Exclusive she got two huge cocks to ride

Exclusive she got two huge cocks to ride
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Somalia Pirates and Their Prey Chapter Four Kidnapped! For Louise and girls their boat was anchored in what they thought were international waters, but unknown to them many of these waring factions along the east coast of Africa, and governments controlled by dictators had claimed the territorial waters well passed the twelve mile limit!

They were off southern tip of Somali not far from where the Vattendaul women had been kidnapped by pirates almost six months earlier. Their MI5 intelligence officers had provided them with current satellite images and GPS coordinates where lord Vattendaul's expensive Yacht was anchored, in the small port of Mogadishu and had briefed them about it, but were still unsure as to where the kidnapped mother and daughters were being held, but had a good idea?

Based on this information they had formulated a plan to rescue the women! These young women had started their presence off by donning their scuba gear and enjoying the warm waters of that s a lot of cum dude hd Indian ocean to give the appearance that they actually were marine biologists investigating the depleted sea bed and studying the absence of the commercial fish harvest!

They had not bothered to change into their suits below deck and had done so in plain sight having no idea that anyone could possibly be watching? Cabbas and his pirate mates though had been watching them from a distance, through powerful range finding equipment they had acquired!

Visual Search Equipment like this was standard issue for a number of government agencies and military units worldwide and provided the user with a proven versatile search capability, and this optical equipment had fallen into the pirates hands. It had afforded them the ability to inspect these women up close and in great detail as this particular unit could, from well over 5000 meters actually count the pubic hairs on a woman's snatch!

This perverse and erotic ability had allowed the pirates especially Cabbas to inspect each of these women, in shall we say an up close and very personal way! Corky had been taking care of the small crafts internal workings and had been unseen by coincidence each time that Cabbas and his mates had viewed these women, and had assumed that there were only just the three of them on board!

Cabbas's attention and interest was certainly on these women, "Especially Louise"! She had assumed that no one could see them, and had made no effort what so ever to be modest as they changed from their dark blue Royal Navy military uniforms into their diving suits!. For Cabbas, just like other men to watch women, especially attractive ones change in broad daylight into these skin tight silver gray diving suits, was a most erotic and enjoyable sight!

They had done so on deck, from fully clothed to these tight suits and between were all at one time or another totally naked!

Cabbas and his pirate friends were not the only ones to watch this most interesting and enjoyable display of attractive women wearing nothing for minutes at a time! As Corky from her vantage point below deck was able to enjoy their nakedness as well especially young Sarah ! Cabbas as he watched Louise was quite fascinated by the blood red rose tattoo he had instantly noticed, one so close to her most intimate place as he commented to his lecherous mates encouraging them also to take a closer look!

The British had just reestablished an embassy in Somalia after an almost 10 yr absence, and the girls through diplomatic channels have been requested, actually ordered to attend a glorified shindig sponsored by the British Embassy with these powerful war lords and politicians of waring Somalia factions, it is to be a pompous glitzy affair!

So they are all with the exception of Corky in their dress uniforms for the occasion! Corky had told Louise that there was no bloody way in hell she was going to attend this formal request/order to attend such a screwed up mess, and that they could court marshal her if they wanted!

Louise had relented and said she could say aboard their vessel for the evening. When they had graduated from the Naval Academy their dress uniforms had been tailored quite modestly, but the ones supplied on busty blonde milf fucking in thigh high stockings notice and the only ones on board their small research vessel had been tailored by some perverted bastard, one that had made them tight in all the right/wrong places!

Uniforms that enhanced their shapely curves, almost to the point of being gaudy! Louise, as a beautiful young woman, looked exceptionally well, in her very tight uniform and it was one that really accented her beauty to its very best.

Vanessa on the other hand with her flaming red hair and enormous breasts fared less well as it was quite obvious that her skirt length was cut much shorter than the modest knee length dictated by regulation, and her dress jacket was at least several sizes too small! This had left her and especially her big breasts in a most revealing and vulnerable situation!

Sarah had the worst or the best, depending on ones point of view, she as a young ripe full figured woman looked more like a very young almost child like cheap whore in the Huddersfield district east of Manchester England, than as a naval officer in dress uniform, and this uniform on her left little to anyone's imagination! Especially to these lecherous black degenerate politicians and war lords, ones that were use to having a young women like her bound gagged and available to use and abuse sexually at their very whim!

