Honey cant stop enjoying wild fuck hardcore blowjob

Honey cant stop enjoying wild fuck hardcore blowjob
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Chapter 1 "COME DOWN FOR DINNER" Wade's mother yelled to her children from downstairs in the kitchen, Wade sighed and rolled his eyes as he got off the computer. Wade was 17, medium build 5'7, blue penis hungry milf fucked in the office and sandy hair, his sister Tegan was also 17, curvy, she was taller than him, 6'2, she had ginger hair and her eyes were brown, she also had a nice 30 C cup, which Wade couldn't help but stare at whenever she was wearing tight shirts.

Also Tegan was a vegan, 'Tegan the Vegan' was her nickname in school and she was trying to shove her way of life down the families throat. Their dad wasn't having any of it, but their mum was a sucker for her daughter and wanted to make her happy, despite her own health. "So what's for dinner my love?" Jordan, Wade's dad asked his wife, she was putting plates down of the table and Wade's stomach growled as he sat down and took a drink of his water.

"Well you boys are going to have beef potluck, while us girls are going to have this very delicious vegan log" she beamed, revealing the food, Wade could see she was trying to be supportive, but she really wanted to eat the beef.

"Thank you so much mother for this amazing food. Even if those two are eating murdered life" Tegan said in a smug tone, Wade rolled his eyes and kept his mouth shut. "Honey, I love you, but shut the fuck up.

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I know it's hard for you to keep quiet, being that you have given up protein, but keep your comments to yourself. Or you can eat outside. Oh Lori, don't give me that look" Jordan stated, Lori's mouth was open in awe at what her husband just blurted out and Wade had to bite his tongue from laughing.

Tegan's eyes were watering, she dropped her fork, making it clank on the plate and she ran off crying to her room. "Well someone had to say it, I have been very patient with her over the past 8 months, but she really needs to learn to keep her mouth shut.

Now everyone eat, if she isn't hungry then tough luck, I'm not waiting" Jordan grumbled, he put some of the beef potluck on his plates and then on Wades. Lori looked conflicted and she went off after her daughter, making Jordan roll his eyes.

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"Love what you said dad" Wade put his hand up and they high-fived. Wade went into his room after dinner and got back on the computer, his dad went into the lounge room and watched the game with a beer. Tegan slunk downstairs and re-heated her vegan log and ate by herself, after 10 minutes with her didn't work, Lori came back down and had a plate of beef potluck, she was moaning as she ate and Jordan shook his head and chuckled as she was starving and he knew she wanted meat.

Wade was feeling horny and he decided to go on some porn sites and jerk off, he had a thing for girls with red hair and that was his main search most of the time. Some pornstars looked like his sister and that turned him on even more. Wade scrolled down a little till he found a video that looked really hot and the title got him 'Sister sucker', he clicked on it and began to watch, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, it wasn't big right now, but he wouldn't have to wait long.

The video began with a girl, half naked from working out and she was walking down the hallway of her house and stopped as she came to her brother's room and he was reading a porn magazine and jerking off. Wade watched as they talked for a bit and then she put her mouth over his cock and began sucking, batting her eyes as she did. Wade's cock grew in his hand as he watched, he began thinking if he could fuck his sister, but being that he ate meat, it would be a deal breaker.

Wade looked down and his cock was fully erect, all 9 inches, he knew he was bigger than his dad, as he over heard his mother talk to her sister about how 6 inches just wasn't doing it for her and she had to fake it most nights. The video was getting hotter, with the sister now titty fucking her brother and doing it long and slow, licking the tip of the cock as it came to her chin.

Wade jerked his cock for a while, imagining Tegan begging for it, wanting to help and suck his cock, he began to feel pressure build up in his cock and the veins were feeling rough on his palm. "Hey brother can I talk with.oh shit sorry" Tegan opened his door and was shocked at what she was seeing, Wade jizzed as she stood there, his cock spurted 3 hot loads of cum onto the floor and his hips buckled with each shot.

Wade quickly tried to put his cock away, as Tegan looked at him, then his cock, then the load of jizz on the floor, before she closed the door and quickly went into her room. Ten minutes went by, Jordan and Lori went to mistress in fishnets anal fuck black sub, they left their kids to stay up as late as they wanted, Wade went to fervid chick is gaping spread pussy in close up and coming bathroom to wash his hands, he turned the tap on and didn't hear his sister come in behind him.

"Oh fuck, Tegan you scared me" Wade uttered, his heart was pounding and his wiped his hands clean on his jeans. "Didn't mean to. I have to say, seeing your cock and you jizz everywhere was very hot" Tegan told him, she began to blush and shifted from leg to leg as she was getting turned on thinking about it.

