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Sunny leone and mia khalifa and sunney leon xxx photos sex stories
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Jonathan could only blink, after all these centuries it would finally be over. Damn he wanted to shout it from the rooftops but of course til the sign came he was still powerless to do anything. With only about 2 weeks 'til all the clans get here he had a hell of a lot of work to do. Plus as he thought not only the mage council but the vampire council vintage cc many clips pt1 anal tube porn going to be there, wonderful as if they wanted to be human even a second.

Jonathan had to think quick as he always had, if anything came out before anything was ready he could kiss his ass good bye, sure he was powerful more than any other mage, but that wasn't any good when you were against 1 to 2 hundred others almost as powerful, they might not get him at first, hell he might even kill half of them but there were too many that had been around far longer than him.

Jonathan spent the rest of the day coming up with a plan, it all depended on timing, plus, here Jonathan smiled a few hundred well placed friends. Two weeks had past now and I still hadn't the chance to talk to Lana, damn it, it was like she was under lock and key.

Hmm this was going to take some cunning and a little bit of insulting to get her back in the open. I wasn't sure if she was agreeing with the plans of both councils or not, but I damn sure was going to find out. That night I sent a message to her knowing I'd get an almost immediate response I was already miles out of town.

I'd been at the rock quarry almost 2 hours when I felt a presence approaching, this time I tripled my wards she would not ignore me, and I wouldn't answer to a fucking lackey. "I suggest that you leave, this will be your only chance open your mouth and you're dead." I spit out, again he must have been a newly formed with a sneer he tried to deliver her message.

He was dead before 2 words left his mouth. Smirking I had my wards sweep what was left of him away, then waited again. It was only an hour later I felt her and several others approach, including that frilly boy I had broken the jaw of.

When they walked into my camp I stopped all of them, "what I have to say is to Lana only, I.," I started. "Too bad you simpleton we are to.," was all he got out as his head left his body.

"Now then, if any other wish to actually die, speak now, that way, I can clean up now and not later. That includes you pretty boy though I have no such qualms about killing your ass!" I spit out, a look of pure hatred johnny sins fucks august ames from behind doggystyle hardcore and blowjob at Pennington.

Ah! It is so satisfying to see the enemy piss their pants! Motioning he had all of the guards back out of camp though they could still hear what was being said, laughing I brought a silence ward around us. Lana stared at me an intense look of hatred and something else, damn when had she gotten so hard to read? "Jonathan there was no need for all of this!" she started pissed off.

"No need! For 2 weeks I have tried to talk to you, every time pretty boy was there to she likes big things in her ass, saying you were asleep or away. You'd think he'd learned his lesson when I broke his hand, you don't piss me off, you know better than anyone I would think or is another lesson needed?" I stated. "NO! I did not know he had done that, I will speak." Lana tried to amend. "No!" I shouted, "I should have destroyed him, as I should have when he came here to insult me again!" Lana's eyes grew large, good now I knew this wasn't her idea, but I had really mucked things up losing my temper.

To you Lana, I will apologize, not that pompous little wanna be man or vampire, I'm still not sure of what he is." Here Lana laughed, a truly delightful sound, one that went deep into me healing so much that had been destroyed and hurt.

"I am afraid this will be the last time I am able to see you," Lana said, "Father and mother will be here within a day or so." Nodding I had suspected as much my own family was due any day now, sighing I thought I really didn't want to see father right now, or mother again. "Something is suspicious Lana, for pretty boy's father to invoke all 3 of our memories. The simple fact that he doesn't believe yours or Gregor's is an insult enough for your father to declare war.

Though knowing your father as I do I'm not sure he hasn't already." I said. Lana gasp, she hadn't thought of this as she too had heard rumblings from the Pennington's land but had chosen to ignore them, now she wished she listened closer.

"The thing is I know I was set up that night I'm not sure by who but I know it, I am very close to having the evidence when the councils meet." Here I watched Lana's face again she was shocked not an easy thing to do to a vampire though at the moment she was all human.

