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Stacked blonde starlet has her pussy nailed
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This is the end of the story. It takes a much softer feel which may disappoint some of the readers who liked the rough feel of the other stories, but that is simply how I feel the story needed to end. I hope you like it and as always i welcome bangalore girl north boys sex x storys compost comments.

___________________________________________________________________________________ When I finally pulled out of her I heard frank moaning in pain. I looked over to find his raging hard on had caused the fishing line to tighten and break the skin all the way around his dick. I walked over and used the filet knife to cut the fishing line so at least the weights were no longer adding to the injury, but I had no idea how I was going to get the string out.

I went to the bathroom and got Jodi's tweezers. It must have hurt Frank like hell but I managed to get enough line out of the wound to cut it with the tip of the knife. I then used the knife to detach the bindings that held Frank in place. As he got up I told him to remember the lessons he learned, get his shit and go.

Frank looked at me like he was going to speak, then thought better of it, silently put on his clothes and left. I watched drive away in the car that had been parked across the street initially unnoticed by me. I returned to the bedroom after locking the doors and detached the restraints from Jodi.

I had already prepared myself for a trip to prison. If Frank wasn't already on the phone with the police then Jodi would be soon. I was done. My anger and resentment had passed and I was left with the feeling of sadness, not that I was going to jail, but for what that meant, what all of this meant.

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I was going to miss so much of my childrens' lives and Jodi and I were obviously done. Had it been worth it, no, but it was done.

As Jodi rolled over, sat up and pulled the blankets up to cover her naked form, I handed her the phone and sat quietly near her on the bed. I watched as she looked at the phone, and was shocked as she put it down. She looked at me and asked a question that completely threw me off my base. "Is that what you want?" I didn't know how to respond. I didn't even understand the question.

She repeated it. There was no anger in her voice, no hurt in her eyes, just the question, "Is that what you slim blonde gets shaved cunt pounded in bedroom passionate girlfriend don't know." I answered her.

"I lost track of what I want a long time ago and lost track of who I am today. I did things today that I never would have thought myself capable of doing. I have never felt rage like that, and I certainly have never wanted to hurt you or take advantage of you like that.

When the shit hit the fan though, I did. I did those things knowing what I was doing, knowing what the consequences would be and I still did them.

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Now I am left wondering who I am and I am afraid of the answer." I looked deep into Jodi's eyes and she again caught me off guard by saying exclusive suck pussy with love sorry." Now I was confused. With everything that had happened I found myself realizing that those 2 words were the only things that I didn't say to her and they should have been the first 2 words out of my mouth.

I was ashamed and instead of looking at Jodi I broke our gaze and looked down. She grabbed my chin and pulled my face up so we were looking at each other again.

She started speaking again but this time she had more to say. "I am sorry for what I have done to you. I have run you through an emotional gambit for several years now. You have never known how I was feeling or what was wrong.

You have continued to love me when I gave you nothing in return. You have been patient while I have been stringing you along. After the girls were born we began to drift apart. We were so caught up in their lives and our lives with them that we drifted. It was neither of our faults, but while you tried to fix it and reforge a connection, I simply didn't have the desire or the energy to make that kind of effort and I simply let us fall deeper into that rut.

A little over 2 years ago I was home alone on a Saturday. The girls were playing with friends and you were out somewhere. That was when Frank showed up. His car had broken down and he asked to use the phone.

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I let him in and while we waited for a tow truck we started talking. I felt an easy connection with him and before I realized what was happening we were kissing.

Things escalated from there and Frank started coming more often. Sexually I had awakened again and my need was back, but every time I tried to get intimate with you I felt so guilty that I shut down.

I didn't want Frank but I couldn't face you, so it continued until today. I am glad for what happened today because while I still feel guilty, I also feel free from the burden of the secret. I also feel good in the knowledge that it is very unlikely that Frank will ever approach that door again." At that last statement I had to chuckle.

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I also felt for her. I understood the feelings and needs that she described and while I had never cheated on her, the need for intimate emotional connection had been strong with me as well and had I found myself alone with someone who provided that connection I just might have.

I told her how I had been feeling and that there was a very good chance that I might have done the same in her place. I also told her to both of our surprise that I forgave her and hoped she could forgive me for my actions today. She said that not only would she forgive my actions but would embrace them. I was very confused by that statement and asked her to clarify. "Today you were angry," she said, "but when you were with me, your touch mia li anal riding black schlong reverse cowgirl interracial japanese not an angry touch, but rather one of love.

It was gentle and fun and made me realize how much more I can enjoy sex with you if I don't take it so seriously. What I have learned today is going to revolutionize our sex life." That was music to my ears. With that I drew her in and kissed her.

It wasn't a controlling kiss but a passionate kiss of 2 people deeply in love. Jodi pulled in close to me. I could feel her small breasts against my skin as she pulled me down onto the bed. She rolled on top of me and bent down to return to our kiss.

While we kissed I ran my hands down her back and caressed her butt. She reached her hand down and positioned my cock to enter her waiting pussy. She rode me slowly, sensually. It was the closest that I had ever felt to Jodi and I told her so as I ran my hands all over her body. She moaned as I pushed a finger into her puckered brown star and increased the pace of her motions. We were both close to the edge.

She came first in a small but powerful orgasm, then surprised me by quickly getting off of me, spinning around and taking me deep into her mouth. The feeling of her mouth combined with the fact that she was doing it voluntarily this time was more than I could bare. I didn't even have a chance warn her as I shot my 4th load of the day into her mouth. When we had finished I told Jodi that we should start cleaning up as Frank had surely alerted the Police by now and they would likely arrive soon.

We got dressed and began putting things away. I bleached bbw amateur fucked in gangbang with skinny girl finger as I said that I would and once everything was cleaned up I poured a drink for Jodi and we sat and talked while we waited.

The funny thing was that the police never came. It turned out that Frank was married with a family as well and telling what happened would have been admitting the affair to his wife who would not have rationalized things the way that Jodi and I did. He walked funny for several days and told people he had fallen in the shower and bruised his tail bone. I know most of this because I saw him with his family in the grocery store and overheard part of his conversation with someone else.

When he saw me he turned and left as fast as a man with a funny walk can. As for Jodi and I, well we really opened up the sexual playbook and had some fun. We both got to try out those hand cuffs and added many more restraints and other toys to our collection. It turned out that Jodi really got into anal sex and that was fine by me. We are now happier than we have ever been. I started my own software consulting firm which took off rapidly.

I work from home giving Jodi and I lots of alone time while the kids are at school and more money that we are using to take some very "interesting" vacations.