Fingers and fucks taut asian japanese and hardcore

Fingers and fucks taut asian japanese and hardcore
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Joe Jones laid back, happy. The past few weeks had been the happiest of his entire life. His little brother had told him he was God, and he'd used his powers to turn his wife Mom and daughter and dad sex into an 18-year-old sexpot, who could barely keep herself away from his cock. Fucking his 18-year-old, 37-weeks-pregnant wife was one of the hottest, most pleasurable things he'd ever done in his entire life.

Both of them had been enchanted to where they could go for as long as they required, so now, even after half a dozen orgasms, his cock was still as firm as could be. Jenny got out of the shower, and walked into the bedroom completely naked and dripping wet. "Dry me off," Jenny ordered him, and Joe happily obeyed. He grabbed hold of the towel, and wasted no time in rubbing it all over his naked wife's body. He bent her over, and slid back into her pussy, their genitals re-uniting after barely 10 minutes apart.

He continued running the towel over her body, before eventually discarding it in favour of caressing her with his bare hands. He reached for her boobs, and squeezed them enthusiastically.

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They'd been healthy D-cups before, but since David commanded them to double in size, they'd become absolutely enormous; the biggest and most wonderful boobs he'd ever had the pleasure of getting his hands on. Joe and Jenny both let out a great cry of pleasure, as Joe pumped yet another large load into his unbelievably sexy xxx len lut tren may bay. He pulled out of her, and turned her around.

They made out passionately, Joe's still-erect cock rubbing against Jenny's baby-filled belly, while the last remnants of his ejaculation dribbled out of him. "Stay home today honey," Joe said as they made out. "I wanna make love to you all day long." "I can't, I need to go to work," Jenny said, breaking the kiss. "And you have work to do to." Jenny got dressed and headed to work, while Joe laid back on their bed, his penis still sticking up high.

He worked from home, but, God, right now he didn't want to do any work, just relax and fuck. Relax and fuck for all eternity. "Having fun?" Joe turned and saw his little brother laid next to him, completely naked, with his own cock fully hard. "Oh, hey David, you startled me," Joe said. "What are you doing here?" "Just checking up on my big brother, to make sure he's enjoying the presents I gave him." "Oh I definitely am.

I've had more sex these past few weeks than the entire rest of my life!" "I know how you feel. These powers are incredible. I love being God." "The last God picked well." "Are you just saying that because of all the sex I've gotten you." "Mostly." David just laughed, and snapped his fingers, triggering 10-minute orgasms in the two of them.

"Oh God, I never get tired of that," Joe panted when it was over. "Me neither," David said. "Nothing like a good orgasm to start the day. And continue it. And end it." "You got that right…" "So then, how about I answer that prayer of yours?" "What prayer?" "God, I don't wanna do any work today, just relax and fuck," David said, quoting him. "Relax and fuck for all eternity." "That wasn't a prayer!" Joe said. "I didn't even say it, just think it!" "I'm God. Your thoughts are mine to read as I so please.

And you addressed that thought to God, so here's God to answer your prayer." "Well if you're gonna get me laid again, then by all means, answer away." "Well I'm not going to give you the "eternity" bit just yet, but you can certainly having some relaxation and fucking. How about I give you a sample of what awaits you after death?" "You mean…" David snapped his fingers, and a set of pearly gates appeared, opening up.

"For the next six hours, enjoy Heaven," David said. Joe didn't have to think twice. He ran through the gates, which closed behind him. David just smiled. ------------------------------- "Your drinks, my Lords and Ladies," said an angel servant boy. "Thank you Charlton," Amia said as they boy handed the glasses around. The 6 archangels were sat naked in a large hot tub at Achré and Amia's mansion, socialising.

"That servant boy is so slow," Dorothea said. "Where did you get him from?" "His mother works down in the ironic punishments department," Achré replied. "We took him on as mom and sun sexy vido favour to her." "And he's not that slow," Amia said. "You just have very high standards." "If one of my servants was that slow, I'd be sending him down to you, Achré," Dorothea told them. "And I'd be sending him back, Dorothea," Achré said.

