Sucking and fucking in the shower watch part on suzcamcom

Sucking and fucking in the shower watch part on suzcamcom
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Case Study 301: A daughter's Rebel Yell! Welcome back everyone to Chapter 18. This particular chapter will have Taboo themes that may be sensitive to some of you. SO THIS IS YOU WARNING NOW!!!!! If the theme of incest between multiple family members varying in many differing ages then this story is not for you.

There are close to sixty new stories posted every day on this site so please move on to the next. For those of you who are not so delicate then enjoy. Meanwhile back in New Mexico at Dr. Spencer's home: Dr.

Miles Spencer PhD was sitting outside on his private upper deck just outside of his bedroom facing the morning sunrise. Miles was preparing himself for another day as he was sitting in the full lotus position.

He was breathing into his lungs the cool fresh breeze being delivered to him from the desert floor. He sat in the nude as he usually does as there are no close neighbors to his property. Miles built his massive home on a secluded ridge for as much privacy as possible. It was also built to blend right into the natural scenery of the mountains that surround his home.

Miles finished his morning meditation feeling centered once again. He rose and moved over to the TV in his bedroom that sits on a swivel platform. He swung the TV stand so he could watch his morning Yoga class being broadcast on a local TV station.

Miles felt more in tune with nature by doing Yoga in the nude on his deck. It was peaceful and quiet this morning and the calmness he felt was as if he was one communing with nature.

Miles was going through the various poses that the instructor on the TV was demonstrating. He was concentrating on each move making sure that he was flawless. Miles was working up to the more difficult poses and as he went into the Warrior two pose. With eyes closed and the warmth of the sun hitting him on the face he was jolted a little as he felt a small warm hand cupping his soft genitalia dangling between his legs.

At first he didn't move as he thought his girlfriend Courtney getting a little randy with him. Then as he felt this soft skinned female body slip between his legs, Miles kept his eyes closed trying not to ruin the surprise that she had for him. Miles' body tensed as he felt the warm breath push over the tip of his penis then the wet sensation of his cock slipping into her warm inviting mouth as she began to suck on him. Miles stood embracing the amber glow of the day's sunrise as his cock began growing in her succulent mouth.

The sensation was so intense and the spontaneity of her wantonness made Miles break his pose. Then placing both of his hands on the back of her head he rose up on his toes and slowly thrust his cock thru her mouth to the opening of her throat. Then came an ungodly gagging sound and Miles realized that something was terribly wrong because the one thing that Courtney prided herself in was being able to swallow Miles down to the trunk of his shaft.

When he released his hands from the back of her head he looked down and was shocked to witness his thirteen-year-old daughter spitting the extra salvia out of her mouth into her hand. She looked up at her father as tears were streaming down her pretty pristine face and with a disappointed look she smirked at him and said, "Damn it daddy! How many times do I have to tell you not to push so damn hard. I've got to work up to doing that for you." Miles stood in shock over his daughter.

This was something new for both of them ~ you know ~ being sexually active between a father and a daughter. It started when Amy sucked Miles off in his car at their church michelle is fresh fun and ready to fuck venom lot several weeks ago.

Ever since then Amy has been trying to seduce her father almost on a daily basis. It has become a real game of cat and mouse between them as Miles knew how horribly wrong it was to be with her but at the same time she reminded him so much of his ex-wife. When Miles looks on his daughters face and into her loving eyes he sees the love that his ex-wife once had inside of her for him. His lust then takes over pondering what it chap seduces lovely babe and bonks her have been like to have fucked his ex-wife at the young age that his daughter is right now.

With that facial loving brunette gets facialized tube porn imprinted onto his mind he couldn't help himself with Amy. He smiled at his daughter as she had her arms crossed over her chest giving him a disappointed look and he said, "Honey, what the hell are you doing?

I thought you were Courtney!" He quickly looked around to see if they were going to get caught and asked, "By the way where is Courtney?" Amy smeared the saliva that had pooled in the palm of her hand and began to stroke the full length of her father's white long shaft and said, "She left earlier this morning to go to her Pilates class.

She won't be back for another couple of hours or so." She opened her mouth and then engulfed half of her father's penis. Miles stood with his hands on his hips watching the sun crest over the various ridges some several miles away and thought to himself, 'Now I understand why Jim Foster loved his daughter Kristen doing this very thing to him.' He watched his daughter's head bobbing up and down in the morning sunrise.

After several minutes of pure bliss Miles took her by her hands and moved her over to the couch that was out on his deck and sat her gingerly down then spread her legs, "I guess it's my turn to taste you honey." Meanwhile Back in Hermosa Beach just south of Los Angeles Agents Eric Walker and Danny Lambert are in the middle of confirming Adam McCormick's alibi with his wife Skye McCormick: Eric was curious as to how Sal Palandolpho one of the victims in a quadruple interracial dp sex party double penetration doggystyle and Adam, Skye's husband had met, "So, how is that your husband Adam and Sal meet?

Did they own night clubs together back in New York City?" Skye said, "Damn, I figured that you would have put those pieces of the puzzle together a long time ago. Nah, they weren't partners. Adam didn't own anything he just ran the clubs in Manhattan. You see Sal being part of the Moretti crime family sorta came in and collected special taxes if you know what I mean? Unfortunately for Adam he was the one that had to deal with Sal and his crew of thugs when they came looking for the money.

Then at night when Sal would come into the club to party he had to comp him and his cronies for the night. Sal was a real pain in the ass back then or that is Adam said about him." Eric asked, "Well do you know how Sal and your husband got hooked up?

I mean how did Sal and Adam become partners out here in LA? I mean did Adam go to him for the money to start up the club out here?" Skye said, "Oh, no, no, no. Well, like I just told you before Sal and his crew collected from all the clubs in Manhattan. So, anyway Adam was running this club called China. It was a chic dance club for a young hip crowd in the Manhattan downtown area. Adam was growing tired of the action in New York City and when his friend called him from LA he mentioned that the owner of Sunsets was looking for someone to help him change the image of the club.

Adam talked to the owner on the phone for about a month and then he flew out to see the place and he got hired. Adam worked his ass off and really turned the club around so that it was making tremendous amounts of money.

Danny asked, "How did you meet Adam yourself and what was so magical about Adam turning the club Sunsets around?" Skye said, "That's where I met Adam I was already working at Sunsets. We started dating and after a few years we got married. Well, as far as the club was concerned no one was working as a team.

The bartenders were doing something called 'free pouring and skimming the registers.' Basically that meant that the bartenders were stealing from the club, hooking up their friends and pouring drinks for free to chicks they were trying to bang.

Also Sunsets had a huge back room that was only being used for storage when Adam first showed up. Adam got the idea to turn it into a VIP lounge and that's when the big bucks really began to flow. Danny said, "Yeah, I remember a little something about that when we interviewed Alicia Fischer. She told us that there racy raw franceska jaimes london keyes katsuni jessie volt manuel ferrara a big falling out between the VIP girls and the management of Sunsets, is that true?" Skye said, "Well, being one of the VIP girls myself back then, I did see Alicia's point of view.

You see Adam did his best to keep a steady flow of people in the movie business, music business, professional athletes, actors, rap stars and other top business men in the LA area to come here and finish their business deals and get them to stick around and party all night. Once the meetings were over it was up to us girls like Alicia and me to get them to spend as much money as they could that night." Eric said, "I really don't want to ask this next question because it's really delicate Mrs.

McCormick. If I ask it the wrong way please forgive me but we do need to ask it. As a VIP girl were you obligated to have sex with any of the patrons that would come into the VIP room on any given night?" Skye said, "No. Sex was never on the table as an option for the guys in the VIP room. Sex was always implied just like girls in a go-go joint but nothing sexual really happens.

The nicer you were to the guys the more money you made. The uh ~ well ~ okay ~ so like ~ there would be at least like ten girls who would work the VIP room a night. Whatever money was made from the VIP room us girls would split 10% of the gross that night." Danny said, "That doesn't sound like a bad deal." Skye said, "It's not ~ but Alicia after a few years got jealous about splitting the money with the other girls. She felt like she was the one who brought in the most amount of money and should make more than the rest of us.

Basically she just thought she was better than the rest of us. She was after all the most beautiful out of all of us and for some reason she just refused to hook up with any of the rich guys that came into the VIP room. I mean working in this room there were plenty of rich available men. These are the type of dudes that can keep a girl in the lap of luxury for the rest of your life, if you know what I mean?

For some strange reason Alicia always felt better then all of them. She wanted to make it on her own without the help of a man.

Her goal was to be a famous movie star." Eric said, "So, it just never worked out for her as a VIP girl or a movie star?" Sky said, "I wouldn't say that it didn't work out. I mean she worked on like seventy or so movies during that time but her career just never took off. The movie producer guys would come in and cast her to like bit parts in commercials, TV shows and movies but it just never really happened for her but it wasn't for the lack of trying though.

I just think after a while of getting nowhere she just got bitter and her excuse to leave Adam and Sunsets was that she wanted more money. It became a point of contention between her and my husband and he started firing the girls that mouthed off to him like Alicia did to him all the time.

Then one day very un-expectantly Alicia in one sweeping motion quit and took a good portion of the remaining VIP girls with her and started her company called Corporate Partners. She didn't make it as an actress but she sure did make it in the business world. Be careful of her boys, she's very well connected and certainly don't believe anything that she tells you. She lies better than a well-seasoned politician." Danny said, "Well, we've already had our little run in with her and she is like you said a handful.

Now, how did Sal hook up with Adam if they were on opposite coasts from each other?" Skye said, "Well, several years back one of Adam's buddies was shot and killed at one of the clubs in downtown Manhattan. Adam knew him and liked him so he flew back to New York for the funeral to pay his respects and all.

At the funeral who just happened to be there? Sal. They started talking about business and Sal told him he wanted to branch out on his own away from the Moretti family. He wanted to own businesses that were legit and he could leave to his kids. Sal never wanted his kids to be connected the mob like he was. Adam told him the only way he would leave Sunsets is if Sal made him a legit partner. He also told Sal that the place had to be completely legit and couldn't run any illegal money through the club and no other kind of mob business otherwise he would've just stay at Sunsets.

After Adam flew home from the funeral a few weeks later Sal called him and they talked for a long time. Sal told him to start looking for a place and that he will be sending out paperwork from his lawyer. It was pretty generous offer. Sal was giving him a 20% take of the net plus a bonus every month of profitability. After the oriental moans while taking dick japanese and hardcore paid back the money to Sal only then could Adam buy additional percentages up to 45%." Danny said, "Sounds too good to be true but I guess he took it because the Vanguard is up and running." Skye said, "Yeah he took it as a new challenge and Adam ran with it." Eric said, "So, getting back to the night in question.

Your husband, Adam's alibi, how can you be so sure of the time frame of your husband?" Skye said, "Well, if you work at the Vanguard everyone has a keycard. That keycard keeps track of your time and your activities in the club. Each time you come in or leave the club the employee must swipe their keycard. It also tracks your movements in the club. If you want to leave the floor and go back to the employee lounge, basement, storage, liquor cabinets, cash registers to pay customer tabs or any other off limit places you need to swipe your keycard and the computer keeps track of it all for us.

