Naughty lesbians get pleased toys and teen

Naughty lesbians get pleased toys and teen
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3Abby's Last Game Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and it contains themes not suitable for everyone, if you don't like Rape, bondage kidnaping and exploiting then do no continue. This is my first attempt at writing and I do appreciate positive feedback. Also do note I have dyslexia and so there is a great chance I missed spelling and grammatical errors.

Abby Snow is a girl I met online when I was attending my freshman year at RDC, her profile said she was 18 and we started chatting.

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Though I am 5'11 and work out I have a hard time being able to find dates. Abby was fun to talk to and we swapped pics and teased each other on webcam. We finally met at the mall close to my school and hit things off. It was not till 2 months of being good friends and me trying to go further that she comes out and says she is 16.

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Trying to not think too much of it My first asian fuck client doggystyle deepthroat continued to be friends. The truth is I want to get in her pants and fuck that tight dancer body she has. Though she has small tits her tight ass is to die for. Over the summer she hit me up for cash to borrow and then disappeared never talking to me anymore.

That was the last straw, I started watching her house seeing when she was alone, and finally after several weeks I figured out the best time to kidnap her. Next I set up with my friend Jason that we can use his family farm house while the rest of his family goes on vacation. All that is left is getting the supplies, Jason has ropes and clothes pins, I went to Wal-Mart to get most of my supplies that I would need first, truth is I really want to see what toys the bitch had.

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Finally when she was out Jason and I sneaked into her house and waited. "Jason let's see what we can find in her room while waiting" I commented to him.

And going upstairs we started looking for her room. Inside I found that she had two vibrators, a set of cuffs, her personal diary and some super sexy outfits.

"Dude I just got an idea, find me a suitcase we are going to make it look like she ran away" While Jason went to find a suitcase I went into her mother's room and found a stash of 2500 cash and a ton of family jewelry taking that I went to her sister's room and stole some sexy cloths cash and her sister's camcorder.

We stole also some other items that we figured would be convincing of her running away. After we finished I went into her room again to wait while Jason moved his mom's van into her garage so we can load her up and go without anyone seeing. After a half hour Abby finally came home, when she entered her room and found her cloths thrown across the floor she starts swearing at her sister. I sneak up on her and surprise her then wrestle down, her small frame is nothing to me and I subdue her without her even seeing who I am.

After I cuff her with her own hand cuffs I cover her head with a pillow case and then carry her out to the van. "I can't believe we got her man" Jason said to me as we securely tied her up in the back of the van then tossing her luggage on top of her to help hide her body.

And off we went back to the farm taking as many back roads as we can, once we got out of town we pulled over and I switched the plates back from the stolen ones to his mom's plates. Once we got to his barn it took both of us to carry her out of the van and tied her to hang from a rafter then we left her there for a little while.

I went with Jason to a few adult stores and spent most of her mother's there. Picking up a spreader bar, a collar with nipple clamps, a new toy called the tower of pain that looks fun, but plugs, a new dildo that looks like it can split her in half, as well as random whips and floggers. Finally we got a few gags to top it off.

At other stores we got a tripod, some rub a535 cheap and painful looking rope, and anything I could think of as well as a few corsets. Getting back to the farm I finally remove the pillow case from her head and when she sees my face grinning at her she starts swearing at me.

"Shut up bitch" I say as I slap her face "you're not in charge anymore slut in fact you're here as our sex toy" "What the fuck do you mean our sex toy, you're not going to touch me you dumb ass" she spat at me, right then Jason hit her jean covered ass hard with the paddle we bought and she screamed.

"What will you do, I can do whatever I want to you and your not able to do anything about it whore" Jason taunted from behind. "Just help me get her lets housemate with owner at kitchn the spreader bar Jason then don't you have something else do to?" I comment reminding him of our agreement.

After we secure her legs and he leaves the whole time Abby begging us to not rape her I walk up to her. "Tell me why I should be kind to you bitch and let you go?" "My family will be looking for me for starters dumb ass, secondly the more you touch me the more I will have proof to give to the cops" Laughing at her she stops. Going to her diary I start reading "today me and big tits vs small tits tube porn mom had a huge fight, I am so tired of this family I just want to run away and live only girl hath mithun story download friends far far far away from her.

