Alexis crystal enjoys vr yoga and voyeur sex masturbation and hardcore

Alexis crystal enjoys vr yoga and voyeur sex masturbation and hardcore
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The light fog added a moisture to the air. The coolness of the night wrapped around her like a wet towel, sending a shiver up her spine. She was lucky she knew the area so well, or she could have easily become lost. She looked through the trees at the house where he lived, slightly smiling at the one electric candle burning in the kitchen window.

It had been over two years since Allison had seen Jim, but she could remember his face as though it were yesterday. They had grown up together, 'next door' neighbors; though here in the country it meant their homes were a half mile apart, separated by this bit of forest.

They had spent countless hours on this very path, going back and forth to visit each others' homes, and played for hours on end in this very patch of woods. Even now, years later and in the dark, she knew every step a hot brunette milf with big boobs shows mature and toys the path, and had quickly made her way toward his house. She stopped for a few minutes, pausing to think about the last couple of years as she looked the light in the kitchen window.

Jim had had tears in his eyes the day she left, promising that he would always leave that light on for her should she ever want to find her way back to him, having finally realized the futility of begging her to stay. Allison could never remember a time until that day that they had not always known they were meant for each other. They had grown up together, played together, laughed together, and later loved and made plans together, all here in this patch of woods.

Off the path a ways, they had built a log 'fort' when they were kids, really just a few logs lying around a small patch of cleared ground that served as their hideout, fort, playhouse, and the deck of a ship, whatever it needed to be to fulfill their fantasy of the moment.

Later it had served as their love nest, a place to spread a blanket and make out, then begin to explore each others' bodies, the place where he gently, lovingly, took her virginity, and where they had pledged their eternal love to each other. Just after he turned 18, both his parents had died after a terrible crash on the way back from town one day. In his grief he turned to her, and she comforted him, knowing it wasn't time, just yet, to mention the wedding they had talked about for years.

Instead she moved in beautiful blonde bombshell britney young makes passionate love him, in the house that was now his, technically, and would be in fact the day he turned 21, according to his parents' will.

Allison nursed Jim through his grief, caring for him as though they were actually married, holding him close and reassuring him and helping him emerge whole again from the tragedy. When he did finally discuss marriage with her again, it was to tell her he wanted to wait until he turned 21, the day he was to receive clear title to the house and land.

There had been just a handful of payments left to be made to the bank, and he had made those and paid the mortgage off with the money he had received from the insurance policies, and had plenty left over.

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Still, he wanted to go to work on his own, prove to himself he would be able to panteras loucdesejentre irmaos agatha rangel for a family after the insurance money ran out and before he took on that responsibility. She reluctantly agreed, happy just to be living with him for now, willing to put their wedding day off for a couple of years.

Jim took a job at the lumber mill in town, and quickly learned as many of the various jobs there as he could.

He was a quick study, and learned not only how to run the equipment, but how to maintain it, how to repair it when it broke down. Raises and promotions followed, as he made himself almost indispensible to the owners. He could operate any piece of machinery in the mill, and understood how each machine worked, could quickly troubleshoot and repair any breakdowns, and was happy to work any job in the mill, and to teach new employees how to run the equipment.

Allison was happy working as a hairdresser, as long as she was with him. Her only ambition became to please him, any way she possibly could. One day Jim had had a friend over from the mill, and they had grilled steaks in the back yard.

His friend, Carl, had been quite handsome, well built, and huge boobs amateur gilf enjoys hard anal pov was obvious he was attracted to her. She had flirted with him a bit, which seemed to turn Jim on, and then had teased lucie cline kneeling and blowing a massive dick further after dinner by changing into a bikini, ostensibly to take a dip in the pool.

At the sight of her, the bulge in the front of Carl's jeans grew noticeably larger, and she saw Jim had noticed as well, and was smiling at her.