The cameras in the place are all time stamped as well. That night you are talking about I looked it up on the system. Adam left the Vanguard just a little after ten-thirty that night.

Then the next time he swiped his keycard was when he came back that same night a little after one in the morning. That was the same night when he took Sal and his cronies to the Viceroy Hotel. Then he last swiped it before he left that night to come home and that was at two-forty-five in the morning. When he got home it was a little after three and then we spent the remainder of the night on our deck having sex until the sun came up." Danny was impressed that she took the time to actually double check her husband's story and said, "Well, thanks for the confirmation I guess we will be on our way." Skye stood along with the other two, "I still don't believe your guy's story that Sal's actually dead.

My husband wouldn't have done anything to hurt Sal he loves him like a brother. Besides Sal and his investors were going to make him the general manager of their new resort on a small island that is part of Tahiti. Sal is Adam's meal ticket he wouldn't jeopardize that. I believe that Sal went to the Long Beach Airport the next morning and bought that jet from the movie producer that Adam knows.

I think that you guys aren't sure where he really is and are just nosing around for information." Eric put his hand on Skye's shoulder and said, "Ma'am I really don't want to do this but sit here for a second." He reached into his satchel and pulled out a photograph and just before he showed it to her he asked, "Skye are you queasy when it comes to graphic material?" Skye shook her head, "I'm a horror junky." Then Eric slid the photograph upside down across the table to Skye and she picked up.

"You FBI guys are so dramatic." When she flipped the picture over she looked at it in complete shock and disbelief and immediately put it face down on the table and slid it back to Eric saying, "Holy, Jesus! I knew he was a bad boy but I never thought that he would end up like that." Danny then asked a question that everyone has failed to ask, "Skye the night in question do you know the men that were at Sal's little get together?

You know these supposed investors in the Tahiti project?" Skye said, "Sure. I mean Adam couldn't shut up about it for like a whole month before the meeting. He was so excited that he wanted that night to be absolutely perfect.

Like I said before Sal was assembling investors for his new resort in Tahiti. Then he was supposed to be flying off to some little island in the gulf of Thailand or something like that first before housemate with owner at kitchn to Tahiti." Eric had his pad out, "Can you remember any of the investor's names?" Skye said, "Well, there's supposed to be five investors on the project with an equal 20% share.

So, the first investor obviously was going to be Sal. Then there was a man from England with really old money who had very deep pockets. His name was Lord Jonathon Hayes and trust me fella's he made damn sure to let you know that he was definitely better than you. Then there was this little weasel of a guy I thought he was like a small Napoleon his name is Muhammad Deghashi and he was from Dubai. His pockets are just as deep as that Hayes dude but his money came from oil.

Then ~ let's see ~ oh yeah the nasty dude from Hong Kong his name was Kim Young he was a big to do with the Triads, definitely not a guy you want to fuck with. Then the oldest out of all them was this seventy-year-old something dude ~ he was some big to-do in the KGB like a hundred years ago or something like that ~ his name was Ivan Yezhov.

He was the richest out of all of them and the muscle. Fellas be careful the road you're going down here. These men play for keeps and if you corner them they have the money, power, political backing and assassin's to take you and your family out.

They will do it just for sport. I think I've already said too much." Eric said, "So, how was Adam going to be involved again? Was he putting up any money?" Skye said, "No, Adam was going to be the point man if you know what I mean? Sal was recommending Adam to run the entire facility to the other investors.

This place is going to cater to the very elite of the elite world-wide. We were going to have to move there. Each of these men has their own talents and Sal's talent is assessing people the moment that he meets them. That's why he only works with the best and brightest people, that is, outside of the Moretti's. Danny stood and said, "If these men are this scary then why would you let your husband get involved with them?" Skye said, "Money, power, mansion in paradise, expensive cars and jewelry do I need to go on?" Danny said, "Skye sorry for taking up so much of your time this morning.

If you could, when your husband returns from where ever he is, would you have him or his attorney get a hold of us as we still have several questions for him that we need to have answered.

You know we're the FBI; we have to make sure there are no more rocks to be turned over on an investigation." Skye said, "I can tell you right now my husband isn't involved in the killing of Sal." With that Danny and Eric left the McCormick residence. Meanwhile on Jim Foster's yacht. The plan was to take Latisha Ruiz a well-known international assassin and her two crony brothers once they reach the International waterline.

Jim who was participating in the sting was trying to do his best and not show that he knew that Latisha was sent there to kill him. Latisha and Jim are currently playing their roles to a Tee and were eating their romantic meal on the aft deck on Jim's yacht in the Atlantic Ocean while her brothers are eating on the upper deck. LAPD Homicide detective Gemma Porter and Special Agent in Charge Tom Murphy returned to the galley of the yacht.

Inside the galley were also the DSS black-op's operatives pretending to be chef's during this sting operation. They all sat listening to the conversation that was taking place upstairs on the back of the boat between Latisha and Jim Foster. Their conversation sounded like just normal jibber-jabber between two lovers. Latisha kept telling him all the things that she would like to do if she were to actually move in with Jim.

Jim on the other hand was trying to keep things light his voice sounded nervous if that was possible. He was deflecting her advances of going back to the house as he was trying to get her to do the nasty right there on the boat. He knew the plan was to get her into International Waters so that there were no jurisdictional issues.

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Jim said Latisha, "So, I take it that you liked the lobster bisque there's nothing left?" Latisha said, "It was absolutely delicious honey. I am ready for the main course now." Jim watched as she licked her lips while touching her breasts with fingers and said, "Ooh honey ~ no ~ not here ~ your brothers are like right above us." Down in the galley Tom pushed the bread away from one of the smaller monitors to get a better view of the action.

They all stood and watched as Latisha was falling to her knees in front of Jim and began to unzip his pants. She pulled out his penis and started to suck him off on the back of the boat. Mike Tolbert one of the DSS operatives said, "Damn it must be nice to have this kind of money.

It completely distorts a woman's sense of morality and they do shit just like this." Gemma was watching the monitor very intently as she noticed that even on the very small screen that Jim's cock looked awesome on the screen.

She turned her head slightly and wiped her mouth of the drool as she wished she could have a crack at that large cock. When she spun around she blurted out to the other men there, "Well, when you have a trouser snake like that gentlemen; most women will do just about anything to keep it around ~ if you know what I mean?" Tom spoke into his microphone to Jim on the upper deck and said, "Listen dinner is on the way up to you guys.

I think that her motive is to get you to your state room where they have you in a confined space to do what they want to you. Just keep her up there ~ even though it looks like she doing a fabulous job of sucking you off buddy." Mike pulled two plates out of the oven and placed them on a tray and handed them to Gemma and said, "Now detective it would be very unprofessional of you to join in up there.

So, when you hit the bottom steps you should like ~ cough a little ~ you know ~ to give them time to like stop what they're doing." Gemma took her plates and then Tom took his plates.

Gemma went to the bottom step and said to Tom just say something muffled and then I will laugh that should signal them to stop. Tom said, "I wish nobody else was here right now because I would take you right here on the steps." Gemma laughed out loud but turned her head towards Tom and grabbed his crotch as she continued to laugh as they ascended the stairs. When they both got to the top step Latisha was just straightening her dress and wiping her mouth and Jim had this weird look on his face.

Tom stepped around Gemma and took the two additional dinners to the upper deck to the two brothers sitting upstairs. Tom put the plates down and the two moved forward and Tom noticed that one of them was wearing a holster with a 9mm in it and he asked in Spanish, "Why did you bring a gun out here?" Roberto said back in Spanish, "Because you never know if there are pirates in the waters here and I want to protect my family." When Gemma and Tom returned to the galley Tom told Mike and Theo that both brothers were packing 9mm's.

Mike handed Tom a small vial and said, "This little bottle if very affective. Listen when you are clearing the plates take their napkins and give them new ones later. Before you give them desert just put a few droplets on the napkin and when they move it up to their faces it will make them pass out almost immediately." Theo was watching their trajectory on radar and said, "Listen we need about another half an hour.

By the time they finish dinner and get deserts we should be ready to rendezvous with our guys out there. If we get them to use the napkins then we will have an easy extraction." Meanwhile back in New Mexico at Dr. Spencer's home: Miles was on his knees in front of the couch on his private deck outside of his bedroom.

The morning light shone brightly on his daughter's bare skin. His mouth was buried between his brand new teen daughters' thighs as his tongue was working on her privates. He was separating her itty-bitty naughty spot with his thumbs as his tongue delved deeper and deeper into her very nearly pristine and tight hole.

Amy had her eyes closed as she was enjoying the newest sensation in her life ~ her father's velvety tongue gliding in and out and up and down on her. The sunrise was directly behind her giving her a soft yellow glow behind her head creating a halo affect making her look as if she were an angel in a painting.

Her breathing started to become labored and her hands were running through her father's blonde hair. Suddenly, she had two large handfuls of her father's hair as she smashed his face between her legs, "Yes, that's it ~ just like that daddy ~ why would mommy ever leave you if you knew how to do this to her?

Yes ~ yes ~ daddy, don't stop." Her tiny hips were moving at a slow deliberate pace as Miles tongue acted like a stiff cock that went from her anus to the tip of clit and then down again. Then Amy screamed out ~ "Fuck daddy you're the absolute fucking best!" With that it seemed that her outburst echoed off in the canyon walls for all to hear. After Miles cleaned her very wet pussy with expertise he stood still hard as he was when his daughter was sucking his cock just a little while ago.

Amy's eyes finally came back into view and she instinctively wanted to please her father as she took his penis femaleagent new milf agent likes it hard and fast into her teen mouth.

"Sweetie that feels wonderful." Amy let his penis slip from her mouth and she looked up at her father with a smile and her blue doe like eyes and said, "Anything for you daddy. I just wished I was brave enough to have done all this stuff with you, like ~ a few years ago when I started playing with myself." Miles dropped to his knees and he hugged her tight and when he was face to face with his daughter his eyes were filled with crocodile tears, "Oh honey ~" Amy didn't understand why he was upset, "What's the matter daddy?

I promise I will do better job at sucking your cock from now on. I just need more practice that's all I swear. I mean we can do this every morning after Courtney leaves for the gym." Miles wiped the tears from his eyes and he said, "No, honey that's not it. You're doing a wonderful job. It's just that what we are doing is absolutely matildee e filha se exibindo na web cam honey.

You and I are not meant to be sharing this ~" Amy said, "You mean sex daddy?" Miles said, "Yeah, I should have never put the idea of young girls being seductresses and incest into your head." He then grabbed up her naked body next to his and as he stood holding her on the deck as tight as he could he whispered in her ear, "I'm so sorry I should have never told you about my patient or my stupid theory." Amy freed her arms from her father's grip and wrapped them around his neck and then her legs around his torso and she said, "Daddy what if I told you that I have had these feelings for a really long time now.

What if I told you that I watch a lot of porn movies like every single night? Would it change your mind if I told you that I Jill off to these movies ~ pretending that I am the girl in the movie and you're the boy? When you told me about your patient being aggressive with her father that's when I realized that I wanted to do the same thing with you.

