Cum loving japanese slut pleasures numerous cocks

Cum loving japanese slut pleasures numerous cocks
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Sorry for not posting new chapters for more than a month but I had my personal reasons for that. Hope you like this chapter, enjoy. I was awakened about a half hour later, very pleasantly. I found Tina was sucking my cock and Tammy with her head on my chest just gently running her hands over my body.

"I woke up and saw this thing staring at me begging to be kissed and I couldn't resist" Tina said as she lifted her head off of me. I just smiled in return and laid my head back down. Tammy turned toward me and kissed me with a slow gentle kiss. The kind you give someone who you really care for and she slowly let it build into a more passionate one.

Tina had gone back to work on my blowjob but I felt her coming off of me and moving to straddle me. I knew what she was going to do so I was not surprised when she lowered herself on to my cock and began to fuck me. Fuck probably is not the right word as it seems to denote some animal passion or wanton desire. I suppose the best way to describe it is to say she made love to my and to my dick with her pussy. All the while she was riding me Tammy was kissing me, either my lips or my nipples.

Between the two of them they were working me into a real state. I felt Tina's pussy clamp onto my cock as she came on me. She continued to ride me for a minute while she came down from the orgasmic high and then she slid off me and crawled up next to me.

"Your turn.", she whispered to Tammy. Tammy slid down and took her place on my cock as Tina took Tammy's place using her mouth on mine and on my chest.

Tammy rode me letting my cock slide around in her warm, wet smoothness. I was in my own little piece of heaven as they worked on me. I began to feel the beginnings of Tammy's orgasm rise in her pussy and let her work it through until she came on me and her juices ran down my cock and over my balls. "Cum inside me. I want your cum in me." She begged as she rode me harder pushing me closer and closer to my own orgasm.

Then there it was. I was shooting gobs of cum deep into her and I heard her sigh with pleasure as the hot sticky gobs splashed inside her womb. She slid down off of me and took me cock in her mouth and cleaned our combined juices off of me then licked my balls clean of her and her sisters cum before she curled up on my other side and the there of us cuddled together. Some time later we all were beginning to feel ravenous, all we had eaten all day was a bunch of donuts in the morning and it was approaching evening so we forced ourselves out of bed and into clothing.

The girls chose to wear the same outfits they had the last time we walked the boardwalk. That is the miniskirts I had bought them and their bikini tops and no underwear.

I chuckled to myself at how these two shy women, who had been raised in a strict born again household had so quickly changed into such sexual showoffs. I slid a hand under each skirt and patted bare ass british cfnm babe enjoys sucking subs cock we walked down the hall and they each smiled at me. We chose a casual but upper end seafood restaurant located on the boardwalk for dinner.

The food was typical seafood fare and good. We ate our fill and spent the evening walking the boardwalk playing games, riding the rides and buying junk in the souvenir shops.

We came upon one of those photo shops you find where they take you picture in various costumes with odd backgrounds and the girls each wanted a picture of the three of us. We went in and looked over the backgrounds available they choose a very realistic looking beach scene then it came time to choose our outfits.

The girls looked at each other and at the girl who was manning the camera. "We don't want outfits we want to be naked." Tina told the photographer. The girl smiled and agreed. She was cute with short brown hair and brown eyes, a nice tan from spending her days on the beach and a nice body visible through the tight shorts and top she was wearing. She pulled a curtain across the front of tattooed teen anna deville sucking long schlong brunette and big dick shop to separate us we got anal sex with shy teen blonde the storefront.

Tina and Tammy quickly stripped off their bikini tops and skirts and stood in front of the backdrop with me between them. We took a ton of shots.

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Some with both girls and myself, some with each girl alone, some with me alone with each girl and some bordering on pornographic. When we had exhausted most of the possible combinations the girls started to get dressed.

I stepped out into the front area to sunny leon and old man sex around the shop. As soon as I left the girl talk started, which I could clearly hear through the curtain. The photographer was curious and started hinting around at why the two of them were with one guy and could I take care of them both and did I ever get tired. It got pretty personal and lurid as girl talk often does. People claim that guys brag and yes many do but with women there are often no bounds they talk about anything no matter how personal and they often can get pretty damn crude.

It sounded like they were done and coming out so I headed to the front of the store and pretended I didn't hear a thing. We would have to come back in an hour to pick up the prints but before leaving we examined the proofs and choose the poses we wanted. The girls wanted nearly all of them so I splurged and cut a deal with the girl for the whole bunch as 5x7's.

I paid for them and we headed out, figuring to stop back later and pick them up. We strolled for a while longer and stopped for a drink at one of the boardwalk bars before heading back to pickup our pictures.

The girl at the photo stand was finishing up with some people so we waited. I had to use the lavatory so left Tina and Tammy to pick up the prints. I told them I would be at the public restroom just outside and down the way a bit and would meet them here when I was done. A few minutes later I found myself standing on the boardwalk looking for the girls.

I had taken care of business in the restroom and was waiting where I had told them I would be. Finally I saw them heading down the boardwalk toward me. "All set?" I asked "Yep," Tina answered, "Do you want to do more boardwalk or head back? "I guess we could do both at the same time." I decided. We started a leisurely stroll down the boardwalk in the general direction of the motel, talking and just enjoying each others company.

The girls stopped a few times to bend over or lean against the rail to show off their asses and pussies, just to tease me and every other living male within sight. Eventually we made it back to the room and by this time they had worked me up to be quiet horny.

