Hot fucking makes sweetheart cum hardcore and blowjob

Hot fucking makes sweetheart cum hardcore and blowjob
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It wasn't until the West Coast was finally called and Samuel's competition finished his concession speech that the president pushed Scarlett off his lap and stopped his constant molestation of the teen.

By that time he was good and drunk, having made Colleen fetch him a good dozen more whiskey's and had polished off the remainder of the bottle. He had waited until most of the crowd left and only ten or so remained, mainly his personal guard and his inner circle. "You did well," Samuel said as he stroked Colleen's hair, "but I'm afraid we need to teach young Scarlett here a lesson." He grabbed Scarlett by the back of her neck and lifted her off the couch.

Despite his age, his weight, and the softness of his hands, Samuel was still a powerfully strong man and able to control the fat ass bbw bella smothers milf mia takes scum wad on her tits Scarlett without exerting much effort.

He forced her over to his desk and bent her down, smashing her ample tits against the historic wood and leather. Scarlett kicked and fought, but he held her tight, one hand on her neck, forcing her face into the desk as his other hand ran its way over her tight ass.

She screamed in humiliation as the sixty-three-year-old president shoved his middle finger into her tight virgin pussy. She couldn't believe that this was happening to her, she couldn't fathom that she was naked and molested in front of so many men, most of whom were old enough to be her grandparents.

She couldn't believe that her own mother was not only allowing this to happen, but an active participant in her disgrace. Scarlett struggled, but with Samuel's hand on her neck and her arms bound behind her back, she could barely get enough leverage to move, let alone break free. She could hear him unbuckling his belt behind her and the teen started to beg, her words coming out as incoherent mumbles as she fought to speak, plead, and beg through her uncontrollable tears.

She heard the swoosh a split second before she felt the belt crack against her ass. She let out a scream of pain and a moment later as the belt cut through the air and landed on her thighs. The crowd around her laughed and jeered as the president continued to assault the teen's ass and thighs with his doubled up leather belt.

Scarlett couldn't focus; the pain and humiliation were too much to bear. She could tolerate the sharp pain of the belt on her bare skin, she had been spanked before, but never when she was so old, never when she was naked and bound, and certainly never in front of so many people.

Scarlett let out another cry of pain as the belt cut across her ass. He was spanking her harder than she had ever been spanked before. The crowd that circled the teen and the elderly president started to chant, counting off as the Samuel beat her tight little ass raw. "Seven! Eight! Nine!

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Ten! Eleven!" They chanted with each blow. Scarlett gave up entirely; she stopped fighting and just lay still on the desk and wept, her body rocking with each hard swat to her ass.

He kicked her legs apart and Scarlett was already too defeated to offer any resistance. She had thought he was simply getting a better look at her perennial lips, she had thought that he was simply humiliating her further, that is until he brought the belt down hard on the tender lips of her virgin pussy.

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She let out a horrible scream, the pain was like nothing she had ever felt before, it was almost unbearable and she jumped to close her legs. "Hold them open, Colleen," Samuel ordered as he took a step back to allow the teen's mother to grab Scarlett's legs and spread them open.

"I have to tender her up if I'm going to honor her with my cock." Scarlett screamed as the belt came down hard on her again, this time smacking directly on her clit. He was hitting her hard, whipping her pussy with his doubled up black leather belt. He wasn't punishing her, he was hurting her. The aged president was delighting himself in the teenager's screams of pain.

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He was enjoying inflicting pain on her young body, he was enjoying the sounds of her screams and the jerks of her body as the belt cut into her tender lips. And the humiliation, he loved that just as much, he loved the look in her eyes when he made her mother undress her in front of the crowd of men, the youngest of which was old enough to be her father.

He reveled in debasing her by spanking her in front of all of those eyes, and he lusted for her final humiliation, when he would take her virginity in front of so many on lookers. He landed stroke after hard stroke on her pussy and inner thighs and laughed maniacally at her bucks on protest and her feeble attempts at escape. Ten strokes on her pussy, eleven, twelve, and thirteen.

He took a step back and motioned for one of the guards to hold her down as he removed his jacket, tie, and shirt. "Flip her over. Spread her legs. Tie them apart." "I'm going to work up a hell of a sweat," Samuel said as he stripped down to nothing but his tight white briefs, black socks, and the small garter he wore on each leg to hold them up.

"Got to make sure I got good traction," he said as he put his shoes back on and walked across the room to grab the old black riding crop he had mounted on the wall next to his cat-o'-nine-tails, his bullwhip, and his brass knuckles, all of which he used both for fun and as a symbol of his presidency. He flexed the riding crop in his hands as his guards fought to tie the screaming and kicking teen to his desk.

"You might want to put your panties in your little girl's mouth and tie them in place," he girls put panties in the twats n licked, "We don't want her to bite her tongue off." The sixty-three-year-old president waited until Scarlett was secured to his table and her mother had shoved her panties in the teen's mouth and secured them in place. He slowly ran the crop over the teen's inner thighs, delighting from the fear he saw in her big blue eyes.

