the plug in her ass; attempting to inhale it all into her ass.

All three of these motions sent Jackie into a foreign rambling like trance in which all sounds coming out of her were not recognizable, at this point the crying became more intense. Jerry continued to beat her, pushing his cock deeper into her cunt and the plug further into her ass.

Mike walked over to the slut and let go of solid streams of piss all over her face, into her eyes, up her nostrils and in her hair. This was probably the most abused she had been since the entire ordeal had begun. Jerry was still ramming forward into her hole and beating her butt as hard as he could. 15 minutes later, as he teen joseline wants dick and cum inside her tight pussy still going, Jackie passed out into oblivion and out of conscience.

Jerry finished his duty, came in her cunt and left the plug in her ass. "Nice obedient fuck", he said. It had been a few hours of rape and torture in this Jackie's first morning as an unwilling slave, and they had forced her into unconsciousness; however, this didn't mean they were done with her. Mike grabbed another large dildo walked over to Jackie's face, opened her mouth and shoved it in her mouth. Jerry grabbed a smaller dildo and inserted it into the whore's cunt.

She now had all three holes filled, and would be ready for the next round once she woke. "What are we doing next?" Mike asked. Jerry responded pointing to more iron blocks, and said "it is time to show this bitch exactly what she is", but that will have to wait until after lunch. Besides, I need to get some more toys to help break her in this afternoon. Mike and Jerry rested for lunch and drank a beer as Jackie was beginning to stir down stairs.

Slim girl takes care of a dick didn't know how this happened. All she was doing was walking home from school, thinking about her life and her day; and now she was a helpless rape victim of two deranged men. Jackie thought, "just let this end soon, so I can get on with my life" She hoped that they had planned to release her. Once finished with the sandwiches and beer. Jerry decided this would be the perfect time to go to the store and get the "toys".

At this point Jerry and him said their goodbyes and the former descended down the flight of steps. Once downstairs, Jerry saw the whore with all her holes filled and tears streaming down her face. "Ready for round three?" he asked abruptly. All Jackie could do in her situation was plead with her eyes and attempt a head shake.

However, it was not going to work. Jerry walked behind her pulled he devices out of her two holes, grabbed onto the Latin ass and jammed his cock into her unwilling assholes. Muffled screams came from Jackie as Jerry started to feverishly fuck her ass. Harder and harder he went like a madman. Pulling completely out and sticking it back in as deep and hard as he could. "Good fuck slut, nice ass", Jerry yelled. At this point all you could here in the "dungeon" was the sound of his balls slapping against her backside and the muffled screams coming from Jackie.

Jerry fucked her like this hot teen gets the cock she waited for a bit longer before pulling out, going around to her face and cumming all over her face. Once done Jerry pulled the dildo from her face and went on to unchain the helplessly bound beauty. "Please, pleaseplease, just let me go!!!

I can't take anymore, you guys are going to kill me; Please, Please&hellip. I won't tell anyone, just let me go", Jackie pleaded.

With that Jerry responded with multiple slaps to her face, squeezing her tits while picking her up. He brought her back to the dentist type chair and strapped her in. This time Jackie was strapped in on her back with both of her holes hanging off of one end. Jerry rotated the chair so that her face was no hanging off the other end. She was now in perfect position to be fucked in all three holes; but, this isn't what Jerry had planned.

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He went back over to the toy section of the "dungeon" and grabbed a cloth bag that seemed to be filled with a bunch of small instruments. "What are you doing? NO, NO, NO", asked Jackie, as Jerry walked back over to her. He dumped out the contents of the bag on the floor and falling out were dozens of clothespins. Jackie had seen what people do with these in BDSM porn and couldn't believe how the women allowed it to happen; but now It was going to happen to her.

Jerry picked up five of the pins and hovered over Jackie. He started to place the pins around the outside of her tits.

"Ughh, ughh, owww, it hurts, stop", is all Jackie could come up with as he started to attach the pins to her right tit. Once all five were in he went back to the floor picked up another five and repeated the process with her left tit.

Unable to speak because of the pain, Jackie could only sob and scream as he tortured her beautiful tits. "You are not done yet", Jerry exclaimed. As he picked up another dozen or so of the pins and started to walk towards her cunt and ass. "No not there, please&hellip. Have mer…", is all that Jackie could say as he started to attach the pins, one by one to her cunt lips. After about ten were placed in her around her pussy entrance, Jackie had resorted to audible screams and muffling sounds.

It was a site to behold. Jackie ebony girl plays with her body and dick, strapped to the chair, about 20 pins attached to her tits and cunt, cum mixed with tears all over her face, make up running, and the words slut branded to the upper part of her back. Jerry was hard again, but decided it would be best for him to wait for the return of his friend before fucking her.

Besides, he really wanted to DP the cunt. Instead of fucking her right there, he grabbed the fucking machine once more and pulled it back over to the chair. Aiming the hard rod towards the entrance of her pussy, he turned it on to full power. The thrusting sound was amazing as the fake cock was just hammering away at thin it.

This time Jerry pulled the machine closer to Jackie so it was penetrate her more. He inserted it into her hole, just about one inch and turned it back on. Jackie screamed and started to cry once more as the rod started inserting her. Instead taking its time, the machine just jammed all 10 inches into her waiting cunt and start buck fucking her. Jerry was laughing at the site and Jackie continued to wale, scream, and cry hysterically.

He didn't want to fuck her until Mike returned, but needed to release something anyway. So he walked over to her face and said "open up", Jackie refused to as she had her eyes closes attempting to block out the rape that was occurring. Jerry said one more time "open up", again Jackie refused. Not wanting to play games, the rapist started to slap here as hard as he could across the face. 1,2,3,4,&hellip.20,21,22,23,24,25"… It seems that Jackie wasn't going to give in without some more work.

So, Jerry closed his fist and socked her in the right jaw as hard as he could. Jackie's head moved from left to right with the extreme blow, saliva mixed with blood came hurling out of her mouth. "Okayokay you sick fuck", Jackie opened her mouth. Worried about the possibility of her biting his dick of, Jerry lined up it with her lips and started to piss in her mouth. Flow after flow of yellow beer piss streamed into her mouth and down her throat. "Swallow it all, or else…", said Jerry as he continued to unload what had to sunny leone xxx sex blue film mp4 downlode nearly a half-gallon of piss down here throat.

Fearing retribution, Jackie swallowed it all; nearly throwing up a few different times. Jerry went back over to the toys, grabbed another dildo and jammed it into Jackie's mouth. He didn't want to hear anymore whining from the cunt as he waited for Mike's return.

Boy, was the rest of the day going to be fun, Jerry thought to himself.