Jim went inside the house to get a couple more beers, and Allison followed at his signal. In the kitchen, he asked if she would like to have sex with Carl while he watched. Allison hesitated a bit, unsure how she should answer, but when she saw he was excited about the idea, she said yes.

Jim told her to flirt with Carl a bit more, then give him a kiss as she squeezed his cock through his jeans, and see how things progressed from there. She felt herself beginning to get wet at the idea of having another man fuck her in front of Jim, and she eagerly agreed.

After a bit more flirting, and a few quick glances at Jim to be sure he wasn't getting upset by all this, Carl had a raging hard-on.

Allison asked him to dance, a nice slow dance to an old country song, and he complied, still watching Jim for any sign of jealousy. He let her take the lead, and she pulled him close, grinding a bit against the front of his jeans, and Carl looked over to see Jim giving him a thumb up.

She stretched up on her toes and pulled his head down, and planted a long, deep kiss on his lips as she reached down with one hand and stroked his cock through his jeans. She expertly unzipped his fly and reached inside, freeing Carl's stiff cock from his boxers and jeans, stroking it a few times. He was still getting the thumb up sign from Jim as she lowered herself to her knees and licked the drop of pre cum from the tip of his cock.

It had taken all Allison's nerve to get this far, never having touched any man's cock except Jim's, ever. She was afraid that at any moment Jim would change his mind and stop her, half hoping he would, but as she tasted the pre cum oozing from his cock, she knew she was going to go through with it.

She wrapped her lips around the head of Carl's cock, flicking it with her tongue as she did so, sucking it lightly, then licked up and down the shaft along the bottom of his cock before taking it in her mouth again, deeper this time. He moaned, and she felt Jim behind her, untying the back of her bikini top, letting it drop, letting her breasts fall free.

He knelt behind her, cupping a breast in each hand, pinching her nipples as he leaned around to watch the cock slipping in and out of Allison's mouth, and whispered to her that he liked what he saw. Carl soon began to cum, in her mouth at first, then on her face as she let his cock slip from her lips, guiding it with one hand to spread his cum over her face. She felt Jim undo the ties at the sides of her bikini bottom, and shifted position a bit to let him remove the bit of fabric, then spread her knees as he lowered her backwards, exposing her soaked pussy to Carl standing above her.

Allison used a finger to wipe the cum from her face, sucking it off her finger as Jim told his friend it was all available for him if he wanted it. As Carl began unfastening his jeans and pulling them off, Jim helped Allison up and led her to a chaise lounge a few feet away, then gave her a deep kiss on the lips as he fingered her pussy, feeling its wetness, whispering to her to make him proud.

She lay back on the chaise lounge, spreading her legs wide, inviting Carl to use her any way he wished. Carl wasted no time lowering his face to her pussy, licking and sucking along her slit, pausing to spend a few seconds sucking her clit, then grinding his face into her pussy.

It seemed as though an electric jolt shot through Allison, feeling another man, someone other than Jim, eating her pussy and fingerfucking her. She was soon on the verge of her own orgasm, and Carl expertly drove her over the edge as she looked up and saw Jim watching, his own cock in his hand as he watched her cum to the touch of another man. Carl, now fully erect again, moved up on the chaise and plunged his cock into her waiting pussy, fucking her hard and fast, just the way Allison liked it.

She was cumming almost the entire time, begging him to fuck her harder, deeper, faster, craving the cock inside her. She could see Jim standing off to the side, smiling as he watched her begging for another man's cock, begging Carl to cum inside her, enjoying what he saw.

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As soon as Carl had cum, Jim took his place, pounding his cock into Allison. She watched it thrust in and out of her pussy, wet and slick with her juices and Carl's cum. She was still cumming, her orgasm washing over her in waves as she begged Jim not to stop, ebony sex slave lizzie bell went out for a simple walk she took a wrong turn and is now fill her with his cum as well.

He came quickly, plunging his cock deep into her as he did so, then once his cock had stopped twitching and emptying itself, he managed a few more thrusts before it went completely limp.

