Teen mindy likes to make porn with boyfriend

Teen mindy likes to make porn with boyfriend
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Resume: Mom and Dad is trying to free the Girl, held captive by her father, the Doctor. The Girl is hanging unconscious from the ceiling. As a distraction Mom in her wedding dress is offering her body to the Doctor.

His computer is searching a USB Dongle for the missing formula. The Doctors face was showing growing anger as he looked at the computer screen. He saw Dad sitting on the Dame's torso, jerking his cock between her gigantic tits. If the surveillance footage from her office horny brunette got to pleasure her man on the dongle then the formula wasn't.

He shouted and swore in his native language and once again hit the buzzer button. A guard showed up. The Doctor shouted at him "I want five of you. Now!" The guard hasted back to get assistance. Seconds later five soldiers formed a line I front of the Doctor. "Somebody is taking me for a fool" the Doctor shouted. "That will not stand.

I want two of you to fuck her and two to fuck her" He pointed, first to the Girl, then to Mom. "And the last one will hold a gun to the head of that idiot." Then he pointed to Dad. "Feel free to take turns, only do it NOW!" Seconds later, Dad was tied to a chair, arms wrapped behind his back and a gun to his head.

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The Girl was hanging vertical getting penetrated from both sides by two guards. Mom was wearing her wedding dress riding yet another guard and being facefucked by the last one. The Doctor was watching it all, clearly enjoying the show. The guard, that Mom was riding, came and squirted deep inside her. He swapped places with the one holding a gun to Dad's head.

All the guards made a kind of rotation so they geek cutie gets a big black cock black market could violate something new. The Girl did not seem to wake up and Dad didn't have high hopes for his plan. He looked at the two guards sharing galavanting around naked in public unreal home video ex girlfriend and high school Girl.

They looked genuinely happy. They looked at each other. They kept eye contact. Then they both leant forward and kissed each other over the Girls left shoulder. Dad was puzzled. The soldier's hands left the Girl's body and found each other. Gradually they lost interest in the Girl and gained another lust amongst them selves. The pulled out of her and started making out on their own.

The Girl was left hanging there, dangling from the recent motions. But then Dad noticed her eyes were still closed but her head was not heavy leaning down her back anymore. She was awake, more or less. When the same thing happened with the two guards fucking Mom, the penny dropped on Dad. The Girl had the power to control everybody's sexual desires. She made the guards gay and horny and wanting each other. The guard watching over Dad observed his comrades going further back in the lab, kissing and touching each other.

As one of them bent over to offer himself to his friends, the guard lowered his weapon and left to join them. The Doctor was furious. "Give me that!" he shouted and picked up the gun. At that very moment, the Dame entered. She walked a confident straight line, making her steps a little too long and placing one foot right in front of the other - she looked just like the model she used to be doing a catwalk. She kept eye contact with the Doctor as she went straight for him. As she approached the Doctors eyes flickered from the Dame to his computer monitor and back.

He recognized her from the footage. She didn't stop or slow down until she was right in front of him. "You know, there is this thing", she started - using words like a school girl but sounding confident like an empress.

She was wearing the same short dress she had been wearing since Dad ordered her to refrain from satisfying herself as a punishment quite some time ago. She wore heels too but nothing more. She bent her knees pushing her hips forward and lifting up her dress, showing the Doctor the device working heavily in both her holes. "I have to use this at all times to remain sane. I am THAT horny. I really need a man that can satisfy me.

It's only fair it is you" her eyes dropped to the impressive member between them. "You have the biggest cock in town, you never go limp - and besides it is all your fault. I recently widowed and I am profoundly wealthy so I think we will be okay." As she stated the last punchline, she slowly began stroking the rock hard dick with both her hands but keeping full eye contact. "You are the Villain's wife" the Doctor half asked, half concluded.

"I am his widow" the Dame corrected him, grapping his prick harder and starting a regular jackoff. "Now would you be so kind as to show me if this beast can actually do me any good?" Mom and Dad could not have wished for a better distraction.

The Doctor gave the Xxx com pure punjabi kand sex his complete attention. He dropped the gun by his computer and somewhat gently bent her over the table. He lifted her dress from behind and took his time admiring the device working in both holes. He saw the fluids running. His fingers took a samle from it and led it to his mouth.

The taste of fresh pussy juice lifted him from his trance and he returned a brutal dominator. He growled and yanked the device suddenly out of her. Then he went behind her and forced himself into her dripping wet cunt. Being so well equipped and being a rapist, the Doctor was used to a lot of reactions when entering a woman like this. But the Dame surprised him. Her pussy was very well prepared after being filled with a moving dildo for days on end.

