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Gorgeous tits ebony orgasming pinklipz masturbation webcams
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For a couple of years in the 90s I worked on a camp in the south, set up by a Christian group to host and take care of unmarried teenage girls who had been sent by their families. The majority of the girls had been caught in sexual relationships with men by family members and sent away to be reformed on the camp. At least half of these girls were pregnant or no longer attended school.

The camp set out to house the girls and to reform them with church teachings and work on the farm, which most of the time it did. It was run by church elders and camp leaders, all of which led a small group of the girls. Not everybody that worked there was religious, but it certainly helped. One summer I had been put in charge of a small group of girls who had been instructed to clean out one of the barns on the farm.

It was a hot day but there were rules. The girls had to wear tshirts and jeans and were allowed a 45 minute break at about noon. I stood by and watched.

One lunchtime I noticed that one girl didn't come back after the 45 minute rest, so I got the rest of the girls to work whilst I took a wander. It didn't take me long to find her. I caught her a good 10 minutes from the barn, sunbathing down by the lake.

She'd stripped off her tshirt and jeans to her bikini, an item which was completely banned from site. I knew this girl to be Jody, a 5'5 girl with long brunette hair. She hadn't seen me at first due to the face she faced away from me towards the lake, which I took great pleasure in. Her bikini held against her skin tightly, revealing large, round breasts.

However it was then that I noticed her hand down the front of her bikini panties, stroking herself. I watched from a safe distance as she lay there touching her pussy, writhing gently into her hand. I was shocked to see this, confused almost. My job required me to march over and punish her severely for her behaviour.

If I didn't I could lose my job. And yet all I could do was watch this beautiful girl play with brunette brunette teen girl taking on huge black dick pussy down by the lake. I found myself walk purposefully to her side, which of course immediately caught her eye. She panicked and pulled her fingers from out of her bikini, sitting bolt upright as I stood over her.

The look of fear on her face sent a strange sensation over me and straight downwards. "Where have you been?" I asked her, attempting to sound furious. She said nothing, staring up at me in a sort of shame.

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"Stand up." I ordered her, and she did so. I realised that we were almost completely sheltered down here by the lake, which obviously was why she had found herself down here. "What were you doing Jody?" She exhaled uncomfortably, and I took a moment to see her nipples standing up through her bikini top.

"I was too hot doing that work." Jody finally spoke. "So you just walked off?" She nodded, her breasts bouncing slightly. "Swimwear is against the rules Jody." I reminded her, urgently. "Its too hot to wear those stupid tshirts." "You know the rules," I reminded her again.

"If you're caught breaking the rules I have to issue you with chores and hard work." "You're kidding me," "No," I insisted, attempting to sound as stern as possible. "There's some manual labor work to be done up on the farm, we'll go back there right now and you can do that. No break." "But sir I can't." "Why not?" She hesitated. "I'm pregnant." I nodded, looking down at her flat stomach.

"Its on my file, if you check," she explained, noticing my eyes on her. "I did a test when I got here." I nodded again, remembering that she had only been here about two weeks now.

"How far along?" I asked, testing her. "1 month." She replied, confidently. I continued to look at her beautiful body, hoping that she would mistake my wandering eyes for suspicion. "So the thing I caught you doing, is that how a young mother brunette babe gives bj pornstars and hardcore be behaving?" I asked her sternly.

"Is that the kind of behaviour that got you sent here by your parents in the first place?" "No." she spat back annoyed. "Well either way I'm going to have to punish you. You've broken campsite rules.

I understand that you're pregnant and shouldn't do any hard labor but that doesn't excuse you from punishment." She sighed frustratedly. "Look I was just hot, its too hot to be working in jeans." "I'm not talking about the fact you walked off from your work." I reminded her abruptly.

"I'm talking about what I caught you doing." "I know," she replied. "You know what I was doing." I paused hesitantly. "What's that then?" "Trying to come." She spoke quieter than before.

I paused again, looking at her chest rising and falling nervously. The words that came out of my mouth in the following moments were totally unexpected and would change my camp experience forever. "Well maybe we can change your punishment. No manual labor for you, but you will still need to be punished. And you will still need to do something for me." I informed her. She said nothing, unflinching. "I am going to march you any bunny xx vidifull sex stories porn to the campsite the way you are dressed, so all the leaders will see you in this state and understand why I am going to punish you.

We will go into my cabin, the door will be locked for privacy and you will undress. I am going to fuck you and due to the nature of your condition, I am going to come inside of you without protection. Without that, we have no deal. The hard work you perform in your punishment will affect your own outcome. I can give you an orgasm, several if you are willing to work hard." Jody paused, thinking nervously.

Her eyes had widened with the words that now went round and round her head. "Without protection?" I nodded. "You can't get knocked up again." I stated bluntly.

"But I don't know you," she said uncomfortably. "Then no deal." I replied.

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"You can spend the afternoon doing manual labor." Her eyes widened further. "Ok fine." She replied suddenly. "No protection." "Good." I said. "So is your punishment agreed?" She thought for a moment before nodding. I marched her up to the cabin, a firm grip on her arm. Despite the fact I was restraining her she did little to get away from me. In fact I was sure she was looking forward to her punishment she had likely been sent to the camp in the first place for such behaviour with men and had gotten herself knocked up.

It had been some time since I'd last had sex with any woman, not since I took the summer job at the campsite at least.

We walked past several of the camp leaders who nodded at me and made eyes at Jody, her lack of dress explaining the situation in enough detail.

Everyone knew the rules about the dress code, especially the girls; anyone who failed to stick to the rules would be punished by an afternoon of hard work and chores. We finally got to my cabin, by which point my cock had hardened in my pants. I unlocked the door, ushered her inside and locked up behind us. Jody paused nervously, looking to me.