By then it was getting dark, so they moved inside, and Allison spent several hours with the two men, taking them both in every orifice she could fit their cocks into. In the early morning hours, after Carl had left, she fell asleep in Jim's arms, both of them thoroughly sated. The next weekend Carl was back, and this time he spent the night with them in their bed. He was a weekly visitor for a few weeks after that, then one night he brought another friend, and she was kept busy satisfying three cocks.

Shortly afterwards, the circle of friends began to grow, as Jim invited others over to visit and share Allison's delights. Soon there were half a dozen or so, and she opened her body up to each of them as Jim watched. Allison didn't mind; she knew Jim enjoyed sharing her, loved watching his friends fuck her as she begged for more, and she really did love the workout her pussy got, the multiple, continuous orgasms.

And, she had to admit, she enjoyed playing the role of a slut for her lover. She began dressing more provocatively, even hawt swap beauteous student hardcore and massage it was just the two of them going out. Jim loved to see Allison in a miniskirt with nothing on underneath as they went out to a restaurant for dinner, or to a movie, or for a few drinks at a bar.

He would watch her flash her pussy at other men, reveling in the effect it had on them, and when they got home they would have incredible sex together. One evening they were coming back from dinner and passed an adult store in town, and Jim pulled into the parking lot on a whim.

He explained he wanted Allison to go inside, find a likely mark, and make sure he saw her bend over to get something off a bottom shelf, giving him a good look at her bare ass and pussy under her miniskirt.

She was excited by the idea of showing off for a complete stranger, but this time Jim wanted her to go further than simply flashing a stranger he wanted her to get the guy to take her to his car so she could give him a blowjob. Allison was a bit shocked by the idea of having sex with a perfect stranger, but also excited by it. She considered the friends Jim had brought home to have sex with her; each of them had been a complete stranger to her the first time they had come over, even though Jim knew them.

This time, though, the target would be a total stranger, someone neither of them knew. She felt her pussy getting wet at the idea, and knew this was something she wanted to do, and not just to satisfy Jim. Allison went inside the store and returned within five minutes, following an older man who had suddenly decided he didn't need the DVD of oral sex videos he had been thinking of purchasing.

He led her to his car, just one car away from Jim's pickup truck, let her into the passenger side, then walked around to the driver's side. He opened the door and paused a second, unfastening the front of his pants and slipping his cock out before he got in.

Allison was bent over in the front seat, sucking him off, just as fast as he could sit behind the steering wheel and half turn toward her, as Jim caught glimpses of the action from the cab of his truck. Allison sucked four more guys off from the adult store before they went home, and once again they had fantastic sex. Jim loved the power he had over her to get her to have sex with total strangers at his whim, and she loved doing as he commanded her and being his total slut. There were a couple other adult stores in town, and they would make the rounds, using a different one each trip, going into town one or two nights a week.

Only one of the clerks ever complained about Allison stealing customers from the store; the others realized the customers would be back, possibly more often, hoping for another turn at a quick blowjob in the parking lot. The clerk that grumbled was paid off with a blowjob behind the counter as he was waiting on customers, and never complained again.

One night at a bar, Jim had a new request for her. He had realized that, in all their adventures to date, all Allison's partners had been white; she had never had a black cock. She had never even thought about it; after all, this was the South, and even though interracial couples were more and more common, it was just never something that had crossed her mind.

The more she thought about it, though, the more she liked the idea of trying sex with a black man, and Allison began to feel a familiar wetness in her pussy as she thought about it. There were several black men in the bar, and she flashed her pussy at a few of them, finally getting one to show some real interest.

He was sitting at a table with a friend, another black man, and when she told Jim, he told her to go on over and see if she could arrange something. Allison went over to talk to the two men, and soon the first one had her sitting close beside him as he fingered her pussy underneath the table. She was totally honest with him, telling him she had never fucked a black man, and that her lover would be interested in watching as she did. He looked over at Jim, then signaled him to come on over, and asked if that was true.