Her body was as prepared as it could be for him. And being the most horny woman on the planet made her mind more than ready too. She moaned in pure lust and pressed her ass against him to get more of him inside. No fear, no pain, no struggling or even hesitation. That was a new experience to the Doctor and it made him hesitate.

"Come on, you lazy bastard" the Dame hissed at him. "Don't just stand there with it - take me and use me.

I know you want to". He looked at her ass hesitant. "Or are you just a pussy?" she mocked him. Then he made up his mind. He decided to fuck her brains out. He grope her hips hard and thrusted his gigantic cock all the way to the bottom. He had never before been seated fully within a woman's pussy without injuring her - but the Dame definately didn't sound like she was hurt.

He pulled all the way out so part of his glistening head was visible and then sunk all the way to the bottom again. And again she moaned in pure pleasure.

The Doctor fucked her as hard as he could. The Dame truly enjoyed it. And so did he. After a while his sounds mixed with hers. They shared a huge climax that would seem rather beautiful if it wasn't for the scenery itself. The Doctor pulled his huge organ from her cunny and Mom and Dad watched in awe as plenty of semen dripped from her crotch. After a few seconds and with no warning, the Doctor re-entered, only this time in her rectum. The Dame cried out - not so much out of pain but in surprise, and the scream brought Mom and Dad back to the mission at hand.

For a minute they all had forgotten the Doctors ability to continue fucking immediately after orgasm. As he went back to thusting to the limit, only this time in the ass, Mom discretely went to Dad to free him and they continued the mission; to free the Girl.

Mom went to her and caressed her face. The Girl seemed somewhat awake and the sedation was indeed wearing off. Dad went to lower the chains. He didn't find a suitable way to move a table into position so her slender frame was slowly lowered to lay flat on the floor facing up.

Dad hurried to join Mom as he heard the Dame cry in joy of a huge anal orgasm. The Girl opened her eyes slightly and she smiled a bit as she recognized both Mom and Dad. She whispered only two words: "More guards!" Mom was the first to react.

She lifted up her white dress, already soaked in cum, and sat down on the Girls face. The Girl were still tied to the steel bar so it would seem like an act of force sitting on her defenceless face. Dad understood. It would have to look like another abuse of the Girl more than her rescue. He knelt down by her but didn't have the time to unzip his pants and release his cock before he heard three more guards entering. He battled his zipper with his one hand as he with the other yanked as many fingers as he could into the Girl's exposed cunt.

It was soaking from countless sessions and cumshots from appearantly eight guards, her father and maybe a German Shepherd. Dad easily slipped four fingers in.

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The Guards seemed alert and Dad tried to send them a relaxed grin. "Hi guys", Dad smiled. "As plenty of dicks doesn't seem to do the job we are testing if some female company will make this young piece of pussy more cooperative." Mom lifted her dress to show she was smearing her pussy juice all over the Girl's face. Meanwhile Dad succeeded in getting his thumb inside as well so he was fisting the Girl with his entire hand.

The three guards probably all had their way with the Girl on previous occations but too their time admiring the sight anyway. "Your halida sert sikis tazestorylar c om has got his hands full", Mom stated, nodding towards the Doctor. She actually sounded as she was turned on. She was. The Girl did wonders even when not being fully awake. The guards turned to look just as the Doctor had his third orgasm in the Dames open mouth and all over her face.

He had now ejaculated in all three of her fuckable holes but she seemed just as eager to continue as she had started. "He just might need a hand", Mom added. One of the guards went to ask the Doctor about just that.

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It turned out the Doctor had come to the same conclusion. "This slut is truly magnificent", the Doctor stated. "She can take more than I have ever experienced before. She just might be the perfect woman.

But I need to know that I can satisfy her. I need her to cry in pain and beg me to stop. Make her do that!" The guards stripped and started to arrange a molesting session. The Dame was their victim - or was it the other way around. At that point Mom had an orgasm. Not a screaming one, it was a quiet one of pleasure and love. The Girl had come somewhat awake and her tongue had started caressing Moms folds as she grinded her crotch against the young face.

The orgasm made Mom squirt a little bit - witch she normally didn't do. The nectar found its way to the Girl's mouth. As it did, the Girls body shivered.

Dad thought she was cramping and maybe going into a shock from the drugs. Then he realized he was still fisting her and realized she was just coming too. Mom and Dad let the Girl come down from her unexpected climax and they took a look at british michelle thorne gets fucked in kinky gear scenery besides them. The Dame was only touching the floor with her neck as two guards were standing over her, holding her legs and from a standing position fucking her pussy and ass.

Her hed was going red but she was mocking them to take her harder. The mocking stopped as the third guard shoved his dick in her mouth. It was impossible for her to take it into her throat in that position but he didn't seem to care too much about that. The Doctor watched the scenery and decided, he would try to fit in between the guards to place his gigantic member between the equally gigantic tits that kept their shape no matter how the Dame was angled.

