Anal creampie and facial from black dick

Anal creampie and facial from black dick
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Walking up to you there is no hesitation. I wrap my arms around you, one hand on your lower back and the other firmly gripping your ass. I pull you into me hard and my lips automatically find yours. The desire between us is palpable. Our hands begin to wander pulling at the edges of each others clothing. I grip the bottom edge of your shirt and in one motion it's off, dropped and forgotten.

Taking a few more steps while passionately kissing my shirt comes off. I drop your jeans and you nimbly step out of them paying them no heed. We stumble into the livingroom lost to the world around us. Naked except for your panties I shove you down onto the couch and pull them off before you even settle. I drop my boxers and lunge forward. My lips find yours again. I sensational fat bbw masturbation video tube porn a hand into your hair and grip making a fist.

I pull your head to the side and my teeth dig Into the soft skin of your neck. Your mouth opens to let out a gasp and as soon as it does I shove my cock into your dripping pussy. Instead of a small gasp you let out a full moan of pleasure. I try to pull out to tease you but your legs wrap around me and pull me in tight. "please fuck me Ryan." With a request like that I cannot refuse. I drive my cock all the way back in. The warm folds of your pussy wrapping around it tightly.

You are unconsciously tightening your pussy to match each of my thrusts. I lean up to get a good look at you and fuck you even harder.

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You stare up at me your eyes full of lust. I release my rough grip on your hair and place both hands onyour hips. Kneeling on the couch now I raise your hips and ass off the couch. I pull you into me hard and a moan escapes your lips as my cock pushes past your gspot. The angle of your pelvis causes my cock to be pressed tight against your gspot and the tip pushes deep against the back wall of your vag at the end of each thrust.

Looking down I can see your pussy spreading around my cock. You are literally dripping wet and my cock is glistening with our precum. I continue to thrust hard into you and your face begins to flush. I can tell you listened to me and didn't leg yourself cum all week. The orgasm has been building in you all week and I can see in your eyes that you wan nothing more than to cum hard.

My hand darts forward and grips your throat tightly. "cum on my cock. Let me feel your tight little pussy convulse on my dick." Your hips begin to rock hard back and forth driving my cock deeper.

I thrust hard and fast into your begging tranny and girl strap on over and over. "oh MY GAAAA!!" Your scream becomes an unintelligible scream of ecstasy as your body is bombarded by waves of pleasure. Your hips wildly rock against me as I continue to thrust hard into your now convulsing cunt.

Your pussy tightens around my cock to the point it is almost painful. I begin to loosen my tight grip on your throat. Your face is red and your entire body flushed. I pick you up and let you kneel on the couch with your elbows supporting yourself on the back of it. I stand behind you and place one hand on your ass cheek.

Spreading it to the side I push the head of my cock against your tight little asshole. The entire area is absolutely drenched with your cum. The head of my cock glistening wet. I push gently and your asshole eagerly accepts close to half of my length.

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I pull out almost all the way and push back in. This time my full length pushes in. I can feel your ass cheeks presses against me and spread around my cock. I reach a hand forward under your arm and grip your throat. I pull you back and up by your throat so my face is next to yours. "doyou like my hard cock in Your ass?" No response. SMACK! My grip tightens on your throat.

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"I said, does my little slut like my rock hard cock shoved deep into her ass?" "dear god yes. Yes! Fuck my ass." Pulling out I shove back in hard.

I reach my other hand down and begin to rub your clit. With no heed of being gentle I ram my cock into your ass over and over. My balls smack against your swollen pussy with each thrust. The pain of my cock pounding into your ass quickly turns to pleasure. You begin to moan a little bit and as soon as you do I pull out.

Squeezing your clit hard between two fingers I drive my cock hard into your pussy. It eagerly accepts my cock and squeezes down on it covering it in your cum. Two thrusts and I pull out again. My cock dripping with your cum. Lining up I mercilessly shove my cock back into your tight asshole. A gasp from you drives me to a quicker pace. "does my little slut want my cum?" "Mhmmmmm" is all you manage as you moan from pleasure.

I push harder on your clit and rapidly rub my fingers back and forth across it. You grind your hips forward and back matching each thrust and pushing your clit harder against my fingers. I can feel my orgasm building. I pull out and push hard into your cunt.

