Kinky woman analyzed while sucking off huge black cocks interracial and gangbang

Kinky woman analyzed while sucking off huge black cocks interracial and gangbang
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== Long Ago - by LO == (Mf, mast, oral ) This happened in the past, long before all the blue skins had all those laws put on the books about age of consent. Hell, once they bled, they were ready. I'm an old guy now, but I can still get it up thinking about the past and my many adventures. I used to go to the social events that were held monthly, until the brief winter restricted outdoor activity.

There were always new people there, and I made a point of surveying the available ladies, that is, the young ladies. It was a time of peace in our country, in spite of the recent American display of military might in Cuba and the Philippines. I was blessed with youthful looks and appeared to be sixteen or so even when I was in my late twenties.

If you realize that I had an early start, that is around fourteen, you will be able to see I had a lengthy career, until I was finally forced to grow up. If I must say, I was a handsome fellow too. I could feel the female eyes on me as I sauntered past.

The young ones and the older ones all seemed to be attracted to me. Yet, I cared then only for the young ones and skinny teen working out cameltoe round ass gaping at end a nice system for discretely having my way with them. I favored the dark-haired beauties, but, of course, never turned away a good prospect, blonde, red-haired, or whatever color of hair.

I suppose I had to give priority to one type or I would have been so distracted by the little ladies around me, I never would have been able to do my work.

I seemed to have a magic touch or even an aura that enabled me to proceed to my erotic goals with little impediment. I recall one day when I was just twenty, I cut out a young blonde girl, thirteen year old Amanda Harkley. All the adults were rather busy with the bandstand and food tables.

I was interested in only one thing and that was getting a naked female body pressed against my own and that body would belong to none other than Amanda. I had been warming this young girl up for several weeks, while my immediate needs were being taken care of by another little filly.

Young Amanda believed that I was about fifteen, and I never told her otherwise. Anyhow, we were in a shady grove, hidden from view of any casual passer-by. I bbw lesbian in pantyhose gets snatch dildo fucked had my hands inside her clothing.

She was becoming hot, displayed by the sheen of sweat on her flushed face. My busy fingers were gradually bringing her to her first virginal orgasm. "Oh lord, Bobby, I have never felt like this before!" she gasped. "Darling, all I wish is to bring you pleasure and excitement," I whispered into her ear. My lips sucked on her earlobes between deep probing kisses on her soft, sweet lips.

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I had already eased a few of her buttons opens and could see a pert nipple awaiting my lips as soon as I had loosened her garments more completely. "Ohhhh, yessss, Bobby dear!" I was amazed that Amanda was so responsive to my touch. That always made everything so much easier. Sex tussy xxxxx story con faster they came, the closer I was to having my own needs fulfilled.

I could feel her young body begin to writhe against mine. Amanda was already in a fog created by her impending orgasm. I undid more of her apparel, exposing more of her naked flesh to my eyes, to my hands and mouth. I finger was hooked into her vagina as my thumb expertly massaged her engorged clitoris. "Oh, Bobby! Oh Bobby dear! Oh!

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Oh! Oh yes!" Amanda moaned as the thrill of her climax xxx storys full move download through her slim, young body.

I eased off on my finger work between her legs, and began to suck on her exposed nipples. I did not allow her to relax completely, but began to attack her again. Her panting and groaning persisted until I had provided her with a secondary orgasm. Even then, I continued to caress her with soft touches of lips and fingers. The little lady was pliant in my arms. I allowed her to relax as I held her half-naked body against myself.

"That felt to wonderful," she moaned, her eyes peeking open and a smile appearing on her sweet lips.

"I told you, darling, that you would like it. See, I was right." "Can we do it some more?" "Certainly, my beauty. I would be only to happy to bring more pleasure to you. Just allow me to remove my shirt.

Loving you is making me so warm." "I suppose it is only fair," Amanda replied, glancing down with some concern at her own nakedness. She quickly looked at my bare chest, muscular and smooth and I could tell that it was making a good impression on her.

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The young girl reached over love cum and bubble butt teen dildo xxx getting killer undergarments from boyplayfellow ran her soft hand across my bare skin. "I have not seen a man up close like this. I like what I am seeing." "I would like to see more of you too. Could you take off forced and abused by twmen and girl anal brutal5 dress?" Amanda looked at me shyly.

I leaned toward her and kissed her on the lips. "Please?" She stood up and tugged the dress over her head. After laying it carefully on the grass near us, she sat down next to me. I edged closer. Amanda lifted he face to mine, and we began kissing.

When I began to touch her bare skin, Amanda responded with her own caresses. Gradually, I exposed even more of her body. As her passion increased, my hands roamed everywhere again. I took one of her hands and placed in my lap, pressing her hand onto the firm bulge inside my trousers.

"Should I touch you there, Bobby?" "Yes, my darling. It would give me some pleasure if you fondled me too." We continued onward. As her enthusiasm increased, I loosened my trousers and pushed them down my legs. My naked, erect manhood was quickly in her grip, just as my finger was buried again deep into her wet vagina.

Almost by instinct, her small hand began to slide up and down the rigid pole of flesh. "Don't stop, Bobby! Please don't stop!" she moaned. I increased the speed of my lewd digital probing. This time I sucked and licked her nipples as soon as I had entered her. Her slim hips rocked against my hand, enjoying our wicked intimacy.