"Honestly Dorothea, loosen up," Michael said. "I awesome lesbian action with beautiful black babes, that's why I'm here," She said. "So I can spend time with my equals, instead of those lesser beings." "Well I like mortals," Raphael said. "Of course you do, it's your job to like them," Dorothea said. "Hey, how about we stop arguing?" Gabriel suggested. "Amia, tell us about the new God. You think he's any good?" "Oh definitely," she replied.

"He had a few rough patches at first, but he's definitely improved." "That's good, I'd hate him to be like Erathur was," Michael said. "I thought we'd decided we wouldn't talk about Erathur?" Raphael said.

"Well I'd say it's pretty relevant," Michael said. "Talking about how the current God isn't as bad as the guy who sent everyone in the whole universe to Hell." "Which was fine because Amikins got him to retire pretty quickly," Achré said, before he got a playful slap for using the nickname she'd forbidden him from using in front of people.

"Yes, and fortunately the new God was pretty keen on reversing what he'd done," Amia said. "Yes, it's very difficult to torture people when the number of damned souls outnumbers the number of torturers by 100 trillion to 1," Achré said. "Well I'd very much like to get acquainted with the new God," Dorothea said.

"It's been so long since I've fucked one of them." "Well feel free to try, he's open for sex with pretty much anyone," Amia said. "Oh I will. You can trust me." In the Jones household, everyone was happy. Luke and Isaac were sat on the sofa making out and stroking each-other's cocks.

Jack, Molly and Megan were doing a 3-player game on Mario Party 10. David and Samantha were cuddled up on an armchair watching the kids, stroking each-other's skin lovingly.

"Our lives are perfect, baby," Samantha said, kissing her husband. "And that's how they'll stay, forever," David said. He looked around at the kids. Luke and Isaac reached orgasm, spurting their cum all over each-other, while Jack and the girls finished gaming, and went to start a 5-way make-out session with the two brothers.

big ass bella danger is fucking sexy David, I've been thinking…you're like the king of this house, right?" Samantha said.

"Right…?" "Well don't you think you should be the king of more than that?" "What do you mean?" "I mean you're God. Shouldn't you be king of the world?" "What? Why would I want that? I've got a good job, a great wife, wonderful kids, and sex with whoever I want whenever I want." "But don't you want more? Don't tell me you've never dreamed of ruling the world." "Of course I have.

But I never thought I'd actually do it." "And 3 weeks ago you were an atheist. Things change." "Alright, I'll think about it." "That means no." "No, it means I'll think about it. "Well I think it'd be cool dad!" Molly said. "I could be a Princess!" "And Jacky could be my Prince Charming," Megan said, kissing her boyfriend.

"I'm gonna go for a walk to think about it," David said, getting up. David left the house, making clothes appear on his body as he did. As he walked the streets, he thought about Samantha's proposal. Truth be told, his ego liked the idea of ruling the world, and it was something he'd fantasised about many times. But in a way, didn't he already rule the world?

He had infinite power over it, and if he didn't like something, he could just will it to change. Did he really want to become a public figure? David decided that he needed to talk to his brother about this.

He teleported himself to Joe's house, and knocked on his front door. Chloe opened the door, dressed in her pyjamas. "It's Uncle David!" She shouted back. David came in, and saw the heavily pregnant Jenny sat on the sofa. "Oh hey David," she said. "I'd stand up to hug you, but the baby complains whenever I do that." "Temperamental already?" David said. "I'd watch out for that, she could be a real handful when she's hot russian babe gagging and spitting on huge dick pornstars and big dick do you know it'll be a she?" "Oh it will, trust me.

Where's Joe?" "In the shower.

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I'm sure he'll be down in a minute." Upstairs, Joe was indeed in the shower, his cock fully hard, just as he'd commanded it to be. He tended to keep himself permanently hard now, except when it was absolutely essential to be soft. Joe figured that with all the sex he was having now, it was just more convenient to be hard all the time. Time spent getting an erection was time spent not fucking.