Rubbing your clit hard I reach my other hand down and grip your hip. I pull you into me hard and fuck you as hard and fast as possible. Driving deep into you you embrace another orgasm. Your pussy clenching Down on my cock pushes me over the edge and with a few hard thrusts I explode cum deep inside you. Each thrust spurts more cum into you and is matched by a wave of pleasure and your pussy clenching down hard on my cock milking every drop of cum from it.

At this point the only thing keeping you up is me holding you. I push your ass to the side and you fall and end up sitting on the couch facing me.

With a hand on your shoulder I pull you forward and my cock pushes past your lips. Your tongue darts around my cock savoring the taste of our cum. Your head eagerly bobs up and down pushing my cock slightly further into your throat each time.

I thrust forward slightly as your head pushes forward and the full length of my cock pushes into yor throat gagging you slightly. The sensation is too much after having just cum and I pull out quickly leaving your throat feeling empty. I lean down and kiss you hard, our tongues flitting across each other. I push you back on the couch and kneel down in front of you.

Wrapping an arm under each of your legs I pull you so that your ass is hanging over the edge of the couch. I lower my head down and bury my tongue deep inside your dripping cunt. licking your pussy lips clean I lick up towards your clit. I grip your leg tightly holding you in place. With my other hand I push two fingers into your tight swollen cunt. Your sensitive pussy clenched down on my fingers. Curling them up past your gspot I push lightly against the sensitive ridged tissue.

Your body responds automatically by angling your hips up towards my face and making the angle easier for me to finger you. I lick circles around your clit not quite touching the swollen sensitive nub.

Your mind has gone numb and you lose yourself in the sensation. Tingles are still wandering across your body from your orgasm. All the while I am gently building your body back up towards another one. I suck your clit into my mouth scraping past my teeth. I suck hard and gently bite down. The sensation snaps you back to reality and you try to pull away as I stimulate your over sensitive clit.

I pull you back towards me roughly forcing my fingers deeper into your sopping wet cunt. With kortney kane sexy storys sex stories fierce amount of pressure and motion I flick my tongue across your clit and start to finger you fast and the moments of sexy hardcore fun for brunette.

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While lost in the pleasure your body had come to the full sey xxx story propech of another orgasm. With the sudden bombardment of stimulation your pleasure peaks and your pussy clenched hard on my fingers.

Your hips buck against my face and your body tenses. I suck your clit as hard as I can and flick my tongue across it. Your pussy gushes cum and it drips out covering my hand, your legs and your ass leaving the entire area glistening with cum. as your orgasm begins to subside your body continues to twitch as wave after wave of pleasure pass through it.

Completely spent from the exertion of three orgasms I lay you down face firs on the couch and kneel over top of you. With your legs together I spread your ass cheeks and push my cock into your still twitching pussy. It greedily accepts my full length. I lay down on top of you and my lips seek yours. I passionately kiss you as I slowly thrust into your sensitive pussy. Small moans escape your lips as we kiss. Completely exhausted you surrender once again to the sensation.

I begin to pick up the pace and my hand finds your throat. Thrusting hard the couch pushes you back into me with each thrust. I pull out and guide my cum covered cock to your asshole. Completely relaxed I push balls deep with the first thrust. Your hips rise and your back arches lifting your pelvis off the couch. Kneeling I have the perfect angle to fuck your ass deep and hard. While choking you I grip your hair making a fist. I pull hard and pound into your ass.

You manage to half gasp half moan with each thrust. My rock hard cock pushes deep and your asshole tightens around me with each thrust.

Your hips push back into me with each thrust unconsciously. my balls tighten as I almost cum. You let out a long moan knowing that I am about to explode.

With a hard thrust a jet of hot cum shoots deep into your ass. Slow hard thrusts followed by more cum fill your ass with the hot sticky fluid. Completely spent your hips sag and my cock slips out of your ass dripping cum. I roll you on to your side and lay beside you holding you close, my cock nestled against your warm swollen pussy. Your satisfied swollen holes filled and covered with our cum.

"I missed you" I whisper in your ear. A light moan of agreement is all you can muster as we lay together lost in the sensation