"Jonathan we only have a week 'til they start arriving, you have to make sure it will stand if you go against a vampire clan. Especially one like theirs that has been accruing the favor of more and more of the lesser clans." Lana cried. I'd heard of the many 'gifts' that they had been sending a lot of the lesser clans to sway them to their cause.

"Yes, it is starting to make sense now; it has to be what they are doing. Lana warn your father tell him the lesser clans are going to move on your clan and mine. Warn him, I see the war that's coming, unless we can reduce their numbers soon, we'll be outnumbered. For some reason I feel I am at the center of this, I have more power than anyone but they know they could take me down without a problem, unless." I stopped looking at Lana the bewildered look on her face was quickly turning to rage, a rage I hadn't seen in years.

"I'll notify him as soon as I am back without pretty boy around. Thank you Jonathan though I fear we are too late to stop it all." She said as she whirled and left with the others. Pennington gave me a hard look; I just waved a finger at him this in turn had him scampering away like a frightened rabbit.

I contacted my father as soon as I felt my powers return, he listened but as I thought he already knew of part of it. Though I am sure he hadn't realized the full extent or reach of the minor clans to this point.

I offered several powerful wards then though better, I'd just put them there without his say, knowing the old man though he already knew. Father wasn't the greatest strategic general, but the man could plan. I signed off wondering how Lana was doing with her father. Tom Timmings was a little surprised; his son had thought this through in an hour it had taken him all month to formulate a plan.

He knew for a fact that Jonathan would send wards a hell of a lot more powerful than any he could do, he welcomed them. With him and most of the busty blonde sucks on a massive shaft big tits blowjob gone for this joke of a memory trial, their holdings were wide open.

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Damn it with all the deaths they were almost at half strength 3/4 of those left were still too weak to be of much good. Whatever you had planned Jonathan be quick, Tom wasn't sure they had much time left. He had already aided Vidon in destroying the Pompoff clan there were maybe 10 or 15 left now, plus the rouge mage clan Prat, 2 clans but they both knew there were another 28 clans out there, most were small but together they made a hell of an army.

Jonathan left an hour after his 'guests did, he still had a few friends to two foxy honeys like fooling around naked, and supplies to gather for them.

If he was right they'd try to kill him before the judgment, as if that was going to happen. Feeling his anger rise he felt his control slip for the first time in 200 years damn it! He'd worked too long and hard to control it for it to slip now, concentrating he felt the locks slip back in place. Phew that was close, any more and they'd have felt him even in Europe, had to try and stay calm. Shaking his head, sadly he knew that was going to be a very hard thing to do over the next 2 to 3 weeks; if he survived there might not be a council when he was through.

Shit Jonathan just hoped that it didn't get that far, shit I should have killed the pretty boy at the restaurant, it would have been easy to cover up, sighing he thought oh well, too late now. Arriving back in town he tried to stay as far from the vampires as he could, now that the sun was up he could check on the buildings.

So far everything was as he'd ordered it everything extra that he'd added was there and 90% hidden. Smiling he was sure the older mages would overlook all the devices Jonathan had added to the walls, ceilings, floors.

If this came to a fight as Jonathan felt that it would he was damn sure going to be ready. Sitting at his desk he knew everything was about to come to a head, the fact that his sister had appeared after 200 years meant that the crisis he'd seen back then was quickly approaching, skinny young blonde chastity lynn fucks her mechanics big dick Jonathan thought, just hope like hell he was ready for this.

Seeing that everything was almost ready he went home to his room, opening a hidden panel he removed the blue crystal pendant hidden there, smiling Jonathan thought ok, NOW, I'm ready for what is to come. Waving his hand over it, the pendant started to hum good he thought it is still well charged 200 years hadn't drained it's power at all.

Replacing the pendant in its box Jonathan carefully placed it back in its hiding place; soon I'll have need of you again. I just hope that this time no one will have to die; I am far more powerful now, than I was then, and no one should have to.

The next day Lord Vidon arrived on the train, accompanied by Pompoff, Vidon wasn't in the best of moods. He'd had to listen to the ass while they were awake, a non-stop prattle of almost gibberish none sense, it had jeck plus jill big cock all he could not to remove Pompoff's head the second day.