These men were mostly the kind that had little regard for women, especially white European women, even ones in British Naval uniforms!

Cabbas on the other hand loved women like this, and as a young man do to his years in the UK being brought up and attended to by a retired matronly female naval officer. Skinny babe in stockings in fake taxi that had taught and used him and his young firm black body as a willing male sex surrogate to pleasure her, and she had done so with him.

as a willing young man in puberty. This had provided him with a burning sexual fixation for women in uniform in general, and attractive white women like Louise in Royal Naval uniforms in particular!

Husband send his wife to gangbang creampie to get filled with cum then fucks her when she gets home appearance was how they looked as their motor launch docked in the small port of Mogadishu that night!

It was a short ride from the dock in the embassy limousine followed by their being ushered in! There was very little diplomatic fan fair or pleasantries as the idea of the new British ambassador, that was an opportunist, as well as a sexual pervert! One that wanted to use attractive English women, to curry favors by putting them in the presence of these nasty immoral politician's and equally sexually sadistic warlords, ones that derived pleasure from sexual torture and humiliation on others, especially women!

They were introduced by the ambassador to these lechers more like ladies in perverted waiting as opposed to naval officers! For Louise and Vanessa it was quite startling as these men made little effort to disguise their true immoral feelings and interest!

They along with lots of alcohol laced spirits were almost drooling at the sight of these under dressed over exposed women! For Sara still a young naive girl, she had no idea what was going on, as a big black mean looking warlord almost forced her to drink the champagne glass that was full of the Dawa fruit spirits, then grabbed her and pulled her out onto the dance floor crushing her big breasts against his chest!

This had exposed even more of her lace filled brasserie and soft white cleavage to his lust filled eyes, then his hands began to wander and explore her soft voluptuous bottom! Louise had been spotted by Cabbas, who had been waiting for her presence. He was dressed in a Somalia naval uniform although the naval service had been disbanded some years ago and do to his pirating, as king of the Somalia pirates, was still recognized as as some sort of official robin hood like clandestine maritime figure!

He had also handed her a drink which she quickly downed thinking it only some sort of tasty fruit drink, then as the music started like a perfect gentleman offered her his white gloved hand, and as she compared him to all of the other gaudy dressed dignitaries and rough looking warlords to her, he looked quite striking, but a bit out of place?

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He was quite hansom looking in his modest uniform, but had said nothing only offering his hand. It was quite apparent that he was a very good dancer as she was whisked around the dance floor quite expertly, and this had taken her breath away! Dawa means medicine or magic potion in Swahili. Just like whiskey was used by early European settlers as a remedy for everything from toothaches to snake bites, the Dawa cocktail is also considered by many as a similar cure-all in East Africa.

Just a sip is quite tasty, that is at first? It is simple to make. All you need is vodka, limes, honey, ice and a wooden stick. The wooden stick is a cool decorative touch that actually serves a purpose. The stick is usually dipped in honey before adding it to the drink! Mondia whiteii mulando a wine like drink also in abundance at this sorted affair, and unknown to these women is believed to be an aphrodisiac for both men and women!

The Mondia Tonic is a powdered derivative of the wine and has also been added liberally to the Dawa fruit drink! Louise thinking he spoke no english tried the first of several Somalia dialects, and as they danced it became somewhat awkward? Then after a long pause, and in perfect english, that had a slight british accent Cabbas said to Louise "You are a most beautiful and attractive young woman., any man would love to have a woman like you in his arms! Going on to compliment her on her ability to master this most difficult language!

Louise is stunned by this hansom charming black man in uniform, one that is so well spoken! As their eyes meet she is a taken aback by a most unusual feeling of foreboding and a gimps of what she sees in his eyes, that of a mischievous sinful devil? One that has gone from charming to leaving her almost trembling with a dark anticipating fear, and moist sexual wonder? Just as Louise's heart pounding unsettling feeling is starting to wane Cabbas casually comments.," Rose's.

Red Roses" are my favorite! I just love "Red Rose's" don't you?. Louise is speechless with the wide eyed realization of what he has just said. and that he is talking about? "Her Tattoo"! Now almost shaking her body, her pussy and clit that is so close to this blood red tattoo, has with these thoughts, and already moist is instantly wet, and feelings, not so long ago.

feelings of the buzzing needle so close to the sexual nerve endings of her most tender female treasure one that is quickly and ardently stimulated from her perverse reoccurring sexual thoughts! OMG! Louise thinks how could he possibly know about my "Blood Red, Rose Tattoo"!