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While Joe showered, he felt a hand on his cock, beginning to stroke it. He looked down, and realised there was no-one there. "David, is that you?" Joe asked. "Oh fine, you've got me," David said, appearing. He was doing a handjob motion with his hand. "David, I appreciate it and all, but it's really weird getting a handjob from my brother." "I'm only doing the motions," David said, continuing wanking the air, moving his thumb to stroke the tip.

"The hand you can feel is Taylor Swift's." "Well that's a bit better I suppose," Joe said, letting out a groan. "But still pretty weird." "How about I make it weirder?" David then began wiggling his hips, and Joe moaned as he felt a vagina around his cock, fucking him, at the same time as feeling the handjob. "Holy fuck…" Joe moaned.

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"Whose pussy is that?" "My archangel Amia's," David replied. "Good, isn't it?" "I'll say…Fuck, I don't think I can hold back much longer…" Joe let out a loud groan, and started humping the air as he hit his umpteenth orgasm of the day, shooting his load all over the shower.

David grabbed hold of his brother to prevent him from falling, and held him close as he rode out his orgasm. "Wow…thanks…" Joe panted when it was over. "But can you let me go please? I don't really wanna cuddle my little brother." "Sure thing." David snapped his fingers, and the two brothers were instantly sat on Joe's bed.

"So any particular reason for coming over, or was it just to make me fuck a ghost?" Joe asked. "I need some advice," David said. "Well that makes a change. You've not asked me for advice since you were 15 and wanted some of my amazing pick-up tips to try and get girls to fuck you." "Samantha says she wants me to use my powers to make us King and Queen of the world." "…Seriously?" "Seriously.

I was considering it, but I really don't know what I should do." "Well it's a big decision. Do you really feel up for governing the whole world?" "I already govern the whole universe, this would just be me being more active on Earth.

Besides, I've got omnipotence and an angelic advisor to guide me. I should be fine." "So it's really just a case of if you want to do it." "Yeah. And maybe I do. I mean, who wouldn't want to rule the world?" "I know I'd be up for being Prince Joe. And I don't think Jenny or Chloe would object to being princesses.

Wait, would this mean we'd have to tell them about your powers?" "No, I'll just alter everyone's minds. I'm not about to go blabbing about being the most powerful being in the universe." "Well two foxy honeys like fooling around naked up to you David.

Remember, you're God. If you decide you've messed up, you can just clean everything up in 5 minutes if you selep sex mom and son to." "Thanks, I'll remember that. And you've convinced me. I'll do it." "Really? You're sure?" "I'm sure. Like you said, I can clean everything up in 5 minutes if I want to." Decided, David got to work with his powers… ------------------------------- "It's a beautiful day outside Westminster Abbey, on the day of the coronation of the first ever King and Queen of Planet Earth," said Hugh Edwards, reporting for the BBC's coverage of the big day.

"As we all know, every head of state in the world willingly gave up their roles when it became apparent that David and Samantha Jones would be much better rulers. The royal couple themselves are said to be excited about their new role. There'll be a fly past tonight by other 30 air forces from around the world, in honour of the new royal family.

Meanwhile, the New Dollar is currently being introduced into circulation, with the royal family having posed for the pictures last week." A large carriage arrived at the Abbey, and the police struggled to hold the crowds back as they scrambled to get a picture of the royal family.

The doors opened, and people started getting out. "And first out of the carriage is…Prince Jack, with his wife Princess Megan. Rumours that she's pregnant with their first child have so far been unconfirmed, but…Oh, and the crowd is going wild as the couple share a kiss for the cameras! Next up we can see Princess Molly with her husbands Prince Luke and Prince Isaac, fresh from their honeymoon tour of the world.

Next we can see the new King's brother, Prince Joseph, and his two children Prince Benjamin mellanie monroe mom teach teen Princess Chloe helping the heavily-pregnant Princess Jennifer out of the carriage.

The couple has been keeping quiet about the gender and potential names of the child, though sources close to the royal family believe it will be a girl." Many more members of David and Samantha's families were listed as they arrived, the crowd growing increasingly impatient. Eventually, a larger, golden carriage arrived, and the crowd got very excited indeed.