I no longer wanted to pretend in my bed at night, I wanted to do this with you for a long time now. I see how you used to do this with mommy and how hot you look fucking Courtney. I see the way you stare at my body. So, don't be sorry daddy I wanted this to happen and I want it to continue to happen from now on." Miles felt the tip of his penis at the entrance of her volcanic opening and all he would have to do is push upwards and he would be inside of his daughter's vagina for the first time in his life.

Up to now it has been innocent blowjobs and her grinding on top of him, "Honey I am not exactly sure if you know what you want but this is wrong on so many levels." Amy smiled and moved her hand down to his shaft and put the tip between the folds of her vagina and said, "Daddy I want this to happen.

I love you and I want to feel you inside of me once and for all. I want you to be my first. Who better to be a girl's first than her father who really loves her and won't do anything to hurt her?" Miles couldn't believe that his daughter was such a good bullshit artist and said, "Nice try honey but this just can never happen between us.

Amy said, "That's not what your cock thinks." Then she squatted down a little and Miles' head plunged just past her vaginal ring and came to rest inside of her. Amy's mouth opened and eyes widen with sexual excitement for the first time and she whispered into her father's ear, "Too late now daddy. You might as well just do the job the right way." Miles could feel the tightness of her vagina reluctantly opening and how his shaft was making it expand further than it had ever been before.

Russian teens fuck old man he moved his hands down to her buttocks and pushed her body down onto the remainder of his shaft.

"How does that feel honey? How does it feel to have a real long, hot throbbing cock inside of your virgin pussy?" Amy couldn't speak at first as she was lightly slapping her open palm on her father's chest. Her eyes were rolling upwards into her head and then back down again and finally she said, "Daddy ~ this is like the most AMAZING feeling that I have ever had.

No wonder those girls on the videos like big cocks like yours." Miles still holding his daughter moved her back over to the couch and placed her gently on her back. He took both of ankles with his two enormous hands and held them upright as he watched his cock begin to slip out from his daughter's slick hole. Then he pushed back in then out then in then out finally his cock was completely covered in her pussy juice and he looked down at his daughter and said, "Are you ready to get fucked for real, honey?" Amy instinctively tried to relax her vagina to accommodate her father's girth but he was more than she had bargained for.

Her father wasn't showing her any mercy as her moans were of pain instead of true pleasure. Then she looked up at her father and said, "Daddy, can I ride you?" Miles was all too happy to have his daughter bounce up and down on his cock. He slipped out of her and then moved forward and sat on her chest as the tip of his cock came to rest under her nose on her lips said, "Can you smell your pussy honey?" Amy said, "Yes." Miles said, "Suck and lick off your pussy from my cock." Amy did as she was told.

She sucked his cock and licked her father's penis as if it was a nice large lollipop as her pussy that was aching with pain began to subside. When her pussy wasn't throbbing red and sore anymore she said, "That's enough daddy I want you to try and put it back inside of me." Miles sat on the couch and Amy straddled him.

She lined the tip of his cock between her lips. She took a deep breath and she pushed slowly and allowing only his head to slip inside of her, "If I'm too big for you honey then let's stop until you're a little older and we can do this the right way." Amy took that as a challenge and said, "No!

Daddy! I just want to feel every part of you slipping deep inside of me. I want to be like the girls in the videos." Amy slowly descended down her father's shaft allowing her pussy to widen so she could engulf her father's entire shaft. Biting her lower lip and closing her eyes kept herself from screaming out in the shear pain that she was in as Miles was all the way inside of her now.

She began to grind on Miles and she kissed him on his lips and said, "How many daughters like me really want to have just their daddy's cock inside of them? I have no idea why more daughters and daddies don't do this. It may be so wrong daddy but it feels just so right you being inside of me." As Amy was grinding on his cock Miles could only wonder if she knew about him and Kristen his anya and her boyfriend having some hot licking and banging because she is telling him the same exact things that Kristen says to him in their therapy sessions.

Miles looked deep into his daughter's light blue Scandinavian eyes, "Honey I have no idea why people feel that this is so wrong? But you're so right it feels so good inside of you. I have no idea why daddies and daughters don't do this but you feel so damn good inside. You're going to make me cum soon honey." Amy's head was swaying back and forth and her arms were above her head waving as her hips rocked in circular motions over her father's shaft. Amy decided to turn the pain into pleasure in her mind.

It was as if she were dancing on top of her father's lap and Miles heard her start to say something in whisper, "This morning a tiny daughter of a dancer ~ Came dancin' on to my deck ~ This morning a little angel Came pumpin' on my deck floor ~ She said come baby you got a license for love ~ And if it expires BRING HELL FROM ABOVE BECAUSE~" Amy was grinding harder on her father's shaft and she let go of all of her pain and began to pump her father's rod deeper and deeper into her teen cunt.

Then with gusto she began to sing Billy Idol's Rebel Yell in her loud singing voice, "IN THE MORNING HOUR SHE CRIED DADDY MORE, MORE, MORE ~ WITH HIS DAUGHTERS REBEL YELL SHE CRIED MORE, MORE, MORE ~ IN THE EARLY MORNING HOUR DADDY MORE, MORE, MORE ~ MORE, MORE, MORE." Her riding slowed and her voice fell several octaves, "She don't like slavery daddy, I won't sit and beg ~ But when daddy is tired and lonely I will see you to your bed ~ What set you free and brought you here to me daddy?

~ What set you free? ~ I need you here inside of me BECAUSE" Amy's vagina was fully relaxed and she looked like she was having epileptic shock on top of her father as she began to pound his cock again and screamed out to the heavens again, "IN THE MORNING HOURS ~ SHE CRIED MORE, MORE, MORE DADDY ~ WITH A REBEL YELL YOUR DAUGHTERS IS CRYING OUT I WANT MORE, MORE, MORE ~ EACH MORNING HOUR FROM NOW ON SHE SCREAMS MORE, MORE, MORE ~ DADDY MORE, MORE, MORE." Miles could no longer hold back his eruption as his daughter was having some sort of out of body experience and finally yelled out, "Oh damn it baby daddy is ready to finish.

Where do you want daddy to finish?" Amy said, "Let's make a pretend baby daddy. I want to feel what those creampie girls do." Miles pulled her face to his and kissed her and slipped his tongue deep inside of her mouth and then he let out a huge rope of his sperm and then another then another and yet one last one.

As he was unleashing his sperm deep inside of his daughter's pristine cunt hole his tongue along with his daughters was doing a tango like dance between each of their mouths. When he finished he looked deep in her eyes and said, "That was absolutely brilliant honey. As wrong as this is I don't know if I will be able to keep my hands off of you from now on." Amy just smiled and said, "Thank god.

I was getting so bored with playing with myself and giving you blowjobs." Then Amy tried to let her father's penis slip out of her tight little hole but was actually having troubles. The pain that she was feeling that she pushed deep down inside of her was now returning to the surface. Finally when her father's head left the comfortable confines of her pussy a large stream of white thick sperm flowed out and drizzled all over her father's head like you would put caramel on top of vanilla ice cream.

Miles looked at his daughter and said, "Well, one thing is for sure sex is never clean honey that will be one thing especially for you girls to learn about." Amy looked at her dad and said, "Damn it daddy. I worked really hard for your sperm it should just stay inside of me. Don't worry though I'll take care of it." Then she went to work on her father's ever decreasing cock and slurped, licked and sucked off all of the remaining sperm and then proceeded to swallow it up.

Meanwhile less than a half a mile from the International barrier: Tom and Gemma went back to the galley after they cleared the dinner dishes of the guests and they brought each napkin lusty cougars blowing teen cock in some with them. They were given the deserts for each dinner guest and the new napkins that were tainted with a special knockout potion on each of them.

Mike instructed them that the chemical on the napkin will knock out whoever uses the napkin. They were serving cherries jubilee that is quite messy. Mike said "Hopefully in a few minutes everyone will be knocked out and we can extract them peacefully." Then Mike handed Gemma and Tom each a revolver, "Okay, guys it's show time. We have about ten more minutes until full extraction so let's make sure we do this the right way and no one will get hurt." Tom and Gemma took their coats off and slipped on their shoulder harnesses with their 9mm's.

Gemma turned to Tom and kissed him on the cheek and said, "Be careful you still owe me." Mike snickered a little and said to Tom after Gemma left the room, "What is that all about?" Tom said, "Never make a bet with a woman no matter if you win or lose you just plain lose. The story is just too long right now. Let me get this upstairs to Frick and Frack." Gemma made her way to the table and Jim and Latisha were still sitting across from each other as the moonlight shone down brightly onto the table.

Gemma thought how nice it would be to have the kind of money that Jim Foster had. Jim looked really relaxed with Latisha it was like he completely had forgotten why they were even on the boat in the first place.

Gemma came over and served Latisha first and then as she was serving Jim the boat rolled a little and Gemma stumbled and lost her balance to the one side and fell into Latisha's lap. The butt of Gemma's gun hit Latisha in the side of the head but Gemma didn't know it. As Gemma regained her balance she apologized profusely to both of them. Then as Gemma was ready to leave the outside deck to enter the boat she heard a gun being cocked behind her. Gemma reached for her weapon and spun around and then took at aim Latisha.

Latisha was now standing behind Jim with her gun pointing at his head and Latisha screamed out for her companions, "Ramón and Roberto get down here ~ I need you ~ NOW." Tom being a trained FBI Agent pulled his gun and then told Roberto and Ramón to put the napkins to their faces.

Tom didn't know what chemical that was on the napkin but they both keeled over onto the floor within a few seconds. Tom pulled out his plastic restraints from his pants pockets and zipped their wrists and ankles then took their guns. He immediately called down to the galley for Mike to come up and help Gemma and that he secured the other two suspects.

Then Tom spoke to Gemma, "Don't milf ryan conner bounces on top of a big black cock dare drop your weapon until I get there." Tom was moving down the steps and just as he hit the last step he heard a shot fire and then he saw Gemma fall to the floor.

Mike had just made it to the door and when he saw Gemma fall to the floor his mind went into a white blaze of fire. Jim knowing that he would be next instinctively elbowed Latisha in the stomach.

As he did this Latisha was separating him from her for just a moment and Mike took a clean shot and hit Latisha in the shoulder spinning her around then down onto the ground. Then Mike was on the horn and he called for the extraction team to the yacht.

He then moved directly for Latisha that was now on her feet looking for her pistol but Mike was all over her. He jumped on top of her with his knee pinning her head down on the deck. He quickly handcuffed her and said, "Latisha Ruiz you are under arrest for the attempted murder a police officer, you have the right to remain silent ~" Tom rushed to Gemma's side as she was prone on the deck of the boat. He moved his hand down to her soft beautiful face. He caressed her as crocodile tears began to well up in his eyes.

Tom gazed into his sex pots eyes and he couldn't believe at that very moment how much he actually cared for this woman, "Gemma, Gemma can you hear me?" Gemma had xxx sexy movi storys downlod in ebony dubit hand over her stomach along with Tom's, "Damn it sucks getting shot ~ it hurts like hell." They both began to laugh and then Tom rolled her on her side and he felt blood and he knew things were bad but Gemma said, "You still owe me damn it.

I don't want to go back to the states you fix me up here and then I want to do it on the damn beach you hear me?" Tom was giggling as he wrapped his arms around her torso and held her like a small child against his chest as he rocked back and forth not knowing if she was going to make it and said, "Look the fellas are less than five minutes or so out and they have a medic aboard. Listen don't you leave me ~ stay with me." Gemma looked up at him ran her fingers through his hair then she slowly closed her eyes and said, "I love you daddy." Tom held her protectively in his arms and kissed her on the lips as his tears fell from his cheeks onto hers and whispered into her ears, "I love you to baby." Several minutes later Tom was in panic mode as Gemma was ripped from his hands and hoisted upwards to a rescue helicopter.

The sensation of being separated from Gemma was driving him crazy not knowing whether she was dying or not. Tom was pacing inside the main cabin of the Yacht as if he was contemplating something important and was inconsolable.

When the medics had finished with Latisha the rescue harness was lowered once again. Tom sprinted to the upper deck with his pistol in his hand and just as she was about to be whisked away Tom aimed his pistol directly at Latisha and the Seamen holding onto her. DSS Agent Mike Tolbert screamed out, "Tom NO! She isn't worth it man." Mike ran and lunged at Tom hitting him as if he was a quarterback in a football game driving Tom down to the deck floor.

Tom's gun discharged and thankfully the bullet went astray and hit nothing it just went out to open air. Tom had Mike on top of him relieving him of his weapon. Tom then snapped out of his red rage towards Latisha Ruiz and he gulped real hard and said, "Thanks Mike ~ I think I'm losing it man. I would have killed her if it weren't for you." Then Luke Hobbs the DSS team leader picked up his revolver and pushed the button that released the clip from Tom's gun and then he emptied the chamber.

He held out his hand to Tom and helped him up off of the deck. He handed his gun back and said, "Here is your weapon Special Agent Murphy. I'll just hold on to the clip until Ms. Ruiz is out of the sight." Then Luke busty babe with big natural tits fingering her pussy and teasing on webcam his team together and said, "There was no discharge of Tom's weapon do we all understand?" The team looked at Luke and then at Tom then one by one acknowledged that bullet was never discharged from Tom's gun.

Jim Foster moved towards Tom and when he came up he actually hugged him, "Tom thank you for saving my life! Earlier this week if you would have told me that I was going to be held at gunpoint by an assassin I would have told you that you were fucking nuts. I promise you Tom that once Gemma comes out of her initial surgery if she needs anything ~ I mean anything I will provide it for her." Then he released his hug and stepped back and shook Tom's hand, "You have my word." Tom stood there as if only the shell of his body was there.

It seemed as if his inner being was somewhere else and he fell to the couch behind him not saying anything and Mike said, "Mr. Foster ~ Mr. Foster if you would go to your state room until we remove the other two suspects that would be a great help." Jim turned to him, "That was an amazing shot Agent Tolbert. I owe you my life. If there is anything that you need you let me know." Mike smiled at him, "It's all part of being an Agent Mr. Foster I'm just glad that you're okay." Jim made his way to his state room and once he left the deck Tom stood and looked at Luke, "I need to be with Gemma and I need to interview Latisha before she figures out she has some kind of damn rights." Luke looked at Tom and said, "Perhaps it would be better if Mike or I did the initial interview of Latisha while you stand vigil for Gemma." Meanwhile later that afternoon back at the Camelot Clinic in New Mexico: Miles sat in his office pondering what happened between him and his daughter this morning and how could he stop these spontaneous acts of sexual contact between them.

After beating himself up for half an hour or so Miles decided he had enough self-loathing and it was time to get back to work. He quickly scanned his docket of patients. The first person up for today is Kristen Foster. Miles leaned back in his chair looking at her picture in her folder and began to wonder what it was going to take to get her to finally draw her out of her Catatonic condition.

After several minutes of debating silently in his mind he came back to the one same conclusion. He knew that he needed to once again hypnotize his patient and then use the technique of regression in order to move Kristen forward towards her actual age and perhaps bringing her out of her Catatonic state once lovesome cutie spreads soft vagina and gets deflowered for all.

Miles was busily creating the soft mood inside of his office for her. He drew down the lights creating the gentle ambience that seems to put her at ease. The aroma of vanilla candles filled the air and playing in the background was the soft violin styling's of one of the greatest composure's to live Johann Sebastian Bach as if it weren't even noticeable to the naked ear.

This had become the norm for Kristen's sessions when she's hypnotized. Then the shrilling sound of his intercom buzzed and his secretary Lilly's heavy New York accented voice announced that Carl one of the orderlies had Kristen Foster with him and she was ready for her session. Miles moved over to his desk and sat down and pushed his intercom button, "Okay, Lilly send Carl in please." Carl stood a stout six foot two inch's he weighed probably a little more than three hundred pounds and was Mile's favorite orderly at the clinic.

Opening his office door and sitting in front of Carl in her wheelchair was the petite pale skinned Kristen Foster she looked like a small teenage girl.

Miles thought to himself that Kristen was about twenty-years-old right now. Then the thought crossed his mind what it would have been like for her eight years ago being even smaller than she is now. Miles cringed, thinking about how the three grown men broke into her home and raped her when she was just twelve-years-old. Then he thought, was that any worse than, all of the other father's and men that took part of the swinging parties that her parents took her to and allowing those men to have sexual intercourse with her on an almost daily basis?

He thought how small of a body she would have actually had back then and the improbability of grown men's penis' slipping into her pre-teen fuck holes. He just shook his head in disbelief that grown men would just take advantage of that type of situation. Then his mind wife being felt up by strangers in group with guilt knowing that he wasn't any better because he himself had sex with his thirteen year-old daughter just this morning.

Then he realized that he had one other thing in common with Kristen aside from fucking her during her therapy sessions when she's hypnotized, she fucked her own father and now he's fucking his own daughter.

Carl wheeled Kristen over to the couch and picked her up as is if she were a rag doll. Carl sat her comfortably on the couch. Looking at her as if she were a piece of art adjusted her hands so they lay gently in her lap. He took several steps back gazing at her and then smiled as if he were happy with himself. Miles noticed how this large man was so gentile with her and he said, "Carl ~ would you shut the door and stay for a moment please?" Carl did as he was told as the clinic was run by Miles and being the big boss there, you did what he told you to do, even though he wasn't a very demanding task master and he said, "Yeah, boss is there something you need from me?" Miles said, "You know our patient here has been with us for a while now.

I've noticed that over that period of time that you have become sorta more or less ~ very protective of her ~ even if that is more possible during that time." Carl just smiled as both banks of his pearly white teeth were now on display and he said, "I've grown attached to her ~ ya know ~ more than the other's Doc.

I mean usually after a month or so you are able to help whoever is here and then they tend to move on unless there is some kind of relapse. I don't know Doc ~ she seems so ~ dainty ~and ~ helpless ~ I just want ~ I just feel that I need to be the one to look out for her ~ that's all ~ you know what I mean Doc?" Miles said, "You know I get that very same feeling from her all the time.

Why do you think that is?" Carl said, "It's in her eyes Doc. I know that you hypnotize her but she has these soft loving eyes that a guy could ~ you know Doc?" He put his hand out towards Miles, "She has eyes that you could just get lost in." Then Carl's demeanor changed like he was talking to one of his boys at the barber shop and chuckled and said, "I mean ~ I'm not into white girls I still like da sista's you know that Doc.

Besides my mom's would kill me if I came home with a white girl ya know what I mean Doc? And he began to laugh out loud and said, "I guess my mom's and grandmom's are sorta prejudice against da white girls with big beautiful black men like me." Miles was chuckling along with him as he was intently looking into Kristen's baby blues and said, "You know, now that you mention it I can see what you're saying about her eyes.

Thanks Carl, I think that you may have helped me find a way to help her." Carl moved towards the door and before he left the room he said, "Whatever I can do to help you and especially for this young girl. It just kills me seeing her like this ~ I mean she has her whole life in front of her. I mean she probably hasn't experienced a whole lot in her life and now she's like ~ stuck ~ like this." Miles said, "Thanks Carl now it's time for me to work my magic." As the door closed Miles thought to himself, 'Carl if you only knew the real situation in which this girl has already lived.

She's already lived a life time and half and I think she's only twenty-years-old." Miles hit the remote control for the video-camera and he sat for a few moments as he gazed into Kristen's eyes. Today he thought he would do something different. Instead of drilling her with the same thirty baseline questions before hypnotizing her he wanted to natasha nice and mia malkova a different approach.

He smiled at her and said, "We can start anytime you like Kristen." He sat there for several minutes and nothing happened. He then picked up his book and started reading. It took him almost a half an hour to get through the chapter and when he looked up at his patient nothing had changed. She sat completely motionless like a statue nothing moved on her body and her stare was still as distant as the first day he met her.

Miles then moved over to her and he dropped on his knees in front of her and whispered in her ear, "I know you can hear me Kristen. None of this ~ none of what has happened to you in your life ~ is your fault.

You didn't do anything wrong Kristen. You were just a child ~ an innocent child that grew up in a different household than all the other kids. Kristen it wasn't your fault that you had to grow up so much faster than the other girls your age.

It wasn't your fault that your brother passed away. There was nothing that you could have done for him. It wasn't your fault that those bad men came into your home and raped you.

Do you hear me? As you sit here in my office you get a do over. You can start a new life that you can choose. Not one that your father or your grandparents have chosen for you. You're a good person Kristen ~ you're a person who deserves much more than what has been provided to you by your family. Let my words resonate inside of you and think about it. You don't have to hide real milf wife in threesome and german gangbang first time black suspect taken on a anymore Kristen.

You can come out of the place that you're hiding. There is nothing that you have done or that has happened to sexy babe railed by nasty pawn keeper at the pawnshop brunette and reality in the past that you need be ashamed of. Kristen there is a life that is worth living out here; right now, today and you can start anytime you like?" Miles sat back in his chair and then read the next chapter in the book that he was reading.

It was about a half an hour later when he set the book down again disappointed that nothing happened. He looked at her intently and she had been sitting in the same position for an hour now and the same blank stare was never broken. Miles once again admitted defeat and he said, "Okay, Kristen we will play it your way just for another day." Miles began to hypnotize her and then said, "Today I want you to tell me about Oklahoma and the real reason why you left Latrobe, Pennsylvania?

You also mentioned something about going to Sweden maybe we could talk about that as well today?" Miles finished hypnotizing her and then used the technique of regression to tap two curvy stripers lick their orgasmic twats masturbation brunette her subconscious mind.

Kristen's expression of being a stone statue began to tight busty masseuse blake morgan drilled by her client away. Her natural beauty began to emerge ever closer. She looked like a butterfly leaving its cocoon for the first time. Her eyes began to soften. Carl was right the more you stared into her baby blue eyes the more you felt like you could actually get lost in them.

Her face began to soften as Kristen's smile appeared. The last several regressions when she emerged from her catatonic state Kristen surprised Miles as her personality has slowly matured each time. Kristen reached down to her feet and took her socks off and brought her legs up to the couch sitting Indian style like she has always done in her past therapy sessions. Once again her light sundress slipped up her upper thighs just like an egg slides out of a innocentlooking asian girl kotomi asakura fingered like a dirty bitch pan.

She continued smiling at Miles and with a playful voice spoke, "You never get tired of staring between my legs and at my pussy do you Doctor Spencer? Miles thought there seems to be some type of residual memory of their therapy sessions stuck inside that pretty little brain of hers.

That was puzzling to Miles that Kristen would have any sort of recollection of the previous sessions when it came to sexual dalliances between Miles and her. Miles makes sure to wipe her mind clean of any improper sexual contact after each session especially him staring at her vagina. He was however encouraged that her conscious mind is retaining some things and he said, "You know when you sit like that it makes it really hard for me not to look between your legs young lady." Kristen gave Miles an evil smile as she giggled facesitting slut gets her pussy filled with homemade and cheating him bringing her hand over her mouth, "That's why I like sitting like this.

I can tell what kinda guy you are." Miles asked, "So, what kind of guy am I?" Kristen said, "Normal I guess. You see ~ any guy who doesn't sneak peeks at a girl when she's got her legs open like this (she looked down and tiny lesbians gina gerson amp kiara lord the front of her dress up over her lap exposing her tiny thong to him) and doesn't look is either gay or a guy I can't trust." Then a big smile came across her face.

"See I know I can trust you." Miles smiled as his eyes traveled up from between her legs to her eyes, "I'm so glad that you can trust me. Now, let's get back to business. The last time we spoke you mentioned that you asked your father to find a home in Oklahoma. You also hinted to the fact that he took you to Sweden and that you met a new friend ~ a one ~" Miles was scanning thru his notes ~ "Farah Johansson.

Do you remember telling me that?" Kristen sat silent for a few seconds. "Yeah, Farah she's a neat girl. I really look up to her. It's like she's ~ oh I don't know ~ more like an older sister that I never had." Miles wanted to keep things in order and asked, "So, Kristen I would like to get a more definitive answer as to the real reason why you and your father moved to Oklahoma. Was minha linda esposa que delicia comer o cuzinho vocecirc quer your father's drinking or was the real reason because the boys pinned you up against the lockers in the girls changing room at school?

I mean they had you naked and they were making you play with their penises. I mean that would be enough for me to move my daughter from that school." Kristen shuffled on the couch and said, "Well, my father was definitely pissed off about the boys in the girl's locker room that's for sure.

But ~ like ~ once the boys weren't allowed to come back to school and they got expelled for good, things got really normal for me. Most of the kids felt sorry for me after the incident. The girls took a shine to me after that and really got to know the real me.

Once that happened I made a whole bunch of new friends and going to school wasn't so bad. Then the three boys who attacked me ended up going to juvenile detention so they got their punishment that's for sure. Miles was satisfied with her answer and then asked, "So, it really was the drinking that forced you to move or was there another reason?" Kristen rubbed her chin and said, "Well, daddy seemed to drink a lot more the longer that he didn't get to see my mother when she was in jail in Oklahoma.

Now, that I think about it when mommy was in the jail in Pennsylvania daddy got to see her every day and he barely drank. When they moved my mom to Oklahoma after she got stabbed daddy had just the one chance to see her each week. The only time that daddy was happiest was when he knew that week he was going to have special mommy and me time at the jail." Miles didn't know what that was and asked, "Mommy and me time, what is that?" Kristen said, "Well, that is the time when daddy actually goes into the jail and they have this little room that mommy and daddy were able to have sex together for a couple of hours." Miles said, "Oh, okay you're talking about conjugal visits." Kristen scratched her head, "What are conjugal visits?

I don't understand that." Miles said, "That is just a fancy word for mommy and me time that's all.

I remember you telling me during your last therapy session that, your father was still having sex with you and your girlfriends at that time.

You mentioned that you were around eleven or twelve at that time. You also mentioned that you and your two girlfriends were able to seduce each other's fathers and that later all of you were joining in and having your own private sex parties at each other's homes. You also said that your father ended up having sex with Mrs.

Bowen and that led to her convincing Mrs. Galloway to join in on your little family swinging trysts. So, if your father's had ample sexual partners why weren't his sexual needs being met?

Why would he drink so much? It just doesn't make sense to me Kristen." Kristen snapped her fingers and said, "That's exactly it Doctor Spencer. I would sleep in my daddy's room sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and he wouldn't be big cock facial for two horny brunettes nl. I would find him in his office or sometimes on the couch passed out with bottles of whiskey all over the place.

Then things got worse I found him in his car parked on the front lawn with the car running but at least it was in park. I found him in the garage once and the car was up against the wall.

Thankfully it only rolled and didn't do any damage to the car or the house." Miles said, "So, your daddy was drinking because of his inability to see your mother every day?" Kristen's eyes began to fill up with tears as she indian uncle umesh fucks neighbour and records for a few minutes and finally spoke, "Well, one night my daddy was drinking a lot as we were watching TV together. I asked him to just stop drinking because he is going to get hurt one day.

He told me that he can't because he feels so guilty. He told me that none of this stuff would have never have had happened to me and my mother if he hadn't been in Europe. He felt like he was a bad father and he should be in jail and not mommy. He also feels horrible because the police won't leave us alone." Miles' curiosity was now peaked, "Why are the police bothering you? And why does your father feel like he should be in jail?" Kristen said, "Well daddy felt like he abandoned me, my brother Kevin and my mother because he had to travel for his job so much.

Now, the police was something completely different. They would just show up at all these strange times and want to look around our house and all." Miles said, "Now, Kristen the police they just don't show up for no reason. Tell me why they would show up at your home?" Kristen said, "Well, The Galloway's and the Bowens liked having our own little swinger parties with just our families but surprise, surprise the girls mother's Amanda Galloway and Fawn Bowen had an idea.

They suggested to my father that they wanted to meet all of the other special families that we knew so they could have fun with the other families ~ to like ~ spice things up a little. So, my dad arranged to have a party so everyone could get to know both the Galloway's and the Bowens. Daddy invited about twenty special families that were the closest to us. The party started off okay and then as it was breaking up later that night the police just happened to show up.

They put the kids upstairs and talked to us while the other officers searched the home for drugs and stuff. The other officers asked us kids, 'did any of the mommy or daddies touch us in a bad way?' Of course we all said, 'no.' we were all trained by our parents to lie to the police so no one would go to jail because they just don't understand our way of life.

The police showing up like that was bad for my family. You see, some of the family's told daddy that they didn't want to have any problems with the police in Latrobe. They weren't going to come to our home anymore just to be safe sweet bitch sits on a fat and hard penis all.

They told us that we could come to their home if we wanted to. My Pap-Pap found out later that same month that the DA lady ~ you know the one that put my mommy in jail ~ she was the one who told the police to sit and watch our home for anything out of the ordinary. Now, because Mr. Galloway was a city councilman and with my grandfather's being so pissed off at her they sat down with the mayor and told him to fire that horrible DA lady once and for all.

Then the other time was when my daddy and I were coming back from Harrisburg. The state police pulled us over on the highway. The officer told us that our taillight was out but it wasn't. His partner broke it with the stick that they carry, after they pulled us over. They took my daddy and me to their barracks. They made my daddy stay in this little jail cell while they talked to me. They brought in a special person to talk to me and he asked me all kinds of questions.

He wanted to know where were coming from. He wanted the name of the family we visited and wanted their phone number and address and all the names of the people that were there.

He wanted to know what my daddy and I did there. Then he asked me if I wanted to let them know if someone did anything bad to me. We were coming back from one of our special family parties so I didn't say anything. I just sat there not saying anything for hours and eventually they let us go. A few weeks later daddy found out that the reason we got pulled over was the same DA lady that got fired from Latrobe.

She got hired by the States Attorney's office and she put out a special APB on my father's car. The police were to pull him over because he was a suspect and was wanted for questioning in an ongoing criminal investigation. When my father found out he called his friend who was the Lieutenant Governor and told him what this woman was doing to him. His friend made a case against her and the Pennsylvania Bar suspended her license to be a lawyer.

Then daddy's Lieutenant Governor's friend fired her once and for all. Now she can't bother us anymore. They also fired the police officer who asked me all the questions because he did it without my daddy being in the room with me. You see this is the reason why he was drinking so much.

He was feeling so bad that his friends could get in trouble just because they knew him. He also felt guilty that he was having so much fun with all of his friends while my mother was suffering and rotting away in jail." Miles said, "Wow. I didn't know that things were that bad for your father.

Even though he still had you he felt lonely without your mommy." Kristen said, "I knew I could love my daddy with all my heart. I knew that we could have sex together and that would make him happy but that's when I knew I could never replace my mommy. She is a very special lady I don't think anyone could replace her. So, after all of that we decided to leave and move to Oklahoma.

Finally my daddy had something constructive to do instead of just sitting around our house. He stopped drinking and was spending a lot more time in Oklahoma and could mommyblowsbest rayveness is a dirty step mom my mother a lot more. My dad started leaving me with the Galloway's and the Bowen's for longer periods of time while he was in Oklahoma. I mean ~ I was happy ~ Little boy force sex women really didn't mind it at all.

I still got to have sex with my girlfriends and their families I enjoyed myself with all them. It was like I had this really big extended family now. Then after several weeks my daddy started taking me back to Oklahoma to see my mommy at the jail because mommy said she missed me. After daddy and I would go and see my mother at the jail we would travel around Oklahoma looking at all of these different houses.

It took about a month but finally it was my daddy who found a really nice house. We couldn't move in right away because it was an older farm house that needed to be fixed up a lot and daddy wanted to put in all kind of security systems for us." Miles asked, "So, all of this was happening during the summer months before you started the next year of school in Oklahoma?" Kristen said, "Yes, things moved really fast once I told my daddy that I wanted to move.

Daddy got really happy and excited again about life. It was like he felt important again, like he had something to do besides playing around on the stock market all by himself. I asked him to stop drinking and all ~ he didn't ~ but it seemed he didn't drink as much as he did before. He wasn't getting drunk and after that ~ when we went to bed together at night ~ he always was there in the morning with me.

It was nice not finding him passed out all over the house; it was like I got to fall in love with him all over again." She started smiling and she was hugging herself and then rubbing her hands up and down on her arms and in a soft voice said, "We started having sex every or better yet making love in the mornings again Doctor Spencer. It was magical having my daddy holding me tight in the morning when I woke up. I love waking up in daddy's arms then him making love to me in the morning.

Everything seemed like it was going back to normal as it was before I got raped and mommy went to jail. Then one Saturday afternoon before we moved my Pap-Pap came over and had a meeting with my daddy. They locked themselves inside of my daddy's office for a really, really long time and when they came out Pap-Pap told me that I should pack a small bag because I was going to stay with him for a short while." Miles was curious and asked, "Was your father leaving you or was he going to go to Oklahoma by himself?" Kristen said, "Oh no, no nothing like that.

My daddy sat me down later and explained that I couldn't go with him because he was going to Sweden. I was really upset that he was leaving me.

I didn't want to be by myself ever again. After my father calmed me down he explained to me that he had an opportunity to put together a very important business deal. He needed to meet this business man in Sweden whose family owned a lot brewery's around Europe. My Pap-Pap knew this man for a really long time.

You see this man from Sweden and told my daddy's old company Latrobe Beer ~ that he would only sell some brewery's to them if my daddy would come and meet with him because he only trusted him. My daddy ended up leaving me behind and he went and met with the owner of these breweries. His name was ~ Mr. Johansson ~ Gabe Johansson.

" Miles said, "I remembered that you mentioned before that your father did take you to Sweden to meet with the Johansson family in our last session.

But he didn't take you the first time why?" Kristen said, "No, he went and met with him the first time by himself. Daddy was only gone for a few days.

Then after he got back he took all of the money he got from when Latrobe paid him off to quit and then he took all of the Galloway's money and Bowen's money and they put it together with my Pap-Pap and Pop-Pop's money and Latrobe Beer let them in on that IPO thingy." Miles said, "So, when did you go to Sweden with your father?" Kristen said, "Just before the IPO thing was going to happen. Mr. Johansson called my father and asked him to come back to Sweden to celebrate what they had done together.

He wanted our family to celebrate with his family because everyone was going to make a whole bunch of money. My father and this Mr. Johansson got friendly really fast. Daddy told me that the Johansson's wanted me and the rest of our family to come to Sweden and celebrate and then vacation there with him. Daddy told me that Mr. Johansson had a daughter that was very close to my age and that Pap-Pap said that the Johansson's were a ~ you know ~ a special family just like ours ~ you know what I mean doc?

Just like ours and that it should be a lot of fun spending time with them. We would have a whole lotta parties like we used to but now with different families from around Europe." Miles was curious as now it seems that her story has become tamer than what she had mentioned before in her past therapy session and he asked, "So, the last session you mentioned that when you got to Sweden you were forced to have sex with Mr.

Johansson to make sure the IPO was going to happen or are you telling me now that you never did anything sexual with Mr. Johansson?" Kristen said, "Nobody forced me to do anything at all Doctor Spencer. Like I told you before, that's not the way it works with special families. If you want to say no ~ then no means just that ~ NO! My daddy told me his secret about Mr. Johansson's daughter on our airplane ride over to Sweden.

Daddy told me that Mr. Johansson offered the chance for my daddy to have sex with his teenage daughter Farah. Mr. Johansson said it was to consummate the deal between Latrobe Beer and his family Skebro breweries. Mr. Johansson told my daddy that it was Farah his daughter's idea that she was the one who really wanted to have sex with my daddy. My daddy told me that he didn't want to upset anybody so the deal would go through so he had sex with her." Miles asked, "So, this Farah wanted to have sex with just your father?" Kristen said, "Yeah but her mother Theresa wanted to watch them and sometime during the night Farah's parents decided that they wanted to join in and all ~ then the four of them had sex together.

Miles wanted to slow things down a moment and try to get things straight and said, "So, you ended up going to Sweden with your father? That had to be cool right?

I mean he was brokering a deal for the Latrobe Beer Company to buy several breweries from the Skebro Company, right? What was it like? I mean I had never been there before." Kristen said, "Well at first it was really fun you know ~ it was kinda cool and all to be in Sweden and then it got really strange or maybe creepy is a better way to say it." Miles sat back and noticed yet another leap as she was showing a wide range of emotions.

Usually Kristen is even keeled but to admit the range of emotion of the last answer made him very curious and he asked, "That is a wide range of emotions. I mean going from fun to weird to creepy seems that a lot of things happened that you weren't expecting?" Kristen said, "It was kinda cool because when my daddy told me that our family was going to Sweden and I thought that, that filthy mother id like to fuck like her milkshake just him and me.

Then when we got to the airport there was a big surprise both of my grandparents were there my aunt Lilly, uncle Donny and my cousins Timmy and Amy." Miles was surprised because she hadn't mentioned her other family members joining her when she went to Sweden and he blurted out, "Really?" Kristen eyes rolled in her head accessing all her memories of that time and just blurted out, "So, it was kinda neat we didn't go to the normal part of the airport that had all the big planes and all.

Pittsburgh Airport had like this secret little part with smaller planes and all. There was like this jet it wasn't as big as the normal ones but it wasn't small either. It had this strange logo on it that I had never seen on any other airplane before. There was a big eagle with its wings open and a sword in its mouth. There was this fish inside of its claws and the eagle looked mean and all. Daddy told me that the logo wasn't for a plane company it was something special that only belonged to the Johansson family.

It was supposed to be like ~" Kristen started snapping her fingers and tapping the side of her head trying to remember ~ "It was like supposed to be like a coat and the arms inside ~" Miles interrupted her and helped her out and said, "I think what you're trying to say is that this logo was the Johansson's Coat of Arms." Kristen smiled and snapped her fingers then pointed her finger at her therapist and said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah that's it Dr.

Spencer. This family was so rich that they had like their own big jet airplane and all.

Here I thought that my family was rich and all but not like this. I mean we were rich for like Latrobe but these people were rich for like the whole country of Sweden and all. That is like crazy scary that we were going to their house. There were these nice men there and they took our luggage and put it under the plane while we went inside of the plane. Well, you know being the youngest and the smallest and all, usually meant that you're always last and this time was no exception I was the last one to get on the plane.

Once we were inside it didn't look like a regular airplane. It looked like someone's living room. I mean there were the airplane chairs and all but they faced in like different directions." Miles asked, "Different directions?" Kristen said, "Yeah, there was like these two couches on the side but when you sat on it they were really two chairs that could also slip down into a bed.

Then the chairs also faced each other so you could slide them down and they became like a tiny bed as well. When you went to the back there were two little tables with chairs on either side so you could like eat something. Also there was like the tiniest stove and refrigerator I had ever seen.

The bathrooms were like so much bigger than the ones on the really big airplanes. I mean one had like a tiny shower in it. I mean you didn't have a lot of room and all but it was neat any way. Inside it looked like there was real wood and instead of the lights being up in the ceiling they had them on the sides and some were on tables. It was like I said you were in someone's living room.

The whole thing was just like really cool. The only real bummer was like how my daddy and I liked to play with each other on an airplane when there are like a ton of strangers around us.

I told you before about how we try to have sex on a plane on our way to see my mom and redhead chick sucking and jerking a black cock we never got caught. It is like so exciting for one thing to have sex with my daddy but then to do it out in public is really dangerous but then to do it in a small space where anyone could catch you like on an airplane just made it so scary and daring and all.

But that wasn't going to happen with him now because like if my family caught us they would be like, 'oh good for you guys or like can I join in?' I mean that's no fun ~ it's not even dangerous ~ you know?" Miles said, "So, did you and your daddy fool around or not on the plane?" Kristen said, "No, but Pap-Pap got up and told us all to be on our best behavior because the Johansson family is some of his and Pop-Pops oldest and dearest friends.

He told us that there was going to be all mom son sex rep story of things to do there but we should first wait to be invited before we do something on our own.

He told us that the papers were all but signed for Latrobe to buy out three of Foxy ruby has her shaved beaver plugged brunette and cumshot struggling breweries and that my daddy was saving a lot of peoples jobs and all. He said we should all be proud of my daddy for all the hard work he did and all the money everyone was going to make." Miles had a sneaky suspicion that there was something more that happened on the airplane and asked, "So, what you're telling me is even though you and your father like to have sex in an airplane nothing happened during the entire trip over to Sweden?" Kristen had her elbow resting on her knee and her hand under her chin looking like a tiny child and said, "Well, it's a special thing when a girl and her daddy have sex together.

Not too many daddy's and daughter's share that kinda closeness, you know what I mean Doctor Spencer?" She leaned back on the couch and she stopped sitting Indian style and put her heels on the edge of the sofa spreading her legs. She began to caress her tight silky thighs and giving Miles a dirty sultry look she said, "My father has a nice big thick cock Dr. Spencer. It's one that most women would kill to have for their very own. Trust me my girlfriends are very jealous of me because I get to play with it anytime I want.

It's just not the same Dr. Spencer ~ you know ~ when you're up in an airplane with all those strangers around you ~ there is this electric like excitement that fills the air when ~ you know ~ you're going to do something wrong and you could get caught at any time but this time we were surrounded by my entire family.

I mean we've all seen each other naked and have had sex together so often that it's just normal for us to see one another having sex together. It just didn't have the same thrilling excitement as it did before." Miles said, "So, everyone was on their best behavior like your Pap-Pap said?" Kristen's fingers traversed down to her thong and her fingers slipped under her tiny band.

She began to play with herself as Miles noticed her fingers stretching the fabric to the extreme and she said, "Well, I guess when our family gets together someone is bound to have sex with someone.

We were probably up in the air for a few hours and all of us kids fell asleep. Then I was woken up by my Aunt Lilly screaming because she was fooling around with Pop-Pop." Miles said, "Okay, I just want to keep this straight your Pop-Pop is your daddy's daddy and Pap-Pap is your mommy's daddy?" Kristen smiled, "Yeah you got it. I know that you pay attention to me when I talk at you. Pop-Pop is my Uncle Donny and my daddy's father and Pap-Pap is Aunt Lilly and my mommy's daddy.

You know it's kinda neat that two brother's from one family married two sisters from another family." She put her knees down and she leaned forward towards Miles and whispered, "Can I tell you a family secret that may or may not be true?" Miles did the same leaning forward and played along and whispered to her, "Whatever you tell me stays locked right up here." Miles pointed to his head and smiled.

Kristen said, "You see a long time ago my Pop-Pop would stop by my Uncle Donny's house all the time when Uncle Donny was working late on the police force.

Pop-Pop didn't like Donny working so late and leaving her all alone so he would go there and keep her company at night and well ~ you see ~ like ~ no one can prove it or not but ~ like ~ my cousin Timmy may not be my Uncle Donny's son he might just be Pop-Pop's son.

So, that would make my daddy and Timmy brothers ~ like actual brother's and when my Aunt Lilly and Timmy have sex she's not only having sex with her son but she's also having sex with her brother-in-law ~ pretty sick huh?

The one thing that my Aunt Lilly enjoys the most is having sex with Pop-Pop. When our family gets together you can always bet that the two of them will always be together." Miles sat back and just realized how far this family really took to sharing between each other and said, "WOW! That is beyond interesting.

I have to admit that I have heard that brothers sometimes marry two sisters from another family. I mean it's a rare thing and all but it is neat. So, it was your Aunt Lilly that woke you up when you were on the airplane?" Kristen said, "Yeah, when she is with Pop-Pop she has big orgasms and she likes to scream out.

She says that it makes them more intense or something like that." Miles then asked, "Well, did that lead to anybody else have sex on the plane?" Kristen said, "Nah we just slept until we landed hours later at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The airplane went into like the huge garage like thing for just airplanes. On the outside of the building had that same picture with the coat thingy ~ what was the name again?" Miles said, "It's Coat of Arms." Kristen said, "Thanks.

Anyway ~ there was like this big garage like building just for like airplanes. So we like parked inside and got off the plane. Then these guys in red uniforms came over to us and they looked like police officers. I thought we were in trouble or something but they just wanted to see our thingy's that had our pictures in it with our birthdates ~" Miles helped her again, "Do you mean your passports?" Kristen snapped her fingers and said, "Boy you're really smart Dr.

Spencer. Yeah, they took them and then they put this stamp on them and then we were allowed to stay in Sweden. Then there were some really nice men there. They went over to the plane and unloaded our luggage for us.

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Now, inside of the same garage there were these two black and really cool looking helicopters that had the same Coat of Arms on them." She started to nod her head up and down, "Huh, huh see I remembered this time. The men put our luggage inside those black helicopters and told us that once they pulled them out we could get in and they would take us to the Johansson home.

The guys brought over these special things that went under the landing gear and the sort of like jacked the helicopter up a little. Then one dude ~ like just one dude could pull the whole helicopter out all by himself.

It seemed like the helicopter only weighed like ten pounds or something." Miles said, "So, did you stay in Stockholm for a while or did you leave right away?" Kristen said, "Well, the sun was just coming up and the new pilots for the helicopters showed up.

The came out and told us to get inside and we would leave in a few minutes. My daddy and I got into one helicopter with Pap-Pap and Mom-Mom. The back was really neat as there were two seats that looked like couches. There was a window on either side but you couldn't see the pilots it was like closed off for privacy.

When the motor started and we took off you could barely hear it. When we took off Pap-Pap and I sat together looking out our window and Mom-Mom and my daddy sat together looking out their window. Sweden was beautiful that time of year, all the fields were green and we were flying low enough to see the flowers.

Once we were away from Stockholm there were all these awesome little towns, everywhere I looked, it was like you could take a picture and make it into a postcard or something like that. It was neat sitting on my Pap-Pap's lap bouncing up and down on him like I did when I was a little girl. I could feel his thing get big and hard under my butt just like it used to do when I was younger.

When I turned I saw my daddy and Mom-Mom kissing each other and my daddy told her, 'you remind me so much of your daughter.

I miss being inside of her almost every day.' My Mom-Mom told my daddy, 'use me honey if it helps you to remember, what it's like to be inside of my daughter ~ then use my pussy as a reminder.' That was the sweetest thing I've ever heard my Mom-Mom tell my daddy.

I felt my Pap-Pap squeeze my butt as I could feel the heat from my privates rub over his privates." Kristen stood and moved towards Miles and he looked up into her angelic like co-ed face as his heart began to pound harder under his chest and he said, "What are you doing?" Kristen smiled and turned her back to Miles and sat in his lap and said, "I think that after all this time together Dr.

Spencer you should at least know what it was like between me and my grandfather." Miles let her slip down onto his lap and could feel slut stunner kallie spreads legs for a hard pussy pounding volcanic heat between her legs that she just spoke about. Miles wipes Kristen's mind clean after each session so she doesn't remember the inappropriate sexual interactions between them. So each time in their new therapy sessions when she tries to seduce him in Kristen's mind she believes it's always the first time between her and Miles.

Miles let her slip back against him and Miles said, "This is wrong Kristen ~ you shouldn't be doing this ~ I'm your therapist." Kristen said, "Just as wrong for my Pap-Pap and father to fuck me all the time but it happens. Just like this is going to happen." She took Mile's hand and slid it under her dress placing it where her grandfather's hand was that very day and said, "My Pap-Pap is a skilled lover Dr.

Spencer I hope that you can come close to his level." My father stopped playing around with my Mom-Mom and he had this sad look on his face and she asked him, 'what is the matter?' My dad had a sad voice and said, 'I feel guilty that we are all on this amazing adventure and my wife, Lisa ~ your daughter, is rotting away in a jail cell.

Then Pap-Pap leaned over to my father and smacked him on the back of the head and said, 'Snap out of it sonny. Don't worry about my daughter. Listen, son, she's going to be okay. You need to move on with your life and be ready for her when she gets out.

Until then you need to live your life to the fullest.' My dad smiled and pulled Mom-Mom away from the window and put her down on her back on the couch and started to take her right there. She took my father's hand and put it on her big breast and said, 'take me as if I were Lisa.' She put her hand between them and bewitching one eyed monster riding smalltits and hardcore my father's penis and he said, 'I miss being with you.' My Mom-Mom said, 'I have been here the whole time.

You could've taken me whenever you wished.' My Pap-Pap and I sat there watching and listening to them and my Pap-Pap said, 'I love watching your father fuck Mom-Mom.'" Kristen spread her legs moving Mile's hand between her legs and she moved her thong to the side exposing her pussy for him yet one more time. "Here Dr. Spencer you need to touch me between my legs like this." Miles could feel her heat and dampness between her lips. It made his cock surge ever harder under her ass knowing what adventure is before him and he asked, "So did you watch your daddy and Mom-Mom have sex together?" Kristen said, "It was hard not to since they were only like arm's length away from us.

My Pap-Pap was getting turned on watching my father and Mom-Mom tearing their clothes off in pure passion for each other. Then my Pap-Pap whispered in my ear, 'do you remember how you used to play cowgirl with me when you were little girl?

Can we play one more time?' I smiled at him and spun around on his lap and began to move my private's right over his and said, 'I thought you would never ask!'" Kristen rose from Miles' lap and he was disappointed thinking that she was not going to give him her pussy today and asked, "I am sorry did I do something wrong Kristen?" Kristen said, "Oh no.

You are wonderful you remind me of the men in my family." She then straddled his lap and began to give him a lap dance. Miles reached to the back of her head and pulled it close to his face and he kissed her as passionately as he could. With their tongues dancing in each other mouths Miles' hands began to explore her tight co-ed body.

He was squeezing her breasts and massaging her ass cheeks and said, "Please Kristen, show me what you did in the helicopter with your grandfather." Kristen stood taking Miles by the hands. She took the hem of her dress and pulled upwards. She stood like an Amazon warrior with just her bra and panties on. She then moved to her man and stripped Miles of all of his clothing. Once nude and his penis semi-rigid Miles moved to Kristen and relieved her of her undergarments. Then Kristen moved to the couch pulling her therapist behind her.

She sat on the couch as he stood over her. Kristen looked up at him with complete trust and wantonness and took his hardening and throbbing cock into her mouth. Once she was satisfied that Miles' cock was wet enough to slip between her pussy lips she moved onto her hands and knees on the couch and instructed Miles to fuck her from behind, "My Pap-Pap slipped his penis inside of my pre-teen cunt slowly.

I was so young and tight back then. Pap-Pap wanted to make sure that I could take every inch of him without him hurting me." Miles lined the tip of his penis feeling the ember glow of her furnace.

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Placing his hands on her co-ed hips he could only wonder what it would have been like to take her when she was actually twelve. Then he remembered that his daughter is about the same age as Kristen was when this very thing happened to her. Miles closed his eyes replacing Kristen with his very own flesh and blood that he fucked not more than several hours earlier and said, "My young daughter I want you?" Kristen looked back at her therapist, "No Dr.

Spencer it was my Pap-Pap that was fucking me so it would be granddaughter not daughter." They began as Miles was about half way inside of her and Kristen then pushed backwards taking all of his length and girth inside of her. "Yes, Dr. Spencer slow and deep. My grandfather is a lover he never wanted to fuck me quick. As we neared the home we could see it off in the distance. The pilot told us that we had about fifteen minutes before we were to land. Pap-Pap pushed all the way up inside of me.

He was so big to me back then It was if he were deep inside of my stomach ~ he was fucking me so good." Kristen rose up on her knees as her back rested comfortably on Mile's stomach and chest and she put her hands to his head and pulled his lips to hers. They kissed passionately for a long while then she looked her therapist in the eyes and she said, "Then my Pap-Pap whispered tall blonde masturbating xxx street racers get more than they bargained for my ear, 'I love you so much sweetie.

Your pussy is the one that I want to be inside of the day I pass away. When I go from this world the one thing I want to be doing is fucking your pussy. I want to impregnate you on that day and let my seed live on in your stomach.' Now at first I thought that was crazy talk but now a few years later I realized how sweet he was being. That out of all the women that he has had in his long life the one person he wanted to be with before he moved on from this world was me.

It was sweet and precious and my pussy ached for his sperm." Miles wasn't even close to finishing but her story was coming to a close and he asked, "So, was your grandfather able to finish before you landed?" Kristen said, "Oh, yes. My Pap-Pap has great cock control or that is what he says he has.

He says he can hold his cum back for as long as he wants to but also if he has to finish fast he can do that too.

He was so sweet he asked me, 'honey where do you want Pap-Pap's white pee?' After all these years of having sex with me he still calls his orgasm his, white pee. I didn't want to have his sperm in my mouth knowing that I was about to meet a whole bunch of new people.

So, I told him to finish inside of me hot latina babe nailed in the sun to fill my womb with his white pee." Miles asked, "So, did he finish in your pussy or your asshole?" Miles was hoping it was ass because he loved to anal fuck her so much. Kristen said, "No, he grabbed my hips and began to thrust hard and deep inside of me. He pushed me down on my stomach and milf eva karera sharing dick with teen girl heather night the cheeks of my butt and I could feel the tip of his penis tickling my womb.

It felt like I was going to pee and I felt the rush of my stuff go all over my Pap-Pap. Then he grunted real loud and I felt his thing get really wide inside of me and he squirted deep inside of me." Miles pushed her to her stomach fucking her soft but deep not wanting to finish just yet, "So, you got to have sex in the helicopter that is just another thing that you've gotten to do that I haven't." My Pap-Pap just stayed on top of my back breathing heavy as we watched my father and my Mom-Mom having sex about two feet away from us.

My Pap-Pap held out his hand and Mom-Mom held it and they smiled at each other as my father pounded her pussy. My Mom-Mom could feel that my daddy was about to finish and she said, 'bring me your cock son. Put it between my breasts and fuck my tits.' My father pulled out from her pussy. Daddy's cock was heavily coated with Mom-Mom's pussy juice. He sat on her stomach with his cock between her breasts.

As he pushed his long thick cock between her breasts my grandmother opened her mouth and let the tip of his cock fuck her mouth as well. It didn't take long as my Mom-Mom slipped her finger between my daddy's ass cheeks and slipped it up his butt hole. She smiled at him and said, 'I want you to drop your load in my mouth son. You like the way I massage your stink-hole honey?' Daddy pushed faster and harder as his hips moved in a circular motion as Mom-Mom's hand was finger fucking his asshole.

Then he grabbed her head and pushed his thick cock in her mouth and fucked it hard and deep. Mom-Mom was gagging but she never made him stop she let him gorgeous brunette chase ryder finger fucked on massage table whatever he wanted to her. Then daddy said, 'yeah, come on Lizzy take your son-in-laws load.' Then my father erupted several times in her mouth keeping it snuggled deep inside of her jaw. His cum began to ooze from her lips down on to her neck and breasts.

When my father finished he stepped back from her then she turned to me and Mom-Mom said, 'come to me sweetie. Sit on your grandmothers' face and push your grandfather's sperm from your pussy into my mouth.' Pap-Pap pulled out from me and I squeezed my ass cheeks as hard as I could and then sat on her face and pushed as hard as I could.

I felt her tongue go do inside of me and she sucked on my pussy. My daddy moved to me and kissed me on the lips and said, 'I am so proud of you honey.' Then the pilot told us that we were going to land in five minutes. We all got dressed and cleaned up as fast as we could. We sat looking out the window as the Johansson estate came into view. The home sat on a huge cliff about a quarter of the way up this large mountain.

The very top was still covered with snow as the valley below was all green. The closer we got I thought we were staying at a hotel. I had no idea that one family could own a home that large and beautiful. Then when we arrived we hovered over the home and landed on the roof. I mean WOW! Think about how rich these people must be.

They have jade nile my hot wife likes it rough own jet and helicopters. They have their own huge garage at the airport for all of their aircraft and they can land on the roof of their home. I mean that is so way beyond so COOL Dr. Spencer." Miles said, "I would have no idea what type of money it takes to own something like that. So, what happened once you got to the home?" Kristen kicked Miles off of her back.

She then pushed him up so he sat on the couch. She then straddled his lap reaching between her legs she took his penis and slipped it back inside of. She began to ride him slowly and lovingly as Miles' mouth suckled on her nipples and she said, "Well, we landed and I wouldn't get out of the helicopter until all the blades stopped. I watched as Mrs. Johansson, her first name was Theresa and her daughter Farah, came out of a room from the roof. They greeted my grandfather's first like they were old lovers or juliafucked by father in law part 2. They kissed very passionately and they grabbed her ass like she was one of the girls from our family.

It made me think that they knew each other better than they told us from before. When she got to my father I watched as my father kissed her the same way and the way he touched her breasts as she touched his penis. When I finally arrived it was Farah who met me first. She looked at me and knew my name right away and that was the start of a friendship that lasts to this day.

She is the older sister that I never had." Miles asked, "So, this Farah, why did you feel so close to her?" Kristen said, "I'm not really sure but I now understood why my father wanted to be with Farah. She was fourteen and she already looked as if she were a grown up woman. She stood about 5'5" and her breasts were a full C cup and she had flawless skin.

I was so envious of her. When we all stepped inside there was a small group of people waiting for us. Each of these people had name tags on their shirts. The names weren't theirs but they were all of our names." Kristen wrapped her arms around his neck and Miles kissed her and he stood with his hands on each of ass cheeks and Kristen continued to ride his cock as it sank deeper and deeper inside of pussy and Miles asked, "Why were they wearing nametags that had your names on them and not theirs?" Kristen said, "Most of them were just kids.

There weren't many that were older than 18. I moved to the young girl and boy that had my name on their shirts and Theresa, that's Mrs. Johansson, told all of us that these were to be our private servants for as long as we stayed with them.

Mom-Mom, Mum-Mum, Amy and Aunt Lilly got two boys each. The boys looked like they were still in high school. The men had girls about the same age as the boys. Mine weren't as old they were much younger. I guess because I was the youngest. The girl that had my name on her nametag was from Madurai, India her name is Priya, then there was the boy his name was Thayer he was from Denmark. We were all ushered to the North wing of the home.

Think about that for a minute Dr. Spencer we were taken to the third floor in the North wing. My father and I had adjoining rooms and he was given two girls one from Brazil and another from Peru they both were about 15 or ov huge titted milf enjoys stroking cocks big boobs bigboobs. Mrs. Johansson told us that they were going to serve brunch in about an hour if we wanted to freshen up.

So that gave me time to take a shower and clean Pap-Pap's sperm from between my legs. Once I got to my room Priya and Thayer started to unpack my suitcase for me. They did it without me having to ask them to do it. It wasn't a big suitcase so it only took them a couple of minutes to put everything away nice and neat for me. I then told them that I wanted to take a shower and to come back for me in about thirty minutes to show me where I was to go.

Now, this is where the weird stuff began. They both stripped off all of their clothes and were nude. I was sorta like shocked so I asked them, 'what are you guys doing?' Thayer walked over to me and lifted my dress off and said, 'it is our duty to clean you Miss.' Then Priya moved over to me and kissed me on the mouth and said, 'We are here to make your stay a pleasurable as possible Miss.' I had no choice as the brought me to the bathroom.

Thayer walked into the shower first and got the water nice and warm for us then Priya and I entered together joining Thayer." It was beginning to get hard for Kristen to talk as Miles' cock was about to make her cum and she wrapped her legs and arms around him tightly and began to slam hard and deep and said, "Oh Miles, you feel just as good as the men legal age teenager bawdy cleft is nailed well my family.

Yes, Miles push it harder and deeper inside of me." Then she stopped moving and her as clenched around his shaft and her body shook she shot a stream of her juice down his shaft. Then Miles fell back to the couch and Kristen could no longer handle his cock inside of her and she fell off on to her back on to the couch and curled into a ball and shivered as the intensity of her orgasm went thru her body like a shockwave.

Miles sat breathing heavily with a smile on his face as he did not finish yet and he knew that from past experiences that Kristen would not let that his cock go unfinished, "So, these servants were kids and they were there to take care of your every needs?" Kristen rolled on to her back.

Small tears were streaming down her face as she ogled Miles' large penis that was still hard resting on his stomach. She then flipped over on her stomach. With her head on his thigh she reached to taking Miles' shaft and stroked him gently squeezing him as she continued, "Yes, they both had a bar of soap in their hands and both started washing my body. I have to admit it felt so good having all those hands sliding all over my wet body like that. Then Thayer dropped to his knees behind me and he noticed my grandfather's sperm crusted between my legs and said, 'oh Miss, you are quite dirty between your legs.

Please just relax as I take care of this for you. Using his fingers he extracted as much of my Pap-Pap's white pee from inside of me as he could. Then without saying a word he left the shower to only return with a douche. Even though I was enjoying my private shower with them I was still uncomfortable having kids that were my age being my servants.

It was just weird ~ you know ~ I never had servants before. Then as they continued to wash me I realized that resistance was futile. I decided to just give in and I allowed them to do whatever they wanted to me. I looked at Thayer and noticed his hard penis.

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I thought it was a shame a boy that age being in a shower with two naked girls and he couldn't do anything about his hard penis. I knew as a young man he couldn't help himself my cousin Timmy told me that his penis has a mind of his own and he couldn't control when his thing got hard. So I asked Thayer what he wanted to do with either me or Priya and he told me that he always wanted to fuck Priya." Miles rose to his knees and pushed Kristen's onto her back and taking her by her knees he opened them to give access to her co-ed pussy.

He could smell that special aroma emanating from between her legs and her lips were still glistening with her own sperm and asked, "So how old was Priya and Thayer?" Kristen said, "Priya I think was about ten maybe eleven she wasn't small she was tall for her age almost as tall as me.

Thayer I think he was about fifteen. Thayer smiled at both of us and told us that about a year ago he was able to shoot cum like a real man." Kristen spread her legs and Miles looked upon the opening of her own pussy and helped Miles to slip his head back inside of her dripping wet and aching pussy.

Then she wrapped her legs around Miles and kissed him and said, "I enjoy this Dr. Spencer. I think from now on we should include this activity in our therapy sessions from now on. What do you think?" Miles asked, "I think that eventually you'll kill me.

You fuck so good! So, did Thayer fuck Priya?" Kristen said, "Oh yeah he did. She wasn't a virgin either. I sat in the corner of the shower playing with my pussy as I watched the two of them make love.

After watching them for several minutes I moved to Priya and pushed my pussy close to her face and she kissed my freshly douched pussy. After several more minutes of watching Thayer pounding her tiny cunt I couldn't handle it any longer. I told Thayer that I wanted to feel him inside of me too. Priya and I pushed him on his back on the floor of the shower and I got on top of him.

The water felt awesome hitting me on my back as Priya kissed me and sucked on my tongue. I could feel Thayer's young cock slip as deep as it could inside of me. It wasn't fully grown yet into manhood but it still felt wonderful inside of me. I told Priya to mover her ass over and to sit on Thayer's face and we made him eat her pussy as I rode his five inch cock." Miles closed his eyes as Kristen's pussy was so nice and juicy and his thoughts returned to his own young daughter and their fuck session this morning and he said, "Oh Amy your pussy is amazing and so tight." Kristen picked up on it immediately and said, "I am Kristen who is Amy?" Miles could care less at this point as the image of his daughter was busty asian gets fucked hard by her boyfriend imprinted at the forefront of his mind and said, "Amy is my daughter and we've started fucking each other.

Today was our very first time." Kristen said, "Oh god! That is so sweet Candy katarina eye i know that girl. Spencer!

Okay I have no problem you pretending that I'm your daughter Amy. Go ahead and pretend I am her as I will finish with Priya and Thayer in familystrokes teen fucked by stepdad daddy head. Thayer told me he wanted to fuck me in the ass that he had never done that before and wanted to try it.

I got to my hands and knees on the floor of the shower and he pushed his cock into my asshole as Priya moved to my ass. She rested her head on the lower part of my back and watched me take it. Thayer sometimes would pull out and make her taste my ass." Miles said, "Yes, Kristen I am so close, please don't stop tell me what happened next. I am close to finishing." Kristen said, "Sure thing but you need to fuck me faster and harder because Thayer started pounding my stink hole as hard and deep as he could.

Priya wanted his cock more than me and fell on her back and spread her legs. Thayer pulled out of me and slipped his cock into her asshole as I moved over her face and made her eat my wet pussy and stinky butt hole while Thayer fucked her. Thayer and I began to kiss and that was bringing him closer to orgasm. I told him I wanted to eat his cum and he pulled out and stood over me and then began to jerk off in front of my face.

Priya got to her knees and we both watched him jerk his cum onto our faces and into our mouths." Miles leaned back and pulled out of Kristen and with his eyes closed sat on her stomach stroking his cock and he said, "Amy tell me you want daddy's cum." Kristen played along and said, "Daddy shoot your cum into my mouth and onto my face.

I want to feel it please cum on me daddy." Miles' hand was a blur as Kristen's pussy juices lubed his shaft perfectly and then with a light bellow said, "Oh sweaty here it comes." Miles let out a rope that hit Kristen on the chin and then exploded into twenty different directions onto her face tits and stomach.

The next rope hit its mark directly in her mouth. The next one was way off as it hit her on the nose and then trailed up to her forehead. The next one was perfect because Kristen put the tip in her mouth and jerked the rest of his sperm from his shaft. When Miles' cock deflated in her mouth Kristen released it from her mouth and hand and said, "Thank you Dr. Spencer that takes me back to that special moment with Thayer and Priya." End of Chapter 18 Once again thank you for taking the time to read.

Stick around as the next chapter will be a very interesting read as to what happens next in Sweden. As always I appreciate constructive criticism as I want to become a better writer. Also the story is finished but as I edit each chapter new things are always put in. So, if you have anything you would like to see put into the story and it can be worked in I will do my best to please my fans.