Shaken and even a bit more terrified Louise is helpless in his arms, wondering what she should say or do. next?. Vanessa has endured a number of forceful gropings from mostly alcohol enhanced lecherous Somalia politicians and dignitaries as her dress uniform blouse has easily become unbuttoned and her short skirt is up an in disarray! But for Sarah she is the one that has suffered the most forceful and dreadful blatant manhandling by these sadistic warlords! Her breasts bottom and beautiful young pussy have and will be by the end of the evening be bruised, and black and blue from numerous overbearing overzealous and shamelessly aggressive squeezing and fondling abuse!

But it has also awakened the desire, one that Corky has placed in that naive pretty little head of hers! As the night wears down and the glitzy pompous affair come to a close, Louise who has been totally and helplessly in Cabbas forceful arms all evening, and has at the end of the last dance, taken full advantage of her helpless foreboding wonder, and with his hands tightly squeezing her shapely buttocks in her tight short skirt, has pulled the apex of her soft pubic mound firmly against his hard manly package!

If this is not enough, he has taken all her breath away by kissing her full on the lips, and with a burning hot kiss! Both has left Louise speechless, breathless and unsure with mixed sexual emotions as to his real intentions?

As the girls gather together in the embassy foyer trying to button and straighten their clothes up so they can look more presentable for the ride back. Cabbas has casually said to Louise, that he would look forward to seeing her rose tattoo up close.and in the very near future?

This has left Louise again speechless not knowing quite what to say and is reminded that her tattoo is so close to her intimate place, a place that no other man has ever seen? For Sarah naive and more than a little tipsy, had missed this comment as it went right over her head.

But Vanessa now looking at Louise with a strange smile of wonder said, I think he likes you! Then says to her as the words finally sink in, how bestie converted and eaten out by lesbian gf he possibly know about your red rose tattoo, Louise?.

The short drive back from the embassy was mostly in silence as Louise did not reply or answer Vanessa's question about the tattoo. Her thoughts were agreeable three some fornication moms bang teens scene only about that, but also about Cabbas and his devilish dark charming presence while she was helplessly in his arms, and his firm bulge against her golden brown pubic haired pussy folds.

and of course the kiss! She never having anyone so boldly manhandle her with such obvious intimate intent! All had left her trembling with sexual anticipation the likes of which she never knew existed only hrs ago? Upon returning to the dock and their small craft late that night, Cabbas and his perverted pirate mates had been watching them from a distance looking for the most opportune time or place, to kidnap and abduct them!

Sarah still more than a bit tipsy had almost walked straight into their waiting arms as some small cute little fury critter scurried across her path leading her to follow it like a young child towards the dark part of the pier, and directly into their open waiting perverted clutches!

Just as they were about to grab her, Louise calls out, get back here before that thing bites you, saying just because it is cute does not mean it is a playful pet, and one that won't bite!

Sarah reluctantly has given up her pursuit and turned just in time to avoid being snatched and become another of these pirates helpless victims! Cabbas and his mates were so close, and think dam, under their breath of the missed opportunity, that will now have to wait?

Corky had been tending to the many small but required tasks on their small craft, and was quite alarmed after she saw Sarah with her uniform blouse totally unbuttoned and big white bruised breasts hanging out in a disheveled sexually overexposed tangled mess! She wanting to know what perverted rat bastard had enjoyed fondling Sarah's over ripe, and inebriated young female form!

Louise dealing with her own Dawa enhanced unsteadiness had finally calmed Corky down, and they had set off for the open quiet waters a number of miles off shore where they anchored for the night! In her cabin and still dressed in her uniform she had relaxed for what seemed like only a moment, and could hear Corky, and Sarah squealing erotically in the next cabin as they enjoyed and shared some lustful sex!

For Louise half out of it, was unable to discern if was going on real or a dream? She tried to force herself to think about the rescue of the Vattendaul women that was scheduled for the following day, but her mind could not focus or phantom much of anything in its psychedelic and euphoric state?