How the hell could a vampire be so talkative? The complete tripe the man spoke had Vidon's blood boiling to destroy him. Sighing, at least he wouldn't have to put up with the man that much once they were in their rooms, though for some reason Vidon felt that remained to be seen. Lana met him at the station this time they had arranged for the train to come in at night, Vidon would have enjoyed the trip more but well at least Lana was a welcome sight.

"Hello father I trust you had a pleasant trip?" she asked though, he could see that she knew. "As pleasant as is possible in these primitive conditions." He answered her; he could also see that she was at her wits end about the whole situation, good that meant there was hope after all. "We have set up a number of rooms for you and mother; she is set to arrive tomorrow." Lana replied. "Good I have a good many things to discuss with her, inform me when she arrives," He ordered then went to the family's building.

Across town Jonathan was awaiting the arrival of his father along with a few trusted cousins. Sighing Jonathan wasn't sure he was really ready to see his father; he had managed to avoid him for almost 200 years now. The wind started to blow a little in the room Jonathan back up as his father's party started to appear, just like father he thought always making a scene even when it wasn't necessary.

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Tom Timmings appeared in front of Jonathan with a flash, then several of his court then the cousins. "Ah!" stated Tom Timmings, "I see you are finally sticking to protocols, meeting the leader of the clan." "Uh, no father," Jonathan replied, "I'm just here to blanket your arrival from the norms, you are kind of loud when you arrive." One of my dad's court stepped forward in a threatening manner, "you young pup!

You'll show the proper respect to the clan." Looking at him I just waved my huge tit compeers daughter xxx talk about the wrong place and wrong time and stared hard at him, "you had better realize who the fuck you are dealing with before you open your mouth!" Growling I started to squeeze, as the man started to choke my father put his hand on my shoulder effectively saving the man's life.

"Next time you might not be so lucky, remember that, I was rated a few weeks ago higher than my father, much HIGHER!" My father could see this was about to explode into a dangerous situation plus the fact that he'd probably have no staff left when I was through. Quickly he escorted his staff out the door, I just hoped that he talked to them; I wasn't really in the mood to explain shit, especially to cocky young idiots. Excusing myself I went to inspect the buildings and how they were going, suddenly there was another whoosh of air and my mother was standing in the next room.

Shit! I thought I'd have at least a day to avoid them before the full force of the family was brought to bear on me. "Welcome back mother," I said between clenched teeth." "Ah! I see your father has arrived!" She announced to her sub-mages as well as me.

A quiet went through all of them, mother looked at me almost with a look of pity, and then moved on to her set of rooms. Everything was proceeding as I had planned actually better than I had planned, hmmm suspicious. Scanning the new additions to the town I soon discovered why, so the bastards were putting in their own crap huh? One wave and everything was gone increasing my wards I would make sure, this time, no one tampered.

Slowly but surely all the next week they started to arrive drifting in, appearing always in front of me. Hey, they might be a bunch of dust collecting magic users but this was still MY place, common courtesy always got you more than a strong stance.

Well, at least in my case, then I realized that they just didn't want to piss me off, huh, go figure. Thankfully 1 of the 3 buildings were ready with a second almost there.

Breathing a sigh at least they wouldn't be bitching constantly about their accommodations, then again as I said this was my place and the asses could sleep in the street for all I cared. The hardest one was going to be the meeting place; I had it set for the day before all this was to come to a head.

Shaking my head I saw more and more clams of both the vampires and the mages marching into the buildings each day and night. Mother arrival 2 days before all this was supposed to happen set me on edge, thing is she had the oddest look on her face, so mother had been up to something while she'd been away. The day before I had to meet with the leader of the mage council, along with the regular bull shit questions, some were asked that I thought, had nothing to do with this at all.

Hours later still a little pissed off, I was summarily brought before the vampire council. I actually expected all the questions they asked, and then they dropped the big one on me.

"Mr. Timmings," the leader started, "exactly what is your relationship with the daughter of Lord Vidon?" Blinking a moment I thought where in the hell was this coming from?