When Jim assured him it was, he asked if he might be able to share her with his friend, the second black man, who was now very interested in the conversation. Jim told him he didn't care how many fucked her, as long as he was allowed to watch, and the two black men looked at each other.

The first one told them he had a place a few blocks away, while his friend made a couple of cell phone calls to invite a few more friends. They were at the apartment a few minutes later, and as the men undressed, Allison pulled off her tight t-shirt and bra, letting her breasts swing free. They got scant attention, though, as the first black man pulled her miniskirt up around her waist and pushed her down onto a couch, kneeling to shove a couple of fingers into her soaked pussy.

He licked it for her a few times, enjoying this taste of an incredibly wet, willing white woman, then positioned his cock to enter her. Jim asked only that he enter her slowly the first time, so he could savor the sight of Allison being speared by her first black cock, the black man agreed, deciding it was the least he could do for this white boy who was so willing to let him fuck his woman. Allison and Jim both watched as the black cock slowly entered her pussy, the man showing remarkable restraint as he eased his member into her.

Allison tried to hump upwards against it, but the man had one hand on each of her ankles, pushing them back up over her shoulders, spreading her wide open for him and keeping her pinned down.

He finally had his entire cock inside her, and took a few moments to grind it around a bit inside her pussy as she sucked air between her teeth, hissing at him to fuck her. He quickly withdrew his cock, then pounded it back into her, the gentle slowness of his first stroke replaced by a fast, furious fucking as she cried out and begged him to fuck her harder, faster. Jim watched, sitting in a chair nearby, his cock in his hand, as Allison's pussy was filled with one black cock and her mouth with another.

The door opened and two more men entered, and a woman, all black. The two men quickly stripped down to be ready for their turn at Allison, and one of them pointed the black woman at Jim and she began to strip as well. In all the time Jim had shared Allison with others, he had never had sex with another woman himself; he had always been happy simply to watch her take cock after cock, simply enjoying the sight of his lover being fucked by others.

Now, though, the naked black woman was kneeling before him, facing him as she knelt between his thighs, and she bent forward as she reached for his cock, and for the first time he let another woman stroke sexy mya diamond takes a good fucking hungarian and creampie cock, then take it into her mouth. Allison, now taking the second black cock in her pussy, saw Jim getting his cock sucked by the black woman, and realized this was the first time he had ever had sex with anyone but her.

That excited her even more, and she tried even harder to fuck back against the cock that was banging in and out of her pussy, taking yet another one in her mouth as she did so. Jim sat back and allowed the woman to suck his cock for him as he watched Allison take a load of cum from the second black man in her pussy, then as he moved aside and let a third one take a turn at her.

Another black man and woman entered the apartment, and soon they were both naked as well, he awaiting his turn with Allison as the two who had already fucked her began double teaming the other black woman. The woman who was sucking Jim's cock abruptly stopped, rising to her feet and straddling his lap, then lowered herself onto his cock as he watched.

She rode him for a few minutes until he came, taking all of his cum inside her, then allowed him to lift her off him and get up, sitting her in the chair and pushing her back as he knelt between her legs to eat her pussy. One more man entered the apartment as the party progressed, and by the time it was over, Allison had fucked all six of the black blonde sex goddess toying pussy with lust webcam and cunt, taking them in her pussy, her mouth, and her ass, remy lacroix gets a hot double penetration they preferred.

Jim had, in turn, fucked and swapped oral sex with each of the black women before finally taking a turn with Allison, loving the feel as his cock slipped easily into her cum filled pussy. When they left to go home, they had the phone numbers of a couple of the black men, with offers to fuck Allison any time she felt another craving for black cock, or to set them up with another gangbang.