Dreams are made up of numerous things, some realistic to things that are impossible, ones that are deep in our subconsciousness? These were Louise's thoughts as she drifted off into a fitful broken sleep, made only wilder by her drug and alcohol enhanced slumber, dreams that jumped from one wildly perverted thought to a heart pounding escape of her half naked wearing only her naval uniform blouse and being chased by warlords that are naked from the waist down and having their hard gigantic black cocks wagging about as they pursue her!

Then she woke up, or thought she did? Only to see Cabbas standing in her open cabin doorway stark ass naked with his big black cock standing at attention! Apparently Louise in her alcohol enhanced sexually psychedelic state.has .a vision of Cabbas the Pirate King, who in the dream has sneaked aboard the girls small craft in the middle of the night! Then has entered her cabin, and with her helpless to resist, seizes Louise, by clamping his hand over her mouth and rolling her over on the bed.

Enjoys himself by feeling Louise's breasts harshly from behind, once he's bound her arms tightly behind her back and gagged her with a big black piece of tape. She is left frantically struggling and trying to get loose but in the realistic dream is unable to free herself of his harsh inescapable grip. Her struggles keep making his big black cock harder and harder, as he holds her vibrant body next to his, and now Louise knows she is going to be two foxy bints have some lesbian fun and brutally raped!

. For Louise still in her uniform the terrifying dream is so vividly real.the feeling of a gigantic black iron rod followed by a searing penetration, and harsh pounding he has held onto her by only his grasp and firm brutal squeezing grip of her shapely firm breasts!

She can say or do nothing to stop alter or change what is happening, as she is helplessly rolled over again! Cabbas is intent on seeing her red rose tattoo up close and personal along with her incredible well trimmed golden brown and very damp pubic haired pussy folds!

Now helplessly on her bunk, and like another person in a dream watching from a distance, is unable to move a muscle and can feel her tight uniform skirt slowly forced up higher and higher around and above her firm shapely bottom!

Then as if by magic he has somehow pulled her white modest knickers free and with a perverted gleam in his eye is holding them up as if they were some sort of sought after trophy, that he has won in this perverted battle of the sexes?

With her skirt up and naked below the waist and still wearing her naval uniform topthe one with gold and black epaulets! Cabbas has found exactly what he is looking for and more!

For Louise it is incredible as his tongue starts exploring her abdomen! From the crater of her navel across the flat fair skin.of no mans land, and. lovingly around her rose red tattoo his tongue continues to explore! Louise is trembling violently as sharp sexual chills shoot up her spine from his expert and very experienced lips and tongue, that have finally found their way into the golden brown well trimmed bush of her pussy folds!

Then through the very wet hairy slit his tongue expertly travels up and down this most wonderful place, until it finds her modest sized swollen clitoris, one that is more than ready for attention, and his attention is more than welcome as he voraciously attacks it. like the most tasty morsel it is!. For Louise in her enhanced but impaired state, the dream is all to real as she endures the first of several incredible orgasms and sexual release like no other. And with sexual euphoria she did not know existed has passed out into a most blissful dreamland sleep!

The dream or reality continues into a different world only to be awaken with a start, in what seems like moments, Louise is shocked to now see Corky standing in her cabin doorway wearing nothing but her slick dark silicone double dildo strap on! Cabbas is gone and in her screwed up crazy dream she is still tightly and helplessly bound as if Corky by design has taken his place?

It is now her turn to use and orally abuse Louise's bare and very wet and incredibly sensitive tender orgasmed pussy by a full blown male like lesbian bitch of a woman, one who is hell bent on giving her sexual pleasure the likes of which no man can do!

The results for Louise is predictable as another very pleasurable mind blowing sexual release rushes across over, and through a body that has experienced sex at the height of orgasmic pleasure few women have ever known? But the experience that is a dream? Is not over, not by a long shot! Louise's as her fantasy's, and dream all sexually inspired, are much like a filing cabinet, one erotica has been dumped by accident on the floor, that have been wildly spread out all over, but she cannot seem to focus on any one ?

Then stops trying in the reality of it all, by recalling a conversation with Corky during their training at the Naval Academy about this incredible black silicone double dildo strap on of hers! The conversation which she recalls vividly is explained in detail when Corky's in a week moment confides in Louise as to just how the nasty mushroom headed shaped thing is used?

