Goldie is lifted and fucked balls deep in her pussy naturaltits blowjob

Goldie is lifted and fucked balls deep in her pussy naturaltits blowjob
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We sat on the couch as The Empire Strikes Back played before us. My empty cup sat next to my left boot on the floor, next to four or so empty beer bottles. I still playfully teased at the notion that this really was just a hang out. A kitten walked passed my view and came pouncing at my boot lace. Drunkenly, I swiped her up and suspended her above my head. I chuckled as I held her in one hand playing with her like she were a toy plane. I was awkward. I was here in the home of a former co-worker.

I had finished frisky lesbian dolls are opening up and fisting assholes a gallon of pre-mixed rum cocktail called "Zombie" and four or five.

Maybe six or so beers. I had known Maggie for years. We had worked together at a retail store that sold books, movies, and music called Hastings while in high school. Now we were all grown up, 22 years old. I found myself at her place after I had gone through a messy divorce. She had been feeling particularly uncared for after a brutal break up herself.

I reached out to her online, told her not to feel down, that she was beautiful and amazing. She suggested we hang out. So I picked her up from work, not knowing what would happen of our night.

She suggested we pick up some booze and head to her place. I did as was told. We scanned the shelves of the liquor store and I bought us a twelve pack of Killians and a bright blue concoction by Bacardi's called "Zombie".

We pulled into her place and began catching up. She had broken up with the guy she had dated when we worked together all those years ago. I had finally sent my wedding ring sailing into the woods one night while drinking with some buddies. My ex having left me for some internet crush she had made when she was 13, choosing now to be the appropriate time to flee to him.

I sank into the couch and popped open a beer. Maggie had decided we'd have a Star Wars marathon and booze out. This sounded perfect to me. After the first Death Star exploded we had began to feel the alcohol set in. I got up to put The Empire Strikes Back into the Xbox. As I laid back into the couch, Maggie had inched herself closer.

I began to understand her motives, and my aloofness was wearing thin. A kitten had scurried by and I swooped it up in my hand. I played with her a second, a bit too anxious to look back into Maggie's blue-grey eyes. She was two natural titted lesbians have sex with strapon hardcore brunette. Maggie had large breasts and wide hips.

She had a booming laugh that caused her chest to thrive in a dance of seductive enticement. She had a fire red tint to her auburn hair. I began to eye her at the edge of the couch, understanding the situation she had orchestrated. The kitten walked across my lap as Maggie began to pet her. She gingerly would slide her hand off the kittens fur and onto my thigh.

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Her fingertips lightly brushed the ever hardening trace of my cock in my jeans. She played coy, as if these were simply harmful mistakes. I caught her gaze as she finally placed her hand directly on my fully erect member.

The illusion had faded, we were both now fully aware of what would happen tonight. It wasn't long after Luke had landed on Dagobah that we heard a lock turn just to our right and the front door came flying open. Her roommate hadstepped inside. He noticed us on the couch and said, "God, work was shit. So glad to be home. Who's this?" Maggie spoke for me, "This is Ryan.

He used to work with me." I stood up to shake his hand and introduce myself. I kicked an empty beer bottle as I approached and it when spinning across the hardwood floor. I was clumsy by nature, so the alcohol didn't exactly help things.

He chuckled a bit, obviously a little annoyed at this drunk stranger in his house after a long day at work. But he was friendly enough and we talked for a few minutes before he ultimately asked us to take our movie watching to another room danejones big tits beautiful sex sticky wet pussy he could have the living room too himself for gaming. Maggie gladly agreed. She and I began to clean up our bottles and moved into her bedroom.

It was small but held all of Maggie's quirky charm. I sat down on her bed and waited as Maggie found where we left off on Empire.

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She pushed me down and snuggled up to me so we were now spooning on her small bed. I felt myself surge with a freedom to break away from my shy facade. I knew why I was brought here, and knew what I wanted. Laying there, I placed my hand on Maggie's thigh. I traced the hem of her jeans from her knee up to her hips. I lay there holding her for a while, casually watching the Rebels fight the Empire as I felt myself swell once again in my pants.

Pressed against her, I knew she could feel my arousal. She took my hand and placed it on her chest. Her large breasts felt soft and supple. Maggie, still facing away from me towards the screen, reached back and unbuttoned my jeans. She unzipped my fly and shot her hand down to grab a hold of my throbbing cock.

She turned to face me. I was excited and nervous. I had been married to my high school sweetheart when I was 19. She had been my first, and to this point, only. The divorce had come sudden, and now, here I was with an old friend, her hand tugging my shaft and placing my hand on her chest. I kissed her. I shed my fear.

I wanted this. I wanted her. Her tongue was wild and wicked. She wanted this too. I slid my hand up her shirt, felt her smooth, soft skin. She was cold, that would change quickly. I unclasped her bra and I felt her heavy tits sink free. She pulled her hand free of my boxers and began to grind against me. I began to remove her shirt, but she turned over on top of me. She straddled me and grinned. She ripped her shirt off and let her loose bra fall on my face. She chuckled and tossed it across the room.

I was now staring at her beautiful DDs. She smirked at me, I realized I must have had a dumb look on my face. She began to slide down the bed. Her fingers hooked the belt loops of my jeans and she tugged them down. Somewhere behind me a lightsaber duel was taking place. Wizzing and clashing as Maggie took my cock into her mouth. I looked down to see her head bobbing up and down quick and fierce.

She slowed for a minute and took as much of me as she could. My left leg spasmed. Her hair hung over the right side of her face and she brushed it away, only to have it land right back in the same spot. She was so sexy it drove me mad. I was lost in each twist of her tongue, the soft moans she gave off.

I pulled her head back and she looked up at me. She didn't say a word, she looked cross eyed back at the head of my cock and then back at me and let out a naughty laugh. She kissed it, then licked me like a lollipop, and drove her head deep, swallowing me into her.

She coughed and gagged. I pulled her up to meet my face. I turned her over on her back and straddled her. I tore my shirt off and flung it to the side.

On her back, her enormous breasts lay like glorious tributes to Aphrodite. I bent down and took her right nipple into my mouth. It was rock hard and as my tongue circled it Maggie let out a gasp. She tasted beautiful. I sucked her nipple into my mouth, the soft surrounding flesh followed. I softly bit down on her and Maggie's legs beneath me kicked outward in what I hoped was pleasure.

I lifted my head to meet her eyes. I had a touch of that playful devilishness in them now too. I could feel them glow as I shot my glance at her. I lowered my gaze as I kissed her left breast. It followed with a trail of more leading to her navel.

I unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped her fly. I pulled them off. Maggie raised her legs into the air in assistance. There, lying on her back, I took her sexiness in.

She was a goddess in her element. She was wearing pink and slender blondie dped by big black cocks on the couch stripped panties cuckold compilation mia lelani jenna ivory juelz ventura ash hollywood two ankle length socks.

That and a smile, with nothing else. I curled my fingers along the waistband of her tiny panties. They came off slowly as she wriggled her way out of them. She took her socks off for me as I gazed longingly at her bare vagina.

I was stuck for a moment in the past. The times we would joke and play at work. She teased me when I told her my future wife, and eventual ex, had made love for the first time. She thought it was funny how easily I would blush or get embarrassed.

She had pinched my cheek and said "Awww, you so cute lil'Ryan." I now was before her in a dark room, the credits of Empire Strikes Back booming off the walls, she completely naked, staring into my eyes as I sank between her thighs. I softly licked her clitoris.

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She was very wet, I could taste how much she wanted me. As I began to probe her with my tongue, she slowly grinded into me. I took her taste in, it was lovely and I wanted to make her cum.

I wanted hear her to scream my name. I felt her quiver and her back arched upward. She quaked again tensing and letting out a long, soft moan.

She collapsed for a moment on the mattress before her hips began to circle again. Her right leg began to shake and she spasmed and pinned my face between her thighs tightly. She screamed and fell limp. I propped myself big rack milf and cute teen amazing threeway sex in bed and looked her once again in the eyes. I wiped my chin and she let out a howling laugh, her whole body quaked, her rocking tits bouncing and shaking, her legs kicked out and she composed herself.

I stood up off the bed. I let my jeans fall to the floor. Standing there in just my boxers, my manhood poking proudly through the front.

As I stood by the bed, Maggie lay level with my crotch. She pulled down my boxers, working them over my bulge. She then leaned over and began to suck me once again. I stood there, her mouth working its way down my shaft. She bobbed her head smoothly, much slower this time. I placed my hand on the back of her head but allowed her to maintain control of her movements.

I finally took hold of her by the nape of her neck and slowly forced her head down. Her tongue circled around and I nearly exploded right then. She pulled back and lay her head on the pillow. She curled her index finger at me, calling me to her. I climbed on top of her. I raunchy rucca is a cute curvy babe that loves to fuck myself to enter her. I rubbed my head against her wet, yearning lips. With a thrust, I embedded myself into her about an inch or so.

I slowly filled her, pressing myself entirely into her. She let out a wince and her eyes fluttered. As I sank into her, I realized I had not put a condom on. It wasn't smart, but I told myself any concerns I had would have to wait for the morning. Tonight was one of reckless abandon. I grabbed her thighs and massaged them as I pulled myself almost entirely out of her before slipping back in. I leaned down and kissed her along her clavicle.

I bit down on her neck and began to pick up speed. I was in love with this. I felt her beneath me lose herself to each thrust. Xxx hous story full sex stories became faster now. I slid my length into her and held myself inside her. Embedded in her, I took a leg in each hand and hooked them over my shoulders.

I leaned deeper into her, I felt the head of my penis brush her cervix. I pulled back and held still. I locked lips with her. She pulled her hips from mine and slid my cock from its home. She lay there a moment, placid, satisfied.

She breathed slowly and quietly and stared at the ceiling. She looked as if she could melt into the sheets. After a moment she regained herself.

She propped herself on her knees and, bent before me, presented her loving warmth. I smacked her beautiful round ass. I took a her tightly by the hips and drove into her. "Fuck yes!" she screamed. Her head flew back and she clutched onto the sheets tightly. I began to fuck her madly now. She pressed into me and held me inside as deeply as she could. "Fuck me! God! Oh shit!!" I leaned forward and pinned her down. I took her wrists and pulled them behind her back, hooking her arms like a reign.

I continued this until I felt myself surge, as if I would burst. I slowed my stride. I let her wrists go and they shot back in front of her as she shoved her face into a pillow. I was making long, slow strokes. I put my hands on hers and her fingers intertwined with mine. I drew completely out of her very slowly, my wet cock felt freezing in contrast as it lay pressed against the gushing, warmth of her tight pussy. I spanked her softly and she lifted her head to look back at me.

She opened her mouth to say something and I quickly thrust back into her. Her eyes widened and she sank her head back into the pillow muffling an "Oh fuck!" I concurred. I leaned forward and bit her softly on the neck. I pulled her arms back so she now lay flat on the mattress, her huge breasts now gave her body a cushion on which she would slide forward and back into me with each push.

I sank my weight onto her and her knees gave. She now was prone and felt tighter than ever. I grabbed her again by the hips and dug my nails into her.

Her face lifted from the pillow and she let out a load moan. I unsheathed myself from her and let her lay there a minute. She rolled over and looked at me. She got up and pushed me lightly in the chest with a single finger. I moved as she instructed. I sat upright on the mattress, my back resting against the wall.

Her face sank quickly to take me once again into her wanting mouth. This time, she managed to take me entirely down her throat. I couldn't handle it, she choked and gagged, my cock seven inches or so in her windpipe. Involuntarily, I spasmed and thrust my hips into her russian mom jerking hard fuck, lifting slightly off the bed and making her pull quickly away.

I had never had a girl deep throat me. My ex had tried, but she was only ever able to get about four or so inches before drawing back.

Maggie had taken me entirely, and had she held a second longer, I may have been completely drained in the process. Maggie coughed a bit more before her playful giggle returned.

She climbed atop me. She began to straddle me, swaying her hips as she lightly grinded against my shaft. I was still very much soaked in Maggie's saliva. My cock was rock hard, pointing towards the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling of the otherwise dimly lit room. The tv played the title menu of The Empire Strokes Back, just as it had for the last twenty minutes or so on a continuous loop.

I heard French horns and violins and a towering, booming orchestra as Maggie gripped me and guided me into her, lifting herself ever-so-slightly before sinking again onto my shaft. She re-introduced me slowly to her tightness. She breathed a soft moan as she sank.

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She came a good three or so inches before rising again, rocking her hips as she took more in with each trip. I gave a single thrust upward before realising this was Maggie's ride, she held the cards here.

She pinned my arms to the wall and began to gain momentum. She pressed her soft, bounding tits against my chest. Her hard, piercing nipples brushed elegantly, seemingly in contrast against the hair on my own.

I grabbed her ass. It bounced in a hypnotic rhythm. She had leveled me. I could feel every ounce of her womanhood greet me at every possible turn. She was giving me all I could tolerate. I said into her ear, "I'm gonna cum. Oh fuck. Oh shit!" She eased up very slightly. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear "No. Not yet you aren't." As if by magic she had sucked my seed from me, the words themself had made me lose any control I had convinced myself I'd had.

I slid quickly out of Maggie and shot a load that felt as if I suddenly had a canon between my legs. I shot uncontrolled into the air. Hitting Maggie square in between her tits. I shot again and my seed splashed in a powerful blast on her stomach. Several more waves of cum shot out, billowing in gradually weaker spurts before amateur aussie wife black guyging outdoor ceasing and leaving Maggie dripping in semen.

I had wanted to obey her, had wanted to last as long as she had wanted, and now, sapped of my essence, I collapsed. I lay there, cum speckled angel above me, her cunt hovering all of three inches above my still thriving member.

She looked at me and giggled. "Fuck sake. You're not done yet are you?" She draped her hand across her chest and licked her fingers clean. She looked down at her drenched stomach and cleaned off what she could. She then began to turn around, and, on her hands and knees, shoved my face between her legs as she slurped the still seeping seed from my still hardened cock.

I hadn't had the time to grow soft. I felt her lips wrap around me, her tongue going to work. I couldn't help but maintain interest. This would be a long night.