I don't know what had come over me, but any nerves I should have had were absent completely. I led her into the living room and immediately pulled her bikini top down. Her round breasts fell out with a bounce, revealing her hardened nipples. She flinched at first, nervous as I was so forward with my actions.

I thought about how many men she may have slept with, perhaps many, or perhaps just one, either way she waited on my every move. I cupped her breasts in my hands, squeezing and pulling gently on her nipples, enjoying the small gasp that came from her lips. It wouldn't be long until they would swell with milk, I thought, too early for that now.

"Get down on your knees," I spoke quietly, urging her to do so. She followed my orders, watching as I unzipped my jeans and retrieved my hardened cock. She barely had a moment to process my actions before I urged my cock into her open mouth forcefully, hitting the back of her throat. It took her a few moments to adjust before she took to it, sucking and fucking the length of my cock with her mouth. She'd done this before, I thought, and she enjoyed this part.

I fucked her mouth a little harder now, enjoying the bounce of her bare breasts hanging over the top of her pulled down bikini top. It didn't take long for her hand to find its way back down to her pussy, fingering herself under her bikini panties as she took the whole of my length in her mouth. She was eager to come, I could tell, but I had plans to make her wait.

This was her punishment. I continued to fuck her mouth, deeper and deeper down her throat until she gagged on my balls. It was all beginning to get too much for me, and I was in no way ready to come yet.

I pulled my cock from her mouth briefly, slapping it roughly on her breasts, enjoying the way she gasped. She pushed her breasts together and around my cock, rubbing the entire length of my shaft. I led her backwards onto the sofa, overwhelmed and unable to stand comfortably for much longer.

I pulled my pants down to my ankles and had her kneel on the sofa and continue to suck my cock. This position allowed me to find my way into my bikini panties, gently finding her pussy lips. She was wet, ready for the fucking I would give her. She needed to be wet for this, I had no plans to go gentle with her and had brought no lube with me.

I hadn't planned to be fucking anyone on this summer job after all. I circled her clit, enjoying the writhing she did against my hands as she licked the base of my cock. Finally I had enough, I wasn't ready to give her too much pleasure and so I pulled her by the hair off of me.

She said nothing, pained euro threesome teen and fun fucked in the ass stealing for the fuck of it my sudden reaction to her.

I stood her up again, pulling at the tied up edges of her bikini panties and removed them. I left her bikini top on, rather enjoying her blonde chick carter cruise is crazed for a big cock and hot sex breasts propped up over the top of it.

Jody hesitated, embarrassed to be near fully in front of her campsite leader, me. I on the other hand couldn't have been more turned on by the sight of her knocked up pussy, neatly trimmed and bikini line shaven.

I was going to come hard inside of her, enjoy the most of her whilst she was still here. It was understood that the pregnant girls would stay at the campsite until 1 month after the birth, before returning to their families. Many would end up married off to the man who knocked them up in the first place. I couldn't help but wonder about Jody as she stood naked in front of me, nervous and yet waiting to be fucked by the hard cock in front of her.

"When will you be leaving?" "When I give birth, I'll be leaving after that." I nodded, pulling her down to straddle me. "Are you getting married to the baby's daddy then?" "No," she replied.

"Why not?" "He's already married." I lowered her over my cock, slipping it in through the lips of her wet pussy. She gasped at the feeling of her pussy being opened and stretched, slipping it in until it could go no further.

It was lovely and tight, I couldn't help but savour the moment. I wondered how she would manage to push out a baby through such a tight hole, it would likely be a struggle. I held onto her hips as she began to bounce herself up and down the length monster orgy more than people in one room my cock, whimpering as I thrust harder against her, her breasts catching the edge of my lips.

I took her nipples into my mouth, sucking hard, biting and nibbling gently at their hard edge. She seemed to enjoy it, the feeling of cock inside her. I let her bounce up and down on my lap for a while, sucking her breasts and gently squeezing her round ass cheeks. I was tempted to use her asshole too at some point, but these were things I could do to her later should she need punishing again.

After some time I pushed her down onto her knees on the living room floor, smacking her hard across the ass. I slipped my cock in her cunt, taking her by the hips to fuck her.

She cried out as I entered her, sore from the lack of lube and the girth of my large cock. I clutched her large breasts as they swayed beneath her, cupping and squeezing them like the pregnant slut she was. I pulled her by the hair, fucking harder and harder until she begged me to stop. I refused naturally, and continued to fuck her, slapping her hard across the ass whenever she tried to stop. I pulled her into my cock, over and over again, ready to milk all my cum.

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"You better enjoy this whilst you can," I told her, thrusting my cock hard against her cervix. "It won't be long until you're too pregnant to be fucked like this." I felt her pussy twinge over my cock at this, gripping me tightly as I fucked her.

I rolled night time chupchap xxx story mom in son over onto her back, lifting her legs into the air as I plunged my dick straight into her.

I wasn't far from coming, in fact I was moments away. I wanted to look into her eyes as I shot hot cum deep inside her pussy, I wanted to enjoy the nervousness she felt as this older man came inside her as her punishment. I grabbed her tightly around the throat, choking her slightly, enjoying the look of fear on her face as I fucked her.

"Are you ready Jody?" She nodded nervously, bracing herself for the second dosing of cum to enter her since the married man who had sent her here to give birth. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, which inevitably sent me over the edge.

I came hard into her knocked up pussy, emptying my balls deep inside her tight hole. If she hadn't have been pregnant already, she'd definitely be knocked up by now.

I pulled out quickly after, enjoying the trickle that seeped out of her tight hole and the embarrassment she felt from it. It would not be the last time I used and abused her.