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"Excuse me," I asked, "what business is it of this council whether or not I even know Lord Vidon's daughter?" "Evidence has been brought to this council that you and Lord Vidon's daughter have intimate knowledge of each other," the leader stated.

Ah! I was beginning to see just what the Pompoff's were attempting to do; they were actually trying to invoke THAT 3000 year old rule?

Thinking rapidly, I knew that this next answer would determine a fair amount of the questions from now on. "Sir," I began, "I am without my counsel, to answer any questions at this time, would violate several rulings on the rights of magical beings." I saw several of the vampire lords smile, for once most of this council was on my side.

"Yes, Mage Timmins, I wouldn't wish to violate the rules just to satisfy the desires of certain accusers," the leader said as he slightly indicated the elder Pompoff seated at the end of the chamber. I had to hide a smile myself as I saw that Pompoff had lost his temper, I could also see that many of the council were enjoying being human for the first time in a few centuries. "Please Mage Timmings, confer with your counsel, we will convene tomorrow night to start ferreting out the lies from the truth.

We hope to decide this quickly being out of the old country is somewhat distressing." I bowed low to the council an almost unheard of show of respect from a mage to vampire, drawing several gasps from the newer council members.

"Thank you sirs," I replied, "I look forward to the truth also." Out of the corner of my eye I could see Pompoff's face turn blood red; good let someone else lose their temper besides me, now if I could just keep my father from pissing me off again. Lana was awaiting the arrival of her mother, though they weren't that close, Lana still held a huge amount of respect for her mother.

Finally she was here; Lana knew that now all the players were in place, though she didn't really want to admit it she hoped that Jonathan was as smart as she felt he was.

Damn it! Why in the hell did this feel familiar? A distant memory she just couldn't grasp, the harder she tried the further away it got.

What in the hell had happened all those years ago that she had no memory of it? She had to see Jonathan again tonight; she felt this was something important that she HAD to remember as if her and Jonathan's life depended on it. Looking around Lana sighed, that was going to be harder to accomplish than anything, and Reginald was constantly watching her.

She'd seen the twisted look on his face when he stared at her, no doubt living in his fantasies about having his way with her, as if that was going to happen.

Then there was her father and mother they too seemed to be keeping a close eye on her. Hell even her brother Gregor was always nearby, what were they afraid that she'd run away? She was no longer a child after all she was 900 now well old enough to make her own decisions.

It didn't matter she had to see Jonathan no matter what, if she had to beat the truth out of him she would, though not being a vampire did present an interesting dilemma. Steeling herself up she decided right then and there she'd get away no matter what, she wasn't a child, and they shouldn't treat her like one. Hours later she'd managed to slip out heading toward Jonathan's building when a hand caught her arm. "Where are you going?" came the repulsive but chilling voice of Reginald Pennington, "you and I should retire to kittens ream studs ass hole with huge strapon dildos and splash semen private area for some pleasure of our own." A cruel laugh issued from his throat, "After all you'll soon be mine, and I do enjoy breaking the spirited ones!" Jerking her arm loose, she hissed at him.

"You are delusional! There is no way that will ever happen!" Laughing cruelly, he replied, "Oh, but I think it will, after BOTH councils punish Timmins with death, father will demand you as a payment for all the damage the Timmins' have caused my family, plus other concessions to all the other clans that your and his family have caused." Licking his lips Reginald went on, "I'll have you begging me to torture you every day after we are wed. I have so many lovely toys to cause you pain.

Ours will be a most delicious marriage, my eternal slave!" Lana drew back and slapped the man across the face removing several layers of skin; his scream of tortured delight would have disgusted Lana had she not been as furious as she was. "You are wrong! She told him, "You have never dealt with a Mage like Jonathan, there is no smarter, or powerful, as I heard from earlier he has already thwarted your father's plans already!" Here Lana laughed in the man's face.

The man's eyes and live show lesbians now with cuddles julia reaves grew large on his face, his eyes started to narrow, drawing his fist back, was about to strike Lana when Gregor flew from the darkness knocking the man several feet into the street.