Even better, her little hand was tugging my hard penis at the same time. I was becoming rather excited and concentrated my mind on bringing her off in order to delay my own relief. Once more I skillfully provided the young girl with a double climax. As she calmed down with her near naked body pressed against my own, I could feel her little heart throbbing and her hot breath washing across my neck.

She had never lost her own grip my manhood, although her fingers had loosened as she cooled down. "Would you like to finish me off, darling?" I whispered softly. "What do I need to do?" "What you have been doing all along, but let me take my trousers off completely so that they do not become soiled by my release." "Your release?" "You'll see." I reseated myself next to her and invited her to take hold of my turgid organ. Amanda soon pumped it to its full size again and seemed pleased about the reaction her touch was having on me.

"Is this good, Bobby?" she asked shyly. "Yes, very good. I am starting to feel just the way you were a few minutes ago? "This makes you feel that good?" "Oh yes, darling. It does indeed." I could see a satisfied smile appear on her lips as she continually looked up at my face, obviously taking pleasure at the changes in my expression. "Now, faster, Amanda. Do it faster!" I looked at the little hand, barely big enough wrap around the thick circumference of my experienced manly penis.

Her fingers slid briskly up and down the veiny shaft. "Oh!" I moaned in delight. "Oh yes!" My thick cream began to splatter onto the grass between my legs. Some of the warm juice flowed down her hand and wrist. "Don't stop yet!" I gasped. "It's so warm," she noted with some interest as the last of my sticky semen oozed out. My usual practice was to take a respite and not push on too rapidly to my ultimate goal. I suggested that we return to the picnic area and obtain some refreshment.

We carefully dressed and brushed off stray leaves and burs so as not to arouse any suspicion. Her parents were happy to see her strolling innocently along with me tagging behind her. We took some refreshment with them. Soon her parents were again involved in their own adult activities, and within minutes we were out of sight and soon in the copse of trees.

Without much urging, we had divested ourselves of all our clothing. Our warm, naked bodies were clasped closely together. My lips were all over her neck and shoulders and soon found her hardened little nipples. Yet they did not remain too long there, with my tongue fondling the perky nubbins. My lips pressed into her soft belly as my fingers slid up and down her lubricated slit.

My mouth brushed against the thin, soft fur above her sex, and I exhaled a deep flow of warm air across her nether lips.

"Ooooo!" Amanda cooed softly, what are you doing to me?" "You are so tasty, I need to eat you, eat you in a special way that you will enjoy." "I am ready for just about anything, darling." Hearing that, I moved lower and began to kiss her inner thighs. As her hand fell softly onto my head, caressing me, I planted my lips on her soft labia.

"Oh! she gasped softly, and her fingers gently combed through my hair. I began to lick and kiss her more thoroughly, tasting her virginal juices. Amanda parted her legs, encouraging me to continue my tasting of her sex. I replace the finger inside her with my long tongue, lapping her inner pinkness and teasing her engorged clitoris. Amanda was now tremendously excited and held my head against herself as I brought her off first with my mouth and then with my finger, pumping in and out of her tight vagina.

She fell back on the sward as the tension in her body relaxed. As she lay limply on the ground, I lay between her legs with my head resting her soft belly. "That was so. so crude," she said at last. "but it was remarkably pleasurable too." I pressed my lips against her sex again.

I kissed her softly and flicked my tongue against her labia. "Not yet," she said. "I have not recovered myself yet." I rose and brushed some stray woodland debris from myself, deliberately standing so that my semi-erect penis was near Amanda's face. While I picked off a few dead leaves, I could see her examining me with intense interest. "Would you like," she asked, "me to use my mouth on you now?" "Do you want to try that? It would be wonderful, I think." I shifted a little closer, and Amanda pressed her lips against the head of my penis, bestowing a little kiss.

She looked up at me, and I nodded my head approvingly. Soon the young girl was kissing and licking me to full erection. "Now, suck on it, darling." I instructed. Without hesitation, she swallowed the head, and the soft slurping sound of her sweet mouth came to me ears. Gently, I rocked my hips back and forth, causing my rigid manhood to slip in and out of her juicy mouth. "Play with my ball sack, darling. Her fingers teased my testicles. She put a hand around my butt to hold me to her face.

After a few minutes, she stopped and looked up at me quizzically. "Are you going to squirt into my mouth?" "I will if you want me to, and, if you don't like the taste, you can spit s son sex xxx gujrati deci out." "What else could I do?" "You could swallow it." Her mouth locked around my penis once again.

As soon as she felt my legs shaking in my excitement, her head bobbed back and forth on me rapidly. "Ohhhh Yesss! Oh! Oh!" I cried. My ejaculate shot into her mouth. She flinched, but held fast as I emptied my testicles. Then she milked my engorged penis until I stopped groaning. "That was so wonderful." I gasped. "It tasted funny, but I swallowed it anyway," Amanda informed me. She opened her mouth to show me that my semen was gone.

I moved closer to her, and we kissed. I could taste myself on her lips. We kissed and touched for a long while. "Eat me again, please," she said. "I liked that so much." So I did and then so did she.