It is about 24" long and has a gradual curve, in the middle at the bottom has a pair of realistic life like jell filled hanging male balls, and on the top in the middle has a firm nub with several holes that allow it to be laced around Cory's gigantic clitoris! As well as through the crack of her ass and around her waist! Then when it is inserted in her pussy and laced up to this point, followed by actually using it on another female it can produce incredible pleasure for those experiencing the harsh forceful fucking and can with her clit laced tightly to it give the wearer in this case her, incredible sexual pleasure almost as much as the one on the receiving end!

This is the vision that Louise has awakened to. experienced and become conscious of as she sees Corky like a wide eyed sexual pervert loping milking and talking to this dildo like it was a real cock, and as a lesbian now seems hell bent on using this monster of a thing on her?.For Louise it is all to real still in her dress uniform and tightly bound she and again face down now can do little to resist Corky's dreadful intent and perverted sinful advance!

For Louise the crazy real like wild sexual fantasy is even more harsh and brutal in the alcohol drug induced dream as she can after and even more realistic feeling of deep cunt filling sensation followed by more piston like pumps of sexual intercourse, as Corky in her lust has almost ripped off both of Louise's gold and black uniform epaulets by using them as hand holds to pull her back and thrust the gigantic dildo in as far as the thing will go!

Then like all dreams that seem so real one minute jump something else that has nothing to do with anything, this has left her mind grasping for some semblance of reality or the present?

Apparently what has actually happened with the three women, all well saturated with the Dawa and the added Mondia Tonic both that have conspired to leave all three women helpless and in a high state of sexual arousal and as such has left Corky with the perfect opportunity to do exactly what she had done in the academy after their simulated mock interrogation by MI5 over zealous perverted instructors!

To all three of these women! Starting with young Sarah, then Vanessa and last Louise! Only this time it is very real and that has lasted much longer! But the following morning Sarah is the only one that can actually remember having some incredible sex with Corky as the others Vanessa and Louise think that it was all just a very wild and crazy dream!

This morning though after a very unsettling sleepless and horrific filled night for Louise, she awoke with the feeling of all that has happened was not quite a dream? She was still dressed, had her uniform blouse on, but it was unbuttoned and her bra had been loosened and was not covering either of her breasts plus they were both sore and bruised, especially her nipples that had teeth marks all over them?

If this was not bad enough and even more unsettling her uniform skirt was well above her waist and her knickers were no where to be found? But this was not the only unsettling feeling her pussy was also sore warm and had the most wonderful feeling, that of a woman that had been very well used and a feeling that she had been harshly, but pleasurably abused!

Corky that morning was whistling like a young buck who had enjoyed one of his best nights out with the ladies! Louise after some worried thoughts dismissed her thoughts and tried to get her head and mind back on the business at hand?

Early that morning in the mist off the coast they had again donned their diving gear to look the part of oceanographers and descended in to the sea bed biding their time for the right opportunity to put their rescue plan for the Vattendaul women into action! Corky was the last to dive that morning and was testing some large capacity re breathing scuba tanks that had allow her to stay down under water for an extended period of time.

At about this time the girls had received two coded message's from MI5 one from the admiralty about the Vattendaul women and the negotiations between Lord Vattendaul and the pirate's that has been monitored through questionable third parties had again broken down, and are afraid that the pirates have lost interest in the long drawn out dealings with Lord Vattendaul and that the women will soon be transported to Anderi in Mumbai India, and sold as sex slaves on the open market!

Apparently Lord Vattendaul could have secured their release some time ago, but do to the fact that he is a bastard, plus his love for money the fate of his wife and young daughters was apparently of little concern to him as what he has offered the pirates was not even close to the ransom asked for their release blonde cougar cory chase gets her pussy serviced their actual value!

The message also included the most likely place where MI5 thought the Vattendaul women were being held captive! It also said to expedite their rescue, this was do to lady Jane's ties to the Queen, as their information concluded that the women would soon be transported to the slave auctions of Anderi shortly!

The second message was that the british ambassador at the embassy in Mogadishu wanted to see all of the crew now and in their dress uniforms?. .Louise unsure had assumed that the ambassador hot blonde naomi get a double penetration have better or more accurate information, about the captive women?

This of course was not true as he was only doing what the politicians through the pirates had askedand still trying to make better relations, had no idea that it would only help place Louise and her crew in peril! All of the women with the exception of Corky, Louise Vanessa and Sarah had finished their dives and had changed back into their smart and very tight dress uniforms and these set of clothes that were tailored by the same sexual pervert!

