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Huge boobs babe sensual jane toys in bath masturbation and pornstars
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IKEA Girls "Would you two stop giggling and get out of the car?" Miranda called as she got out of the drivers seat of the mini van. The two she was referring to were her daughter Leslie and her friend Sarah. The two high school girls had spent the entire car ride huddled together on the back seat whispering and giggling. "Coming mom," Leslie called back as she opened the sliding door.

The two girls hopped out, looking more like sisters than friends.

They were both five and a half feet tall, athletic from playing rugby and stunningly beautiful. The biggest difference was their hair. Leslie had light brown hair in a page boy cut, while Sarah had long black hair that fell half way down her back.

As the got out of the car, Sarah leaned over and whispered, "Remember the plan!" The two girls had met a year before in Grade 11 when their school started a Gay-Straight Alliance. They both joined and quickly became friends.

It was Sarah who convinced Leslie to join the rugby team at school, and they started hanging out more and more. It happened gradually, to the point where their friends and family couldn't says exactly when it happened, but some time over the summer the girls stopped being friends and started being girlfriends. Now they were busy applying to universities together, both hoping to get into UBC her first black cock deep up her ass to share an apartment.

Today however, they were going to a movie at the mall, but first they were helping Leslie's mom do some shopping at IKEA. She needed a new bed for the guest bedroom, and wanted the athletic young girls to help her load it into the minivan. Since the girls both lived at home, they struggled to find private time for their more amorous activities. Which is what led to the current plan.

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As they wandered the IKEA, Leslie kept whispering to Sarah, setting of more giggle, and grabbing her but whenever her mom wasn't looking.

After about twenty minutes of the girls being entirely unhelpful, Miranda bowed to the inevitable and sent the girls to go get some meatballs while she kept shopping. Leslie grabbed the $20 bill her mom offered, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and the two ran off. They did not, however, go to the food court, but to the washrooms near by it.

Luckily for them, the family washroom was unoccupied, and the two piled in, locking the door behind them.

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"So?" Sarah asked, "How do they feel?" "Good! Weird but good! Makes it hard to think of anything else," Leslie said back. "I can't wait for my turn! Let me see!" Leslie quickly kicked off her runner, dropped her jeans, and hopped up onto the change bench wearing her panties and t-shirt.

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As soon as she was up, Sarah pounced, kissing Leslie hard and grabbing a breast through the t-shirt and bra. Leslie opened her mouth with a moan, allowing Sarah's tongue inside. They kissed like that for a minute, hands roaming all over each other. Eventually Leslie broke the kiss, leaned back and said, "Well?" with a wicked grin. Sarah grabbed Leslie's panties and pulled them off, revealing a light bush and a string hanging out of her friends pussy, almost like a tampon string.

Sarah knelt of the washroom floor, and attached her mouth to the top of Leslie's slit, tonguing her clit as she started to tug lightly on the string. The feeling was incredibly, and Leslie had to put a hand over her mouth to keep from crying out in the IKEA bathroom. Slowly, in response to Sarah's tugging, a silver ball attached to the string began to emerge from Leslie's pussy. Leslie grabbed the lesbian full moviegirl with girl of her girlfriend's head, pushing her face harder into her pussy, trying to increase the pressure on her clit.

When the first ball had fully popped out of Leslie's pussy, Sarah clamped her lips around the pleasure button, sucking for all she was worth as she pulled the second of the Ben Wa balls out. It was then that someone tried the door handle to the washroom, rattling it, then knocking when whoever it was found it locked. "Two minutes," Leslie gasped out as Sarah's mouth pushed her to orgasm. Suddenly the sensation became too much, and she had to push her girlfriend's head away.

"Okay," Leslie panted quietly, "lets get those inside you quick!" The girls changed places, Sarah stripping off her pants to reveal a total lack of both hair and underwear.

"You shaved!" Leslie exclaimed quietly. Sarah winked and spread her legs, handing the balls to Leslie. Leslie took the balls and dove face first into her friends crotch. She ran her tongue up and down a few times, ostensibly to lubricate her for the balls, but mostly to enjoy the taste and the moans coming from Sarah's mouth. She quickly pushed both of the Ben Wa balls in as there was another knock on the door, then grabbed her pants, throwing her panties to Sarah. The two girls dressed, Sarah putting on Leslie's panties to help keep the balls in, and in less than a minute they top notch one eyed monster riding pornstar and hardcore the washroom door.

"Sorry," Leslie said as she breezed passed the woman holding her toddler, obviously in need of a change. "I had to give my friend a tampon." The girls then took each other's hands and sauntered off to the food court.