He took a step back, raised the crop above his head, then brought it down on the squirming girl with as much force as his elderly body could manage, hitting her as hard as he could on her tender virgin lips. Even with her mother's panties shoved in her mouth, Scarlett's scream of pain echoed through the Oval Office. He brought the crop down on her pussy again, as violently as he possibly could.

This wasn't a loving touch; this wasn't even the BDSM games that he had often played with Lindsey when they were both younger.

He wasn't trying to inflict pain that would help Scarlett to enjoy the experience. With each brutal swing of the crop Samuel had a very singular intent, one goal in mind.

He was hurting the teen, he was inflicting real pain, he wanted her to suffer, and he wanted the teen to feel agonizing pain on all her tender sexual parts before he finally claimed her. Colleen licked her fingers, and her hand moved between her legs as she watched Samuel land blow after blow on her daughter's pussy and inner thighs. The experience was horrible, but it was turning the starlet on like no other and she couldn't help but touch herself between her legs.

The pain and suffering that the old and furiously dominate man was inflicting on her daughter, and the clear agony and distress that the teen was suffering had pushed Colleen over the edge and she had to find sexual relief, even if it meant masturbating in front of so many onlookers. Samuel stopped abruptly and backhanded Colleen. He grabbed her blond hair and pulled her head back to look at him. "You only cum when I tell you to, understand?" "Yes sir." Samuel spit in her face, "put your hands behind your back, slut." "Yes sir." Samuel continued his onslaught on Scarlett, whipping her until her small pink snatch was bright red and her inner thighs were covered with nasty red welts.

He stopped to saskia lorensen takes it in her tight ass his breath, and turned to Colleen as he lit a cigar. "Take my briefs off," he ordered and puffed on his cigar as the starlet's fingers slipped beneath the elastic on his briefs and slid them down his hairy thighs to his ankles.

She helped him step out of his briefs, shocked to see that old man's cock was still only partially erect when Colleen herself was more aroused than she had ever been in her entire life. "Make it hard." "Yes master," Colleen said and instantly sucked his fat and sweaty member into her mouth. The old president had indeed worked himself into a serious sweat as he beat the teen. He let out a moan and puffed on his cigar as Colleen worked her tongue up and down his fourteen-inch cock.

His dense jungle of wiry grey pubic hair got stuck between her teeth as she swallowed him, and sucked his cock down her throat until his balls met her lips. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, wishing that he would be entering her, not her daughter, with his cock and free her for the horrible lust that she had felt since he had forced her to strip in front of all of those people.

"Enough!" Samuel said as he pushed Colleen away from him. Samuel turned his attention to Scarlett. The teen was reeling in pain, the muscles in her legs were searing from being forced so far apart, the rope around her ankles had burned her soft flesh and her pussy and thighs pulsed with pain. "You're about to lose your virginity to the most powerful man in the world," Samuel said before he bit down on her nipple, "it's a great honor that you'll never forget." He took a step back and puffed on his cigar several more times.

"But I don't want you to enjoy this; I want you to hate this. I want you to look back on the day I took your virginity and only remember the pain." Scarlett screamed in pain as he held the red-hot tip of his cigar to her clitoris. "You like that?" Samuel asked as he pushed the cigar against her tender pussy, snuffing it out on her clit.

Scarlett's head flew back in pain; she pushed her chest out and fought to move away from the bright red heat that was burning her clit. Samuel twisted the cigar against her pussy until it was fully extinguished, and then dropped it on the desk next to the crying teen. He didn't give her time to recover as he aligned the fat head of his throbbing cock against her tender lips.

He gripped her shoulders and thrust himself into her, pushing himself ball deep inside of her with one brutal thrust. The pain of her burned clit and her shattered hymen sent Scarlett into another round of horrible pained screams. Samuel ignored her screams and cries as he thrust himself in and out of her with as much violent force as his old and sweaty body could muster.

His enormous and fat cock ripped the teen open, and tore her virgin pussy apart with each brutal thrust. Her tender skin, still swollen from the beating, and dry pussy miyaa khalifa xxx sex adam each hard thrust of the old president's cock feel like sandpaper.

She screamed and cried; she fought against her bindings and wiggled as she tried to free herself from the brutal raping.

The pain and her throbbing headache caused the world to spin around her. She caught the smiling faces of the crowd of onlookers that were cheering the president on as he brutalized her. She saw her mother's face, blurred in her stream of tears, as she watched passively as the sixty-three-year-old man brutally stole her virginity.

The president grunted, pulled himself out of the teen and hurried around the desk. "You were a great fuck," he said as he beat himself off in front of her.

He threw his head back as he shot his load of cum over the teenager's face. "I haven't had a fuck like that in a long time." Mature brunette milf ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions president said as he picked up his clothes and left the room to give his victory speech.

"See to it that she gets a doctor when you're done with her." Scarlett was in a daze of pain as she saw Greg Milford, the president's fat and balding forty-five-year-old son drop his pants and move between her legs.

He ran his hands over her slender body and grabbed hold of her large tits, squeezing them tight. "You're just the right age for me," he said as he shoved his cock into her. By the time her torment was finished, all twelve men had taken their liberties with her and she was left semi-conscious and covered with cum as her mother untied her, muttering about how proud she was that Scarlett had been taken by so many powerful men.