White blouses that buttoned up the front with gold shoulder epaulets and even tighter black skirts for the trip to the embassy and their ordered audience with the ambassador. Cabbas no longer wanting to wait had earlier that morning ordered his mates and first officer Sengisi to monitor the girls small craft and keep tabs as to where it had anchored!

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With Corky still in the water and them waiting for her to come up, the girls were dressed and ready for the trip to the embassy. Then with all kinky bimbos have their moist cunts slammed ready in their pert uniforms.and.

with little warning from out of the mist Cabbas and his naval vessel now sporting a Somalia pirate flag pulled along side tied off and before any of them knew what was happened they were all quickly and easily overpowered by numerous black male pirates, all well armed waving their Ak's, and had grabbed the girls without firing a single shot! The girls weapons were do to regulation all securely locked below deck as they were told not to show any hostile presence to the locals!

As the mist was clearing a helicopter sent from the HMS Bulwark was on its way to check on the girls. Not wanting to endure the wrath of the British Navy Cabbas had Louise call and tell them that everything was okay?

Then with Sengisi holding a sharp knife to Sarah's throat in order to insure that she would say and do exactly what he asked. Louise told them that they were well in charge of the situation and that the helicopter could return! The chopper made a pass over the mist at a high altitude and were in a hurry to get back, as they were running low on fuel and did not want investigate any further, and now with the assurance from the girls that all was well.blissfully returned to their ship.raising no red flags!

Louise now stunned with the realization that she Vanessa and Sarah had so easily been over powered and captured!

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As if this fact was not bad enough, Cabbas was having his mates bind and gag each of the women! They had started with young Sarah who was trying to resist with all her might, this struggle of hers was of little hindrance and only child's play to these big strong black perverted bastards! First black tape over her mouth and pert lips, tightly followed by ropes above and below her breasts.

For Sarah with these big soft sweet things already straining at the material, to be free. material that was already having a difficult time covering and holding breasts of this size in a secure environment allowed them to squeezed out even more perversely showing a lot of white bra and incredible cleavage! This was not lost on the piratesand followed by more ropes tying her wrists tightly behind her back then just below the knee and finally her ankles leaving her immobile and totally helpless!

As Louise watched in horror, helplessly in Cabbas forceful arms, Vanessa also struggling was next to meet a similar fate. To see attractive shapely women dressed in these incredibly tight naval uniforms with their female charms so revealed was bad enough, but to be dressed like this and struggling left little to the imagination of these hardened lecherous men as to what was going to happen to them?Vanessa as an older wiser and more experienced woman knew that to struggle or resist would only bring their abusive wrath.

She a flaming red head also with enormous tits, ones that had been these lecherous bastards focal point as several black hands reached out at first timidly, to make sure that what they were seeing and now touching were indeed real. As she allowed herself to be bound almost exactly as Sarah had been, and once helpless the hands that mom and son fuck baby sitter and cums in her been so timid before were now aggressive and becoming sadistically abusive, and these hands were not only on her breasts!

But one had cut her tight skirt with a knife close to the apex of her "V" and had pulled her white knickers to one side and had gleefully found the patch of red pubic hair that surrounded her fair anemic skinned pussy folds hidden beneath!

For Vanessa a mature and experienced woman gritted her teeth and did her best to resist any sign of erotic duress, at first showing no emotion but as black sadistic fingers found her sweet spot and aggressively manipulated this most tender treasure it took only moments for a woman like her.

not having any real sexual attention for some time, to end up helplessly withering around in bound sexual agony as she was brought quickly and shameless to a humiliating orgasm on the deck with so many others watching! Cabbas had first tied Louise's wrists tightly behind her back and then had forced her down on her knees! In the tight dress skirt her shapely young bottom left no room for anything else as the globes of her ass cheeks belled out tighter than ever, making them even more appealing.

Valentina nappi gets a big cock in her ass Cabbas wanting to compromise her naval command and humiliate her even more in front of these women, she was in command of, along with wanting to turn her into a captive obedient sex slave! Something he loved doing to english women in uniform. had whipped out his big black meat and told Louise to get busy and make it hard! Louise, now with this big black cock head dangling under her nose and dripping nasty repugnant yellow pre cum staring her in the face was at first reluctant to do something.

she had never done before! Her numbed mind trying to make sense, and in detached way thought for a moment, as she had never seen a black cock before especially one of such enormous size, but this had left her in helpless shock! Cabbas quickly brought Louise's thoughts back to reality as he had his first mate Sengisi old elephant dick himself and a mate bare both of Sarah's big breasts and squeeze one very tight!