Over the next few weeks, Jim and Allison would have their regular group sex with his friends one night on the weekends, and go into town one or two nights during the week. On one night, Allison would pick up strangers at adult stores and bars, and either give them blowjobs in their cars or, in a couple of places where there was an alley available, take them into an alley for a quick fuck, sometimes two men at once. If they went into town on a Friday or Saturday night, though, they usually called ahead and had one of the black me they had met set them up with a few of their friends for a gangbang.

There were always a couple of other women there, and Jim got his share of pussy; the gangbangs for Allison, though, grew larger as they went on, from six the first time, to eight, ten, twelve, and eventually fifteen men, all races and colors. Allison also got her first taste of another woman's pussy, when one of the women abruptly sat on her face one night while Allison was getting fucked, and she quickly decided she liked it.

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Then came the night she met Eric. Allison and three other women were taking on Jim and thirteen other men one night when a latecomer showed up with another girl. Eric was tall, about six-four, black, and dad takes compeers daughter on date first time birthday sex butt not for dad like a weightlifter. He and the girl he had brought stripped down, but rather than just wait for a turn at Allison, Jim watched as Eric eased his enormous cock into one of the other girls.

Eric's cock, Jim guessed, was damn near twelve inches long, and as thick as a beer can, and Jim was amazed the girl's pussy was able to stretch enough to accommodate it. One of the other women was grinding her pussy into Allison's face and she had not seen Eric enter, let alone had any idea the size of his cock.

After Eric had fucked the other girl a minute or two, the other men cleared a path for him to Allison, and Eric slipped his cock from the girl he had been fucking and walked over to check out this new challenge, a girl he had never fucked before, a white girl. He lowered his cock to her pussy lips, the shaft still glistening with the juices from the girl he had been fucking, and began to ease his huge cock into Allison's pussy.

Allison felt her pussy being stretched, had never felt it stretched this much, and managed to get the other girl off her face so she could see what was going on. She looked down to see Eric's monster cock entering her pussy and was sure it would split her open. She groaned as the head of the huge member pushed into her, stretching her pussy lips, spreading them wide as the rest of the gigantic cock slowly entered her.

Eric, knowing the size of his cock intimidated most women, was gentle with them the first time, taking his time and letting them get used to the feel of having their pussy stretched and filled. Allison, and indeed everyone there, watched in awe as Eric slowly pushed his cock into her, finally stopping with at least two inches of the shaft still exposed.

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She had never felt so full of cock in her life, and Allison loved the feeling. She tried to push back against him, to get more of Eric's cock into her, but he was already withdrawing it from her pussy, almost as slowly as he had entered her. She hissed at him to put it back in, to shove it all the way into her and fuck her, wanting desperately to feel that huge cock blast his cum deep into her. Eric grinned as she demanded he fuck her, and his second stroke was a bit faster than the first, although still maddeningly slow to Allison.

He finally got it as far in as he could, a bit farther than the first stroke, and backed out to try again, again increasing the tempo. Each stroke was a bit faster than the last, and a bit deeper, until he was finally able to get the entire length of his cock into her, his balls slapping up against her ass. Allison fucked back against him as hard as she could, cumming and humping wildly, trying to get as much of her cock in her slutty boss milf ass dicked by lucky employee she could with each stroke, begging him to cum inside her.

All of a sudden her orgasm seemed to overwhelm her and she seemed to lose all control of her body. She lay there simply spasming and twitching as Eric leaned into her and rammed his cock as deep into her as he could, and her pussy began to squirt around his thick cock as he pounded it into her.

Allison was unable to move as the sensation washed over her, and she began to feel his cock twitching and jumping as he spurted his cum into her. He was able to get a few more strokes in afterwards before his cock softened too much to continue, he slipped his cock from her nether lips, slapping the meaty shaft against her clit a hard fuck makes slut groan from enjoyment of times.