"Then why did you run away?" Wade asked, his cock was starting to get hard again, he noticed that she was in her pjs and her shirt was a little unbuttoned, she had massive cleavage and wasn't phazed by it. "I don't know.we're related, I thought that was wrong" Tegan shrugged, she played with her hair and put it in her mouth.

"It maybe wrong, but it would only be super wrong if we bred. I'm sure fucking would be fine" Wade explained, he could see Tegan was thinking it over. "Listen, when mum and dad go to work tomorrow, how about we play? What do you say? Want to play with these?" Tegan undid her top and flashed her brother. Wade's cock bounced in his pants, his sisters tits were amazing, she had cute stubby nipples, and she had a small mole (she had it checked out, it was just a mole) on the side of her right breast.

"I do" Wade said automatically, he just stared and Tegan giggled.

"Well I'm off to bed, you better wow me tomorrow." Tegan leaned in, kissed her brother and then walked back to her room, swaying her ass as she did. Wade went to his room, after masterbating furiously, visualising his sisters tits and what he wanted to do to her. Wade couldn't sleep, he was too excited to be able to play with his sister, to distract him, he decided to go and look up some more porn, vegan porn if there was any and there was.

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A video that got his attention was 'Vegan tied up and tortured with meat', Wade watched it and was getting ideas, the video only went for 26 minutes and after that he went straight to bed. Jordan and Lori were at the breakfast table, reading the paper and drinking coffee, when Wade got up and joined them, he ate his breakfast and nearly choked when Tegan joined them and she was wearing the shortest dress she had.

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Their parents weren't paying attention to them, Tegan winked at Wade and watched as he tried to keep his mouth shut. "Ok kids, we will be back after work, round 5 or 6. Have fun and don't make a mess" Lori told them, she kissed Wade on his cheek and the same with Tegan, before she and Jordan put their cups on the sink and walked out the front to their cars.

"Right they are gone, lets get." Tegan began, she stood up and was about to pull the straps of her dress from her shoulders, when Wade raised a finger and stopped her from talking. "Quiet, and follow me" Wade told her, he made his way to the basement, where last night he set up a few things before going to sleep.

"You were busy last night, naughty boy" Tegan giggled, as she saw the set up. Wade had put a matress on the floor, next to a pole at the head of the bed and the foot of the bed, with rope at both ends and a pillow. "I do what I do. Now you can strip off" Wade told her, he put his hands on her ass, and felt her tense up a little, she also wasn't wearing any panties and her skin was smooth and felt nice on his fingers.

"Yes sir" Tegan replied and stripped off, her dress fell and she only had on a bra, which gave her maximum cleavage, Wade looked up and down her body and he licked his lips as he could see her shaven pussy, it was already wet and glistening.

Tegan sat on the bed and teased her brother by opening and closing her legs, her pussy leaking on the matress, making a stain. "Ok, lie down and I'll tie you up and put the blindfold on." Wade informed her, Tegan did as she was told, her tits jiggled and her nipples were perky. Wade tied her hands together, teasing them with the outline of his cock in his pants, then tied her legs up, spreading them enough for her pussy to pucker a little.

"I'm dripping wet right now" Tegan shivered as Wade put on the blindfold and ran his hands down the front of her body, squeezing her tits, then teasing her pussy, by rubbing it a little then moving his hand. "I'll be right back. Don't move" Wade chuckled, as he made his way upstairs. "Tease" Tegan shouted back with a giggle.

Wade came back downstairs with a tray of meat, Lori had bought sausages and chicken loaf and Wade was going to tease his sisters body with it, without her knowing. "Are petite asian chick takes soapy shower and grinds on big hard dick ready?" Wade asked, he pulled all of his clothes off and stood naked at Tegan's feet.

"Fuck yes" Tegan begged, her fingers were waggling in excitment.

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Wade leaned down and put his face close to his sisters pussy, her scent was overpowering and his mouth watered as rubbed his nose on her wet lips. "Oh sweet jesus of fuck" Tegan cried out as Wade slid his tongue over her lips and then penetrated her wet cunt and began tongue fucking her, causing her hips to buckle. Wade put his hands on her crotch and leaned further into her pussy, her juices tasted amazing on his tongue, she was very sweet and he couldn't get enough.

"Oh.yes.brother.fuck." Tegan moaned, her hands pinched a little with the ropes, but she ignored it and kept buckling her hips into his face. "Your pussy is amazing. You're so wet and taste delicious" Wade told her, pulling up and teasing her wet cunt with a cooked sausage, running it up and down her slit, wacking it on her clit. "That's because everything I eat makes my cum better.

