Son seduced mom in bed

Son seduced mom in bed
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My wife and I traveled to Florida over the summer to stay with an old friend of ours from our school days and spend some vacation time. Matt had transferred to Florida about ten years ago and although we had kept in contact we had not seen him since he moved away.

At one time Matt was always around and we did everything together. He had been the best man in our wedding and practically lived with us. He and my wife, Deb and dated in high school and he always had the hots for her but she and I met and nothing ever progressed between them.

When we arrived Matt had a beautiful home on the intercostal waterway. His house had three bedrooms and a large open floor plan. In the backyard he had a nice deck with a hot tub and a nice motor boat docked in the water. Matt welcomed us and showed us around taking us to our xxx story sexy story sexy story to put our belongings up.

We sat in the back and had some drinks and caught up on old times and what we had been doing over the past decade. Matt had never married and teased that nobody could compare to Deb.

Deb liked the attention and we had a good time re-acquainting ourselves. By the time evening came we were like we were before Matt had moved away. Deb and I went to bed early tired from our long drive. The next morning we woke up and Matt took us on a boat trip to see the area and spend the day in the water and having a good time.

Deb wore a new bikini that we had picked up that really looked great on her showing off her tiny 5'4", 114 pound trim body. The top accented her 34A tits nicely and the bottom tight blonde teenie zoe parker screwed and creampied at the side with large open sides showing off her hips.

The front of the bottoms was a narrow strip that just covered her closely trimmed mound and showed her puffy pussy lips under the thin material. The backside was also thin covering her cheeks but showing her firm trim cheeks off nicely. She laid out on the front of the boat and I could tell that Matt was still as attracted to her as he was back in high school. It was not hard to notice the almost constant hard on that he sported all day from the sight of her.

That evening we went back to Matt's house and cooked out on the deck enjoying a nice dinner and several bottles of wine Matt had been saving. We were all feeling pretty sucking and fucking in the shower watch part on suzcamcom and relaxed in the hot tub enjoying more wine. The air was warm but much cooler than the warm water we were in causing Deb's nipples to poke out through the thin material of her bikini top getting the notice of Matt.

We were all laughing and joking around and Deb teased about how she should have married Matt so that she could live like this. After midnight we got out of the hot tub and went inside. Matt and I sat in the living room while Deb showered.

Matt was talking about how good Deb still looked and telling me how lucky I was. I asked him about his relationships and he talked about how he had several girlfriends but over the past few years his job kept him so busy that he had not been in a relationship for over four years now.

Matt laughed about how he had nice stuff but how it had all come at a cost and he would trade places with me in a heartbeat. I surprised myself when I asked him if he would like to fuck my wife. Matt just sat almost open mouthed asking me how I planned to pull something like that off.

I told him that years ago we shared everything including girls and the only thing that we had never shared was Deb. I went into the bedroom to check and see when Deb was coming out to join us and found her lying on the bed with only a pair of panties on.

I laid beside her and whispered to her and she was out form the day in the sun and the large amount of wine. I rubbed her back and reached my hand into her panties and felt her pussy was very wet.

Deb just moaned as I pushed a finger inside her and massaged her clit.

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Deb and I had talked about her being with other men for several years but had never found anyone that we wanted to be with. We had teased during the trip about her being with Matt but she said that he would think we were perverted and kinky. We had a very active sex life and engaged in our fair share of kink but it was always very private. My mind was racing with thoughts of Matt and my wife and I went back out into the living room where Matt was still sitting with a glass of wine in one hand.

I could tell he was playing with his cock in the other hand and he quickly adjusted himself when he heard me come out. I got myself another glass of wine and sat down picking up the conversation with Matt again. We started talking about different girls we dated in school and about times that the two of us engaged in threesome activity with some of them. He said that Deb was the only girl I had dated that he had never had sex with and how he had tried but she always told him how she was in love with me and nothing had british blonde slut gets fucked on the decking happened.

I told him to follow me that I had something I wanted to show him. We put down our drinks and I walked into the bedroom to find Deb in the same position I had left her. There was a faint wet spot in the crotch of her panties as she lay on the bed on her stomach on top of the covers.

I motioned for Matt to come in and he walked in and stopped dead in his tracks looking at my wife lying on the bed before him almost naked. I was extremely turned on at the sight of my wife almost nude in front of my best friend and my cock was straining at my shorts.

I looked at Matt and asked him if he wanted to watch me make love to her and Matt just nodded in agreement. I went to the bed and started rubbing her firm perfectly rounded ass cheeks through the thin cotton fabric of her panties and Deb began moaning and moving her hips from the sensation.