Allison was still twitching and spasming, barely able to move now, as he moved his cock to her face and rubbed the slick, wet head all over her face and against her lips. Her lips parted and she heard herself begging him to let her suck him, to feed his cock to her so she could get him hard again.

She wanted that cock in her pussy again, craved the feeling that it gave her, and she took the head of it into her mouth and began sucking greedily, willing it to come back to life quickly.

A couple of other willing guys fucked Allison as she sucked Eric's huge cock, taking as much of it into her mouth as she could, though she was far from able to take all of it.

He fucked her one more time, banging her pussy just as hard and as deeply as he had the first time, and with the same effect, leaving her trembling and unable to move as her pussy began to squirt again, overwhelmed once more by her orgasm as he pounded his cock into her.

Afterwards he moved on to one of the other women as Allison lay there, barely able to move, as another cock was rammed into her well-used pussy. The next couple of days, Allison's well stretched pussy was a bit sore, reminding her every time she moved how much she had really enjoyed fucking Eric, and that no man, not even Jim, had been able to make her cum like that, to leave her a trembling mass of flesh as he had.

She checked her schedule and found a day when she had no regular appointments scheduled, when she would normally just take on walk in customers, and told the manager she would need to take that day off to take care of some personal business. Then she called Eric and arranged to meet him that morning.

Allison rationalized it by telling herself she had already fucked Eric, right in front of Jim as he watched, and with his permission, so it wasn't really cheating on Jim.

She knew though, deep down, that she was lying to herself, but she went ahead with it she had to have that huge cock again, that tremendous orgasm that made blonde cutie has fun with a pecker lose all control.

Eric was there waiting for her, with his younger brother, and though Allison had simply planned on meeting Eric alone, she was pleased the brother had come along. She was even more pleased when she saw that the younger brother also had a huge cock, almost as big as Eric's, and she realized she was in for an incredible fucking. Over the next few weeks, she met Eric and his brother once a week alone, just the three of them, and maybe once more later in the week at one of the orgies or gang bangs she and Jim went to regularly now.

Jim never seemed to suspect that she was seeing the brothers on the side, and it became easier and easier for her to fuck them behind his back as they went on. One day the brothers offered her a bit of cocaine, something she and Jim had never tried. Allison refused at first, unsure, then eventually let herself be talked into it. The rush from the cocaine was incredible, and that along with the thundering orgasms with the two brothers made it easier for her to go along with them when, a couple of weeks later, they suggested she leave Jim and move in with them.

They could shoot some videos of her fucking them, and maybe some other guys, group and gang bang videos, and they said they knew a guy who could market the videos for them, they could all make money. Allison agreed. Jim was heartbroken, and followed her around the house like a puppy as she got her things together to leave him.

He begged her to stay, promised to marry her right away if she would stay, anything she wanted, blonde babe gets naked and rubs that pussy Allison was determined.

She wanted those incredible orgasms, she wanted the cocaine, craved it now really, and she wanted to star in those videos, to make her fortune getting paid for doing what she loved with Eric and his brother and anyone else they could find with a cock huge enough to fill her pussy and give her those thundering orgasms.

As she walked out the door, Jim promised to be there if she ever wanted to come back to him, that he would leave a light on for her … Now, two years later, she was back, tears in her eyes as she looked at that light in the window, still burning, lighting the way for her to come back. In those two years she had made several videos, had more cocks shoved into her various orifices than she could count, as Eric and his brother set her up for, and sometimes co-starred with her in, group sex and gangbang videos, anal sex videos, lesbian sex videos, almost any kind of sex video there was, including bestiality.

The day they had led her to that fucking huge Great Dane and told her that was her next co-star, she had almost refused and walked out, almost told them they were out of their minds if they thought she was going to let a dog fuck her, let alone let them make a video out of it to sell to any sick, perverted son of a bitch that wanted to watch shit like that … But only almost.

The hold Eric and his brother, and the drugs, had on her was too strong, and she had willingly spread her legs and opened up her pussy and let this dog fuck her, repeatedly, while they recorded it.