At that point everybody seemed distracted. Dad had for a while wondered how to get the cuffs on the steel bar opened. They seemed very strong. He decided he couldn't. In stead Mom and Dad tried to lift the bar itself. They managed to get it between them, but it was to short to rest on their shoulders. They had to carry it by hand, making the Girl dangling defenceless her sore ass just above the ground.

As discrete as possibly they moved for the exit. As they went behind a shelf and out of sight for the time being they heard the Dame having a screaming orgasm. Dad thought it would be safe to rearrange. Mom helped him to lift the Girl to his back, Dad holding both ends of the steel bar by his shoulders and placing him back-to-back with the Girl.

Dad felt it safe to climb down the stairs and exiting the building like that. Mom went ahead to make sure it was all clear.

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As Dad turned the next corner he heard behind him the Dame trying to fit two dicks in her ass simultaneously while being plunged by the Doctor's huge cock in her pussy at the same time.

It was obvious she was not a victim she had taken complete control of the situation. The males were losing the battle of lust. Dad almost bumped into Mom who stood frozen in front of him.

Her eyes were fixed on the huge German Shepherd blocking her way. It was chained so it could not attack them but it blocked the only exit. The male dog was huge, it's growling sounded like a distant thunder.

The biggest teeth, the canines were showing, hackles on the back were raised. The Girl suddenly felt heavy on Dad's back.

"Ah, fuck it" Mom cried out. "We know what this monster likes". She lifted her skirts which made her naked from the bellybutton and down. She took a step forward. The dog immediately jumped forward too, tightening the chain completely. More teeth were showing and the thunder seemed to drift closer. Mom gently slid herself closer and stopped with her exposed crotch right in front of the snout.

Mom's tiny tits kira strips naked of pantyhose smalltits pornstars were swollen and her pussy was dripping wet with fluids from many people, most recently her own love juice and the Girl's saliva.

The snout started to vibrate naturally the dog could not miss the scent of copulation. The Dog stretched trying to close the gap. It came very very close but Mom stood her ground. The teeth went back behind the lips and the thunder seemed to pass.

Mom sidestepped to the right. Shebang tv candy sexton amanda rendall tube porn dog followed. It tried with its tongue to reach out. The tip barely touched, but the taste and scent was enough for the animal to replace aggression with another emotion.

The hackles disappeared. Mom took another step to the right and let the dog have a fair chance of reaching her with the tongue only. "Go on", Mom told Dad with the calmest possible voice. With her sidestepping she had made a corridor to the left for Dad to pass.

Trying to act as casual as possible Dad sneaked to safety. When he was sure he was past the range of the chain he paused to avoid any further movement or sound. Then Mom slowly began sidestepping to the left. The dog was focused like in a trance and eagerly followed in a circle as Mom moved where Dad had walked seconds before. When she had in fact passed the Dog, when she by moving away from it could move to safety, she halted, just out of reach. Again the dog stretched both chain and neck, but to no avail.

Mom then emptied her blatter and pissed all over the creepy dog's head. The dog was confused but eventually stepped back.

"I hope your master notices" Mom hissed at the animal as she turned her heel and joined Dad, who was laughing as he continued on the path to safety. The last thing they all heard before exiting the complex was the screaming of the Dame reaching what was probably her biggest climax ever. They didn't feel safe yet and wanted to get in the car and drive away as soon as possible. They decided the Girl could not fit in a seat.

She was naked, bent over and locked to the steel bar. In downtown traffic that would cause quite a bit of attention.

Dad put her in the trunk where they had put the Dame a few hours earlier. Mom and Dad didn't like the idea of not being able to see or hear the Girl during the drive, but found this solution the only one. During driving they felt relieved however and quickly began exchanging fantasies of how the Dame had reached that last huge orgasm.

Dad had to comment, that he in his entire life never had experienced so much sex without gettin' any himself. Mom laughed and promised to make it up to him. When they got home and opened the trunk, the Girl was fully awake.

She was exhausted, sore and tired, but claimed to be okay. They lifted her obsession chocolate cream pie (creampiler tube porn the house and placed her on a soft carpet. She really needed to be freed from the steel bar and the uncomfortable position she was locked in.

Dad went to get his power tools to cut the cuffs with his grinder. Mom stopped him. "Do you think," she asked quietly "we could perhaps pick the locks or something and not ruin the bar?" "Is it about the grinding sparks?" Dad replied. "Don't worry about those; I'll put up a screen" "No, it's not that" "The noise? She can have ear protection" "It's just…" Mom hesitated. "Is it really necessary to destroy it? Perhaps we could, you know, play with it?" The Girl interfered.

