Close up with gloria s hot pussy pissing

Close up with gloria s hot pussy pissing
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"Oh, yes, Bryan yes!" I thought as I worked a finger in and out of my pussy. The memory of what had happened the night before setting my pussy on fire. Bryan had come over the last night of band. This time he had brought a condom and I was wet at the thought of having my cherry popped by my best friend, and his huge dick that had pumped my ass the afternoon before. I mean the thing had to be at least nine inches long.

I had almost lost count of how many times I had cum on that huge rod. Umm, how I loved having him on top of me pumping my pussy, stretching out the walls of my vagina. Then reaching down and taking my hard nipples in his mouth, oh yes, yes!

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Well here comes another orgasm I can credit to Bryan. BJ will be here in a few minutes, god she is gorgeous, even to a woman like me. "Hey BJ, come on in, Beth is in her room" Beth's mom said as BJ ran up the stairs. BJ was wearing and short jean skirt and a very low cut top that showed off her voluptuous breasts and in anticipation had forgone a bra. She was dressed for the night on the town Beth had promised her.

They were going out on a double date, Beth with Bryan, and BJ with Sean, Sean who was rumored to have a foot long dick. She was wet just thinking about it. As she approached, she heard as soft moaning coming from Beth's room. She slowly opened the door, hearing Beth say something about Bryan. What she saw made her blush. Beth was lying on her bed, with her middle finger knuckle deep in her pussy. BJ just stood at the door, having no idea what to do.

It wasn't long before her own pussy getting wet at the site of Beth's. BJ instinctively ran her hand up and down along her slit over her thong, under her skirt. Beth kept pounding away unaware of BJ's presence. As BJ began to move her thong to the side, she noticed that Beth had added her ring and index fingers to her pussy.

It wasn't long after adding the extra fingers that Beth began to orgasm. As her orgasm subsided, Beth looked up to see BJ standing in her doorway with one hand under her shirt and the other in between her legs. Beth gasped at what she saw, knocking BJ out of her trance. BJ began to explain, but Beth cut her off, "Hey BJ need some help with that?" Beth pulled down the covers of her bed dennis neukt nadia in de gouden kooi motioned for BJ to join her.

BJ striped on her way to the bed. She started with her top, followed by the skirt. She got in bed in only her sexy thong, which was originally intended for Sean. Their lips meet and their hands began to roam each other's bodies.

As their tongues massaged each other, Beth's hand once again found BJ's boob. Beth began to roll BJ's nipple between her fingers and broke the kiss to take the other nipple into her mouth.

At this BJ let out a loud moan. Beth continued her movement by placing her only free hand to BJ's hot, tight, and pink pussy. She slipped two fingers into BJ's already wet pussy. Her pussy was so tight that the fingers barely fit. BJ let out a gasp as Beth worked her fingers in and out.

Neither BJ nor Beth had ever been involved in an act like this, but BJ was in a state of shock for a few moments. Soon she realized her situation and began to act.

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She took one hand and moved it to Beth's pussy, moving fingers along her slit. She then adventured and placed a finger in Beth's ass. She let out a cry of pleasure, "Yes, BJ, yes!" Beth responded by flicking BJ's clit furiously and BJ neared her orgasm, "Oh, oh Beth, my pussy, AHHHHH!" Brian was on his way to pick up the girls and then Sean.

He reached Beth's house with memories of the night before. He reached the door and received the same greeting BJ had received earlier in the night. He reached the top of the stairs and detected a scent he knew very well. A smile flew across his face.

When he approached the door, he heard the sounds of the act behind it. He just knew Beth was working her own pussy, with thoughts of his dick pushing on her vaginal walls. The look of surprise on his face was that of historic proportion.

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The sight before him was one he had only imaged in his wildest fantasies. He was about to see if the third and final detail of his fantasy was about to occur. By the time the ladies noticed Brian he was already sporting his boner and had striped down to his boxers.

BJ was actually a virgin until this night, and one rumor has it that night BJ came so many times that she passed out for half a day. Another rumor states that her ass was so wide after that night Beth and Brian found a gallon bucket to contain the quote unquote seepage.

Meanwhile that night Sean had thought that he was supposed to meet BJ at her house. When he arrived, her younger sister, by a year, Cristein answered the door.

She is a beautiful blonde girl with an average ass, but perky B cup breasts. Unknowingly, Sean had interrupted her masturbation session. She was very jealous of her sister, because she couldn't date. She is forced to sit at home and finger her pussy. She had overheard one of BJ's phone conversations and picked up a hot piece of information.

Sean supposedly has a twelve-inch dick. This is the image she fingering herself to. Sean asked, "Is BJ here?" Cristein quickly devised a plan. "No but she left something for you, come with me." She scampered to her bedroom, a few seconds ahead of Sean who was in no hurry. Her room was set up as such that a mirror on her wall allowed the whole room could be seen from the door.

As Sean approached she said, "Hold on I have to change." He was already amateur aussie wife black guyging outdoor the door, which was a quarter open. He gaze was immediately drawn to her breasts. Nipples standing on end, his dick jumped. She took off her panties and his view turn south.

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At this point, he was hard and entered the room. She said, "It's about time" She took him into an embrace, which pitted her nipples into his chest. The made out for a passionate few minutes, when Sean released his cock.

She looked at it in surprise, it was not a foot long, it was ten inches and very wide. Sean was not one for foreplay. He laid her down on the bed and spread her legs. He began to enter her very slowly until he hit the cherry. She screamed in ecstasy as he ripped her hymen. Once she was stretched out and comfortable, he began ramming at full speed.

Her boobs swayed back and forth at his ridiculous tempo. She wondered how much more of this she could take. Soon after this thought she came, which did not concern Sean in the least. He continued his humping, taking a nipple into his mouth. She was very soon coming again.

She came a total of seven times on his experienced dick before he pulled out and came all over her chest.