Your diary seems to say you want to run away. We packed your bags, stole your mom's money and jewelry and stole from your sister anything you might need.

They might look for you but they will look elsewhere. Second, who said the cops will ever know what we did. Third if you were not such a bitch I promise you that this would not be happening." Walking up to her I grabbed the front of her tank top and pulled hard but slowly to stretch out her humiliation after her shirt got ripped off i grab some scissors and cut off her pants "damn is some a slut looks like you have a push up bra, and matching transparent thong." Ripping her bra off Abby starts sobbing and begging me to stop.

"do you want me to leave your thong on?" "Yes please I don't I have a confession, I'm a virgin I don't want to lose it. Ken please don't rape me" "Nice try Abby" picking up her diary "today I had sex with mike, I am so glad my mom was not home so we could be loud I doubt you are a virgin, at least not there maybe your ass is untouched" "No, I put that there to see if my mom was reading my diary" "Really so I guess there is only one way to find out" reaching down I tease her by touching her pussy lips through her thong" "Please don't I promise I promise!" Laughing I stop, "you don't want me to fuck you yet, that's fine, but it will cost you a lot for it" "Anything just don't rape me please" I walk to the door where I pull on the door showing her that we are locked inside the barn and only Jason can let us out.

Next I release her throw her a bag and tell her to get dressed while I set some other things up. Getting the camcorder set up on the tripod I aim it where she was tied up just a few moments earlier. "I will not go on camera" Abby says in defiance but with a hint of fear knowing she really has no real power. "its up to you we test to see if you're a virgin right now or you do what I say on cam" Slowly defeated Abby slumps a little and then surprising me she tries to attack me, fighting her off I struggle to put her back in her bonds and then I look at her.

"That my dear was a huge mistake now I get to punish you" Turning on the camera I go to my bag of toys. Finding what I want I come to her with a simple ball gag and force it into her mouth as Abby tried to continue to hot amateur passenger gets screwed by pervert driver reality blowjob at me.

"now I don't want your new corset to get ruined my pet" as I start unlacing her corset, luckily for me I made sure it was a strapless top then after she is back to only in a thong I look into her tear filled eyes. Putting my bag in front of her I slowly pull out the tower of pain. Placing it on her sternum I clasp the nipple clamps. "this toy here is great, as I slowly turn the dial on your new toy hun it will pull your nipples harder" I turned the handle a little bit and Abby started to scream "don't start screaming now bitch the fun is just starting" continuing to turn the handle till her tits are a cone shape.

Seeing tears run down her eyes I start laughing at her. Picking up the paddle I start pounding it herring her muffled shrieks as her ass turns bright red and I can only imagine with all her struggling how much her tits must be hurting. After 20 brutal spanks I stop and face her. "do you want more or do you want to lose your cherry now cunt?" Not hearing what she is trying to say and not caring I rip off her thong and frown, "looks like you don't know how to shave that cunt of yours, good thing I packed some wax from your house." Grabbing her suitcase I dump its stuff on the floor and finally find her wax.

Applying it to her cunt I take off her nipple clamps just to hear her scream in pain "you think that hurts bitch just you wait" ripping off her wax I cant believe how much I see her squirm wimper and cry. I pull her nipples and twist watching her squirm. Finally board I shove my dick fast and hard into her I feel cherry for a split second before it gives "wow you are not even kidding me, you WHERE a virgin, I guess not anymore" I laugh as I see her face the sorrow, the defeat, the tears jeni bends over the couch to intercept the down her face as I continue to fuck her cunt without mercy.

After a short brutal fuck I cum deep inside her then leave her crying as I go get a drink.

*this is my first story and im looking for constructive feedback, a reminder I do have dyslexia and I know there is grammer errors, but I have tried to write a good story and before I continue I would like advice on how to improve. Thanks*