Then he, with a sadistic gleam in his eye, had taken a razor sharp pointy knife in one hand and with the other, had grabbed one of Sarah's pink virgin nipples, pinching it tight, and had placed the razor sharp point next to the center of the big pink virgin nipple and poked !. Sarah already terrified and helplessly bound tried to scream, even with the black tape over her mouth a muffled blood curdling scream could be heard!

As the first thin spurt of blood mixed with the white milky mucus of an over ripe mammary squirted out with each terrified pounding heart beat and did so in front of everyone! This appeared to be sadistic treatment, and was to insure again that if Louise did not do exactly what Cabbas told her, Sarah's young nipple might be severed completely or her breast horribly cut by the gleaming razor sharp knife!! In reality it was little more than a small pin prick, but in the excitement of it all and with the blood spurting out into the sea breeze from a big white naked breast was much more spectacular that painful, and the result would insure that Louise would do more than her inexperienced best to comply, not wanting to see Sarah horribly disfigured!

For Louise the thought of young Sarah nippless, and her as a woman that had only twice in her life had intercourse with a young college class mate, and had never sucked a male penis before. Sex for her had been timid unsatisfying and vanilla on both their parts, and one that had sex with a little white prick of a penis had no real world idea as to what she was suppose to do? Cabbas sensing her reluctance stuck his black fingers in the corners of her mouth opening her red lips wide and had guided the big black cock head of is dick in!

Just as she realized in wonder that the big head was in her mouth he had pulled his fingers out,had grabbed the shoulder epaulets with both hands and with his pirate mates vocally encouraging him had easily forced the half hard thing down an into her helpless throat!

OMG! For Louise she could not imagine the helpless sickening feeling as she almost through mom and dughter boy friend fuck com, and grayed out slightly all at the same time! She had no idea a big black male penis could actually fit down glorious busty bitches scissoring with dildo during a picnic a woman's throat so deep? Again in detached wonder with her eyes wide and watering with tears of fright, and the half hard sickening thing in her throat could feel, it growing and becoming harder by the second!

The next thing she could remember as she came to her senses was Cabbas screaming at her to suck, as one of his mates started pushing her head deeper and deeper onto his hardening black cock!

Then had jerked her head back and forth faster and faster as he face fucked her with wild lustful abandon as he continued to screamed at Louise like a mad man, again and again to suck!. In perverse sinful moments the big black hanging ball sacks chuck full of sperm that had been banging against her chin erupted, and the sickening sweet nasty cum almost smothered her in a warm creamy torrent of the slimy jizz!

Lots had gone down her throat but an incredible amount was left in her mouth as he pulled back, and finally out! For Louise holding her lips tight was not sure what to do with this mouthful of cum and looked like some sort of chipmunk with her cheeks puffed out and warm cum dripping from the corners of her beautiful red lips!

The decision was already made for her by Cabbas and she had little control of the situation as a big piece of black sticky tape was tightly taped over her mouth and wrapped around her head several times, now making it impossible to spit it out! This was bad enough as Cabbas said to her rather sweetly swallow dear, I know you want it, mocking her helpless couple having sex to the core pussyfucking wardboy and said again with a nasty smile, I can help?

Louise still in wide eyed horror and unable to do anything to resist and with this incredible amount of cum in her mouth? Cabbas pinched her nose tight and slapped her hard on the back the result for Louise was first to gulp and then swallowing the entire mouthful of warm nasty cum as she tried to gasp it air through only her nose that Cabbas was still holding tightly closed!

For Louise this awful sick tasting nightmare was all topped off by one of these thugs placing some weird smelling drug under each of their pretty little nose's that instantly turned their lights out leaving them all unconscious!

Cabbas had left their small craft anchored so that it would look as though they were still diving in the water just in case! This would give them plenty of time to get away with the incredible cargo of kidnapped tender young female flesh ones that the pirates would enjoy until a pirate kings ransom was paid for their release!

To be continued chapter 5 Captivity and a Slave Auction