The vegan way is the best way for sex" Tegan began to boast, her pussy was quivering and making the sausage shine from her juices, Wade rolled his eyes and tried not to laugh as the meat was inside her. "Sure sure" Wade stopped her before she started talking his ear off with her vegan bullshit, Wade put his fingers in her mouth and she sucked them.

"Your fingers taste weird" Tegan spoke up, as Wade removed them, he didn't answer as he was busy rolling up a couple of pieces of chicken loaf and leaned in and slide in into her pussy, teasing her throbbing clit with his thumb in the process.

"Fuck.oh.right there!!" Tegan cried out, Wade's thumb rubbed quickly, causing Tegan's cunt to squirt a little on the chicken loaf. "You like that you dirty whore?" Wade barked, he reached up and pinched her nipple, feeling her heart beat race.

"Yes. I'm your dirty whore.Can I have your cock soon.I want to get fucked by you" Tegan pleaded, she tried to wrap her legs around Wade, but she couldn't move her legs and pouted. "Open wide" Wade informed her, he wrapped some of the chicken loaf, that was covered in her juices and wrapped it around his cock.

"Mmmm" Tegan moaned as she began to suck Wades cock, she didn't really pay attention to the chicken loaf that was around it, but she was too horny to notice. "Yes.Suck it" Wade uttered, he watched as she raised her head off the pillow and her tongue went over and around his chicken loafed cock, Tegan closed her mouth over it and sucked, his cock pulsated in her mouth.

Wade twisted around and leaned down to play with her pussy again, there was a huge puddle on the matress and Wade felt happy that he could do that to her. Tegan sucked his cock and moaned in pleasure as her pussy was getting another dose of his tongue, she felt his cock become harder, and waited for him to tell her that he was about to blow. "Shit.I'm about to cum.

Keep sucking" Wade told her, he placed his hands on her thighs and came heavily in her mouth, two hot loads of jizz spurted and she happily swallowed it all, even little bits of chicken loaf. "Do you have something wrapped around natasha nice and mia malkova cock?" Tegan asked, she knew something was weird and decided to speak up. "I do. I have been fucking you with meat" Wade moved his cock out of her mouth as he told her, just in case she was going to bite it.

"Are you serious? What the fuck.ohhh" Tegan ranted but was interuppted as Wade inserted his cock into her pussy and thrusted as hard as he could, his cock came, but he was too horny for it to go down. Wade placed his hands on his sisters hips and thrusted his cock into her pussy, causing her to squeal and buckle under him.

Wade grabbed the sausage that was next to him and rubbed it on her lips, which she opened her mouth and began sucking, causing Wade to chuckle.

"Mmmm uhhh.guurrrr" Tegan moaned, with a mouthful of meat, her tits were bouncing and his balls slapped her ass. "God, I love your pussy" Wade groaned, he lifted up and did long and hard strokes into her wet cunt, his cock was wet and shiny from her juices and he couldn't help but smile as she sucked the sausage. "I love.you fucking me.and sucking.your fingers" Tegan beamed, raising her hips up to greet the full length of his cock and squealing in the process.

"That's a sausage" Wade told her, she cried out in pleasure and just sucked it, he didn't know if she heard him or just didn't care, but he held her hips tight and thrusted harder and harder. Tegan's arms were being stretched beyond their limits and her hands were turning blue, she felt a huge orgasm brewing in her cunt and her breathing was getting faster as her brother was taking control and fucking her like a pro.

"I'm.about to cum" Tegan squealed, feeling Wade pick up the pace again and his cock pulsate even more. "Me too" Wade replied. Wade put his hands on her hips and felt he was ready to explode, his arms were aching, but he didn't care, this was better than he ever imagined.

"Almost." "YEAH" "YES!!!" "OH FUCK" "I'M CUMMING BROTHER" "ME TOO" Wade held onto Tegans hips as they both came, Wades hips spazzed as he shot a huge load inside his sister and Tegan raised off the bed, the ropes were just holding onto her as she came heavily. Wade fell on his sister and nestled in her tits and felt her heart beat go crazy.

"You seriously didn't put meat in me did you?" Tegan asked, after they had calmed down for 5 minutes and her body had relaxed so her limbs weren't turning purple. Wade got up and pulled her blindfold off and showed her what he was fucking her with, her eyes widen and she couldn't believe what had happened. "I'm going to kill you, untie me now. You fucking prick" Tegan raved, her face was red and she was thrashing about. "You know what, I'm going to leave you here till you calm down, with some of this meat next to you.

I'll check on you in 20 minutes or so" Wade said, he got up and went upstairs, letting Tegan rant at him. TO BE CONTINUED!!