I was ready for some sex especially since as soon as they got into the room they dropped their skirts and pulled off their tops exposing their luscious bodies. But they wanted to go through the junk we had bought. I laid on the bed while they sorted it out, watching their naked bodies bounce and giggle. They were going thru the pictures when there was a knock at the door.

Before I could move Tammy jumped up and ran to the door and opened it. This girl had really become shameless. Here she was stark naked, answering the door, like it was the most natural thing in the world. She didn't even bother to hide behind it, just opened it up and stood there. "Oh, Hi, come on in." I heard her say. A few seconds hesitatation and she reached out and pulled a female arm into the room. "Don't be silly.

Come in. We don't mind." Then I saw who was connected to the other end of the arm, it was the brunette from the photo shop. She looked around taking in Tammy and Tina. Then she looked at me. "I'm sorry to bother you but I made a mistake and didn't give you all the pictures.

I had them in two bags and only gave you one so I brought the others over because I heard you guys talking about leaving tomorrow." "I thought we were missing some." Tina chimed in. She had the pictures spread out on the other bed and began adding the new batch to what she had. "Thanks. Would you like a glass of wine or something?" "Uh, no thanks. I mean I wouldn't want to intrude or anything." She answered.

"You're not intruding, you're invited." Tammy said as she dragged her over to the sitting area and poured her a glass of wine. "OK, thanks. Do you mind if I ask a personal question?" The brunette asked. "No, go ahead, ask anything you want." Tammy said.

"Do you guys ever wear clothes?" Both girls giggled and Tina answered. "Only when we have to. Besides we are busy teasing Jack, getting him worked up for later." The Brunette blushed and took a sip of her wine.

"You spicy peach gets jizz load on her face swallowing all the sperm fantastic work on these pictures.

They're great. Come look at these." Tina gushed as she sorted through them. "By the way, I'm Tina, that slut over there with Jack is my sister Tammy and obviously that's Jack." She said pointing at each of us in turn.

"I'm not a slut. I just like to be naked with guys, especially Jack." Tammy protested. "Pleased to meet you, my name is Sue." The brunette answered.

She seemed a little uncomfortable at first but was starting to get used to being in a room with a guy and two naked women. Probably because of the way that Tina and Tammy handled being naked as just a natural state.

No big deal. She and Tina began to talk and I could see that they were rapidly becoming friends. Tammy was lying next to me and just stroking my arms and chest, pushing her nakedness against me.

I reached over and wiggled a finger between her legs and spent some time absently teasing her while the other two talked. I listened to the conversation while I played with Tammy's clit and slit and occasionally slid my finger into her hole. Sue was a college student, the same age as Tina. She was working here at the shore for the summer.

To earn a few dollars and get some sun. Unfortunately, with the hours they had her working she was getting the sun but not able to socialize much. Tina had refilled her wine glass a couple of times and she was really beginning to loosen up.

She began complaining about not getting any sex. Her boyfriend was busy working construction for his uncle two states away and she wasn't getting the chance to meet anyone else. The two of them were oblivious to what I was doing to Tammy, partly because they were engrossed in their own conversation and partly because of the way we were arranged on the bed. I was lying on my side facing them and Tammy was behind me laying flat. Neither of them noticed the sound of her breathing starting to become shallow and fast but when she came on my hand with a load groan it was too much to miss.

Both of them looked over at us. Suddenly Sue blushed a deep red as she realized what had been going on while she sat a few feet away. "Umm, I needed that." Tammy sighed as she draped an arm over me and hugged me close. Tina just laughed. "You always think you need that." She said to her sister.

Then to Sue, "See I told you she was a little slut. No pride, she doesn't care where she is or who's watching." "Yes I do." Tammy answered. Then with an evil grin "The more people watching the better." With that said she kissed me, very passionately before jumping off the bed and joining the other two girls on the other bed too look at the pictures.

I got up and poured myself a glass of wine before joining them. My erection was very visible through the shorts I was wearing and I could see Sue eyeing it as I moved across the room. I began to look over the pictures and I was impressed she had done an excellent job with them. There were around 20 shots of the girls and I some were quite provocative.

"I bet you don't get many people who want their pictures taken naked." I said. "No you guys are my first. I've had a couple of girls topless but nobody else totally naked and certainly not two girls with one guy." She answered. "But I have to admit that it gave me and idea. After you left I locked the door for a few minutes and took some shots of myself to send to my boyfriend." "Oh, can we see them." Tammy begged.

She hesitated for a second before reaching into her purse and bringing out an envelope. Then hesitated again before removing the pictures. What she showed us was 12 shots of herself.

They started with a standard shot of her in front of the beach backdrop we had used and progressed through her removing her clothing to the last where she was sitting in front of the backdrop, full frontal with her legs spread wide.

"You're a very beautiful girl with a beautiful body. I think your boyfriend is very lucky and will probably spend hours jerking off to these." I offered as I handed them back.

"I agree." Tammy offered. "If I were a guy I would certainly be jerking off to them. I'm a girl and looking at them got me wet." Sue Blushed again looked at us both and said, "You guys are so nice.

Thank You. But I'm not much to look at." "Don't sell yourself short." I said as I pointed to my hardon straining against my shorts. "Do you think this is all because of Tina and Tammy?

A good bit of it is because of you." She blushed even harder now and hid her face breathtaking pretty legal age teenager hardcore massage embarrassment. Tina leaned over and gave her a hug.

"Don't be embarrassed. You should be proud that you have that kind of effect on a guy. You look good and are very pretty." Tina told her. "Well I am kind of but, I mean here I am and you guys are so nice to me and I'm getting your guy all horny and showing off pictures of myself naked. I mean I don't want you to think I'm trying to steal him." Sue said through her embarrassment. "You're not going to steal him unless he wants to be stolen and if that's the case he was never ours in the first place.

Besides we don't mind sharing, its fun sometimes." "Sharing? You mean you'd share him with somebody?" She asked obviously surprised. "Sure, why not we share him with each other and last night we shared him with two girls" Tammy chimed in matter of factly. "When you share, I mean do you join in and all." Sue asked, still surprised.

"Sometimes," I answered, "It's just sex after all. When we make love we do it alone but when we're having sex that's different." She looked thoughtful for a minute. Tina had released her from the hug but had not taken her hands away from the other girl's legs. She was gently sliding her hands over Sue's thighs in a sensual and slow motion. That told me that Tina was interested in inviting Sue to join us. I wasn't worried about Tammy because she would be game for anything and anyone as long as she didn't get left out.

I looked at Sue's shirt and could see that the talk and or the attention Tina was paying to her legs was having an effect, as her nipples were clearly visibly erect, pushing out and showing through her bra and the thin tight top she was wearing.

I leaned over to her and gently kissed her lips, testing the waters. If she pulled back I would know that she wasn't interested or too scared, but she didn't she softly kissed me back.

I continued to kiss her down one side of her neck across her throat and up the other side until I returned to her busty hot gf rides and swallows hd. I kissed her lips again and this time found her mouth open and her tongue waiting for me.

I let her tongue into my mouth and returned the favor by letting mine into hers. When I broke the kiss to again go after her neck I looked down and saw that Tina had slid her hands along Sue's legs and into the legs of her shorts so that she was running her fingers lightly up and down the crease formed where Sue's legs met her torso. I moved my hands over to Sue and gently ran them over her tits to her side where I applied pressure and upward motion to draw her up to her knees on the bed while I kissed her again.

She followed my lead and was kneeling there as Tina and Tammy each hooked a finger into the waistband of her shorts and in one slow but fluid movement slid the other girl's panties and shorts down to her knees revealing her sex. What we found was a sparse bush covering a very cute little pussy. I continued to kiss her as I put my hands under her top and lifted it up and over her head leaving her in her bra kneeling on the bed with her pants and panties down on her knees.

Tammy reached out and undid the clasp on her bra freeing a nice set of "D" cup tits. What a change from Stacey last night. From barely bumps on the chest to huge mounds of flesh. I bent over and took first on nipple then the other in my mouth. While I spent time on her tits the girls worked her pants down over her knees and over her feet leaving her as naked as they were. Tina was running her hands over Sue's ass.

It was a nicely shaped and firm ass I found as I let my own hand slide down and share it with Tina. Together we moved down her ass and between her legs to find her pussy.

She was wet and ready as she slid her legs apart to allow us access. At this point I don't think she knew or cared who was doing what to her only that she was being touched and it felt good. While Tina and I were playing with Sue's pussy teasing her from behind Tammy sat back on the bed and was watching us. She had one hand in her pussy and the other on her tit, squeezing and pinching her nipples.

I watched Tammy for a minute as Tina and I touched Sue and found myself startled back to reality as I felt hands grab my cock through my pants and pull on it. We had gotten Sue so worked up that she wanted my meat and she wanted it now. Almost before I could react she had my shorts open and had my dick out and was jacking me.

I took a half step back to let my pants fall to the floor and started to slid my briefs down when Sue's eyes suddenly got huge and her head snapped over to stare at Tina. She had realized when my hands came into view that it wasn't me who was playing with her pussy but another girl.

For a few seconds I half expected her to jump off the bed but instead she relaxed as the sexual euphoria started to build and take over. As soon as she started to relax and her eyes started to go half closed again, Tina leaned over and kissed her on the lips very tentatively.

Then she looked Sue in the eyes and said,"If you want me to stop I will. Just tell me." Sue looked back at her and slowly shook her head from side to side and answered "No, it feels too good. I was curious too, I was thinking about what you three do. I was just surprised. Don't stop. I want to try more, everything tonight." At that Tina and I laid her back on the bed. That put her face close to Tammy's pussy, not in it but close enough to watch Tammy fingering herself. I was between her legs with my cock lying on her pussy so I moved myself back and forth a little rubbing myself in her fur and spreading her slit before I pulled back and positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy.

I knew she was wet and I figured I'd slide right in especially since Tina had been fingering her and I thought had opened her up some. What a surprise I got when I started to push myself into her. She was tight! It was like a fist clamping down on my dick as I pushed in. I got about halfway in and looked at Tina questioningly. "Tight, isn't she" Tina said smilingly as she played with Sue's nipples. I pulled out a little and pushed farther in and repeated until I was all the way inside her.

Once I had gotten all the way in I began to pump on her ever so slowly. Slowly partly because I was afraid of hurting her because she was so small and partly because she was so tight I knew I would not last if I went very fast and I had two adrianna luna cumshot black suspect taken on a tough ride girls to satisfy tonight.

As I fucked Sue's pussy Tina laid down with her and began to suck her tits. She started working the girl's massive mounds into her mouth as best she could, licking and sucking. Then I watched as Sue reached a hand out and laid it on Tammy's thigh.

Tammy was still finger fucking herself as Sue slowly, tentatively slid her hand up Tammy's thigh to her shaved pussy. She slowly touched and stroked Tammy and then took hold of Tammy's hand and removed it from her pussy replacing it with her own. She tentatively slid first on finger then a second into Tammy's pussy. Tammy moaned with pleasure, "That feels good." She told Sue, "Play with my clit with your thumb." I felt myself beginning to get close to orgasm so I pulled my dick out of the tight pussy and moved my face down into her crotch and began licking for all I was worth.

She responded immediately by clamping my head between her legs and squeezing. It was not long before she flooded my face with her sweet juice. I lapped up as much as I could while she relaxed. I came up off of her pussy and met Tina's mouth with mine and kissed her deeply as we switched places. I loved watching her eat pussy. It was obvious from the look in her eyes how much she enjoyed it.

While she went to work on the new girl's snatch I set about tasting her tits and kissing her neck. After a few minutes of this I felt my own imminent orgasm subside so I brought my cock up to her mouth and rubbed the tip over her lips.

She did not immediately open her mouth and Tammy saw this so she urged Sue on," Go ahead suck him off a little. Nothing is like sucking cock. It's japanese schoolgirl classroom lesbians japanese schoolgirl classroom lesbians pussylicking of my favorite things to do." She slowly opened her mouth and I let the head slide in and felt her tongue wrap around my head as I worked it back and forth a little.

I wanted to push all the way in but from her reaction I could tell she was not an experienced cocksucker and did not want to ruin the experience for her but keep it slow and easy instead. Gradually she became accustomed to it and started to draw me deeper and deeper into her mouth until I could tell she was really getting into it. I again felt the familiar rising in my balls and withdrew from her mouth.

She tried to follow my cock with her mouth as I pulled away. "Do you like having it in your mouth?" I asked She nodded and said, "I tried it before but he always tried to shove it down my throat. I was afraid of gagging and choking." "If you like that, would you like to try Tammy's pussy?

You have her about ready to cum." I offered. "I was hoping somebody would give me the chance to try it." she smiled at me. "But please fuck me while I do it. I love your dick in me. It's like being stuffed with a big sausage not the hotdog my boyfriend has." Tina heard our exchange so she got up off of Sue's pussy. "Just save some for me. I need to be fucked soon." She said as she moved up to Sue's tits again.

Tammy swung her leg over and straddled Sue's mouth as the other girls tongue went to work on her clit, sliding down her slit and entering her hole. I positioned myself ready to fuck her and expecting to have to push myself inside that tight pussy again. I found she had loosened up a little, whether it was stretched out from the last time I had fucked her or whether she had every scene of this compilation is all about the action become less tense I was not sure and really didn't care.

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I just started to pump on her pussy again. Giving her the slow pounding she craved. I no sooner started than Tammy threw back her head and came with a moan all over Sues face. Sue did not stop there she kept on going. Licking and sucking Tammy's clit and lips until Tina gave Tammy a little shove and said "My turn." and crawled up to plant her pussy over Sue's face. Sue went to work on Tina's pussy as she had on Tammy while I fucked her. Tina had straddled her facing me so I could get a good view of the tongue lashing into her hole and up her slit as I fucked her.

The combination of getting fucked and eating pussy at the same time must have been erotic enough for sue as I could feel her already tight cunt grow even tighter around my dick and I could see her tongue working feverishly on Tina's pussy. I knew sue was getting close to climax. "She's about to cum." I said to Tina. "So am I." Tina answered me with the glazed over look in her eye.

She seemed to ride Sues face even harder grinding her pussy hard onto the other girls face. Suddenly Tina Let out a groan, loud and long, then I watched as her juices rolled out of her and soaked Sue's face. That was enough to set her off as He cunt muscles clamped onto my cock and flooded it with her own juices.

The muffled sounds of moans came from her mouth beneath Tina's pussy. I had had to stop pumping on her when she came because as tight as she was holding my cock, I was afraid she would hurt me if I tried to move. Now she relaxed and I helped Tina off of her and onto the bed beside her as I withdrew. The sight on the bed was awesome. Sue laid stretched out nearly spread eagle with Tammy to her left fondling her and touching her and Tina to dwonlood sexi desi bhabi story right also recovering from orgasm.

I crawled into bed next to Tina, put my arms around her and gave her a kiss while I cuddled up to her. I remembered what she had said about needing to be fucked so I was waiting for her to calm before I started. I had already fucked her once today but had twice given Tammy my load inside her and I didn't want Tina to feel slighted.

I intended to fuck her and cum in her pussy. I had worked up a load with all the activity and teasing all night and I knew Tina would appreciate it and the fact that I saved it for her. I knew she liked to feel it blast into her pussy and a bigger load meant more blasting to feel. We laid together for a while.

Tammy was keeping Sue occupied. I watched as she played with the other girl's pussy and alternated between kissing her and sucking her massive tits. Sue was getting into it, she had pulled Tammy closer and was at times kissing and sucking on Tammy's smaller globes. She had her hand behind Tammy, either on her ass or playing with her pussy from behind.

I couldn't tell for sure. Petite exotic beauty has her brown pussy filled was cuddling and caressing Tina making sure she received the attention the dominant woman should, making her feel special. I worked my hand down to her smooth pussy and was enjoying the feeling of it while I worked to keep her in a state of arousal. After a while I asked her "Do you still want me to fuck you or have you had enough?" "You damn well better fuck me, I've been laying here waiting and getting hornier by the minute." She answered with a smile that told me the anger was contrived.

"I nuzzled her neck and gently kissed her throat as I answered "Yes master, you wish is my command." And I moved my dick between her legs and against her pussy lips. I knew that she wanted it deep and hard from the way she was acting so I put her legs up over my shoulders and kneeled at her pussy and pushed myself into her. She was still very wet and ready as I slammed home. "Hard, do me hard tonight." She breathed out as I pulled back. So I slammed forward hard and began a hard fast pistoning action.

She was as usual a good fit for me not too tight to allow me to last a while and give her maximum attention before I blew my load. I was afraid I would not last all that long as I was really ready to bust a nut but with her being so wet it reduced the friction and I made it thru her first orgasm without a problem. As she came on my dick I felt my own cum rising in my balls but was able to slow down and hold it at bay for a bit.

But all too soon I could not contain it any longer and I felt pulse after pulse of cum shoot deep into her and with each pulse Tina let out a little grunt. As my cum shot into her womb she felt the hot babyjuice slam against her insides. She began to cum again, clamping her muscles down on my dick and squeezing as her juice flowed out of her, down over my balls and my legs then finally soaking the bed beneath us.

I collapsed on the bed next to her and we embraced holding each other and enjoying our mutual afterglow. As we lay in our embrace I felt the bed shift and then noticed Sue on the other side of Tina and Tammy slide down next to me and the four of us drifted off to sleep.

I woke the next morning about dawn. I could see the light from the sunrise begin to brighten the room and I noticed that Tammy and Tina were both already up which left Sue and I still in the bed. I heard them whispering in the bathroom so I got up to see what was going on. I found the two of them dressed, or at least as close to being dressed as they usually were. Each was wearing one of veronica avluv and zoe monroe use toys bikinis and the skirts I had bought.

They saw me and greeted me with a hug and a kiss each. "We were going to let you sleep. Tammy and I wanted to walk on the beach a little since today is our last day." Tina told me. "We figured you need the rest after taking care of us the last few days. Besides you might want to do Sue again before she leaves." Tammy said. "If you guys wait we can all go." I said.

"No, you go back to bed and work you magic on Sue while we're gone. We need some girl talk." Tina told me firmly. Well I know enough not to get in the middle of "girl talk". That always means get out of the way because they're going to talk about you and your better off not knowing what's being said.

So I just nodded to them gave each a kiss and went back to cuddle up next to Sue. I figured if I worked gently enough I could get her worked up in her sleep so she woke horny as hell and ready to fuck. I really did want to stick my dick into that tight pussy again and blast a load into her. That is the problem with too many women in your bed at once.

Nobody gets the attention they really deserve. The girls let themselves out quietly while I lay with Sue and slowly ran a finger over her nipples getting them to stand at attention. She lay on her side and I behind her as I reached around to play with her tits and gently stroke her neck and other sensitive parts. It was only a minute or so before she rolled over still sound asleep and gave me full access to both tits and her pussy.

She still had her legs together so I had some work to do but it was easier. The more I licked her nipples and rolled them around in my lips the more gentle pressure I applied to her pussy.

I slowly worked my finger back and forth up and down her slit and occasionally over her clit. She began to react by opening her legs for me a little at a time. Then her breath began to come shallow and faster. Now she had her legs nearly fully spread and was humping against the air above her so I moved down to put my face into her sweet sex.

I began to lick. Slowly I inserted my tongue into her and licked upwards ebony kandee with white boy hardcore and blowjob her clit then back down to her hole and inside it. A couple of passes like that and she clamped her hands on my head and shoved me into her. She was awake and about as horny as you can get. I started to lick and suck in earnest and worked on her until her juices were flowing easily. I moved up her kissing my way up her mound, her belly, across her tits to her mouth.

She greedily sucked my tongue into her mouth. While we tongue wrestled I positioned my dick at her entrance. She knew what I was doing and reached down and grabbed hold of my meat ebony kandee with white boy hardcore and blowjob pulled me into her.

She was as tight as she was last night and I worked my way into her and finally felt my cock bottom out inside her. I began to pump and she began to hump against me in time. I was really enjoying the fucking I was giving her when I felt her muscles contract and the gush of girl cum wash over my dick.

I remember thinking to myself "that didn't take long." But she wanted more and with only a moments rest she was humping at me again. I rolled over bringing sex selingkuh menantu vs mertua japanese with me and putting her on top where she could ride me. Ride me she did, and in only a few minutes she was cumming again this time with a scream, arching her back and throwing back her head.

Now she had me hot and ready but I wanted to change positions again so I crawled out from under her and got behind her. I pulled her ass up in the air and saw her puckered hole. For a minute I thought about going in her ass but decided against it, figuring if her pussy was as tight as it was I would never fit in her ass.

Instead I aimed at her pussy and drove in deep on the first stroke. I pounded her from behind until I felt the cum rising in my balls and rushing down my prick until it spurted out the tip and into her waiting womb. As it pulsed out I held myself deep into her and let it drain completely.

I was kneeling there holding myself into her and enjoying the sensations when I heard her mutter, "Shit" "What's wrong?" I asked "Nothing's wrong, Damn that was great. I thought you were going to go up my ass for a minute." She answered.

"For a minute I thought about it. But figured I might hurt you." I offered. "Probably would have but if it felt as good as everything else you did to me it would have been worth it.

But I just remembered, I stopped taking the pill two months ago and was thinking that you might have knocked me up." She offered. Now it was my turn, "Shit!!!" She laughed. "Don't worry about it there's nothing we can do now. It's my fault for not warning you last night." With that she rolled over onto her back and pulled me down to her.

"Where are the girls?" she asked looking around. "They went for a walk on the beach. They told me I had to stay here and take care of you. Make sure you had enough dick to satisfy you before we had to go." I told her. "I'll have to thank them when they get back." She said as she took old man cums in teen xxx tina met her boypartner at a concert in a bar softening cock in her hand and began to massage it.

"Any chance we could get this back to life?" "Well maybe if you keep doing what you're doing and give it a kiss or two you may be able to coax it back.

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Why, Didn't you have enough already?" I asked "I was thinking about what you said, and maybe I thought we could try it." She cooed "What do you mean?" I asked. (I can be really dense at times.) "You know using my other hole. I've never had it like that but I have slipped a finger or two in while I was playing with myself and it was &hellip. interesting." She answered as she slid down and started to lick my cock. She got an almost immediate reaction from me.

Whether it was the oral stimulation or the talk about ass fucking, either way I started to get hard. As I hardened she took more of me in her mouth and began to give me a full fledged blow job. After a few minutes she came back up and said, "I think you're ready and I know I am." I quickly mommyblowsbest rayveness is a dirty step mom to the bathroom and grabbed a tube of KY that Tina kept around for just such emergencies.

When I got back to the bed I found her kneeling on the edge of the bed with her ass high and her cheeks spread, I squeezed a liberal amount of KY onto her hole and rubbed it around with my finger letting it slip inside just a little. Then I shot a little on my dick and smeared it around.

Now we were ready. I stood behind her putting me at the perfect height to line up on her bung hole. I lined up on her back door and gave a little push. To my surprise I slid right in, no resistance no problem, so I pushed a little again and found myself all the way inside her ass. The girl was built backwards. Tiny and tight pussy and big loose asshole.

I let it set there a few seconds and I asked "How is it for you, does it hurt?" "God no. Ohh I like it I feel so full. Come on quit stalling I want to feel it slide in and out." She answered So I started to slowly pump on her butt and she was pushing back to me each time. I could feel my dick sliding in and out of her ass and it felt great, then suddenly she tightened up and squeezed and with a moan and a shudder she came.

I reached down underneath and her juices were flowing from her pussy. I took this as a cue and started to pump harder and faster. That was how we were when Tina and Tammy walked in as they returned from their walk.

Sue kneeling on the edge of the bed and me with my dick buried in her ass pumping away. "Well it looks like you didn't miss us." Tina teased as she gave me a kiss.

Then she looked down. "Oh, I thought you were just fucking her pussy from behind I didn't know you were doing her ass." She stood thee staring as my cock came in and out of the girls asshole.

"I never did it before and I wanted to try it." Sue grunted out as I pumped on her. "I'm glad I did I love it." By now Tammy had come over to stand on the other side of me and watch close up action. "Everybody gets it up the ass around here but me" she pouted. "Don't worry honey, when we get home tonight you'll get your turn if luscious girls lick moist love tunnels lesbian college still want I promise." I offered as I pumped away.

Her pout instantly turned to a smile as she gave me a kiss and crawled onto the bed to join Sue and give her a kiss, pulling her own bikini top up to offer her tit to the other girl.

Just about then Sue came again with a groan and a leaking of pussyjuice. Tammy reached to Sue's pussy and caught some of it in her hand to lick it off. Watching that show pushed me over the edge and I shot my load deep into Sue's ass. With a sigh I let my cock slide out of her and she collapsed back on the bed. Tina lay down with her and took her in her arms. "Glad you forgot to give us all the pictures last night?' Tina asked "I have a confession," Sue answered sheepishly.

"I forgot on purpose. I was nosy and wanted to see what you guys were really up to. But to answer your question, YES!" We all started to laugh. "It's a good thing we're leaving today or you girls will have the whole town standing outside our door before long.

The way you strut around you are attracting every horny person we come across." I laughed. We all gathered on the bed and hugged and teased and laughed. " Well I need a shower we will have to pack up soon and get on our way.

You guys can lie around a while or you can join me." I offered as I headed for the bathroom. Needless to say all three of them joined me and we giggled and scrubbed and teased our way through a hundred gallons of hot water before getting out to dry off.

While we were drying off Sue related to Tina how she had gone off the pill a couple of months before hardcore with sexy luscious babe smalltits blowjob had forgotten all about it till I shot my load into her and how she hoped she didn't get pregnant.

She laughed that if she did she was either going to name it Jack or Tina depending of course on whether it was a boy or a girl. At that revelation Tina and Tammy exchanged looks. At first I was afraid they were going to get jealous on me. But they recovered immediately and gave her a hug and wished her good luck whatever happened.

Sue got dressed and said her goodbyes and we all began to pack up our stuff to ready for the trip back later that day. We wore our swim gear under our clothes, loaded the car and headed for the beach for a last quick romp in the surf before grabbing a bite and hitting the road. Both girls fell asleep almost immediately and I drove on. That was not a good thing as it gave me time to think. It had never crossed my mind to ask either girl about birth control.

By this time I could have knocked up both of them. I resolved that when we got home I would talk to Tina about it. I had just assumed she had taken care of it. Also we had a few more days before the girls parents returned and I was beginning to wonder how they would survive back under the ultra religious and strict rules of their parents.

But we had a few more days of debauchery ahead before we had to face that. We arrived home in the late afternoon. I was beat, between fighting traffic, not enough sleep the night before and essentially driving alone because the two girls had slept the entire trip, all I wanted to lucie cline kneeling and blowing a massive dick was lay down.

My mood must have showed it, as we started to unload the car Tina said to me "I can tell you're tired. Why don't you go lay down and Tammy and I will unload the car and get things taken care of." I was grateful. I gave her a kiss and headed for the bedroom. In minutes I was stripped down and sound asleep under the sheets.

I woke a couple of hours later feeling rested and refreshed and a little horny. There was an enticing aroma coming from the kitchen and I realized I was hungry. But I also felt as though I needed a shower. I headed for the kitchen first to see what the wonderful smells were. I found Tammy at the stove stirring a pot of something. She had her back to me and apparently didn't know I was up yet. She was wearing a pair of shots and a T shirt. I stole up behind her and grabbed a handful of ass through the shorts.

It, as expected startled her and she jumped. Once she recovered she smacked me on the arm and tried to act mad but I could see through it and I took her in a hug as I whispered some insincere apologies into her neck as I kissed it. "Stop that I have to make dinner." she said without conviction. "But I'm all rested and horny." I protested.

I was going to take a quick shower. Want to join me." While I was talking I had slipped my hand down the back of her shorts and was tickling the upper part of the crack of her ass.

"I have to stir this. I can't take time to take a shower." She was weakening, I could tell from the feeble protest. So I moved my hand down further and slipped a finger into her pussy. She gave a little moan and gave in, "I'll turn the pot down. But I don't have time for a shower, just a quickie." I didn't waste any time I pulled her shorts down where she stood and pulled her T shirt off leaving her naked in the kitchen.

I nuzzled blonde girls lips print on butt tube porn neck a little more and took a nipple in my mouth as I continued to finger fuck her.

It took no time at all for her to be very wet and ready. We moved into the living room and I got her to kneel on the carpet while I positioned myself behind her. I aimed my dick at her exposed pussy and plunged right in. She grunted at the force I put behind it as I slammed home. With a few strokes she started to breath faster and in no time I felt her tighten on my dick so I slammed even faster bring her orgasm chubby coed christine rhydes gets her pussy banged almost immediately.

As I felt her pussy muscles tighten on my meat and the heat of her juices around my cock I let myself fly and shot my cum deep into her. I held myself in as far as I could get while the last of my orgasm ran babyjuice into her waiting pussy.

Now sated and content I stood up and pulled her with me. I gave her a smack on the ass and sent her back to the kitchen. "I'm busty girl takes care of a dick to get my shower how long do I have and by the way where is your sister?" "She's getting the laundry from the laundry room and it should be ready when she gets back 10 or 15 minutes." She answered as she stirred the pot again.

I looked at her and saw our combined cum running down her thigh. "Sure you don't want to join me in the shower?" I asked as I scooped some of the mixed juice off of her thigh and held it up to her mouth.

She smiled at me as she took my finger into her mouth and sucked off the cum. "No you go ahead but don't take to long." I gave her a kiss as I headed off for the bathroom.

I was enjoying the shower as I realized I still hadn't talked to either of them about birth control and here I had just shot another load into the younger sister. Well that was a discussion we would have to have tonight. By the time I finished Tina was back and dinner was ready.

We sat down to a really excellent but simple dinner and I found out that while I slept the girls had straightened up the apartment and done all the accumulated laundry, everything except the sheets I had been sleeping on.

After we finished eating they cleaned up and did the dishes while I sat in front of the TV. It occurred to me that I was getting spoiled having two women take care of all the domestic chores I had done for myself the last few years and having all the sex I wanted on top of it. A guy could get used to it. Once they had finished in the kitchen the sisters joined me on the couch.

Tina sat on one side and leaned against me her head on my shoulder and Tammy on the other side resting her head on my lap we watched the rest of a movie that had come on. I waited for a commercial and then brought up the topic that had been on my mind most of the day. "Tina, I probably sunny leon sex in bath have asked this earlier but your are using some sort of birth control aren't you?" I asked She looked at me and smile "Now's a fine time to ask after you've dumped a passion hd natural d pool fuck blonde gallons of cum in me.

Aren't you going to ask about Tammy or don't you care if she gets knocked up" "Well I know we should have talked about it earlier and yeah I was going to ask about Tammy too." I answered "What do you think about that Tammy he's been screwing us and now he asks about birth control." She said to Tammy. "I think it's a little late to worry about now, I mean the sperm are loose now aren't they." Tammy answered without lifting her head. "Well, you know I just want you girls to be safe and take my share of the responsibility." I stumbled out.

Tina leaned over and gave me a kiss "Don't worry about it we'll take care of it" She told me with a smile. I relaxed a little as I realized they had been teasing me.

We sat there for a minute or so before she asked me, while still cuddled up against me," Would it be so bad?" "Would what be so bad?" I asked (Remember I can be dense at times) "If I got pregnant." she said. Well I can be dense at times but I am not stupid and I can usually sense a verbal trap. So I answered carefully "No, I guess not as long as it's what you want and we are both happy about it." I knew I answered right as she snuggled closer.

I let a quiet, inaudible sigh out as I realized I dodged the bullet. Then the second one was fired at me. "What about me?" Tammy asked. OK now what do I do, think fast. Open mouth insert foot, quickly before they start to cry or gang up on me.

"I love you both and would be pound to father a child with either of you." I answered. Now Tammy snuggled closer on one side and Tina on the other side. I'm batting 1000 tonight I thought to myself smugly. It was about then that I realized what I said. "OH shit! What did I just do?" I thought to myself. I sat there slowly working up a sweat worrying and suddenly Tina picked her head up and began to nuzzle my neck and kiss me. I turned to her and met her lips with mine and we kissed very tenderly she would kiss my lips and then run her tongue over them and slide it into my mouth.

It was a really nice way to be kissed I realized. Then I felt Tammy mouthing my dick through my pants. But that did not last long before she opened my pants and exposed my hard cock to the air. She did not let it in the air long before she slid me into her mouth and began to give me a slow tender blow job.

I was enjoying getting sucked off by one sister as I kissed the other and started to remove Tina's shirt to expose her tits and hard nipples so my mouth could get around them. I sucked first one than the other of her enlarged and extended nipples into my mouth and ran my tongue over them. Her breathing started to get heavy when she said "Tammy, lets take him into the bedroom." Tammy sat up letting my dick plop out of her mouth.

She had a hold of one of my hands as she urged me up while Tina stood up and tugged on the other. I followed them as they led me to the bedroom. I stood there by the bed while they removed my shirt and then, with one sister on each side pulled my pants down and off me. I stood there naked and reached out for them but they pushed my hands away and pushed me down on the bed. They then turned to each other and they slowly removed each other clothes.

Tammy took hold of Tina's shirt and finished what I had started and removed it. Then before stepping back she took each of her sister's nipples into her mouth and gently sucked them before kissing her on the lips. Now it was Tina's turn, she reached over and drew Tammy's shirt up and over her head exposing her nearly identical tits.

She returned Tammy's favors, sucking each tit in turn then kissing her sister. Tammy now reached out and helped Tina remove her shorts and panties by pulling them down from the side. As she followed them down she went to her knees and snuggled her mouth against her sister's bald pussy.

I watched as she licked Tina's pussy giving it several strokes before getting to her feet again and again kissing Tina. Once again Tina repeated the same process on her sister, pulling her pants down then licking her snatch before standing and kissing Tammy.

This time as they stood naked side by side they turned to face me and I again marveled at how sperm swap nasty backdoors get maintenance drilling deepthroat swapping identical they were in every respect. Except for Tammy's slight baby fat they could be identical twins. I held out my hands and they each reached out and grasped one as I pulled them into my bed. They each lay to a side of me. But now Tina moved down and took me in her mouth and began to work her magic tongue on my dick while Tammy kissed and caressed my mouth with her tongue.

I urged Tammy up so I could get my mouth around her nipples and I drew them into my mouth one at a time, taking time to tease each one with my tongue. I had enough tit and wanted to milf emily is shy but despearte for her orgasm pussy so I whispered to Tammy "I want to eat you." She smiled at me but shook her head "no".

"It's Tina's turn. Make her glad she met you." she told me as she kissed me. She reached out and drew her sister's leg up over me so that Tina's pussy was inches from my face. That put Tina and I into a 69 and I went to work on her luscious pussy lips. I licked and sucked them drawing each lip into my mouth then running my tongue up and down her slit.

All the while I was eatingTina, Tammy was sitting next to us. She had one hand buried in her pussy and the other was running over her sister and me, just touching us and sharing the joy. The exoticness of the additional hand running over us as well as my work on her pussy brought Tina to a crashing climax.

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She ground her pussy into my mouth as her juices ran out onto my face. I sucked up every drop I could as she began to settle down.

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Abruptly she pulled herself off of my face and turned around now straddling my groin she took my hard cock in her hand and guided it into her waiting hole and began to ride me. At first she was slow and gentle then as she built to a second orgasm she began to ride harder and harder until she was ramming herself onto me.

I knew she was getting close so I hardcore with sexy luscious babe smalltits blowjob a tit in each hand and began to tweak her nipples. The titty tweak pushed her over the edge and she shudder and gushed juice all over my cock. She came down from the sexual high just sitting on my still hard cock slowly rubbing herself on me. She looked me in the eyes and smiled.

"That was great but would you take me hard. I want it hard and I want to feel your cum in me." I pulled her down to lay on top of me for a minute before I rolled her over and drew her legs teenslovemoney curvy latina fucked for free ride and money large cock and beautiful over my shoulders.

I knew this was one of her favorite positions and that she liked me to ram her when we used it. I aimed my dick with my hand and put it at her entrance before I pushed back into her, hard. I let it sit there for a few seconds before I drew it nearly all the way out and rammed hard again and again until I was pounding her like a jackhammer. Fucking her like this I knew I would not last much longer and I soon felt the cum rising in me and rushing down my cock until it shot out and into her womb.

I shot rope after rope into her and felt myself slow to a dribble but I held it in her until I softened and fell out on my own.

Again she stared into my eyes and said to me." I love feeling your cum pool in me. It makes me feel so good." Tammy had sat watching our lovemaking now leaned over and kissed me and then kissed her sister as she laid next to her and hugged her.

"I know what you mean sis. The best part of sex is knowing he left his seed in me. Maybe one of these day's we'll be able to talk him into letting us get pregnant." She then looked at me with a smile that said "I love you." I crawled out from under Tina's legs and snuggled up between them.

Even though it was only early evening we all drifted off to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night I woke to find Tammy laying next to me and Tina with her head between her legs eating her pussy and bringing her to climax. I laid there and watched as she finished off her sister. She noticed I was awake and gave me a kiss. "I figured Tammy needed to cum and I didn't want to wake you so I took care of her.

You can have her tomorrow morning after I go to work. That is if you can get it up again." She chuckled at me. "No problem." I muttered as I drifted back off.