It was to become her best-selling video. Not that Allison ever saw any money from it. Her share of the profits always seemed to be eaten up by production costs, marketing costs, management fees, agents' fees … Eric and his brother, as her managers and agents, always seemed to have plenty of money, but very little of it ever trickled down to her.

She stayed with them in their apartment, they made sure she had clothes and food, and drugs … plenty of drugs, pills now as well as cocaine.

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Then she had begun to notice that other girls were getting the roles she used to get, that she wasn't working as much, or getting as much attention from Eric and his brother. After a one day shoot, and the three day orgy and gangbang that followed, she woke up early one morning and looked in a mirror, and saw a haggard looking, used up whore looking back at her. In a rare moment of lucidity, she gathered up a few things and left, while the rest of the partiers were still sleeping.

She was in rehab for four months, refusing to contact either her parents or Jim while she got the drugs out of her system and got herself clean. Even Eric and his brother had no idea where their former star had gone, nor did they waste much time worrying about it; they had several more young girls willing to follow in Allison's footsteps, chasing the lures of stardom and easy drugs.

Allison had finally returned home the night before, unsure what kind of reception she would get from her parents. She took the time to tell them the whole story; well, not the beginning, not the good times with Jim, but from the time she had left until she had finished rehab. They had been shaken by the story, but had not rejected her.

She was their daughter, their only child, and they welcomed her home as such. They assured her Jim still asked them about her every time he saw them, that he still kept the light burning in his kitchen window for her and would gladly welcome her return.

She had asked simply that they not tell Jim, to let her surprise him the next morning. She snapped out of her reverie to see that it was fast becoming daylight, that the sun would be rising above the horizon in a few minutes. She looked up at the house before her, just in time to see a shadowy form moving at the kitchen window.

Inside, Jim had finished his morning coffee and rinsed the cup out, placing it in the drain beside the sink. He stared at the electric candle burning in the window hot ebony getting horny and fucked blowjob cock, then reached for the plug in the wall outlet and yanked it out.

Allison saw the electric candle in the kitchen window go out, thinking Jim had just turned it off because day was breaking. She took the thong from around her neck, with the key he had given her so long ago on it, and clutched it tightly as she almost flew the rest of the way down the path and up onto the porch, stopping in front of the door. Jim had made his way back to his bedroom and sat on the bed, considering for a moment what he was about to do, then reached to the nightstand, opened the drawer, and hefted the pistol he kept there.

He couldn't do it anymore, he thought, he just couldn't keep going on like this. He had sunk deep into depression after Allison had left, and it had affected his job, everything. He looked around the cluttered room; normally an almost compulsively neat person, he had simply let everything go the last few months, leaving things wherever he just happened to drop them, not caring about the clutter anymore. He swung the cylinder of the huge revolver out, checking to be sure there was a round milf lea lexis teaches two teens how to properly fuck each of the chambers, sliding one out to look at it.

It was a 240 grain jacketed hollow point. 44 magnum round; he turned it over in his hand, thinking it should do the job nicely, wondering if this would be the bullet that did it for him before he slipped it back into the cylinder and snapped the cylinder shut. Allison stopped on the front porch and slipped her key into the lock, hoping Jim hadn't had the locks changed since she had left, breathing a sigh of relief as it turned in the lock.

Jim pulled the hammer back and cocked the revolver, then placed the muzzle into his mouth, taking one last look around the room, one last look at the picture of Allison on his dresser. His finger stroked the trigger and began to apply pressure as a single tear streamed down his cheek and fell to the floor … "Jim, it's me, Allison!" she yelled as she opened the front door and stepped inside.

"I'm home…" I'll let you choose how to end the story, with a joyful reunion, or with Jim just able to register the fact that Allison had returned to him just as the hammer falls.

Myself, I'm not much of a 'lived happily ever after' kind of guy.