I pulled her panties off her hips and down her legs leaving her now totally naked in front of us. Matt had a tent in the front of his shorts watching and I whispered to Deb that I wanted to make love to her and that Matt was in the room wanting to watch. She did not respond and I reached down parting her cheeks exposing her pussy and crinkled little rose bud ass hole to both my and Matt's view.

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I stroked her making her start to moan again and move her hips as I pushed two fingers into her hot slit. Matt was obviously enjoying the sight and action and I got up and pulled my shorts off allowing my rigid cock to spring free.

I placed a pillow beside Deb's hips that I had doubled over and then rolled her over onto her back positioning her butt up onto the pillow leaving her pussy and ass hanging off the edge.

Her nipples were rock hard and sticking straight out and I could smell her excitement. I pushed her legs up and back toward her chest and licked her pussy a few times taking in the sweet taste of her juices causing her to groan and clench the bed covers in her hands. I looked up and told her again that Matt wanted to watch us and she just moaned pushing her hips forward.

I knelt between her legs and lined my aching cock with her sweet trimmed pussy and pushed forward entering her easily until I was resting my balls against her cheeks.

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Her sweet pussy was so wet and hot on my cock that I started pushing in and out of my sweet wife with her pussy milking my cock. I let her legs rest on my shoulders and reached up to pinch and pull on her engorged nipples knowing how hot it makes her and she started to orgasm on my cock without ever opening her eyes. I started to cum and pushed into her as far as possible emptying a huge load inside her tender pussy pushing her orgasm higher. I let my cock relax and soften inside her and then pulled out followed by a long trail of cum stringing from the head of my now limp cock to my wife's open pussy.

As the stream broke it began to ooze between her legs and down her cheeks. I looked up to see Matt had taken his pants off and was slowly stroking his own cock. Matt had always been larger than my 6" and bigger around. His cock looked even larger than I remembered at about 7.5" long and about 6" thick. I looked at my friend starring at my wife's used pussy and curvy dykes love eating pussy for breakfast pornstars and hardcore if he wanted to try a little.

He just nodded and moved toward the bed. He took his hand as I held my wife's legs back and stroked her outer lips. He surprised me when he said he had always dreamed about eating her pussy and moved down and licked her pussy lips causing Deb to groan out in pleasure and push her pussy fully onto his mouth.

The sight of my friend eating my wife's pussy after I had just shot a huge load of cum inside her made my cock twitch and begin to harden again.

I moved to kneel above her face holding her legs back and I felt her tongue start to lick my balls and the area between my balls and ass making my cock instantly get hard again.

Matt was eating her pussy with a vengeance with her squirming around to another climax causing a huge gush of mixed cum to push from her. When Matt finally moved back and looked up I could see cum covering his face and mixed in his hair. I asked him if he wanted to fuck her and he paused asking if I was sure it was ok. I told him yes and he did not question my reply.

Matt moved up and pushed his large cock inside my wife's wet hole all the way. I could hear Deb gasp as his cock rested against her cervix. He then began pumping in and out of her.

I let her legs go and Matt held them straight up holding onto them to guide himself in and out of her making a loud slapping noise of their skin maya bijou in the black valley girl next door their bodies me.

Deb's tongue was now squarely licking my ass and she started darting it in and out of my hole hovering about her head. As I saw Matt tense up and heard him begin to orgasm Deb tightened and shaking in an almost seizure like shape riding her own orgasm causing me to blow my second load all over her tits and chest.

When I finished I looked to see Matt holding her legs tightly to hold himself as deep into my wife's pussy as possible knowing that her sweet muscular pussy was milking his shaft for every last drop like no other woman ever had. Matt's face was beat red from the action and he was breathing heavily. When he moved away I watched as an unbelievable river of cum ran from her used pussy pooling in the bed beneath her. I moved the pillow from under her hips and covered her with the sheets kissing her deeply on the lips.

I turned out the lights and Matt and I walked out into the living room. Matt talked about how great Deb was and how he could not believe how tight her pussy was. He asked again if I was sure that what had happened was ok and what Deb would think of it in the morning. I told him that many times we had sex in her sleep and that in the morning she would not remember the act itself but remember the hotness of the sex. I told him about our conversation about him and that she wanted to gorgeous ebony beauty jemeni spread her threesome brunette sex with him but that she was concerned with what he would think and did not want him to think she was a freak or anything like that.

Matt assured me he never thought she was and how he wished he could be with her again. I told him that it may happen and that maybe next time it would be before she fell to sleep making us both laugh. I returned to bed and lay next to my wife in a puddle of mixed cum. I held her close with my cock getting hard for the third time. With her back to me I pushed my cock into her wet pussy and fell to sleep inside her.