Skinny teen gina gerson gets dp for christmas

Skinny teen gina gerson gets dp for christmas
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My name is Ally, I am 27 years old never married, earlier in the evening year a horrible thing happened to me that changed my life forever. Up until this time I had made out with guys but had gone further only a couple of times.

I was innocent, my body is petite, attractive, and untouched, at least until tonight. Ally parked the car, then shut off the engine. She waited a few minuets till the " night life" started up again. She sighed, pulled off her boots, socks dropped the keys in her boots and walked out into the fog enshrouded wooded area. " Come on John! Catch me if you want me!" She half-heartedly shouted. She looked around, no one was here, so she flashed me her tits, and went out into the trees.

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Finally, I got out of the car and chased her, eventually I caught her. I tackled her in the wet grass, and we started kissing. I slipped off her shirt, then nibbled and licked her nipples.

While I worked at unfastening her jeans. I pulled them off quickly, then I removed her panties. I stood up and she unzipped me. I pulled my cock out limp as a wet noodle. Well, if she wanted it erect, she would have to do the work herself. She stroked my cock gently, lightly kissing and licking the head, until I was hard.

To get me ready, she swallowed me all the way, while she ever so gently squeezed my balls, sucking hard, her tongue teasing as she let me slide in and out of her mouth.

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I pushed her back and fell down on her. I got between her legs, and licked her until she reached a orgasm. She suddenly felt sharp pain as I grabbed her wrists forcing her hands and arms over her head. She screamed and screamed, not only because of the pain but also because she is so afraid.

But she is in the woods on my estate,so there is no one close enough to hear her no matter how loudly she screamed. She hears a low growl coming from me and looked down at me. I held her wrists tight in my hand as I worked my body down over her slowly, she watched me.

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She shivered in fear, as I reached her tight young pussy again. I stopped and looked up at her, she saw lust and cruelness in my gaze.

I bent my head and gave her innocence a long wet lick again. She tried to close her legs to protect her womanhood from me, but I quickly begin to roughly force her thighs open.

The pain is unbearable, " Please stop.Please it hurts," Tears are running down her face as she tries her best to resist opening her legs. She feels my fingernails scrapping her thighs, making large red scratches on her. Not being capable of standing it anymore she opened her legs, she opened her legs as far as she can exposing her pussy to my lust.

Amid her screams and cries I stopped clawing and positioned myself directly between her legs, I hunkered down to block her legs from closing and started licking her hard and fast.

The roughness of my tongue begins to hurt her instantly, her hips are bucking trying to keep the painful thing out of her. Her virgin pussy has never been touched and now it is being abused and taken by me. It is almost too much to bear, I toyed with her pussy nipping her and licking deep inside, knowing it hurt her and liking it. She is completely defenseless, as she lay there, her legs spread and being mom and dughter boy friend fuck com to accept my animal lust.

She is completely helpless french girl fingered in club beneath me, I'm free to violate her body to my delight, with no way for her to stop me. She laid very still afraid, while I quickly begin to harshly squeeze and lick her breasts.

Her firm young breasts and nipples were being roughly treated by my tongue and fingers.

She arched her back as I slide back amateur femdom babes get their bdsm bondage on with teacher to her pussy again. Giving her pussy lips a hard lick, making her yelp in pain. Her pussy is being filled with my spittle again as her breasts are being abused by my fingers. Her nipples begin to grow hard, giving me perfect targets to squeeze and abuse.

Screaming in pain as her body is abused by me, unable to defend her pussy. I look up seeing her mouth open and inviting I slide back up her body and ram my tongue into her mouth, licking deep mili jay is so beautiful and horny her throat. She tried and tried to get me out, but I forced the back of her head against the ground and I took pleasure in her mouth. Her pussy and tits sore and red from abuse as her mouth is violated from my tongue, so much pain, and she knew it is only the beginning.

She feels like a slut, as I raise up off of her, she sees my cock jutting out between my legs, I was huge much larger then she thought any man got. I rolled her over on her stomach and raise up on her hands. Her ass now raised in the air, she knew I was going to have her. There is nothing she can do to stop me. Tears ran down her face as she is about to take her fate. I parted her legs, positioning myself behind her. Then I mounted her back, wrapping my arms around her torso, my weight held her in place unable to move.

She feels my wet cock growing and touching her ass. I reached down positioning my huge hard cock at her tender pussy, I pushed my cock head inside her and she screamed in agony. It stretched her pussy and bumped against her hymen. I pull back then thrust forward harder and her hymen tore open, lubricating my cock with her blood.

She screamed as I penetrated her, I slowly and painfully fed my huge cock into her, her virginity being taken. I built up a good rhythm inside her, continuing to stretch her pussy to its limit. Her humiliation continued moaning in pain from the violation of her pussy. I ram her hard using my powerful legs forcing my cock deeper onto her. She feels her pussy clamping down on my cock now and she feels a stirring deep inside of her. ' Please God, No' she thought, I can't have my first orgasm.

Her bodies mind was made up as the stirring got stronger, as my cock in her pussy continues to control and win her over. My cock pistoning in and out of her overstuffed pussy. Moaning, not being able to take anymore. A huge cock, so hard and her so helpless. I'm turning her into my slut, making her enjoy my cock. She screams as she had the first and strongest orgasm of her life, as I let out a low groan spilling my hot seed deep into her, overcoming her and it running down the back of her legs.

I held still inside her then with a pop I slide out. She is crying now as her orgasm subsides and she realized what a slut I had made her in the throws of her orgasm. Disgusted to the core, she collapsed laying still. Her body aching, her pussy sore, she is exhausted. I covered her with a blanket and left. She came to her senses, it was a horrible lust filled insanity followed by unbearable guilt that I was making her cum.

Making her enjoy my aggressive rough animal like sex. I return with my cock hard, Ally looked up at me then raised up on her hands and knees. I spread her legs again and mounted her. I positioned my cock head against her ass hole. She screamed " Please John, not there.Please No." I slam my cock into her tight virgin school girl first time sex virgin. Her anus being stretched and violated for the first time.

My big cock painfully went into her, within a minute it was buried inside her. The pain was excruciating but made her relax, moaning from being fucked in the ass.

" Yes, fuck me," she whimpered. Again she feels guilt but forced it back as she is being taken again. She is being forced to enjoy it, she begins to scream for me to fuck her hard.

After a half hour she passed out and awoke to find herself in bed in my house.

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She was a mess, she slowly got up staggering to the bathroom to take a shower.