"Dad, would you please think with your dick for a minute? Look at me and consider the options. I can wait for another five minutes extra and I really think Mom should have a try at it." Dad finally took the hint. After all it was quite a tool for pleasure when not used for incestual drug-gang-raping. Dad wasn't much of a lock picker, but a screwdriver and a hammer easily busted the lock and nothing else. Finally the Girl was free. Every joint in her body was hurt. Knees that sweetheart bounds on it faster girlfriend homemade bending, hips needed stretching.

Her crotch was very sore and the delicate soft skin was blushing red and looked like it was close to bleeding. Mom gave her a gentle bath and then put her to sleep, lying naked in Mom and Dad's own bed. As Mom returned to the living room, Dad was laughing. "I just had a call from the Dame", he grinned. "She is in heaven. The Doctor is thrilled he has finally met a woman worthy of his manhood and stamina. She claims to have complete control of him. He has given up all of his wicked plans and has a new purpose with his life to satisfy his new wife sexually.

Yes, they are getting married. They have fired all of the gay guards. They are of no use to her, but she is keeping one or two of the best performing straight ones." "Well, that's just great", Mom replied. "Weird but great" "You know, " Dad was laughing hard now. "The Doctor shot the dog. He said it smelled of piss!" Mom had to laugh too. "They are flying to Vegas to get married. The Dame thinks they might stay over there.

Her first husband left her a suite in one of the fancy hotels and they both think Vegas is the right place for them to spend their new life together". Mom had to discard her wedding dress. It was torn and dirty and covered in cum and similar fluids.

She wasn't planning on getting married again anyway. She had a long shower and didn't feel as sore as she would have expected. Mom and Dad went to bed naked. They let the Girl sleep between them, cuddling her from both sides giving her the affection and tenderness, she deserved. Dad woke up the next morning realizing his dirty dream was not a dream. He was getting blown. He flipped the duvet aside and saw the Round butt teen using stepdads boner to reach orgasm gorgeous face under it.

Her eyes sent him a truly passionate glance and she gave him a big smile, for a second letting his fully erect dick escape from her mouth.

"Good morning", Dad smiled at her. "How are you today?" The Girl grabbed his dick to yank it, so she could continue stimulating him while talking. "That depends on you", she answered. "Physically I am fine. As you know now, I have a special ability, and that includes recovering from sexual activity quite easy. However, I think my pussy is off limits for a day or two". Dad laughed at the last part. "I have talked to Mom", the Girl continued after giving Dad's bulbous dickhead a sloppy kiss.

"The Doctor is my only family. I can't really see us bonding in the future so that leaves me a bit lonely. But you guys love me. And I love you. So I was thinking if I could live with you? You know like an extra daughter, a big sister for your children." She realized she was jacking Dad off while referring to herself as his daughter.

"That didn't sound right", she corrected herself. "Maybe more like your second wife" Dad smiled, but she corrected herself once again.

"No, that's not it either. I would be the younger lover of both of you. That's it". Dad kept smiling. The Girl went back to blowing him while keeping eye contact and awaiting his answer. "That will be just fine", Dad said. "And you don't have to pay with sex. Fucking or no fucking we will always love you, and you will be welcome in hour home for ever" The Girls eyes sparkled and shone.

She was really happy. "Mom said the same thing", she confessed. "But there is one more thing. What I love the most with you is how you put my needs before your own. Mom too, but you the most.

I made a pact with Mom about that." "A pact?" Dad was puzzled. "Mom and I have together decided that you must get off twice a day for the rest of your life. At least. By fucking her, by fucking me, by fucking both of us or by getting blown.

But never on your own. And we will never ever say no, should you require more. And it starts right now." She sat up and gave Dad a minute to admire her perfect frame, those young and firm tits above the slim waistline. For a second she appeared to be about to mount him. But she didn't. She yanked the other duvet aside revealing Mom. She was naked as they all were. She was wet in her crotch from the Girl's recent licking, all ready and waiting for her husband to fuck her. And she was locked in the steelbar cuffs, wrists and legs locked together above her head.

"We will mount some hooks and put chains on it later", the Girl said. "But right now your wife is defenceless and eagerly awaiting you to fill her up. After breakfast we would like to hear your fantasies about what to do later" Dad gave the Girl a passionate kiss and caressed her bosom, before he climbed Mom and entered her with the intention of fucking her brains out. Note from author: This filling babes mouth with one eyed monster gloryhole hardcore the last episode.

I find the story enjoyable myself, but it is not amongst the most popular ones on the site. Why is that? I wrote it a bit quickly and maybe the storyline is a bit rushed. Would the story be better if it was rewritten in a slower pace with more explicit details in the sex parts?

When I started I had an idea with not giving the characters names. I don't think it worked out all too well. Would it be better with names? Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading.