Slapping and fucking of a sexy whore

Slapping and fucking of a sexy whore
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My eyes followed the brown haired physical therapist as she is finishing her last patient. Mollie is the only therapist left to close the building, and so it fell to her to make sure everything is finished and locked. For a month now, I had been fantasizing about getting into Mollie's pants, so as I watched her move around the room, I imagined what she looks like doing her job without the helped pass the time.

When I had first started coming here for therapy a month ago, I noticed the 34 year old therapist. She stood about 5'7", which is nearly a foot shorter than I was, had a cute, unmade-up face, and long light brown hair which she habitually kept in a pony tail. The one thing I did notice is that she has a killer slender body. 32B. I had learned she is divorced. Mollie completely ignored the one pass I'd made at her. I also learned riding on a huge dick hardcore blowjob didn't have boyfriend and didn't date, and didn't seem to have any interest in dating.

My attitude toward her changed one day that it had come out in a conversation that the subject of sex seemed to have made her uncomfortable and nervous. The idea of fucking a woman who seems to have no desire to get laid had made me horny as hell, and I begun to wonder what it would be like to be the one to fuck her tight pussy, then make her cum for the first time in a long time. Gorgeous brunette babes share a cock teen anal thought of launching my seed into her tight snatch and maybe knocking her up drove me nuts.

Since deciding I wanted to fuck her, I had made several passes that seem to go straight over her head. I had resorted to looking for excuses to touch her or rub against her, just to see how she'd react. When my invitation join me after work for drinks or dinner had been refused, frustration turned to aggravation and a little anger.

When the patient ahead of me left, I knew that this was the perfect opportunity. For the next three hours she had given me therapy, when at a little after 6pm, Mollie finished, I continued to watch Mollie work for a few minutes, I feel my cock stiffen as I hot milf rachel starr suck the masseur charles dera bubblebutt cheating fucking this standoffish bitch.

When she walked over to the wall next to the door, I made my move. I slipped off my sneakers and quietly pulled my shirt over my head, revealing my bare torso, and stepped up behind her, my 6'1" frame towering over her small body. Before she had realized I'm there, my right hand found the cleft between her shoulders and I push her roughly against the wall.

I hear the soft "whuff" of her breath as the surprise and the impact knocked the air out of her. Before she can recover, my left hand rose to cover her mouth, while I press my body close to hers to restrict her movement, my right hand moved from her back to grasp her pony tail.

I pull her head back slightly and murmur in her ear. " Don't struggle Mollie. We've got this building all to ourselves, and I'm gonna put it to good use." " I'm taking my hand away from your mouth now." Terrified of what I might do, Mollie shakily nodded her understanding. " Good." My hand left her mouth, and I nodded in satisfaction when she obeyed my instruction to keep silent.

" Good. I really don't want to hurt you Mollie, but one way or the other, you're horny female lp officer bounces her milf pussy on top get fucked good tonight." Mollie shuddering as she feels my hands travel along her arms to grasp her wrists. She has braced herself against the wall when I pushed her against it, and now I forced them over her head and held them in place with one hand. The other slipping around in front of her body and dove down the front of her pants.

I grabbed her crotch in a firm grip with my right hand through her thin panties while my left hand moves from her wrists to grip her right tit. I kneaded it through her top, and she gasps when I gave her mound a hard squeeze. Mollie's eyes opened wide in terror when I slide my hand inside the waistband of her panties. My fingers touching the downy triangle above her cunt, and her eyes opened wide as my hand covered her pussy lips. My fingers exploring the wetness of her slit while groping for her hole.

Mollie is nearly in a panic as I fingered her pussy and start to rub the soft skin of her pussy lips. I part the tight folds with my finger pushing it inside her. " Nooo, stop! P. please stop!" She pleads as she feels my thick finger enter her very tight channel. I ignored her pleas and continue to finger-fuck her until she became slick with her juices.

My right hand abruptly moves away from her mound and joins my left on her breasts, and as I maul them, I hissed in her ear, " Time to strip, Mollie!" I grab the hem of her shirt pulling it over her head, tossing it onto a nearby chair.

I made short work of her bra and it joined her top. My hands return to cup her 32B tits and tweak the pink nipples until they stood at attention. By now, the 34 year-old therapist is sobbing as I assaulted her from behind, " Uhhh, p.please s. stop! What are you d. doing?" she cries.

Helplessness and panic seizing her, as she feels my hands move to the waistband of her pants, " Stop it, please don't do that!" she gasps as I begin to push the pants over her hips. Mollie struggles to stop me, but slowly her pants are lowered past her narrow waist and down her legs. She feels my right hand rubbing her pantie covered mound. As I held her in place by her cunt, I quickly use my free hand to remove my own pants and briefs.

I pull her against my body, feeling her cotton covered ass press against my hard cock. My hand sliding down across her firm flat stomach and into her panties. I feel her soft pubes and begin to rub her damp mound. I slide my middle finger down her slit and into her tight cunt.

Mollie's barely touched body reacts as my finger enters her very tight cunt, convulsing involuntarily, causing her to gasp. Her moans have a panicked edge to them. Her love channel is so very tight I have trouble getting my finger in. The thick hardness pressing more forcefully, sliding into her barely touched body.

Her pussy muscles clamping down on my finger as I try working it deeper into her. Mollie feels like she is in a petite exotic beauty has her brown pussy filled hands are on her pussy, all over her pussy, and she is being penetrated for the first time in five years, she gasps between sobs, " P. please don't p.put your fingers in me! I'm so so tight!

I have not been with or touched by a man since me divorce five years ago." I held Mollie tightly around the waist with my left arm, while I push her panties down below her knees with my right hand, revealing her down covered bush. She is naked now, I decide that I need to claim her tightness right away to insure my control over her.

I held her with my arms wrapped around her waist, pushing her legs apart with my foot. Mollie is horrified as her legs are spread wide, it happens before she has a chance to realize what is happening. " Please stop John," she pleads. " Don't do this to me!" I can't wait any longer. I step between her parted legs, placing my rock hard cock against the crack of her small firm ass. Holding her struggling small body with one arm, I use the middle finger of my other hand to find her tight opening.

I push my finger into her tight, quivering cunt. She squeals and struggles as I work my finger in and out a few times, finger fucking her. She keeps struggling as I push a second finger into her pussy. I lean down murmuring in her ear, " I'm going to fuck your very tight cunt now, Mollie. I'm going to enjoy fucking you. Your pussy's made for my cock." Mollie shook her head frantically, and tries to struggle, but my strong hands at her waist hold her firmly.

" Don't, please," she begs, her words coming out in a jumble. " Don't do this to me! I.I hav.had sex in so long. I.I'm not on anything; I could.could get pregnant! Please, nooo!" I rub my cock along her pussy lips, my thick, nine inch shaft looking huge against her tight pink slit. I aim my manhood between the soft lips of her slit and slowly push the tip of my cock against her tight hole. The therapist is so tight; I can't get the tip in at first. Mollie tries to squirm away from my probing tip as I prepare to take her for the first time, " John!

Don't! Please! I'm to.small and tight. NOOOooo!" I press my rock hard cock more forcefully between her swollen lips, and slowly the head slides into the entrance of her tight hole. " Just let yourself go, baby. If you do, I promise you're going to love this." I gasp.

I push my hips forward, and her pussy lips part to accept my hard cock. I moan, " Uhhh, your galavanting around naked in public unreal home video ex girlfriend and high school is so so tight, baby!" Mollie tries to buck and twist, as I push my cock deeper into her tight pussy.

The small petite therapist's face shows her surprise and horror as I press my rigid maleness into the warm sheath where no man has been in five years. She feels the pressure as the long, thick shaft slowly fills her tight channel, and her heart is pounding as she feels a hard cock filling her pussy for the first time in five years.

She feels her pussy lips spreading to accommodate my maleness within her throbbing womanhood. Mollie moans as her vaginal muscles ache with the strain of accepting me inside her. Her tight cunt is forced open for the first time in a very long time as my cock enters the previously explored depths big booty latina with perfect tight pants inside ass her body.

Her eyes fly wide open when my cock head touches the thin fold that has replaced her hymen. I grab her pony tail again forcing her to turn and face to me, " Look at me, Mollie," I said, " I want to see your face when I harvest your cherry again." Placing my free hand firmly on her hip, I withdrew until only the thick head of my cock is still in Mollies's trembling body, and then with a violent thrust I drive my rock hard shaft back into her waiting cunt.

Her breath caught in her throat, as she moans loudly as a sharp pain deep inside her announces that I had claimed her cherry again.

Mollie's eyes glazed over in shock and disbelief as she feels my rigid cock slowly slide all the way into the tight confines of her throbbing snatch. It presses deeper and deeper, where no cock has ever been in five years. Waves of pleasure seizing me as I give the standoffish woman every inch of my shaft. My hips slamming against her small flat firm ass as I bottomed out, my cock buried to the hilt in her tight sheath. I decide that this is going to be one of the best fucks I've had in a long time.

Mollie sobbing and begging to be let go. Tears streaking her face as she struggles against the massive invader between her legs. Her struggles aren't successful. I hold her tight, both hands now gripping her small hips as I withdraw and then slam my cock forcefully in and out of her tight cunt. I close my eyes and let my cock explore Mollie's tight pussy as my hands move around her slender body to squeeze her tits. She is warm, tight, and fits my shaft like a glove.

Her vaginal muscles clutching my cock as I thrust in and out. I squeeze her tits and continue to furiously slam her aching snatch.

There was never any question that I'm going to shoot my load into her hot body. The idea of filling her womb with my steaming cum, made me even more determined to fuck her. In spite of her horror at what is happening to her, Mollie's body begins to react to the friction of my manhood inside her and against her erect clit. Mollie feels every stroke of my cock as her juices begin to coat the hard shaft, allowing me easier access to the hidden depths of her unexplored womanhood. I soon fall into a rhythm and begin to seriously fuck her increasingly wet pussy.

She is still incredibly tight but it became easier to slide into her hot core as I drive rapidly in and out of her. I'm ramming her tight fitting cunt, slamming my cock in and out rapidly. I'm fucking her hard now, enjoying the thrill and excitement of having taken the young therapist against her will. Her struggles are exciting, and they made me want to fuck her even harder.

As her newly claimed body shook with her sobbing and the impact of my hips against her ass, part of her thought wildly how strange this new feeling of having a man's cock filling her and moving inside her body was. She has never felt any desire to be with a man since her divorce, and now she is being raped. This muscular patient is claiming her body.

No. She is no longer untouched. Instead she is being fucked against her will. Mollie feels her pussy stretching to accept my cock each time I slam it into her. I told her how good her pussy feels; how wet, warm and tight it is. How I would have fucked her a long time ago, if I had known what a good lay she was. My tempo changes, as I start to fuck in and out of her with long, forceful strokes as she sobs, turning her face back toward the wall so I can't see how humiliated she is.

The sensation from her hot, throbbing sheath overwhelming my senses, the more I fuck her, the more of her I want. Mollie cries out as I begin to move my hips back and forth rougher, plunging my hard cock deeper and deeper into her tight body. " Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahhh. Ohhh, please s.stop!


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P. please! Ohhhaaaahhh!" she cries out shocked as the thick head of my shaft begins to crash against her cervix. Her cries turning me on more. I begin to pull her up and down on my hard shaft more and more my thrusts roughly penetrate deep into her.

She feels my cock begin swelling inside her, shuddering as my voice whispers in her ear, " Ohhh, Mollie! Here it comes, baby. I'm gonna cum inside your tight little pussy. Are you ready to feel me fill you up with my cum?" The thought of accepting my sperm inside her made Mollie nauseous. Obviously, she isn't on any kind of birth control. Panic seizes her. what if she got pregnant? " Uhhh. Uhhh. Ohhh, please, d. don't do it inside me! Please, I. I'll do whatever you want, just d.

don't do it inside me! I don't want to get p. pregnant!" I grin over her shoulder, " But Mollie, that's the idea. What fun would it be if there weren't a possibility of knocking you up?" Mollie moans in defeat as suddenly I drive my cock into her as deep as I can, piercing the soft resistance of her cervix and lodging inside her fertile untouched womb.

She feels my cock swelling inside her. I hold her ass tightly against my groin as the first stream of sperm launches into her tight womb. She feels me jerking and the hot pressure of my cum erupting into her. Stream after stream bathing her inside with my seed and filling her womb with a hot flood that seems to last forever.

Mollie has never felt a man cum inside her before me, her ex-husband never came inside her, he always wore a condom. She groans with orgasmic sensations as I thrust my cock into her cum filled womb. As my manhood continues to plant its seed deep inside her, my hand reaches down to fondle her clit. This sent her over the edge, and to her humiliation, her body launches her into a massive orgasm. another first for the 34 year-old therapist. As Mollie orgasms around the thick shaft buried inside her, I continue to thrust into her until I'm satisfied that her cunt has taken all the cum I had to give her.for the moment.

I look down at her ass; from my position standing behind her I see the soft skin of her flat firm ass, and the glistening, swollen pussy wrapped around my steel shaft. Finally I pull out, Mollie feels the result of the fucking I have given her begin to trickle out of her newly opened snatch and flow down her legs. I took her by the waist and turn her around to face me. She flinches as I cup her face in my hand and made her look at me.

" I know you came, baby. You may not think so, but your body needed that fucking. Now we're going to get to know each other a lot better." She gasps as my lips covers hers and I force her to kiss me.

She feels my warm rough tongue press between her lips to xxx story xd com japan hers. One hand holding her head still as I kissed her, while the other fondles her breast, squeezing the soft flesh and lightly pinching the taut nipple.

Tears streaming down her face as she thought about the horrible position she found herself in as I continue to kiss her. She has never wanted to have sex with anyone since her divorce, and now she has had sex, against her wishes, my unwanted, throbbing cock thrusting in and out of her cunt until the massive invader had erupted, filling her with my cum.

It all seems like a bad dream, but the reality won't go away. I suddenly broke the kiss and begin pressing on her shoulders, pushing her to kneel in front of me on the floor. When she is kneeling before me, I grasps the back of her head in one hand while the other guides the swollen flesh of my cock toward her flushed face.

I lean over and told her it is time for her to learn how to suck me off. I rub my cock across her face then told her to start licking the head. Mollie shook her head in disgusted refusal, but has no choice but to do as she is told when I press the head against her lips.

I told her to do as she is told or she's going to get hurt. Defeated, Mollie obeys and begins licking the tip and running her tongue around the head.

I push my dick into her mouth ordering her to suck it. When she didn't move, I start moving her head back and forth. Left with no choice, she reluctantly put her lips around my cock.

I hold her head pulling her head up and down, my hard cock fucking her face. I ordered her to suck me faster and deeper, making her pick up speed and depth. I grab her long, brown pony tail and start pumping my groin against her face. Mollie feels the tip of my cock pressing against the back of her mouth.

Just as she thought it can't get any worse, I begin to press the thick shaft down her throat and moan, " Mmmm, just like your pussy, it feels nice and warm." I pulled out of her throat and let her get some air, then shove it all the way back in again. I repeat this until her lips are buried in my pubic hair. I oral fuck in and out of her several times before pulling out of her throat but leaving my cock in her mouth.

" Oh yes! That's it, Mollie. Suck my cock," I moan, as I continue to face-fuck her. Tears rolling down her cheeks as she unwillingly give her first blowjob. Her small mouth is full of my cock, and saliva bubbles are forming around the corners of her lips.

My cock-head fills her mouth. I press forward, and more and more of my shaft slides relentlessly down her throat again. Her cheeks bulging as I slide my cock deeper into her throat until she feels my balls slapping against her chin.

I slowly pull my cock out of her throat, and started fucking her mouth again with steady in and out strokes. I fuck her mouth faster and faster, and then abruptly pull my cock out and have her stand up. Mollie flinches as I took year old stepsister megan rain gets fucked face in my hands covering her lips with mine. I force her lips apart slipping my tongue between her teeth to caress hers. My hands lower to her small tits and began to fondle them and tweak their hard peaks.

Suddenly, I broke the kiss, pushing her backwards onto the padded table. My hands grasp her thighs pushing them apart, then I joined her on the table, kneeling between her obscenely spread legs. For a moment, I just knelt there enjoying the sight of her naked body. Her small full hips are highlighted by the soft triangle of brown down between her legs, and narrowed to a slim waist that flares to firm 32B breasts crowned with quarter sized pink aureoles and hard, pert nipples.

A faint scar traces its way between the small peaks which heave with her arousal and panic, causing the tips to rise and fall invitingly. " Shit, you've got a nice set of tits, Mollie! Just the size I like small handful." She gives me a pleading look as my hands covered one perfect mound and I allow my fingers to explore the soft peaks.

I squeeze remy lacroix gets a hot double penetration rub her breasts roughly, pinching and tweaking the taut nipples as I maul them.

I cover each erect tip with my mouth in turn sucking and working my tongue around the large areolas. My cock is throbbing as I nurse her tits, my lips sending shocks of pleasure travelling from her tits to her hot, wet pussy.

Slowly, I work my way down her flat belly, kissing and licking my way from her breasts to lick into her navel, and then between her legs to go down on her waiting pussy. My tongue and lips ravaging her pussy with a vengeance, licking nibbling and sucking her aroused clit as my fingers and tongue explore her. I ate her pussy, my tongue circling the erect nub of her clit and then plunging into her steaming cunt until her hips begin to buck involuntarily against my face as she approaches another unwanted orgasm.

Before she cums, I sat up and took her hands in mine, guiding them to grasp my rock-hard shaft. I made her guide the engorged tip of my cock to rub her swollen pussy lips. They parted her lips with the tip and pushed it inside her.

" Uhhh. John, please stop! Nooo!" She pleaded as she felt the thick head piercing her body again. I move my hands to steady her hips as she twists and turns, fighting me as I thrust my cock into her cunt. She tossed her head from side to side in disbelief as her channel was filled with the muscular teen's cock ,and she knows she is about to get fucked a second time!

When my 9" shaft begins to drive into her tight sheath, Mollie struggles as the first few inches of cock slides into her cunt. Her legs are spread wide; her pussy lips stretched around my thick rod as her cunt struggles to accommodate me again. She feels the head of my cock pressing deeper and deeper into her.

I thrust my cock into her, forcing my way into the depths of her tight womanhood, filling her with my huge maleness. As she feels me fill her again, Mollie continues to plead, " P. please nooo! Ohhh, Nooosssaaa! No.Please d.don't!" Mollie struggles feebly against the hard, hot steel invading her pussy.

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Her heart pounding as she feels the thick shaft fill her pussy for the second time. Her struggles are wasted as the cock in her pussy is firmly planted between her legs. With a sudden thrust of my hips I drive my hard cock into her defiled cunt. Her eyes pressed shut in disbelief. Suddenly, I'm all the way into the throbbing center of her newly aroused body. In spite of our earlier fucking, she is still incredibly tight I have to slowly thrust me cock in and out to force my cock all the way into her pussy.

Finally, I bottomed out again, my cock pressing tightly against the soft barrier of her cervix. The knowledge that her womb is untouched, she has never been on birth control, and I might impregnate her drove ME to slam her harder.

I grasp her hips and begin slamming my cock in and out of her pussy. I grin down at her and said, " This is just beginning baby, for the rest of the night you're mine. Claiming your cherry was the greatest. You've been letting this sweet pussy go to waste for too long. Your tight little pussy was made for fucking, and tonight it's gonna get all the fucking it can handle." The young therapist gasps and protests as my cock tore into her deeper then she would ever have imagined is possible, and she begs and pleads with me to stop.

She is grunting with each hard thrust, and is horrified to realize that her rebellious body is becoming aroused! Mollie is experiencing her rise to being a satisfied woman. She is reaching womanhood so long denied her by herself and her ex-husband. My cock sliding in and kim zuluaga transexual story porno of her as I batter her sore cunt is sending to the sexy and sophisticated brunette giulia lingerie and cumshot of being a woman.

As I slam away at her, I told her how good she is, and how much I loved fucking her tight pussy. As I fucked her, I lower my head to her chest raking my tongue across her right nipple, causing her to buck against me as the sensitive peak responds. I then put my mouth over her tit, sucking on it, while my fingers played with the other nipple. All of a sudden, Mollie cries out in surprise as she feels her cunt spasm around my plunging cock.

Her face grew more flushed with embarrassment as she knew she is cumming. her second orgasm since all this had started. She is horrified that I would know I'm able to bring her traitorous body to climax as I raped her. Sensing her body's surrender I slowed my tempo as I begin pumping in and out with long, slow thrusts as she begins to unconsciously thrust her hips up to meet my strokes.

It took several deep strokes for her cock hungry pussy to reach her orgasm. I took full advantage of my opportunity as her unbelievably tight cunt begins to spasm around my cock. I slammed into her as her traitorous body erupted with intense pleasure from my vicious fucking. " Come on Mollie! Fuck me! Ride my cock. I want you to fuck me." I grip her hips pulling her up and down my hard cock.

" Yes! That's it, Mollie! Fuck me! Come on, pump your ass. Show me what a good fuck you are!" Without realizing it, Mollie continues to thrust her hips up and down for me. Her eyes stare blankly at the ceiling as she slides her cunt up and down my hard cock.

I'm in ecstasy! She is fucking me, her hips are thrusting up and down my hard cock, rising and trajan x same of jane in time with my thrusts; the sensations filling her hot wet cunt driving her to take my cock further into her aching core.

She moans, " Aaahhh. aaahhh. aaahhh!!!" as I slam my hips into her snatch. Her cunt spasms as my rock hard shaft slides deep into her tight channel.

My hands slide beneath her to grip her ass as I pull my dick out until only the head of my cock is still in her pussy. Mollie cries out as I SLAM all the way back into her again, piercing her cervix and bottoming out inside her untouched fertile womb. I increase my tempo again as Mollie continues to orgasm around my cock.

Her hips thrust upward to meet my downward thrusts, and our bodies crash into one another xxx sanilona story new 2019 she gasps, " Ohhh, N.nossa! Nossa! Nossaaahhh! Ohhh, please! Aaahhh!!!" and came again and again. My hips rhythmically slamming into her again and again. Lost in her intense climax, she twists and writhes in my grip. My hands move to encircle her waist and held her tight.

I knew I was getting close, and begin slamming her as hard as I can. Mollie gasps; my hands holding her in position as I slam my long, thick maleness in and out of her throbbing womanhood. She gives a cry, and then groans as her orgasm intensifies, spasms tearing through her over-stimulated body.

In a distant part of her mind, she is shocked that her body continues to betray her. She is being slammed hard,she groans as her sweat soaked body bounces and shook from my furious jack hammering of her pussy.

Suddenly, Mollie feels me driving, my cock into her as deep as I can; planting young amateur queening her bf before sex firmly inside her womb, taking aim at the target I hoped would be there.

She feels the pressure of my manhood as it swells to completely fill her tight sheath, the thick head pressing deeper into her womanhood.

As I hold my crotch tight against her mound, I moan, " Ahhh, Mollie! Baby, you're such a good fuck! I'm gonna cum in your tight pussy again! Are you ready for my hot cum?" Mollie shook her head in a panic, " N.

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nooo! P. please, not inside me again! Please don't do it inside me!" My head lowers to her left breast, I took the hard peak in my mouth and begin nursing the sensitive skin. The sensation of my lips sucking the aroused tip sent her back over the edge of her orgasm, and her hips bucking against me, driving the engorged head of my rod deeper into her womb.

Mollie's cunt spasms as she came, her pussy gripping my massive cock and sending me over the edge. She cries out as she feels the first stream of my seed erupt between her widely spread legs, bathing the walls of her cunt with its liquid heat. After the first load is deposited deep in her womb, I encircled her small waist with my hands and resume pumping in and out of her tight cunt as wave after wave of my cum erupted deep inside her. As I came, the dazed therapist continues to plead, " Ohhh!

P. p. please stop! P. please d.don't! Not. not inside MMMEEE!!! No. no more! Ohhh, please no more! Don't c. cum inside MEEE! P. please, John, d. don't make me p. pregnant!" The heat of my cum intensifies her climax, and her back arches, ten girl fuking firse time hips tightening around my waist, involuntarily urging me to take her even deeper.

She feels a final hot jet burst into her, and her pussy begins to milk my shaft for every last drop of my sperm. " Ahhh, Nooosssaaa! you're cumming inside meee. NOOO!" I gave a triumphant groan, and collapse on top of her, my supreme hardcore japanese sex with ruka mihoshi finding a sensitive spot at the base of her neck and suckling it, the red mark that appears branding her small petite body as mine.

Before Mollie has come down completely from her orgasm, I sat up grabbing her by the waist, flipping her over on her stomach and lifting her up onto all fours. As one hand moves to cup her drenched mound, Mollie manages to plead softly, " P.

please John, n. no more!" I nudged her legs farther apart, and then she feels me behind her, kneeling between her obscenely spread thighs. Her smooth, heart shaped ass is an inviting target playgirl is smashed in a doggystyle pornstar hardcore my nine inches of still-hard cock. Grabbing her around the waist I pull her sweet ass up to my groin. Reaching down I place my hard cock against her wet teen beauty choked and fucked by black agent and pause.

I lean over murmuring in her ear, " Put my cock in your cunt, Mollie." I took her right hand forcing her to reach behind and grasp my cock, pressing it against her cunt. My other hand held her waist directing her to rock backwards, and her eyes widened in shock as she slides herself onto my long, steel shaft again.

I help her ease back until I'm buried to the hilt in her tight cunt. Mollie is being fucked doggie style, on all fours, her ass in the air getting drilled by my huge cock. I pump into her, one large hand clenching her long hair and one around her middle. She feels me withdraw until only the massive head is still inside her, and then cries out as I slam my cock back into her tight sheath.

Mollie feels my hot maleness throbbing deep inside her womb, and feels my breath on her ear. " You want me to fuck you again, don't you, Mollie? You want me to fuck your pussy on this table and fill your tight little cunt with my hot cum." " Please no more!" she begs, " I don't want you to!

Please stop!" she pleads, her exhausted voice barely a murmur. Mollie feels my left hand move down her stomach. When it reaches her dripping mound, I lightly pinch her clit before sliding my hand further between her spread legs.

My fingers passed her dripping pussy, still filled with my cock. Moving around her hip, I spread her ass cheeks with my fingers pressing my thumb against her tiny tight asshole. I begin moving inside her, driving my cock in and out of her gently at first, then harder, my fingers still playing with her clit and asshole. Without warning, I shove a finger inside her ass and she cries out as she came again.

Her juice flowing out of her pussy, coating my cock and balls. She is burning up as her pussy squeezes and grips my cock each time it plunges in and out of her. " Ahhh!" Mollie gasps each time my swollen cock penetrated her and slides all the way inside. " Ohhhhhhh! Nooosssaaa!" I'm balls deep in her hot cunt, her pussy lips stretched around my thick shaft and british blonde slut gets fucked on the decking feels the muscles of her channel cling to me as I thrust in and out of her hot core.

My deep thrusts made her ass quiver and shake each time I drove my cock deep into her belly and my hips crashed against her pussy. She is crying out each time I bottomed out, " Ohhh nooo! Noooo! You. you're f. fucking me! AAAHHH!!!" Somewhere in the back of her mind, she recoils at her own use of such a vulgar word to describe what is happening to her. My hands cup the soft globes of her ass cheeks. Mollie moans as she feels my thick cock leave her throbbing pussy. I push two fingers into her soaked cunt, then withdrew them and rubbed their cum around her pink hole.

Her body quivers with fear, making her heart pound, as a finger pierces her pink opening. I push it into the first joint, then the second, then all the way.

" Mmmm, you have such a nice tight ass, Mollie! Are you ready to loose your last cherry?" I quickly pump my finger in and out of her virgin ass, amazed at tightness. I covered her mouth with my hand as Mollie tried to scream at the feeling of having her ass penetrated for the first time. I pull my finger out and shove my cock head against her hole forcing her open. I rock forward, putting pressure against her opening. The engorged head of my cock pushes past the tight muscles and inside, and I feel her tight anal tunnel squeeze my cock.

I grunted with the exertion as I pushed harder, forcing my thick maleness deeper inside. I slowly begin to pump in and out, each time forcing my cock deeper. " Oh yes! You're so good, Mollie!" I moan. She pleads with her me, " AAAAHHHHH, take it out!" She sobs as I drive slowly deeper into her last virgin hole, " Ohhh, NOSSA, it hurts!

Please take it out! Take it out"! Mollie twisting, and turning trying to dislodge my cock from her ass, but my hands grip her small waist, holding her firmly as I claimed her again.

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Mollie closed her eyes trying to block out what is happening to her, but she is still dazed from her last orgasm, and I'm taking advantage to the easy access. Mollie is moaning and crying out at the pain as my massive cock penetrated deeper and deeper into her ass.

Her head rocking back and forth as inch-by-inch I slide into her small virgin ass. She is so hot from her climax, an odd feeling of warmth from deep inside is spreading through out her body as her unbidden passions consume her.

She can't believe the feelings. The pain is subsiding, and now I'm fucking her ass in a way that the thrusting of my cock in and out of her is causing waves of pleasure to build up inside her again. As I feel her muscles relax, I begin to slam her cock hungry ass. It took only a few deep strokes before she begins to meet my thrusting rod.

I drove deeper and deeper into her. I pushed harder, and her ass clenched tightly around my manhood. I pulled back, then thrust back up into her. My hands grasped her hips and slowly forced my cock farther into her tight ass until my balls hit against her cheeks. The full length of my cock is buried deep into her ass. " You got an ass full of my cock!" I murmured in her ear. " Yes baby! Your tight little ass is full!" I gave her a few seconds to adjust, and then started slamming my cock in and out of her tight virgin ass.

Mollie is moaning and grunting as her forehead became covered with beads of sweat. She trembled as I thrust my cock back and forth inside her. It is a strange, humiliating, orgasm feeling to her; she feels me deep inside her where nothing had ever been before. I'm humping her ass with a rough tempo and is increasing as her ass became used to my girth. My hands left her ass, as I slide up her sweat-soaked body to cup and squeeze her tits.

I tweak the sensitive nipples as I continue to ream her. " OH!" Mollie squeals each time my swollen shaft penetrated her hole and slid all the way in. " Ohhh!" I'm plunging balls deep into her tight ass, as her body is stretched painfully around my thick cock and clung to it as I ram in and out of her, my balls slapping against her swollen pussy lips. Just as her next climax is about to hit, I abruptly withdrew my cock from her ass.

Robbed of the support of my hands, she collapses onto the table. I lay down on my back next to her and stroked my rock-hard cock as I reached over and pulled Mollie's obedient body toward me. Mollie is forced to straddle my hips and slowly raise herself to her knees, hot pretty gal gets drilled in various poses dripping pussy poised above my rigid shaft.

I took her hands and made her press the thick head of my, nine inch rod against her swollen lips. My hands moved to encircle her waist, and slowly I lowered her onto my shaft, my hard manhood sliding into her drenched womanhood until her pussy rested against my groin, she has my cock buried deep inside her again.

Her traitorous body is so aroused she can't begin to protest as I begin to raise her off my cock, and then plunge back into the hilt. Mollie can't stop moaning as I made her ride my cock. Against her will, she is riding me this time. I pull her body down against my chest as I pump into her, my hands on her hips pulling and pushing her as she humps my hard shaft.

Her body is hot; I feel her cunt gripping my cock as I thrust my cock into her. My thighs made a slapping noise against her ass as I move my hands to caress the soft skin of her heart shaped ass cheeks.

Mollie is unable to ignore the steady pounding of my cock as it slides in and out of tight channel. The incredible sensations erupting inside her made her body play the traitor to her mind. She feels like her whole womanhood is burning hot as her pussy squeezes and grips my long, thick maleness each time I plunge it in and out of her. The steady rhythm of my pounding has awakened unwanted passions hidden deep in her feminine core.

She humps against my upward thrusts as her rebellious body tries to accept my entire hard pulsating shaft. Tears streaming freely down her face. This is so humiliating.

Nothing I did to her hurt any more. In fact, her body is overwhelmed by the unwanted pleasures that richard mann my mom fucking blackzilla flooding through her.

Suddenly, I roll over, pressing her body into the table beneath them. Looking into Mollie's eyes, I said, " You'll never forget that your pussy was made for my cock." I pull out, rubbing her slit with my cock head, and slowly driving my rock hard shaft back into her tight sheath.

Her cunt spasms as my pole slides all the way into her. Mollie is groaning and arching her back as she thought I would split her apart as I bottomed out again, my cock slamming rhythmically against her cervix. Suddenly, I give one final thrust, planting my manhood deep inside her fertile womb. " Oh baby!" I groan. " I'm gonna cum inside your tight pussy again, Mollie. I'm cumming in your sweet cunt. OHHH YES!!!" Mollie feels my cock swelling inside her and she cries out as her orgasm intensifies again as I erupt inside her.

" OHHH, PLEEEASE don't do it inside MEEEAAAHHH!!!" If I heard her plea, I didn't haydee fucking big dick hot d porn game. My massive cock erupts deep inside her, launching my steaming cum deep into her.

For the third time, she feels my manhood claiming her; my hot, semen bathing her womb, filling her with my seed. My final orgasm seems to last forever, and Mollie feels her body filled to overflowing with my cum. Finally, I collapse on top her, my mouth finding hers in a deep, French kiss that she is powerless to resist. Her cunt muscles continue to milk my cock until it finally slips from her. I slowly raise myself off of her.

Before Sarah had a chance to recover from her last climax, I dressed and left, piling her cloths on the table next to her.