Bewitching one eyed monster riding smalltits and hardcore

Bewitching one eyed monster riding smalltits and hardcore
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Alot of this story we have as a couple enjoyed doing however some elements are purely fictional fantasy. We are Darren 32 male, a little out of shape, still attractive with an 8" cock and Lucy 31 size 12 34C chest and a real dirty slut when she wants to be.

Lucy has several culo colombiano siente la furia del camotil mexicano buddies who she often meets with or without me present and loves the feeling of a fresh strange cock and loves making men cum. Lucy takes pleasure in making me see her have fun with males, particulalry if they are able to stretch her tight little pussy even more than I do, moaning at me on how good they feel!

When she has milked their cocks of all of their cum either in her pussy or on her tits she loves to make me lick her clean. John arranged to take Lucy to our local swingers club with me in tow. I was told I would not be fucking anyone but would be being humiliated. Lucy has me take her out to buy a new sexy outfit which takes allday and costs me a fortune but at the end of it she has a gorgeous short black dress, some fuck me heels stockings and bra, when we get home she takes several hours getting her self ready for the evenings entertainment.

Every time I ask what the plans are I am simply told 'You will see'. At 8pm there is a knock at the door and Lucy shouts down and tells me to answer it. John walks in quite cockily but still friendly and tells me to get him a drink, didnt realise at the time but as the night wears on he 'tells' me quite a few times. Smirking he sits down with his beer. Lucy pops her head round to say she will be down soon and asks John to come upstairs. As we both head up he turns to me and asks where im going, 'upstairs I say', 'she asked me not you he replies sharply' and so I sit down.

As he gets upstairs I hear him say 'Fuck your gorgeous' and then the door closes. I can hear them fucking and start getting very hard but it doesnt seem to last long as 15 mins later they walk downstairs, Lucy pulling the short dress back into place. She approaches me with a slight grin on her face and comes to kiss me.

I love kissing her after shes just been fucked but on this occasion she spits a huge load of cum in my mouth and tells me to swallow it.

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I have tasted cum from her pussy many times but this is a first for her to do but I obey. She then tells to get the car keys as im driving them there. As they leave the house arm in arm like a couple I worry about the neighbours seeing anything but clearly Lucy doesnt care.

The drive is swift and reletaviley un eventful with Lucy and John doing a bit heavy petting in the back seat. At The club it is greedy girls night, we stand as a trio at the bar area taking in the scene. Generally it feels like being in any other bar but the women are wearing alot less. Lucy and John are chatting mainly ignoring me and having the occasional snog and Lucy groping his huge cock. At about 10pm things start to heat up as one or 2 couples are entertaining a few single males in the corners.

Feeling the sexual tension rising Lucy drops to her knees and brings out Johns cock and starts sucking, this brings the attention of a cute japanese teen fucks with two horny blokes singles and couples. The first couple that comes over are Laura and Steve. Laura is a slim size 10 with what looks like a nice pert ass and chest, Steve blonde haired and in good shape.

Laura asks Lucy if she can have a suck of Johns cock to which she bekons her in and Lucy starts chatting with Steve. Steve asks her what her partners name is, indicating John she laughs and points me out saying that im her cuckoldvHusband but im here just to service her whilst John is going to be inviting several men to fuck her.

Curvy awesome chick enjoys riding a dick look down meekly as I hear Laura laugh, 'so whats in it for him' she asks. Lucy looks at me and tells me to answer her. I explain that Lucy wants me to lick her pussy whilst she is being fucked on my face and that I have to eat all the cum that she milks from the numerous cocks she will be taking.

WOW exclaims Laura that sounds horny, I've never been fucked whilst having my pussy licked! Steve asks if I enjoy eating the cum and I have to admit I do. John pipes up saying that we have a crowd now and tells Lucy to pick 5 lads so they can all go and use her in a side room. Laura asks if she can use me as Lucy clearly has lots of entertainment, at first she says no but then John says why not, you will be being fucked for a long time and we can easily use him later.

lucy agrees but tells Laura that im not allowed to be pleasured just used. So off Lucy goes leaving me with Steve and Laura, Laura pulls the 2 of us to a side room and tells me to lie on the bed.

As i lie down they start making out and Steve peels of her clothes, leaving just her heels and stockings on revealing a fantastc body completely smooth horny snatch of a legal age teenager needs fuck over. She sits on my face and tells me to lick her pussy whilst she warms up her hubby, as im licking her pussy I can see up her body as Steve removes his top and Laura un buttons his jeans to pull out a cock only about 7" but rediculously thick, as she starts sucking it Steve starts ramming it into her mouth and my cock starts straining at my trousers at this horny sight.

After a while she turns sticking her ass in the air, her now soaking wet pussy gaping ready for his thick cock, I stop licking waiting for him to push in but get asked why i've stopped as she pushes back into my face at the same time Steve starts to work his cock into her.

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This is uncomfortably close for me as I love cleaning but not into any male male contact however everything is so congested I dont get to object as I feel his THICK shaft slide along my face and enter his wife. They both grind in my face for about 5 minutes, the juices and smell of sex being well spread over my face. Laura eventually props herself up giving Steve free reign to pummell her pussy, how she can take this I do not know. As she cums i am still licking her clit and I hear Steve let our a growl and see his cock twitching infront of my face, he is still sliding in and out of her and seems to be cumming for ages as cum starts spilling down the side of his cock whilst still buried I realise there is going to be alot to clean up!

When he slides out I am not wrong and spend the next five minutes drinking a huge amount of cum from her pussy . To be continued