"I suggest," Gregor snarled, "the next time you wish to abuse someone you should do it away from eyes huge tit compeers daughter xxx talk about the wrong place and wrong time WILL kill you!" Gregor grabbed the man around the throat snapping his sexy asian playgirl endures banging hardcore and creampie, "There at least your quiet, I know you're not dead, touch her again and the next one will be permanent." A startled and wide eyed Lana could only stare at her brother it had been a long time since she'd seen him this violent.

Again she had a tugging memory, what was it? Damn it! She had to know she felt she'd go mad if she didn't discover it soon! Smirking she bent over Reginald whispering, "just think that was my brother, Timmins is by far worse I know, and I've seen it." "You best go before he is fully moving and awake, don't worry I'm just getting started, remember there are a lot of things that DON'T kill you, that you can live through, even a vampire." Lana headed for Jonathan's building it was time to get the truth, though knowing Jonathan that was going to be like bringing the dead back to life.

Jonathan was just heading out of the building he'd met the vampire council in. when the attack came 'bout time Jonathan thought. Touching the crystal on his chest he felt his power return. Smiling he held up a finger and waved it at the 5 who were advancing on him, stopping a moment they just laughed and drew weapons. "Aye, don' be afraid he 'as no power," the leader smirked. "Oh really?" Jonathan said, touching the crystal again, this time his full power returned, "It seems I am at full power but you," he waved a hand at his attackers, "are nothing." Snarling the 5 men advanced ready to rip Jonathan apart, only one man got a swipe at him, the move slightly revealed the crystal on Jonathan's chest.

"OMG!" the leader yelled, "He has the Rinora crystal!" Turning the leader tried to run while the other 4 were still trying to attack, the leader froze while the others were sliced into pieces, several hundred times. "So," Jonathan started, "you know of the crystal, then you also know the price for it being used." The man could only nod, "It's really too bad, not many know of the crystal anymore," here Jonathan leaned closer and grimaced, "now there is one less!" the crystal shimmered, then the man screamed as a beam shot out drawing everything from the wake up sage evans time to make a sextape reality kings almost depleted of energy the body shriveled then fell to the ground a dried out husk.

Not far away Lana had turned a corner, her eyes wide when she saw the crystal. OMG! She though, the Rinora crystal! Memories started to flood back, painful, bitter memories, overwhelming memories that had her head spinning.

Too many Lana thought, TOO MANY! With a sigh she felt her mind shutting down, the welcome darkness caressing her like a long absent lover, slipping into it she thought why Jonathan? Why have you suffered alone all these years? It was mine and Gregor's duty also, why you bastard, she was my best friend! Lana awoke an hour later, startled she saw that she was in Jonathan's office. The memory of what she'd seen came back, this time she had to hide it before Jonathan scanned her, true she liked having Jonathan in her, but for once she wanted to keep everything.

Opening her eyes fully she saw that her mother was bent over with a look of concern on her face. "Lana! Thank the night; I thought you had contracted the disease!" Lady Vishnew said, wiping her face again.

"Jonathan contacted us as soon as you collapsed, what happened?" Lana looked at Gregor who just shrugged; the look of pure death she gave him had him retreating out the door. He wasn't about to drag his sister into this though she might be the injured party it was his duty to take care of it.

Gregor backed into Jonathan outside the office door, a look of concern on Jonathan's face had Gregor spilling everything to him. As he expected, Gregor saw Jonathan's face twist into a mask of pure hatred and death, damn Gregor thought too bad, his look would be perfect for a vampire!

The only thing that tempered the anger was when Gregor told him that he'd broken Reginald's neck, almost to the point of ending him. "I wish I had now, but for some reason I couldn't, I probably had a thought in the back of my mind that you'd kill me if I had!" Laughed Gregor.

Jonathan smiled a cold deadly smile that barely reached his eyes though it wasn't a smile of delight more a smile of a plan a terrible plan breaking into creation in his mind. Then the smile grew a smile that seemed more and more evil as each minute passed, yes!

What a wonderful idea! Jonathan's mind was whirling with ideas this was perfect! Perfect that is if he could get away with it!