"That is the royal couple's personal carriage, decorated with their coat of arms. Likely we'll be seeing them emerge from…and yes!

We can see now King David climbing out of the carriage. He's turned and is now helping his Queen Samantha out. Ever the gentleman. The couple are now waving to the crowd, who are now taking thousands of photos with them." The whole royal family made their way inside, where the crowds three lesbians play with their prolapsed assholes gathered for the ceremony.

"The King and Queen are making their way down the aisle, with the choirs singing loudly. The Queen has her head raised pridefully, while the King is looking around at all the people. They've reached the end now, and have taken their seats." "We are gathered here now under the eyes of almighty God to bear witness to the coronation of our one true King and Queen," said the Pope, who had been flown over specifically for the occasion. "Sirs, I here present to you David and Samantha, your undoubted King and Queen.

David, Samantha, will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the people of Planet Earth, and all her possession and territories, according to the laws and customs of their teen riding the treat trade pt group sex solemnly promise so to do," David and Samantha said in unison.

"Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgements?" "We will." "Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God, respecting him as your Lord and Master?" "All this we promise to do. The things which we have here before promised, we will perform, and keep. So help us God." After many more oaths were made, the royal crowns were brought out, having been specially made for the first rulers of Earth.

"And now, by my God-given right, I crown you King David and Queen Samantha, first rulers of the Planet Earth," the Pope said, lowering the crowns onto their heads. "Go forth and rule, as is your divine right to do so." At the post-coronation party, everyone was having a wonderful time.

There was food in abundance, with David having enchanted everyone so that they could eat and drink as much as they wanted without getting fat or full. He sat back, and watched the festivities, smiling. "Lord, may I have a word with you?" Amia asked, sitting down next to him. "Certainly Amia, what is it?" David replied.

"Well Lord, I'm just a bit concerned that you should have consulted me about this before doing it." "Why would I have done that?" "You have used your powers to bring about a large-scale change in the world's order. As your advisor, it is my job to advise you on such decisions." "And what would you have said if I'd asked you?" "I'd have advised against it, and I still do. Your role as God is to govern the universe from the shadows, not taking a full political position on one individual planet." "Amia, I'm not sure why you think this is a problem.

My family and I are happier than we've ever been, and there's world peace now that we rule everything. What could possibly be wrong with this?" "Lord, this is not the way things are done. We have procedures. We have traditions! The original God would not have approved of this." "Well he's not here, is he?

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And there's no problem here at all." "I disagree." "Well Amia, that's great, except that I'm in charge here. I'm sure in time you'll come to realise this is great." "Yes Lord." "I know you're just trying to look out for me, but really, there's no need to worry." "Yes Lord." "Tell you what, how about british housewife tracey lain loves playing with herself take the next week off?

Go home and relax. Fuck your husband or something." "Yes Lord…" ------------------------------- Author's message: I'm sorry about this chapter being so short, but I wanted to get it out tonight, and it was a good stopping point. The only real way to stretch it out would be to to add an extended sex scene, which I could have done, but like I said, I wanted to get it out tonight.

As it's 1am right now, writing a sex scene tonight isn't an option. As I mentioned before, I'm going on holiday on the 22nd, so this story WILL be finished this week. I'm thinking 2 or 3 more chapters, though I'm not sure exactly as I'm not sure how long my ending is going to take.

2 chapters would be ideal because it'll mean it'll end with the same number as A Boy and his Genie. Samantha here is beginning her manipulation of David to get what she wants. This will be what eventually causes the ending of this story. Stay put and see exactly what will happen.

This weekend I've been thinking about what I want to write after this. I'd like to return to the Boy and his Genie universe properly, with another full story instead of a one-shot. I have 4 or 5 ideas in my head, with one of them looking the most likely. I've got the whole first chapter planned out in my head, so I hope I can think of what exactly to do with the story.

It won't appear until mid-September at the earliest though, so don't expect it soon. That's it for this message. I'm off to bed now. Hopefully I can get the story finished in time!